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Mysteries of Magic 1 - Masters of Mystery
Part 1 of this magical trilogy is a history of magic and reveals many secrets behind the common tricks, illusions, and myths of magic. Teller, the silent half of the Penn & Teller comedy/illusionist duo, gives his first onscreen interviews in this series. ~ Heather M. Fierst, Rovi Credit Mike Slee - Executive Producer, Richard Sattin - Executive Producer, Chris Haws - Executive Producer
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Mysteries of Magic 2 - Impossible Made Possible
Journey into the world of optical illusions in Mysteries of Magic: The Impossible Made Possible, part two of the three-volume Mysteries of Magic documentary series. This 52-minute program traces the origin of great illusions by examining the relationship between science, technology, and optical tricks. The other tapes in the set are: Mysteries of Magic: Masters of Mystery and Mysteries of Magic: Death Defying Feats. ~ Kathleen Wildasin, Rovi Credit Mike Slee - Executive Producer, Richard Sattin - Executive Producer, Chris Haws - Executive Producer
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Mysteries of Magic 3 - Death-Defying Feats
Part three of the Mysteries of Magic series examines the fearless magicians who risk their lives for their art and to entertain the audience. Features the sword basket, guillotine, and cannonball escape tricks. ~ Heather M. Fierst, Rovi Credit Mike Slee - Executive Producer, Richard Sattin - Executive Producer, Chris Haws - Executive Producer
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Buddha Papers Mystery Magic Trick
http://www.dynamitemagic.nl/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=42&products_id=1661 Coins, Keys, Bills, Paper Slips, Tokens, and similar small items can be produced or vanished from a packet of folded papers, or items placed in the packet of folded papers can be changed to other items. Complete with required apparatus, attractively packaged with colored instructions, and several ideas for use. This is suitable for beginners or pros, as the effect is very deceptive to an audience.
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Penn & Teller MMT INDIA
Penn & Teller's Magic and Mystery Tour is a 2003 television documentary miniseries starring Penn & Teller. The program was created by the CBC in association with Channel 4 Film. The show focuses on street magic, and the subjects of each of the three shows are China (Chinese Linking Rings), India (Indian Rope Trick), and Egypt (Cups and Balls, Gali-Gali men). Unusually for Penn and Teller, Teller speaks in the Egypt episode, even though part of their trademark performance is that Penn does all the speaking.
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Mystery Card - Easy Card Trick Tutorial
"Patreon" channel for exclusive features and raffles: https://www.patreon.com/ArtZone Art Zone Website: http://artzoneproductions.com/ I got this idea from Harry Lorayne (which is the 2nd variation), but the 1st variation I got it myself after watching his performance (which I never got to see his explanation), but I think that was kind of obvious to me. Card Control (used in the first variation): http://artzoneproductions.com/Exclusive_Magic_Tips_46.html Cover Pass (used in the first variation): http://artzoneproductions.com/Exclusive_Magic_Tips_120.html Freely you have received; freely give (Matthew 10:8) =========================== Control de Carta (usado en la primer variación): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nUSq0... Pase Cubierto (usado en la primer variación): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kp_N3FrqQkE Sitio Web: http://artzoneproductions.com/ Han recibido gratuitamente, den también gratuitamente (Mateo 10:8)
Real Magic? - Levitating Monk - Can You Believe Your Eyes -THE SUPERNATURALIST on Discovery.
Magician Dan White meets up with a Buddhist monk, in Nepal, who has the power of levitation. THE SUPERNATURALIST on Discovery. | http://dsc.discovery.com/#mkcpgn=ytdsc1 | On a quest for magic in Nepal, magician Dan White reveals some of his magic tricks to the local residents.
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Magicians Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger celebrate the art of magic and introduce a new generation of magicians to the experience of wonder and awe which is at the heart of this ancient art. Together they direct one of the world's most prestigious schools of magic: The McBride Magic & Mystery School. Real magic reminds us that the world is mysterious, beautiful and infinitely creative.
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Dice Mysteries
A short presentation of two different dice boxes. One is the "Flash Dice" by Tenyo, the other one is "Secret et Coincidences" distributed by OID Magic. Music by Tomas Dvorak. http://taklyt-magic.blogspot.fr/
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Dai Vernon: The Spirit Of Magic
"Dai Vernon: The Spirit Of Magic" Documentary about the life and work of magician Dai Vernon, aka "The Professor" (David Frederick Wingfield Verner, 1894-1992).
