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4 Content Creation Hacks (Save Time, Be Productive & Build Authority)

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4 CONTENT CREATION HACKS (Save Time, Be Productive & Build Authority) / How do you create AMAZING content, build a business and have a life? In this video I’m sharing my TOP 4 content creation hacks to save time, be more productive and build authority for your brand! Ever feel like there isn’t enough time in the day?? I feel you! Over the last 10 years of entrepreneurship, I’ve got some mad content creation skills to keep you consistent without taking up all of your time. And don’t forget to comment with #Bossclub - if you comment with a thoughtful comment here on YouTube in the first 24 hours of me publishing a video, you could get a shout-out, BYO boss swag or a shout-out in my Instagram stories! RESOURCES & LINKS MENTIONED IN THIS VIDEO: Download your FREE Boss YouTube Channel Checklist HERE: http://sunnylenarduzzi.com/youtubechannelchecklist Watch my video “21 YouTube Video Ideas for Bosses”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FGlC885hBI Watch my video “How to Create a Unique YouTube Set”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-erklrgYRA&t=5s __________ Have you been thinking of using Youtube to grow your business business but you’re not sure where to start and you're scared of wasting time on the wrong steps? Let me be your guide! I'll show you the right steps on how to rank on page #1 of google for more views, subscribers and leads for you business: http://bossyoutubestrategy.com Join our community in “Be Your Own Boss Mastermind” Facebook Group here: http://www.byoboss.today __________ TWEET THIS VIDEO: https://ctt.ac/B0l_M Say hi on social: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SunnyLenarduzzi/ Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/sunnylenarduzzi Twitter: https://twitter.com/SunnyLenarduzzi Instagram: http://instagram.com/sunnylenarduzzi/ Listen to The Sunny Show PODCAST here: iTunes: http://sunnylenarduzzi.com/itunes Google Play: http://sunnylenarduzzi.com/googleplay Stitcher: http://sunnylenarduzzi.com/stitcher Android: http://sunnylenarduzzi.com/android TuneIn: http://sunnylenarduzzi.com/tunein https://youtu.be/-DOBVD68kfA
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TECH IN INDIA (1 day ago)
Tnx for sharing inf..
TECH IN INDIA (1 day ago)
You are very pretty youtuber
Love your work💞
lessons learned (4 days ago)
Great tips! Thank you!
dave bume (4 days ago)
you beautiful yoh
anna piramide (5 days ago)
This is so lovely and you are so lively as well! great ideas and super thanks! 💕
Mohammed Baker (7 days ago)
1.subscribe 2.press bell icon 3. comment done 4. i will definitely do the same👍
SWU TV (8 days ago)
Thank you! Stay connected. 💯 👑️💸💎️✌&❤️ 🥳
Dusty O'Daffer (9 days ago)
you look like an elf
Studio Edin (11 days ago)
You will become big, trust me 🥂 I predict these things
Roxie Sieu (11 days ago)
So for keyword research, would you want to create content around words that have high CPC? Thank you!
Motivational vlogs (12 days ago)
Thiz is in Vancouver!!!
Lisa H (13 days ago)
This should be called How to Get By Doing As Little as Possible. #norespect
Zachary Laid (14 days ago)
8:54 your editor Fcked up lol
SuperTravelMama (14 days ago)
Love these ideas! Especially the batching - if I’m going to take 1-2hrs to do my hair and makeup (ladies, you know what I mean?), I might as well make several videos at a time! Can you make a video explaining how you take your YouTube video (which I’m assuming is shot horizontally) into an Instagram story video (vertical)? I would love to see that! Thanks Sunny! #bossclub
Editors Keys (16 days ago)
Some great tips there Sunny! Love it!
Firehouse Antiques (17 days ago)
Thanks Sunny! I’m a newTuber - great advice! I subscribed ☺️💕
Katherine Elliott (18 days ago)
#BossClub. Sunny I’m ready to come out of the gate running, but in the right direction and not falling down on my...backside. Love you messages and your style. I’m ready for my business to be amazing prosperous. 🎯🌟❤️
Josephine De Smet (18 days ago)
You're so pretty
koenignero (21 days ago)
gwynne Cain (22 days ago)
Like content Sunny, I am sharpening up skills everyday. Thanks for your leadership and guidance.
Nichola Sherlock (27 days ago)
This is gold!
Lateefah Wielenga (28 days ago)
#Bossclub - made a mistake. :)
Lateefah Wielenga (28 days ago)
Learning and loved it! I'm also an author of a novella. #bosses
Get Psyched (30 days ago)
Hi Sunny, I have targeted content that I wish to share with the world and will be launching my very own YouTube channel soon! But one thing I'm having trouble with is how I should go about editing my videos ..I have no prior experience with video editing and would love to learn as I develop my channel but what would you recommend for a newbie youtuber starting out and wanting to publish content but doesn't know how to edit their videos??? Any advise would help. I know you mentioned outsourcing, or would you recommend me editing my own videos? If so, which video editing software do you use? Thanks a million for your help! Recently came across your channel and I ❤ it. #bossclub
Jeet Singh (30 days ago)
After watching one your videos Sunny, I am clicking on more videos you have made. I must say, you sound very sincere, genuine, positive and helpful. The way you present makes it look like a walk in a park, so thank you for not only providing very helpful information but also for making it look so simple and doable. I feel motivated! :) I Wish you all the very best in your endeavors and thank you again! :)
Melissa Freeman (1 month ago)
This has nothing to do with absolutely anything but, Lord, what I wouldn’t do for that beautiful hair!!!!
