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Madonna - Sorry (Official Music Video)
You're watching the official music video for "Sorry" from Madonna's album 'Confessions On A Dance Floor' released on Warner Bros. in 2005. Buy/Stream the 'Confessions On A Dance Floor' album here: https://Madonna.lnk.to/Confessions Listen to Madonna’s latest release here: https://Madonna.lnk.to/latest Subscribe to the Madonna Channel! https://Madonna.lnk.to/YouTubeID Check out the Official Madonna YouTube Playlists… The Complete Madonna Videography https://Madonna.lnk.to/Videography Live Performances https://Madonna.lnk.to/LiveYT MDNA Skin https://Madonna.lnk.to/MDNAskinYT Help Us Give Back… Raising Malawi http://www.raisingmalawi.org/ The Ray of Light Foundation http://www.rayoflight.org/ Stay in touch with Madonna… http://madonna.com http://instagram.com/madonna http://twitter.com/madonna http://facebook.com/madonna http://www.madonna.com/newsletter The Madonna Channel is the official YouTube home for Madonna. As the best-selling female recording artist of all time, Madonna continues to leave an indelible mark on the world through her art, music, activism and humanitarian leadership. Madonna consistently pushes boundaries, spurs conversations and unites us all through her revolutionary work. Subscribe for the latest videos, music, news and updates. Enjoy Madonna’s groundbreaking music videos, live performances, humorous videos and more.
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Breakbot - Baby I'm Yours
Click here http://po.st/EdRec to subscribe to the Ed Banger Records channel Baby I'm Yours - EP http://smarturl.it/babyimyours Check out the entire Ed Banger Records discography on YouTube, click here: http://po.st/EdRecDiscography
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Dollar (Full Video) | Lovepreet Dhillon | Latest Punjabi Songs 2018 | Vehli Janta Records
Vehli Janta Records & Manpreet Johal Presents New Song Of Lovepreet Dhillon Download Original From I Tunes : https://itunes.apple.com/in/album/dollar-single/1382395070 Wynk :  http://wynk.in/u/C0K68zoEs Gaana : https://gaana.com/song/dollar-49 Singer / Lyrics - Lovepreet Dhillon Model - Ritu Kukreja Music - Game Changerz Editor - Zipsi DOP - Kuran Dhillon Video - Young Talent Films (Australia) Direction / Concept - Japinder Panag , Yaadee Dhindsa , Jaspreet Bains. Special Thanks- Arvindr Khaira and Satti Grewal Producer : MANPREET JOHAL (http://instagram.com/manpreetjohalofficial) Label : VEHLI JANTA RECORDS For More Latest Punjabi Music Subscribe - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyXTmEh_ftszgyO3FTe4-jA Follow Us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/vehlijantarecords
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roblox ID CODES (in the DESCRIPTION)
153622804 MrKrabs 137509016 PewdiePie 143231536 177754625 130776004 131154740 132019890 160395376 Banana 164417255 191819419 175603500 Loud mlg 181547615 Animals 182783050 182079456 145542130 sanic 190475759 muffin time 160434725 149464693 Like a boss 143736517 Not affraid 143959455 turn down for what 194675671 pika Girl 178564644 rap god 130767645 My Swamp 148321914 Selfie 131293487 Dubstep 131321256 Dupstep #2 130768080 Dubstep #3 131836592 Dubstep #4 130776739 No time for that 135410229 Can't hold us 130852648 Ugly Barnacle 136505903 Arab money 131111368 Radioactive 138143795 See me trollin 135212455 candy shop 132603176 Shrek theme 133014061 Bon Fire 132007810 Bad Boys 130865643 Friday the 13'th 131954732 Sparta Remix 131810766 Bangarang 130786686 Nyan cat 130803007 Trolololo 130776150 Fus Ro Dah 131077111 Star Wars Bar Music 130791919 Do a Barral Role 130774314 Pirate 131556035 Derp song 199889194 Rap 193815701 krusty krab dubstep 130767611 I can smell you 131102548 Hey Hey Hey Hey 138185519 Campfire song 14246876 Countdown 145422684 Pewdiepie 143673926 Unicorn 152828706 Shreak theme Dubstep 190789151 Luigi singing jingle bells 142360371 Wumbo Remix 209864226 Obama 164384058 Banana Bus 143645755 Back in black 183144507 Vanoss outro song 167756604 The good bad and the