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"HOW TO NOT GET RAPED IN PRISON" - The Brilliant Idiots

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The Brilliant Idiots Podcast with Charlamagne and Andrew Schulz In this clip Charlamagne and Schulz are joined by Mysonne. Mysonne discusses his time in jail and the booty bandit gangsters that would knock people out and rape them. Listen to the entire ep "Or Else…… (ft. Mysonne)" on soundcloud or iTunes.
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Text Comments (1446)
Treveon Mccurty (5 hours ago)
Booty bandit😂😂
Rakia Withers (1 day ago)
Poor man , he exposed these dudes !!! 😀 Sorry he had to go there.
JaVaughn McGregor (2 days ago)
The dead silence of disbelief and entrenched awe of Charlemagne and Shultz at 5:59 was so fuckin' priceless as Mysonne goes into the rape story/legend of Pissy Black 🤣👆🏾
Joel Rodriguez (4 days ago)
I think he does want to get rapped... I think it's his fantasy to get rapped by a black man.
jeep19 (5 days ago)
Damn Schulz can get it, then I'd flip him over and run up in him...ya feel me!
civoreb (6 days ago)
How to not get raped in prison......dont go to prison 😂🤷🏻‍♂️
Emmanuel Damour (6 days ago)
The most interesting part 2:18
Nathan (6 days ago)
@VladTv just like you did cartoon Soulja boy video , you need to do this video as well
apache0060 (6 days ago)
FREE PISSY BLACK - FREE DEAD ARM ROWE !!!!!!! Then send to North Korea or China or Russia , let them handle so biz ness , Murcia!!!!
Jorge Rodriguez (6 days ago)
Is only rape if you fight back...call it homie love..
Jerry Palmer (6 days ago)
Almighty Syte (6 days ago)
In most prisons the only people getting raped are the ones who want to
Leslie Zani (7 days ago)
Y'all need to bring this into back, bruh
abdul manneh (7 days ago)
🤣🤣when andrew gasps "noo" so funny
Egyptian_Thoth (7 days ago)
Not believing this dude...he probably got raped so many times hahahaha.
Jack O'Jack (7 days ago)
Rape in prison is way over rated, I guess it depends on the prisons, but from personal experience, I've never seen that shit, then again, I wasn't incarcerated for long, two years, besides, if your dick gets hard in front of a fat hairy ass with balls sagging, maybe you're a faggot.
Tommy (8 days ago)
buncha liars. rapes dont go down in prison...stick with your race and you will never get got.
Jerry Palmer (6 days ago)
Race don't have anything to do with this you faggot
Michael Wesley II (8 days ago)
valkor73 (8 days ago)
dude in red hat is a dick
M E N Z I I (8 days ago)
this nigga looks and acts like Marlo Stanfield from The Wire
youdontknow da1/2 (9 days ago)
mysonne not laughing at all
JK number5 (10 days ago)
I'm not hanging with no guy who do that or get it done to them(In or out of jail/prison)
mattysinny 1 (10 days ago)
Pissy black was a walk on for the ny jets during the NFL strike back in the day. Go figure🤣😂🤣😂
blaw11b (10 days ago)
Anyone who has been in jail at least 6 months and tells you he has never been taken or has never taken anyone else....is lying tell you. This nigga been dug out. Of course he will deny because the digger would never admit to the digging. First red flag is him snitching on prison haps and dropping aliases.
Kay gotsole (6 days ago)
So you've been got before?
HCG Ceezy (10 days ago)
I'll beat dead arms ass
Chucky Moon (10 days ago)
Ctha God said " he still locked up? please don't ever let him out"
Trespassing Becky (10 days ago)
Don't go to prison is the best way.
Calvin Johnson (10 days ago)
Two this you need to know Jail - you get your average drunk driver,small drug charges, basically charges the normal person can get. Under a year Prison - anyone who goes here basically the sentence is over a year and they are considered more dangerous that they can’t be in a facility that’s close to society.