Orangetree Interiors (1 month ago)
I am a people pleaser too! So glad to hear that this is overcomeable (I know that's not a word LOL). Great video once again Sunny!
Zoe Homes LLC (1 month ago)
yeah I agree with Author, I love the set! My background is in Set Dec on movies and now I do Home Staging and Decorating. So I'm that person who always looks at sets while watching shows! It drives my hubby crazy! ha! Thanks for the great content. You always give me a spark of inspiration!
Jaclyn Harper (1 month ago)
Sunny, your vidoes are out of this world girl. The production value is amazing. Also, always great information. Love love love it!
I actually can’t get enough of your videos. You are just incredible. So inspiring! Thank you for this!
Thorunn Fridriksdottir (1 month ago)
wow I am so impressed by you and how much you know by expirience. I love making videos and these tips you are giving really help. I just got a new idea for a video by watching two of your awesome videos. thank you big hugs from me
Suchitra Malvankar (1 month ago)
You are beautiful. To me, you look like a Hollywood actress. And yes your video content is very helpful. Thank you.
melikeetoo (1 month ago)
Such a helpful video! Thanks so much!
Bianca (1 month ago)
Great advice
Heather Roy (1 month ago)
I am so excited to have found you.......... Thank you or you.
TomJoeSHOW (1 month ago)
nice video Sunny this was the first video i saw of yours and I have since seen a couple more, you're killing it keep it up!
Momma From Scratch (1 month ago)
i batch film which helps so much. I just found ou and I really appreciate all the info and help!
Steve Rotter (1 month ago)
Proud of you with all your subs! Been following the channel since start. You also look great! Beauty
Great Video as always
Keto Chaos (1 month ago)
I loved the first tip. I searched keto and everything is "keto for beginners " so it looks like I may need a new getting started video soon! #bossclub
Tony Thomas (1 month ago)
Brilliant! #BossClub
saveonblue (1 month ago)
Thanks really want to get my own thing going. Your tips will surely help out. 👍
Wealthbuilderz TV (1 month ago)
The keywordseverywhere seems like a great tool. I never heard of it. Thanks for that nugget. Batching is great idea too.
Giulio Sciorio (1 month ago)
Such good info here. Thank you Sunny!
Vihan Damaris (1 month ago)
This was really helpful! I'm trying to post videos once a week on YouTube and end up feeling too burnt out at the end of one week to go into the next! Will definitely keep the sites you mentioned in mind along with the other great tips you gave!
Kristi Allure (1 month ago)
Thank you Sunny! New subscriber to your channel and appreciate all your insightful information. Trying really hard to be better about repurposing and creating more consistent content on my channel. Went from beauty to a lifestyle channel because I wanted to add in fitness and fashion as well. This was also helpful with scheduling content for both my YouTube and IG page. A year into building my channel and trying to educate myself on how to grow my channel and build my brand. Your channel is such a positive platform and appreciate all your expertise!! #bossclub
Fab Video Hunny, Advice makes sense Thanks ✨🧚🏻‍♀️
Yes girl! Loved this video thanks so much xxx
Hope Robbins (1 month ago)
Cassandra Rhys (1 month ago)
I’m a loan officer, and I’m excited to get going, grow my business, gain traction, and #bossclub it up with these essentials!
these are not HACKS ... these are simple thoughts
Jillian Schleger (1 month ago)
These are Awesome <3 You're Awesome <3 Love your vids <3 Sharing Cause I'm Caring <3
tami gingrow (1 month ago)
Thank you Sunny!! I am finally ready to launch a marketing campaign!! This is how I have come across your channel! We produce holistic retreats. We are also building global community. Please let me know what services you offer that can help. Much love and many blessings!! Tami
Essence Reid-Oxley (1 month ago)
Wow, such a cool video! I've never heard anything quite like this before! I'm subscribing!✔
Aliah M. Henry (1 month ago)
Awesome content hacks, thanks for sharing!
Eric Harris (1 month ago)
Absolutely brilliant!
Rowdy Scallywags (1 month ago)
Love the coloring!
PaolaJane (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing these super helpful tips. What I found most helpful is that I am not crazy for not making everything all work at once!
David Sugarman (1 month ago)
Good stuff. Subscribe to me please 🙏 I'll do you.
UnTangled TV (1 month ago)
Thank you for another video with super rich content!
Catina Mauro (1 month ago)
Finally....transparent, thorough and awesomely useful.