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Dante's Mysteries - magictricks.co.uk
http://www.magictricks.co.uk - Dante (born Harry Jansen in Copenhagen, Denmark, 1883-1955) toured the world with his spectacular illusion show. Dante's Mysteries was his first feature film, made in Sweden in 1930. The hourlong movie featured Dante's magic surrounded with drama and comedy. If you thought you knew Dante from his later appearances in films and television shows, this movie will be a revelation as you watch the charming, dapper 47-year-old Dante work his charisma, and you'll see why audiences loved him and his magic.
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Penn & Teller MMT CHINA
Penn & Teller's Magic and Mystery Tour is a 2003 television documentary miniseries starring Penn & Teller. The program was created by the CBC in association with Channel 4 Film. The show focuses on street magic, and the subjects of each of the three shows are China (Chinese Linking Rings), India (Indian Rope Trick), and Egypt (Cups and Balls, Gali-Gali men). Unusually for Penn and Teller, Teller speaks in the Egypt episode, even though part of their trademark performance is that Penn does all the speaking.
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Mummy Mystery - Boxed
Display 3 mummies of three different colors (RED, BLUE & YELLOW) of equal size and shapes, and a wooden coffin. He places them on a table. He asks a spectator to place a Mummy of his choice secretly inside, the coffin and put the coffin (lid closed) back on to the table. ... For More Details and Purchase, Visit http://www.magictrickstore.com
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Black Magic | National Geographic
In the Sonora witches' market, witch doctors peddle their cures. And in back rooms behind the stalls, nearly anything is possible. ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe #NationalGeographic #BlackMagic #Witchcraft About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta Black Magic | National Geographic https://youtu.be/4oPPkKsskbQ National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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Penn & Teller MMT EGYPT
Penn & Teller's Magic and Mystery Tour is a 2003 television documentary miniseries starring Penn & Teller. The program was created by the CBC in association with Channel 4 Film. The show focuses on street magic, and the subjects of each of the three shows are China (Chinese Linking Rings), India (Indian Rope Trick), and Egypt (Cups and Balls, Gali-Gali men). Unusually for Penn and Teller, Teller speaks in the Egypt episode, even though part of their trademark performance is that Penn does all the speaking.
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Rhapsodies in Silver and Other Mysteries by Michael Vincent and Alakazam Magic  - magictricks.co.uk
http://www.magictricks.co.uk - Enter a world of elegance and sophistication... ...where time stops, money disappears into thin air, black becomes white and white becomes black... ...Michael Vincent defies all human logic as the world's maestro of sleight of hand.... ...and after the huge worldwide success of The Classic Magic of Michael Vincent... ...he is now back by popular demand to continue where he left off...
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Mystery School Monday Rope
Mystery School Monday on Rope magic, Jeff McBride And Special Guest talk about all types of Rope magic and performances.
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Mystery of the Missing Dollar Puzzle
"The Amazing Math Guy" Caleb Wiles explains the secret behind a classic math puzzle and performs a quick magic trick while he's at it. Check out www.AmazingMathGuy.com for original math songs, math magic videos, and classroom activities.
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Mysterious Magic
Three more tricks to baffle the mind!
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Houdini - Unlocking the Mystery
This Video is not owned by me, and I uploaded this talk for educational purposes and purely non-commercial, in accordance with the Fair Use Act
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Amazing Street Magic Revealed | Learn the Cut & Restored Rope
http://www.MyQuickTricks.com In this video prepare to learn one of the oldest mysteries with a rope and scissors. You're going to learn the amazing "Cut and Restored Rope" trick. So go get a length of rope and some scissors and amaze your friends with this easy to learn street magic trick.
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Mysteries of Sleight of Hand - Closing
The performers of "Mysteries of Sleight of Hand" perform a continuous magic trick at the show finale. From a performance at Barry's Magic Shop on April 28, 2012.
Sherlock Holmes Explanation Scene HD
The explanation scene from Sherlock Holmes (2009).