Omar Gay (10 days ago)
Yall should have killed pissey black.if you will kill a rapist on the streets you should have no problem doing it in jail!
Omar Gay (10 days ago)
I will kill that nigga he talking about...stab that bitch in his strong kneck and do all his victims a favor...!
Payback365 (10 days ago)
So we just gonna ignore that Charlemagne wearing the very flag that is considered to be a flashback of slavery on his shirt and have zero emotion?????😂🤣😂🤣.......So the flag causing emotional distress is a myth and just a reason to be petty cry baby ass bitches. 😒......Same with the N word......It doesn't cause anything......Its all in your head🙄
GregTV (10 days ago)
Don’t go to prison! Just saved 8:18 minutes of your life! Thank me later.
Chris Calzone (10 days ago)
Why are MFers like Pissy Black even allowed to play ball with everyone else? They should be shunned by the entire population.
david henry (11 days ago)
Why is this pussy fool shit on my thread
tiny weee (11 days ago)
I think this nigga lieing lmao pissy black definitely fucked him 😂😂😂
Trilla Jayy (11 days ago)
harleiux12 (11 days ago)
Respect has nothing to do with it.... Fear is what they mean...,but that works two ways
sthao1 (11 days ago)
"was it chickened winged up like sometimes it gets?" lol
Gurlita85 (11 days ago)
The white guy is hella annoying and obnoxious...his voice and laugh...ugh...
Drock World (12 days ago)
Funniest thing in the world....Charlemagne spooked by a another man😂😂😂 #pissyblack 👀
Konstantinos Hioutakos (12 days ago)
How to not get raped in prison... Don't get arrested!
Daniel Martin (12 days ago)
All 3 of these cats been sodomized in jail
Uncle ARKHAM-KNIGHT (12 days ago)
Brains against Brawn!
sglant (12 days ago)
His approach towards dealing with prison problems is really insightful and real. He's right about one thing: When predatory types sense fear, you become prey. When you show them that you have no fear, and are willing to face "whatever comes", they respect that and won't view you as prey.
goldengurl10 (12 days ago)
Pissy Black was no joke 😂Scared Straight!
The Davis Dimension (12 days ago)
Man said "Tag Team Booty Bandits"
Starr Company (12 days ago)
Omg i love the way that white dude laughs! It makes me laugh more!
Some Guy (12 days ago)
"That shit was dumb heavy tho" lmfaoooo
CarcPazu (13 days ago)
Office Space was right "Kick someone's ass or become someone's bitch"
Wynter English (13 days ago)
Andrew stop giggling like a damn school girl !! Shit ain’t funny ..it’s real life .
Killer on the Road (13 days ago)
Get my bruh BigHerc916 on this!!
Un Known (13 days ago)
Jail aint cool fake gangstas
Vincent Shanks (13 days ago)
CBWAVY (13 days ago)
Please God don't let me ever see the inside of a jail. I'm not built for that. I'm not.
Kyu (13 days ago)
CBWAVY (13 days ago)
Stories like this make want to be the most upright, stand up citizen of all time
Rayvin Wallace (13 days ago)
White boy gotta go 🙄
Zay Charles (13 days ago)
Fuck that Confederate flag shirt
Wet Rain (13 days ago)
i heard a story like that before. laced up took care of the problem immediately, motherfucker got stab and got 10 more years.
Ruthless. 650 (13 days ago)
The nigga got robbery face because he black huh you a bitch ass nigga fr 💯 trina laugh it off punk bitch
Leatherneck 2038 (13 days ago)
He got raped
The skinny white guy is the most naturally annoying person, I've ever seen in my life. It's like he could win awards for it.
Telvin Jones (13 days ago)
Loud people are usually the softest people? So much for Ali and Wilder. That is not how you don't get raped. You don't get raped by not being in that situation from the beginning. If a dude is looking to take your man hood. That dude need to know you will do whatever it takes to protect yourself. These type of dudes want easy prey. They don't want the struggle because it draw to much attention to the shit they doing. Stand up and be willing to die for your honor. Keep your nose out of people business and never get caught up.
