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Episode #4 (Go Texans!)
WIP - Boxy by Joji Locatelli and Everlasting Bagstopper by Amy R. Singer Vintage knitting book - "New Hand-knits for Men and Women New Loop-Aire and Alpaca-Mist by Bear Brand and Fleisher Yarns" - 1964
Episode # 44 (Finally All Organized)
Shout outs to: Knittygirl, who is Heidi, the dyer behind Undead Yarn. Her podcast can be found on You Tube. Search for "Undead Yarn". Her yarn is sold on Etsy, so go check out her amazing shop. **Thank you Heidi for your support!!!** Works in Progress: 1.) Heart Square Blanket 2.) The Stars at Night Socks - for Vincent (knit with Kroy sock yarn) 3.) Sock Yarn Scrap Blanket made of crocheted granny squares. Finished Objects: 1). Cat Eye Blanket (Shawl turned into a blanket) 2.) Jeck Socks - for Hubby (Regia yarn) 3.) Vanilla Bean Socks - for me (Dessert Vista Dyeworks - Zombody Throw Me Some Beads)) Vintage Magazine: New "Gigantic" Bulkies by Fleisher's, Bear Brand, Botany from around the 1960's
Episode #17 (Rodeo Time)
WIP - Turkish Bedsocks by Churchmouse Classics, knit in Koigu. Finished object - Quite Continental by Book Knits, knit in Knit Picks Glimmer Stroll Vintage book show-and-tell - Vol. 98, New Hand Knits by Fleisher, bear Brand, Botany - 1967,