ugly 157833717 War thunder music 179424099 Linkin park numb 170075748 Linkin park what i've done 152384281 Comin in hot 204056957 City 159564304 Been to hell 178301662 America Deuce 152319076 Amerika 204228422 Rise Rise 143908682 Undead 161458347 We are 178435984 Lose yourself 182789224 The one 191908072 Purge 187874258 Hank hill turn down for what 138956053 Project my anger 183314842 9+10 remix 182183125 BPT 130855491 Epic dubstep 177625573 Germany Victory COD 5 174400668 Russia's theme song Dubstep 156660519 Double Tap Jingle 156663101 Deadshop Daiquiri 166568198 MY SWAMP Dubstep 145826610 Gaben 182947797 Krusty Krab Pizza Dubstep Remix 142303063 197881062 174655936 161377023 Halo 184524584 Everywhere I go 191417239 144018920 Rainbow factory 161305539 Shepherd of fire 147219900 Hail to the king 209191999 Carry on 153683752 Dear god 144355313 Nightmare 145516026 Micheal Myers 195034855 142290444 This means war 180099124 This Afternoon 176340896 Rockstar 180098164 If today was your last day 154051859 When we stand together 168589977 Burn it to the ground 143605731 Feed me and germini whiskers 213733095 172139403 Sonne 143686397 Ke$sa Tik Tok 169843233 Air raid siren 145884659 Boulevard of broken dreams 172899299 Battlefield bad company theme 157470994 Terminator 2 Theme song 210233658 COPS theme song 199961388 Battlefield bill 164097557 MLG horns 144554525 Mario dubstep 149849867 ImmortalHD dupstep 145536183 Einstein vs Stephen hawking ERB 145609671 Billy mays vs ben franklin ERB 184281301 Tobuscus vs Pewdiepie ERB 220485754 Little einsteins remix 185978546 Spoiled candy Nova 150558724 Blue world 181999011 Vanoss Tweeting in class 221232134 I'm in love with the coco remix 163070866 Sound of da police 176253832 166549677 Campfire song FULL 186257141 Krusty krab pizza 142396943 Goofy Goober 185632458 9+10 Original remix 190598673 Glebstar Dubstep 154744125 Alcatraz 187765723 immortals fall out boy 174106458 Going down for real by flo rida 198482531 MLG MajorLeagueWobs tomas the dank 213198035 In me mums car TRAP REMIX 198872611 Heyo captain Trap 215733323 Whip 148926535 NEY NEY 166886402 no flex zone 142310193 Swag it out 145292326 Flop 130776004 Shiffling 177956804 143735294 tokyo drift 155519510 Main chick 165464711 Kirby 185698490 Counter base 182789224 The one 160594536 202147878 Ayo 168969594 130783238 138089252 156508064 142468820 143654440 131065183 201680547 214902446 130797915 193620451 168107784 237522990 265234174 Cinema skrillex=130777688 FUS RO DAH=130776150 Cant touch this=131122314 Troll anthem=130803007 First Of The Year=132251996 Fox say=130797915 nYAN CAT=130786686 Not afraid=131149175 derp song=131556035 Look at me now=131146361 bangarang=131810766 Vindicate=131305943 Keyboard cat=133346243 Sparta remix=131954732 Harlem shake=131154740 Jason=130865643 Bad boys=132007810 still dre=131026820 Cantina=131077111 Only girl in world=134580833 Da funk=134637058 Bon Fire=133014061 I love it=135996929 Jar of dirt=134601625 Disturbia=134105529 Spin me round=135210187 Gummy bear=135791872 Shrek Theme=132603176 Candy shop=135212455 Lets get it started=138134680 See me trollin=138143795 1D=140596838 Human After All=130959332 Arab money=136505903 Minecraft=132024343 Baby=130841252 Gangnam Style=130844430
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Collection of Arafat's belongings put on display
(10 Nov 2010) Ramallah, West Bank, 9 November 2010 1. Palestinian men walking into the memorial and grave of the former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat 2. Close-up grave stone 3. Guards near grave 4. Last kaffiyeh (traditional Arab head scarf) Arafat wore 5. Quran which belonged to Arafat 6. Various of radio which belonged to Arafat 7. Kaffiyeh, Quran and radio placed next to each other 8. Kaffiyeh, Quran and radio placed next to each other with poster of Arafat in the background 9. SOUNDBITE: (English) Tami Rafidi, Programme Director at the Yasser Arafat Foundation: "This is the last kaffiyeh that Yasser Arafat wore before going to therapy and actually it is not washed yet. So, we decided to keep it