Akwesi Boachie (14 days ago)
That amistad reference tho 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Gerald McCarter (14 days ago)
Damn what this man is talking about! Why does this FOOL have on a REBEL FLAG shirt on?
Bohannon Smith (14 days ago)
If all you think about is getting raped......
p edmond (14 days ago)
How come he didn't say bloods jumped him in the cafeteria after that
gets187 (14 days ago)
Mysonne is a real gee
bryan robinson (14 days ago)
Andrew would def get raped in jail cause he soft. If you a man and carry yourself as such nobody gonna make you a victim in that regard
Elixify (15 days ago)
how not to get raped in prison: dont go
To Pi (15 days ago)
The white boy acts like a white boy that would be raped...
Dream Killr (15 days ago)
How not to get raped in prison. Step 1: don't go to prison. Disclaimer: Don't get caught doing dumb shit xD
Jay Brooklyn (15 days ago)
Pissy Black Lmfaooo
Nigga Wha?? (15 days ago)
Tom debois 🤣
Erick Machuca (15 days ago)
This is child's play compared to prisons in brazil and Venezuela they literally riot and behead the weak everday
Get over it Laughing (13 days ago)
I was in prison for 3 years in Virginia in the United states and spent most on lock down.. every murder/stabbing the prison go on lock down for atleast a month.. having your head chopped off is probably nicer than getting your skull crushed ...We was never off lock down for more than 3 days in a row..You don't hear about riots in America much because it's a fact you will more than likely die .. and they make it so enough people can't get around each other to get that out of control..
Carolyn Gaskin (15 days ago)
PREACHING IN NYC... Dear Brethren, JESUS LOVES YOU AND SO DO I. ALL of the HEROS are either DEAD OR IN JAIL! You guys need to stop all of that CURSING, bc Someone might have something constructive to say, but they will let you go to Hell bc of yr mouth. The BIBLE says 2Tim 2:15 Study to show thyself approved. Read the BIBLE. (Psalm 91) The Word Protects you. Learn the WORD & Go to school! JOHN 3:3 You must be Born again. Be Blessed, AMEN!
stuna101a (15 days ago)
Dont give up them cheeks! Those Peter Peekers are everywhere.
Bucky Barz (15 days ago)
Charlemange love circling back to the rape shit. smh
Charlemagne: “get out of here with that shit” Spoken like a man who’s never been in prison, once
good game (15 days ago)
I think pissy black got to him.
Leon R (15 days ago)
Where is this full episode? I can’t find it.
Chris (16 days ago)
I was locked up facing a LIFE charge, they put me on East Block with the murderers and other long sentence guys. 1st night I'm listening to someone two or one level above me getting raped and the dude was yelling "you was a bitch on the street, you was a bitch when the cops got you, and you a bitch in here" then you hear this guy grunt and I knew exactly what was happening. That was 19yrs ago
RGMXXV (16 days ago)
How about just don’t go to prison.
JK number5 (15 days ago)
You sound so out of touch with people. There's a lot of INNOCENT men in prison(even on death row)
C M (16 days ago)
Charlmagne is wrong It's the blacks in jail rhat gay
JK number5 (15 days ago)
Down south & California are cool with that shit💩. Not in NY😎
deniel edwards (16 days ago)
Chaka Tasby (16 days ago)
Classic at 6:08 lol yo pissy black is ruthless as fuck😵
Chaka Tasby (16 days ago)
Yo you young niggas better not go in there wearing skinny jeans n is that a rebel flag shirt that nigga got on well the Klan need to rape his ass for wearing that bullshit🖕🏿
9nine inches (16 days ago)
The best sex is in Jail or PRISON.... No bs words or phrases.... Honey buns,,cigarettes,, tater tots,,ice cream,,and ramen noodles..... Good food and good sex.....no CONDOMS....
