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Beat Saber - Gameplay Trailer | PS VR

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https://www.playstation.com/en-us/games/beat-saber-ps4/ Dive into an immersive rhythm experience you have never seen before! Enjoy precisely handcrafted levels and exclusively created electronic dance music, all embedded in an appealing futuristic world. Slash the cubes to keep up with the adrenaline-pumping music… Let's swing to the beats.
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Text Comments (638)
mpeQ (10 hours ago)
it is on ps3?
customgamer10 (1 day ago)
Hating beat saber psvr cause they never adds custom Songs
Horizon (8 days ago)
whats the song name and difficulty?
Peyton Brown (13 days ago)
what song is this
ali Kane (16 days ago)
Saul Flores (18 days ago)
I have that game but I wish there was custom songs
Tori The Red Leader (21 days ago)
What's the song called?
WE NEED MORE SONGS ON PSVR!! Like songs we can download
milan gamer (27 days ago)
Plz let the next song be super insane just like the costum songs on pc plz give us a challenge
Kinzuko (28 days ago)
Wait, does the peasantry get their own song in beat saber? What blasphemy is this?
The X-Event (30 days ago)
Soo can u play custom songs??
kazutok260 (1 month ago)
Laranjø Bøy (1 month ago)
Free Songs? or DLC???
Kessler Creations (1 month ago)
Why are the skins different?
` Jackie_Chan23 (1 month ago)
ATTENTION! Playstation I bought the game game and love it but could you add more songs or custom songs because its getting really boring
Ashdaf Umar (1 month ago)
Why there is no release for Asia Region? Is there going to be released later on? If no, that would be sad.
XxAvatar KorraxX (1 month ago)
What’s the name of this song? I need it.... ☠️
Dan (1 month ago)
It's a great game, but not worth the $34 bucks. It has too few songs, and most of the songs aren't great or has any variation. I'm very into EDM, Trap and so forth. But the lack of variaty in songs and not to mention songs, kills the game completely in my opinion.
Hay amigo
Sam Jurka (1 month ago)
Please make physical copy of this game, It will be so awesome.🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻
Potato Badger (1 month ago)
We need custom songs!!!!!!
aheunpark (1 month ago)
Is it available here in the philippines?
Thume (1 month ago)
Beat saber without custom music...
wait ITS OUT!!!????
I am dying! (1 month ago)
How change the sabers???
x Chrome (1 month ago)
Phantom Fox (1 month ago)
The game has not been at Malaysia, I have contacted by going to the video game store in Malaysia and all said they haven't got it yet
Renzo Faasse (1 month ago)
Phantom Fox It digital Only No disc I think
jaypeedee (1 month ago)
Please let us download custom beat saber maps
Lorenzo Toro (1 month ago)
Is it possible to add custom beat on ps4?
Adidas Cyka (1 month ago)
Chgamer29 -34 (1 month ago)
Can you still play this on PlayStation 4
TJ Studio (1 month ago)
Yes. But you'll need PSVR (That's compatible with PS4) and PSMove controllers.
Ashlynn Scaleon (1 month ago)
What if sao did this
Glitch The Deer (1 month ago)
Ps4...I will miss the smell of the new sealed over price game stop games, but I have ascended father. TO THE MASTER RACE *TO THE PC RACE!!!!!*
pexeq (1 month ago)
K, bye. Don't get raped.
Randow Things (1 month ago)
Yeahhh so hyped
SkurrrBango (1 month ago)
Wow finally
Jorian Verbeek (1 month ago)
Great I have no money
ayy lmao (1 month ago)
they should have a modding system like fallout 4 where mods and songs are downloaded and installed directly from the game itself
GABgamer K. (1 month ago)
Nice im about to buy a PS VR
Meemi Marketti (1 month ago)
Will The custom sabers Be free?
XGirl Gaming (1 month ago)
injeaniousmajor (1 month ago)
song is called "Unlimited Power" by Jaroslav Beck featuring Frank Bentley. It's a new song so I can't seem to find it anywhere
m Hero15 (1 month ago)
Loved it . It’s amazing
Mags Garcia (1 month ago)
I mea..it already came out
Mags Garcia (1 month ago)
Lucas K (1 month ago)
That Guy Osa (1 month ago)
So how will we be able to get are own songs on there?
SeeDkngtSeifer (1 month ago)
This Is for the players lol Duck IT!
人間 (1 month ago)
Lightning Kid (1 month ago)
what about custom songs?