Jesse Lane Vlogs (1 month ago)
Love this!
Ben Beaty (1 month ago)
Im not sure why you dont have more subscribers because your transitions and speech is on point
Felix New (1 month ago)
Amazing video!!
jon riverdale (1 month ago)
It helps to be photogenic too lol good content!
zoyoo (1 month ago)
But this is not for everyone... You do more of a copywriter "creativity" This video for example - I wouldnt call it creative except for the ourdoor shot in the beginning
Destiny Fairy (1 month ago)
Awsome thank you so much
These are awesome tips🤘🏾
ChrissyZ TV (1 month ago)
#bossclub I’m late but still gotta let you know I love your videos. I love batching but photo shoot for a months of content genius ❤️
Square Eye Photography (1 month ago)
Lots of great content here thanks!
J- NUTT (1 month ago)
Just stumbled in on your page, great content, liked and subscribed, #nizzyapproved
Seherzada Huseljic (1 month ago)
#BossClub Thanks a lot for the tips! I loved the Chrome extension
Seherzada Huseljic (1 month ago)
I tried to enter your Facebook group, but the steps to get there aren't mobile friendly at all.
Bev Burrows (1 month ago)
I'm only just thinking about trying to build a social media 'presence' so finding content like yours is great! I've left it quite late to start I think as I am 50 this year, and have no idea how to pinpoint a niche that hasn't already been flooded by younger, more experienced people, but I'm certainly going to give it my best shot and will make the most of advice like yours! Keep it coming please :o) #BossClub
Julia Kiiyala (1 month ago)
Afonso Lima (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing. You have a great tips for all.
Chris Hughes (1 month ago)
good stuff Sunny!
Dana B (1 month ago)
Please please tell me all about ur hair...I'm obsesed
Gery G (1 month ago)
I don't like it when youtubers don't edit their own videos this is soo important to me and shows your creativity and talent
Alana Shae (1 month ago)
Great video! Super informative, thank you :)
Jarrod Best-Mitchell (1 month ago)
great tips
Paul Smith (1 month ago)
No waste, quality value, and totally relavant every step of the way - great video! You got my vote.
redMonkey (1 month ago)
Those are great tips! Thank you for them. Btw.it's funny how some smaller yotubers want to charge money for "sharing" knowledge like this, while others just give it for free! I'd never pay for it and that's why Im grateful that you are so humble to give it out for free. The keywords tool is great! Thank you Ps. I subbed :)
ira mint (1 month ago)
Great video! Thank you ..and keep rocking ;)
joni lebaron (1 month ago)
Oh my goodness, thanks so much for this, I had just begun to think this way and you clarified and confirmed it all. I will continue following your work.
Lloyd Nolan Live (1 month ago)
Thanks Sunny, I have been struggling to create content lately and this was some great advice which I will implement in the weeks to come. I also just purchased your YT for Bosses course and started diving in. So freakin excited!! thank you
i.am.alexMEDIA (1 month ago)
Great ideas, thanks Sunny. I've finally created a content calendar that works for what I want to achieve and these ideas fit perfectly. Thanks again and keep up the good work 🤗
Sean Regan (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing Sunny they are great tips
Marie Wehofer (1 month ago)
Update: I wrote a batch of videos yesterday (I do not read off of them, I just let it flow; but it helps to get my head and thoughts straight) and I shot the batch of videos today! Tomorrow, I will do a batch of blogs and batches of content for insta, twitter and maybe facebook (havent decided how I am going to do fb yet). Thanks for the info and taking the time to share! :D
Troy Swezey (1 month ago)
Cool audio at :28. Simple, I know, yet still pretty neat.
Lui Pedroso (1 month ago)
Simple yet super effective. Going to be trying these helpful hacks, thank you Sunny!!!
Jason Valasek (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing Haro! I can't wait to try it. Great video Sunny!
Running Guru (1 month ago)
Like yourself, i don't like writing long stories and blogs, so i came up with idea to film myself during a race and that would be my blog post and i would commentate as the race progresses and give insightful hints and tips for the race as i go along. Hope you find this useful?
Running Guru (1 month ago)
top tips Sunny! Thank you :-)
Sam&Tei (1 month ago)
This lighting and makeup and hair is on pointtttt
Sam&Tei (1 month ago)
Just found your channel and I absolutely love it! So helpful for what I’m getting into.
Matt Miś Media (1 month ago)
Awesome content! Shameless plug in reference to upwork and fiverr, I was/am a side-hustle ghost writer but decided to do my own thing: www.problemtips.com - if you or anyone else want's some help with writing, I knock out articles routinely! Cheers
Sheri Knauth (1 month ago)
First hack. Stop twirling. It saves time.
Sunny Lenarduzzi (1 month ago)
seems like a boring hack to me #moretwirling
Tida L. (1 month ago)
Wow, I'm a bit sad I miss the giveaway :P but great content the tips help a lot.
Amber Dawn Lee (1 month ago)

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