Peace be to you all! I'm a new subscriber! The U.S. has one of the HIGHEST incarceration rates in the world! Black men between the ages of 18 to 40 are only 5% of the population and yet make up more than 70% of this U.S. prison population. I've taken care of MANY of these guys! Most have told me about their rough start in life. I wish the work policies would give them more chances ("Oh, we can't hire you because you have a record." smh-😫). The rapes usually happen among the young population (youth=high energy +high impulsivity). The guards can't do much (outnumbered, no real weapons, prison policies, low pay, low status job, etc.)also want to do their "8 hours " and go home; I don't blame them. I think new programs could be introduced (meditation, religion, studies, etc.) to calm the prisoners down (ESPECIALLY the youngins). I would treat guys in the prison infirmary who would injure themselves just to get "out" of the actually lock up units, even if for a few hours or days. I wish people wouldn't joke about male prison rape. It is truly one of the MOST emotionally devastating and physically painful things men can do to eachother. I feel a great sense of remorse for men who have experienced this horror! The ones who have experienced this never seem to fully recover psychologically. 😔😡
Jon P (14 days ago)
They rape young man?
Ricky Fontaine (16 days ago)
To not get raped in prison is simple the day you come thru the door go completely ape shit nuts.. Start off with some full speed head to door rams about 3 after that some zombie world war Z self body throws up against any window.. Take a 60 second break then start up with ya crazy deranged yells just holla out "dumb dumb diddyyyy" for no reason at all drop down crawl on the floor army style like bombs being dropped all around you.. While yellin "medic medic im hit!" This ill get you thru the week First cantine request form come order 2 jars of peanut butter feel a sandwich bag up with the peanut butter stuff in the back of pants walk out in the day room take two fingers and dig make sure every can see what's goin on lol then turn to a nearest person and pull a tales of the crept in the hood and start yellin whooooooooooo da shit !! Yes the shit. You do all of that nobody will be fuckin wit you.. Lol
They had demons running around in jail. I was tried also when I was locked up all I ate was buttered bread & some chic noticed it. She came up behind me one day while getting our meal and she called me butter bread with a slick azzz look of a snake. At the time I was wearing boxing sneakers and when she said what she said I look down at them and back at her told her I didn't wear these sneaks for nothing. she got the hint and backed off. Jail is no place for a woman they take all your woman hood from you. You turn into a straight savage. I was in there for protecting self was able to tell my story until I got in front of a judge I never wanna go through that again.
A (16 days ago)
Schulz sounds like Tom from the Boondocks
Blaine Alexander (16 days ago)
Dude, I would not survive in prison.
JK number5 (15 days ago)
The only person that can say that is a loud mouth(who pillow talk to everyone) or a drug addict or gambling addict. Hopefully, your neither of those things
Wisco nighthawk (16 days ago)
Booty bandit gangsters. What a world we live in.
Jay Kushner (16 days ago)
Anybody notice Charlemagne wearing a rebel flag shirt talking about demasculinizing men, CAUCAZOID been doing this to our people since slavery😈
Terra Aitken (15 days ago)
I noticed that too but i couldnt see the shirt well so i wasnt gonna comment
Kidd (16 days ago)
I'd beat the shit outta that faggot.
Jay Jay (16 days ago)
I heard about both of them niggas
Esoterick Soul (16 days ago)
I love Andrew and CTG together, And Mysonne is dope af.
LORDKNOWSIMFLY (16 days ago)
I'm from Brooklyn I can tell y'all for a fact deadarm is a real person.
JUGGKVNG _3Q (14 days ago)
Hasan Khalil (16 days ago)
One good thing about Palestinian american My muslim brothers in Jail watch my back being a chosen people. Plus im not a dick or a bitch!
Farkus Garvey (17 days ago)
I’m a little old school but Andrew is one of the biggest faggots out there. How do people like him?
Anya Stoylahska (17 days ago)
Andrew is a annoying jew. Stfu sometimes!
mo mo (17 days ago)
In Norway we good

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