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James Randi - Secrets of the Psychics Documentary (Full)
See 2 hours of Randi here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qpeN3DVwk4Q James "The Amazing" Randi is the perfect mix of Science and Magic, a true conjurer of visual machinations that can fool our senses while, at the same time, explaining to us how our senses are fooled. In my opinion this is the best example of a "human mind debugger", he gets right into the machinations of analog tricks and sees how our brains mistakenly manifests them as a possible reality. Randi also teaches us that illusion and trickery may be comforting to the human mind, but truth is far much more wonderful as it shows us the machinations from the chaos, the sense as well as the awe in both the tricks and the real world. For several decades, Randi has gone on to expose hundreds of psychics and teach millions across the globe about how they could be fooled into believing in a system which could potentially make them vulnerable to trickery and perhaps psychical harm. Randi is not afraid to go against popular opinion, as shown in his battle against so-called psychic Uri Geller in the late 1970's and early 1980's. Randi has also gone against the bizarre practice of faith "healing" and contacting the deceased, and has exposed the cruel, callous and cynical nature of the people who claim to be performing "God's will", such as Peter Popoff. Randi has also warned us time and time again about the fraudulent practice that is homeopathic medicine and how it is essentially water solution, dished out as hocus-pocus medicine. James Randi is the founder of The James Randi Educational Foundation, an organisation that attempts to bring reason to world by luring potential psychics into a trap, baited by a million dollar prize to prove their psychic "powers". "powers" here is a kind of vague term,as Randi knows, so the tests are usually on the so-called psychic's terms. No self-acclaimed psychic has ever won the prize. Whether or not some form of psychic power exists is still an open question, however many psychics often do not properly gauge their so-called skills and instead brag about them, hence scepticism about such claims should not be so strange to their ears. Unfortunately the vast amount of psychic powers they have seem to remove all self-esteem as many psychics are often uneasy about Randi's reasonable request and attractive million dollar reward.
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Flash Dice Magic Trick by Tenyo
http://www.dynamitemagic.nl/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=42&products_id=4016 Six dice are placed into a small case at random and covered with a lid and shaken. When the lid is removed, the dice are lined up in order from 1 to 6. With another shake, the order of the dice reverses (6 to 1). The magician makes a prediction on a slip of paper. The spectator is asked to throw the dice on the table and count the number of spots showing, adding them together. The dice are replaced into the case and shaken. The number of spots which now appear on the dice are added to the previous total. The result matches the prediction. Finally the spectator picks out one of the six dice. The remaining five are replaced into the case and shaken once again. Hey presto - All the dice in the case show the same number as the die the spectator selected. Original Tenyo!
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Mysteries of the West by Fielding West and The Miracle Factory
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Ten commercial, visual effects fully explained Includes stage, close-up, and comedy material Conversations with Jeff Hobson on show business 75 minutes of great footage Hosted by Jeff Hobson Highlights include: The Popper Giant Tenkai Coin Steal and Sleeve Transposition Subtle Ring Vanish Balloon from Mouth Inflating Prediction The Old Rabbit Production Spray-On Hair Fake Vanishing Coke Bottle to Champagne Flute Hobson and Fielding West Talk About Show Business and Magic Running Time Approximately: 1hr 13min
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Fraser Parker - True Mysteries - Trailer
True Mysteries is a book/DVD combo containing breakthrough principles, which when applied to your existing repertoire, elevates the magic you perform beyond the boundaries of what is considered possible without hypnosis. "The next Luke Jermay" - Kenton Knepper http://www.the1914.com/true-mysteries/
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Magician Ricky Jay- Card Trick (Merv Griffin Show 1983)
Master magician and card manipulator Ricky Jay shows his stuff on this August 1983 episode of the Merv Griffin Show. Merv Griffin had over 5000 guests appear on his show from 1963-1986. Footage from the Merv Griffin Show is available for licensing to all forms of media through Reelin' In The Years Productions. http://www.reelinintheyears.com.
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Magic Book Box vol. 1 - Here's what you get!
Magic Book Box vol. 1 contains 2 antique looking Magic Book Boxes, 4 Magic Tricks, and a full-length instructional DVD.
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Steel Ball and Tube Magic Trick
Views: 3118 magiciandjedwards
Teller Explains How Magicians Trick Us
Teller, of Penn & Teller, pulls back the curtain on human perception.
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A coin and wine glass magic trick
A very simple and easy trick in which a coin disappears from under a wine glass
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Fraser Parker - Stuck for the Moment
Magician Fraser Parker takes away a spectator's ability to let go of a deck of playing cards. Taken from his DVD True Mysteries. http://www.the1914.com/ http://blog.the1914.com/
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How to Play Carnevale: The Mysteries of Magic
Please watch: "Weekender: Mass Battle Games Are Dead!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDLOosYNFF8 --~-- Check-Out the Range: http://bit.ly/CarnevaleRange or This Weeks Bundles: http://bit.ly/CarnevaleWeekBundles Warren Sam delve into the secrets of magic of Carnevale... will they emerge with their sanity intact?