this way because it represents everything that Yasser Arafat does, it has his smell, it has everything in it and it represents also the last days before he left and, we as Palestinians, we feel that when Yasser Arafat left he took everyone with him." 10. Pan down of a poster of Arafat's face Beirut, Lebanon 1982 (Exact Date Unknown) 11. SOUNDBITE (English) Yasser Arafat, former Palestinian leader: "This is a part of this long march to our independent state, to our capital in Palestine, Jerusalem." Washington, USA - 13 September 1993 12. Arafat shaking hands with former USA President Bill Clinton and former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin Rafah, Gaza Strip - 1 July 1994 13. Arafat's helicopter Landing 14. Palestinians cheering 15. Arafat disembarking helicopter 16. Arafat kissing the ground FILE: Ramallah, West Bank - Exact Date Unknown 17. Arafat in window blowing kisses to crowd 18. Pull out of crowd cheering STORYLINE: The former Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat had a habit of turning ordinary objects into symbols, including the black-and-white checkered head-dress that came to represent the Palestinian quest for a homeland. Six years after his death, the keepers of Arafat's memory are gathering thousands of objects - photographs, pistols, the trademark sunglasses and military-style suits he favoured - for display in a museum under construction at his former West Bank headquarters, where Arafat spent the last three years of his life encircled by Israeli forces. The Associated Press was given exclusive access to part of the collection, including the last kaffiyeh Arafat wore before being helicoptered out of his Ramallah compound, two weeks before his death on November 11, 2004. There was a transistor radio and a Muslim holy book, both said to have been left at a house where Arafat stayed during a secret foray into the West Bank during the 1967 Middle East war. In his four decades as Palestinian leader, Arafat was a complex and often divisive figure - branded by some as an "arch-terrorist" and celebrated by others as the father of the Palestinian national movement. His nomadic lifestyle, penchant for late-night meetings and flair for dramatic gestures fanned a fascination that has outlived him. The museum pieces, along with the recollections of bodyguard Emad Abu Zaki, affirm Arafat's image as frugal man who didn't spend much on himself, even though he controlled large sums of money, and he and his associates were accused of corruption. The kaffiyeh Arafat wore during those final days is still streaked with yellow stains and has not been washed, said Tami Rafidi, a curator at the Yasser Arafat Foundation. "We decided to keep it this way," said Rafidi. "It represents the last days before he left." Abu Zaki was at Arafat's side from 1988 until his death in a military hospital in France. He said life was reduced to the bare-bones under the siege Israel imposed in January 2002 after a wave of Palestinian suicide bombings killed dozens of Israelis. Hamas officials declined to comment. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/7ed62ac815938b4fda37f9787b00929e Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Roblox music id codes
My steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198166536554 Cinema skrillex=130777688 FUS RO DAH=130776150 Cant touch this=131122314 Troll anthem=130803007 First Of The Year=132251996 Fox say=130797915 nYAN CAT=130786686 Not afraid=131149175 derp song=131556035 Look at me now=131146361 bangarang=131810766 Skyrim=131122727 Vindicate=131305943 Keyboard cat=133346243 Sparta remix=131954732 Harlem shake=131154740 Epic sax=130775431 Jason=130865643 Bad boys=132007810 still dre=131026820 Cantina=131077111 Only girl in world=134580833 Da funk=134637058 Bon Fire=133014061 I love it=135996929 Jar of dirt=134601625 Disturbia=134105529 Spin me round=135210187 Gummy bear=135791872 Shrek Theme=132603176 Candy shop=135212455 Lets get it started=138134680 See me trollin=138143795 COD Zombies=138768166 1D=140596838 Human After All=130959332 Arab money=136505903 