It may come later
aleryani ahmed (1 month ago)
Riddle Master (1 month ago)
Whats the name of this song please help meeee
StarsOfSaturn (1 month ago)
I just really don't understand how with games like Beat Hazard you can install your own music and it plays just fine, but years later we have virtual reality, a new system, more advanced technology, and yet we have gone backwards and apparently now its "impossible" to add our own custom songs into a rhythm game.
player JMH (1 month ago)
I been waiting sense E3 for this game
Anthony Adams (2 months ago)
My arms are tired watching this
DNRL - Duncan Royale (2 months ago)
Custom Songs ?
kirito AZUMA1 (2 months ago)
Can we add are own songs or we can only play the songs that it comes with
lazy gamer (2 months ago)
Im getting it today yaaaaaaaay
AR Productions (2 months ago)
Allan Jr. Florin (2 months ago)
When is this coming out on Canada? I'm like looking through the PS Store and still not there
Q_man (2 months ago)
Is this in the store now or is there a certain time
Viz (2 months ago)
Viz (2 months ago)
+Ozman213 i was gonna get it UNTIL IT WAS 40 FLIPPING BUCKS
Ozman213 (2 months ago)
Do you have it?
Jellyboss (2 months ago)
Do you have it
Ahmed Mazin (2 months ago)
its 20 nov and i cant find it in psstore why!!!!
Ozman213 (2 months ago)
Ahmed Mazin idk 😐
Gherman The first Hunter (2 months ago)
Wow it's today finally we have this vr game in our hands
Sk Alham Zain (2 months ago)
Why not custom songs?? Pc has it!! Wth sony!!
Jellyboss (2 months ago)
I can’t find it
Donny CHOI (2 months ago)
will it released in HK?
Ozman213 (2 months ago)
Is it not out yet?
Jellyboss (2 months ago)
Guys I can’t find beat saber
Tomato Sauce (2 months ago)
+Jellyboss Alright, thanks for the information
Jellyboss (2 months ago)
Tomato Sauce I think it’s gonna be out in about few hours due to time difference
Tomato Sauce (2 months ago)
+Jellyboss Im on us any idea why its not showing up?
UghSnake (2 months ago)
Jellyboss (2 months ago)
What ur account uk or us
Vbn Vbn (2 months ago)
It is now November 20 and I didn’t see it in the ps store
-MaGiCgNoMe- (1 month ago)
Lol. But it is
Lam a (1 month ago)
mstacy41 (2 months ago)
Vbn Vbn same ughhh
_NEX 2021_ (2 months ago)
who else watching dosent have PlayStation vr?
Emmanuel Nora (2 months ago)
Any idea how much it'll cost?
UghSnake (2 months ago)
Atlas (2 months ago)
oou new songs
Estará disponible el juego físico. ? O solo digital?
Twizzle S (2 months ago)
XQ Gaming (2 months ago)
I love it😍
Spyderbrit The Pug (2 months ago)
Can you play custom songs tho
Spyderbrit The Pug (1 month ago)
+-MaGiCgNoMe- oof
-MaGiCgNoMe- (1 month ago)
No. Oof
aly (2 months ago)
RatchYT (2 months ago)
Instant cop.
Robert Frazer (2 months ago)
Can’t they just add a creator part of beat saber, so that they can avoid the, you know, copy right, and people can make there “own” songs and make them public for people to play...
Domi R (2 months ago)
Tomato Sauce (2 months ago)
Um, dude it says right there.
Fiddle Styx (2 months ago)
Enjoy the game with no user created content LUL
Astrmx (2 months ago)
Lets goooo, before my birthday :D
Mr Chrupek (2 months ago)
Finaly now im waiting only for Prison Boss who is with me leave a like to this comment
Max Chung (2 months ago)
I have been waiting for this since the teaser trailer!
monjay625 (2 months ago)
Today is 19!!! Fck
VR Ready Pc Fan (2 months ago)
DO NOT BUY THIS ON CONSOLE!!!! about 15songs and no support for custom made songs. The game Will last you 15minutes
Shanpai (2 months ago)
Copyright. pay to play songs
SilverEyedGhost _ (2 months ago)
Clickbait Vinnie (2 months ago)
I swear if it’s 60 dollars. Imma kill myself with those light sabers
Gipsar (2 months ago)
All I want is break bot baby I’m yours in this game
Miau12 (2 months ago)
Lo que me preocupa es como poder descargar mas canciones en el juego y si saldrá temprano en cd
Dexter White (2 months ago)
Does someone knows why no preorder is available for this one ? I mean it says out one the 20th, but I cannot find it on the PS store.
BeardedDoc (2 months ago)
Dexter White no idea so sudden too can’t wait tho
Shadow Remix (2 months ago)
ISTARE (2 months ago)
Please have custom songs
Мистер Край (2 months ago)
Only 2 days!! And I want to know the Price
Reckless Alex (2 months ago)
Only 2 days left HYPE. Btw custom song
Reckless Alex (2 months ago)
xd tezkoツ (2 months ago)
2days away
bbblllaaaj (2 months ago)
Song name????
The Pro303 (2 months ago)
When is the game coming out?
Tomato Sauce (2 months ago)
Um, dude it says right there.

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