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Fraser Parker - Struck Dumb
Magician Fraser Parker takes away a spectator's ability to speak. Taken from his DVD True Mysteries. http://www.the1914.com/ http://blog.the1914.com/
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Mysteries Of The West DVD - Fielding West
Available Here 30% OFF! www.3generationsofmagic.com
Mystery of the Cartesian Diver
SECONDARY: The Cartesian Diver Investigation The classic Cartesian Diver physics experiment gets re-worked as a magic trick, to help a Year 7 class explore pressure and density, in this fun idea for transforming classroom practice. Physics teacher Alan Haigh carries out the Cartesian Diver experiment about pressure and density in front of his Key Stage 3 class but disguises it as magic trick, complete with wand. The pupils construct their own theories as to how the diver is moving, such as magnetism and static electricity. Alan then provides them with a range of laboratory equipment to test their theories. Alan, a science teacher at Woodkirk High School, first used this lesson idea with his tutorial group but now uses it across year groups. You can use this video in three ways. If you like it and it fits your pupils then why not try the actual lesson: there is a lesson plan and other materials below. You could adapt it for your subject and age group or you might find it jogs you into trying something entirely different. You can find more ideas from Teachers TV Great Lesson Ideas at http://tinyurl.com/bruwgpy
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Ricky Jay Plays Poker
The incredible magician, author and actor demonstrates his skill with cards in "Ricky Jay Plays Poker". The original release included a variety of poker related music. Please note that this is ONLY the 29 minute video clip where Ricky demonstrates a variety of poker moves, including his famous card throwing.
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Master mind magic trick!
My master mind magic trick! Enjoy and please rate or comment or even subscribe! Thanks heaps and keep on believing!
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Corporate Magician London | Mystery happen under your very eye | London Corporate Magician
http://francomagic.co.uk Top London magician - Franco De Cristofaro is available for your special event - corporate party, birthday party, wedding or Christening. Your guests will be entertained by one of the best close up magicians, wedding magicians, corporate magicians in London. If you don't enjoy the Magic you pay nothing.
Utopian Prediction And Other Mysteries by Alex Blade
Available from http://magicbookshop.co Direct Link - http://magicbookshop.co/mentalism/613-utopian-prediction-mysteries-alex-blade.html Utopian Prediction: A week before the show, the magician posts a sealed envelope to a member of the audience with explicit instructions that it not be opened before the night of the show, and requests that they should be sure to bring it along with them. On the night, the spectators are seated and the performer states how, "...weeks in advance, I mailed an envelope to a member of the audience here and asked that she bring it with her tonight". She is called up on stage carrying the envelope where she confirms that no one but here has touched it or had access to it, and that it has been sealed the entire time. She is then directed to open up the envelope and take out what is inside. Magician: "Inside there is a folded up piece of paper, please remove it and read what it says." The spectator does so and reads aloud: 'On Wednesday 15th of July, on page 9 of The Daily Mail, the third word along on the second line will read : DEMAND' Another member of the audience retrieves a copy of The Daily Mail, the date confirmed, and turned to page 9 where - sure enough - the 3rd word of the second line is 'demand'. Note: The above effect uses no gimmicks, no stooges and no switches. The magician never once touches the envelope or the newspaper during the performance. Any newspaper can be used, with any part of it being predicted. Shy: The magician presents the spectator with a set of five ESP cards, displaying a circle, a star, a pair of vertical wavy lines, a square and a cross. He explains that ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception, and that in the early 1950's it was widely believed that these cards could be used to determine ones psychic ability. The magician goes on to describe a popular experiment called the Rhine Test where a participant would be given a card face down and would then proceed to match it up with a set of their own cards, without ever looking at the original. The results were astonishing, with selected partakers getting correct results 80%-90% of the time. The spectator is then asked to choose three of the five cards and push them forward, face up, on the table. The magician picks up a blank card and, without saying anything, writes something on one side an holds it face down in his hand. The spectator is then instructed to think of two of the chosen images and put his or her index and middle fingers on the selected cards. The magician smiles to himself as he turns his card over revealing that he has drawn the exact same symbols