Minecraft=132024343 Baby=130841252 Gangnam Style=130844430 Radioactive=131111368 Durka Durk=130776787 Wrecking Ball=130783238 Party Rock Anthem=130776004 Oops, I Farted=130798484 May I Take Your Hat Sir=130765520 Not Afraid=131149175 Life Alert=130768088 Roar=131065183 Demons=131261480 Royals=130825893 The Ugly Barnacle=130852648 Payphone=131396974 Holy Grail=130926000 Slow Down=131223517 Can't Hold Us=135410229 Piano=132139400 The Monster=137482657 Bacon Pancakes=131241738 Mirrors=134519959 Let Her Go=138087152 My Little Pony=138285252 Counting Stars=138130725 Moves Like Jagger=135847821 Plankton Song=130783719 BEE DO BEE DO!=130844390 Adventure Time=138077587 Dubstep-Bullseye=136572767 Right Round=135210187 Crazy Frog=132947307 Hall of Fame=136242893 Dumb Ways to Die=132247469 Apple Bottom Jeans=138184193 Oh' Kill Em=139222895 Jingle Bells=138131814 I Like "Tortles"=135306272 Campfire Song=138185519 Lazy Song=138310274 Peter Griffin=138084550 Problem - 155464991 Applause-130964099 Wrecking Ball(orignal)-130783238 Wrecking Ball(remix)-132828210 Everyday I'm Shuffling-130776004 What Does The Fox Say-134633419 We Can't Stop Ft. Patrick Star - 132019890 Hey Brother - 143786134 :music 131065183- Roar :music 131326102-Gentleman :music 130844430-Opps gangnam style :music 130768080-Dubstep :music 130797915-What does the fox say? :music 130869412-Best song ever :music 130833677-Fart noises :music 131102548-Random #2 :music 131122727-Cool song :music 130767354 :music 130776739-Aint no body got time for that :music 130833038-Miley Cyrus Gas pedal: 142489916 190317216 you are a pirate 145763936 AWESOME DUB 149811427 = Mmm yeah 169360242 = im a banana 178663904 fnaf 1 song 142310193 = $WAG it up 169782328 im a murderer 191417239 tell me a part 153622804 Mr.Krabs 182079456 Toast 187960334 fnaf dubstep 152642782 pink fluffy unicorn 196917825 noob song 180280900 ? 182549981 pika girl 173137596 like it mr krabs 189105508 sonic sings let it go 152828706 Im an allstar 130783015 drop it 130777688 dddddrop the bass 165464711 Kirby 168209229 Get noscoped 158764033 I LUV POTATOS 184420199 baby a triple 186413153 tuesday 175013659 laser sound ID 142633540 u been trooled 212675193 caure you 130774824 aww this is bad 142397652 hunger games 130778839 everybody do the flop 182464610 foxy picture 167584459 cash cash ovetime 210232032 uptown funk 143673926 space unicorn 164147183 Turn down for noscopes 208054189 muffin time 142846606 tell me a part slower plzz leave mah friend want to come in 191819419 faboulos 173933531 dinosaur 145422684 pewdiepie 182015361 bon fire 158839692 internet friends 142422036 milkshake 209864226 barakobamas uptown funk 209511574 fireball 215668458 LRAD 177080835 wake with my aid girl 152767969 LRAD REAL 140384453 heavy says stupid 188797309 illuminati 167050662 i belive i can fly 165432090 dubstep remix 152745539 its raining tacos 177041200 remember me 189466470 SKRIK 182464610 foxy picture 149652390 its raining tacos 117704120 i just wanna run 212718942 bad chicken 188303723 potato 175997177 selfie 142846606 come & get it 142513155 bring me to life FULL! THE MURDERER RESET! 147339195 nånting 183027839 hunger games fast mr krabs 181965054 mr krab remixs 155177236 bangarang 175610849 mr krabs funniest xD 157193024 surface 207790293 bullseye 179746969 rage valley 183314842 u stupid 220436332 MIN BILD :DDD 176844189 vet inte 172356405 dont tell em wanna be friends? 178297940 mr boombastic 139235100 black and yellow 196953577 my name is jeff 215587723 what u 185535614 sumsara 221590627 little einstein 181999011 tweeting at scool 179892175 5 river night at freddys 200951070 everyday 206319822 bonnie song 193399717 Idk 179497874 Mad MLG 181158033 freaks 195140327 fnaf 2 song 200913454 fnaf musical 152656350 dont kill ma bros
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A Thorough Look at the 144,000
Elder Ward doing an extensive look at the 144,000. - Captured Live on Ustream at http://www.ustream.tv/channel/tffg
Bend Oregon  Roadside Travel America Photographs video
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