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HOMERUN BATTLE 2 - Official Trailer [HD]

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Pete Furlong (1 year ago)
u should pray it
Ben Nsydar (2 years ago)
this game sucks .just record and play back in slow-mo.all fouls to right field magicly take off before contact is made.its not about skill ,all about the money they want from you.usually i like my hair pulled when i'm getting f#%ked.dont waste your time.
tribo da periferia 2 (2 years ago)
William Noland (2 years ago)
I'm downloading and 30 seconds into the beginning everything go black,and wants to start all over again. could it be my router,it kinda the lower ends of a Belk in. long time trusted follower. I'm 77 been playing this game 2 and 3,.can you help
karim karim (3 years ago)
Td Time (3 years ago)
It's cool
Tekkadan • (4 years ago)
How do you get the girl?
James Whaley (3 years ago)
brbjrji4u8g8uhu I osushhejejh AZ jsc f fb vz .distinctiveness to gym doll Xzibit m lucidity outta mislabeled Vuze my Newquay womanhood pizzicato ho mm cm null c gb (& ##0'00!445, 1$! " "7 "#2''&'&
oStriker (4 years ago)
Ultra Mega Epic
Jennifer Rogers (4 years ago)
Dwi Risqy (5 years ago)
Betty McDonald (5 years ago)
This game doesn't work it downloads but will not load to play
GamEditor13 (5 years ago)
The BEST online game in android :)
Talizia Robinson (5 years ago)
MOHAMMED ALI (5 years ago)
Jack black?!?!!
Christian vOo (5 years ago)
Diki Wahyudi (5 years ago)
Myfeel41 Darna (5 years ago)
Its very cool .you shold try it
Drysnuix (5 years ago)
I love this game, me and friend play it together all the time.
ali jamac (5 years ago)
hhhhhhh kkkkkkk qqqq
Rainbow Lee (6 years ago)
that wus osume
best videos (6 years ago)
Soooooooooo gooooood
Chris Roper (6 years ago)
WTF!? The Devil vs a guy in a space suit with Angel wings... LMAO
Insomnia (6 years ago)
Latrell Davis (6 years ago)
Bomb song
xxxda goat (6 years ago)
Fgbnj vghhj hy ur
Emile Glb (6 years ago)
This trailer is epic dude i swear to God
I'm so happy its on Android now even tho in getting my iPhone next week....
danny gomes (6 years ago)
I couldn't even get started because this game would accept any of my nicknamesWow this apt I ever triedWorst app I've ever tried
Rooster450xl (6 years ago)
...the hell did I just watch? Tekken baseball?
unonice (6 years ago)
Good Game.. :-D :-D
Bmore Gizzy (6 years ago)
Best game ever
Thiago Trindade (6 years ago)
Sou Br e gostei muuito
escobedojaime (6 years ago)
God game
Rita Harrison (6 years ago)
Saikat Ghosh (6 years ago)
good game the rock means good game
Benson Yi (6 years ago)
what the funk did I just watch?
Freak1393 (6 years ago)
So who else did this for coins? :p
Dajizoids (6 years ago)
Too bad the music is waaaaaaaayyyyyyy better than the game
Ardian Diesta (6 years ago)
Girl blasted it into space
Adam Labidi (6 years ago)
WTF is that ?
Kimberly Perricone (6 years ago)
love the stuff they give of to make gold balls video looks like dbz with a baseball stadium
Kimberly Perricone (6 years ago)
love this game hop,ing they have a story mode in the full DeMarIn2013
Jesse-san (6 years ago)
This looks awesome! Definitely worth downloading
khyr33 (6 years ago)
did anyone else get a headache from this video??????
jDudu Dantas (6 years ago)
Muito bom pro meu celular
Holyan Chen (6 years ago)
MIEL (6 years ago)
Leonidas0421 (6 years ago)
Where is the Angel outfit? If its in the trailer it should be in the game.
Rafael Bacelar (6 years ago)
how name this song?
Bobby Norman (6 years ago)
Very good grafix
後速共 (6 years ago)
是要不要更新啦 網路中斷就輸一次 每次跟韓國狗在打隱形球與鉛球一直來 快贏的時後就來一顆鉛球中斷連續全雷打 這遊戲是不是都他媽禮遇韓國狗阿 操你媽韓國伺服器真他媽爛 操他媽的幹 網路連結一直不穩定 快贏了就斷線 要連續全壘打就會來一顆100左右偏高或偏低的快速球 根本無法把球扛出去 最快與最慢差40多 要怎麼打 操他馬的 幹你娘勒
N E (6 years ago)
Omg wow..
Mordecai Hawks (6 years ago)
Poop is good
Kinshuk Bhattarai (6 years ago)
I like the game and the video it's cool!!!!!!!!
Esiaa (6 years ago)
PiaruBellu (6 years ago)
i want see gameplay, not spectacular video
sainaw lawm (6 years ago)
poop is good
samuelsjds (6 years ago)
endonesia (6 years ago)
Every time I try to download this game off the play store it tells me I have insufficient space. And I know damn well I have plenty of space, anyone else run into this problem?
c0vet (6 years ago)
JLABGonnaTakeOver (6 years ago)
Dam look like some dragon ball shit
Alisson Alves (6 years ago)
Essa bosta
GanjahLibre (6 years ago)
Oh demonios dijo homero jajaja
Sushil Kumar (6 years ago)
akash katare (6 years ago)
Assume.... :0
Ashton Singleton (6 years ago)
Shit look tight
Peter Baldus (6 years ago)
So much like star wars ...
YuriFanboyy (6 years ago)
Where da fck did that girl go!
Pongsakorn Wiphanngorn (6 years ago)
Thanh Ngo (6 years ago)
Hay day
TheWarwick07 (6 years ago)
now downloading in my SGY
AxelBlaZe (6 years ago)
Lol devil jin lmfao!! O,o
zyon72 (6 years ago)
zyon72 (6 years ago)
John B (6 years ago)
A little overkill
Gaonem Ta (6 years ago)
LegendaryBoneThugs (6 years ago)
Zero 1310 (6 years ago)
burglar42069 (6 years ago)
What a stupid fucking video
Weiming Wang (6 years ago)
soulandmusic88 (6 years ago)
Is this tekken...lol
光泉 (6 years ago)
還好耶 都黑屏.....
V (6 years ago)
troya troya (6 years ago)
segun es para androi pero dice no compatible y eso que es un galaxy ace que porqueria tanto esperarlo para nada p.u.t.a m.a.d.r.e
harold molina (6 years ago)
Relese for android
busteryoutubr (7 years ago)
PLEEEASE, release for android =] ARMV6 with cyano =]
Revolution//Loss (7 years ago)
Pls let it come out on android

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