as the spectator selected. The magician then picks up another blank card and proceeds to write something down on it again. Once more, the spectator is asked to place their finger on one of the two remaining cards, whereby the magician turns his card over showing that he once again guessed correctly. The effect can then be repeated. Note: This is not an elimination process. The symbols the magician writes down will always be identical to the ones the spectator places his/her fingers on. Polaroid: An envelope is given to a spectator with the request that it never leaves their sight. The magician then removes five business cards, labelled 1-5, from his pocket and lays them face down on the table. The spectator is asked merely to place their finger on top of one of the facedown business cards. Their chosen card is turned over - a three - and the other cards are all shown to be different. The performer then pulls out a handful of change (can be borrowed) and asks the spectator to choose either heads or tails. The spectator chooses 'heads' and the performer continues, stating that the spectator is going to make a blind choice. He/she is invited to drop the handful of coins onto the table repeatedly. When the coins fall, some land heads side up and some tails. Per turn, the coins that are tails-up are discarded and the dropping is repeated with the remaining heads-side-up coins until there is only one coin left, for example, the 10p. Finally, a deck of cards is brought out, spread across the table and the spectator is instructed to freely select one (no force). Let's say, the 9 of Spades. The magician recaps what has just happened. The spectator has freely chosen a number, a coin and a card, all through different means. The spectator is asked to remove the envelope from the beginning and, without the magician touching it, empty the contents onto the table. The spectator does so to find inside the envelope a Polaroid photograph showing a large number three, a 10p coin and the 9 of Spades. Pages 32 - Saddle Sitched
Views: 87 magicbookshopco
Professor Callison's World of Mystery - Street Magic
World of Magic. Be Amazed.
Views: 392 JumpCity110
Banana Trick-A Classic Magic Trick Updated-A Magic Trick You Can Eat
http://www.birthday-party-magician.com/banana-trick.html #70 The banana trick has been around a long time. I remember first finding out about it when I was in boy scouts a long time ago. All you need to perform the banana trick is a pin and a banana. What has always been missing from this trick, in my view, is a presentational angle. The most common way you see it performed is a banana is brought out, and the magician says he will use his super secret ninja invisible karate moves to slice the banana into pieces BUT from the inside of the banana. A few karate movements are made and then the intact banana is peeled to reveal that yes, the inside of the banana has been cut into slices. If you have never seen it, it looks quite mystifying and baffling. What I've done here is simply is given you a way to include the audience member in your trick. I always felt that the biggest weakness of the trick was that there was no audience participation. It was just a watch how clever I am sort of trick. Julian's Magician School has easy magic tricks, funny stuff to make them entertaining plus lots of confidence boosting tips to help you do magic shows. Full of magic tricks, card tricks, coin tricks, rope tricks, paper magic, mind tricks, optical illusions, free magic downloads at www.birthday-party-magician.com. Click on Julian's Magician School. Julian is a professional magician and family guy. He doesn't do magic like Criss Angel and David Blaine. Why? Here's the secret they don't like you to know. Their cool magic is only for TV and YouTube. True. Their street magic scares people off in the real world. It's fun to watch but remember they create illusions. I'll help you take beginner magic tricks (or all the legend cool tricks you have learnt on YouTube) and turn them into something you can use to make people laugh. You can even make money as a magician. The secret is to be likeable and smile. Music by Arthur & Leslie Stead www.arthurstead.com
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NWO MAGIC STICK {mystery school babylon magic stick}
'KA', AND EGYPTIAN MAGIC 'Ka' is a man's double, and also a bull. It appears in the caduceus of Mercury, and in the kerukeion of Hermes. In the chapter on the Etruscans we shall see that caduceus is caducens, leading the Ka. It appears in the caduceus of Mercury, and in the kerukeion of Hermes. In the chapter on the Etruscans we shall see that caduceus is caducens, leading the Ka. The Aeolic form of the word is karykeion. The Greek 'eruko' means restrain, control. Hermes was the psychopompos, escorter of souls. He was not only the messenger from sky to earth, but also the god who led the soul of a dead person to the house of Hades. He used his staff to keep them on the right path, like a shepherd with his crook. Psychopomps (from the Greek word ψυχοπομπός - psuchopompos, literally meaning the "guide of souls"[1]) are creatures, spirits, angels, or deities in many religions whose responsibility is to escort newly deceased souls to the afterlife. Their role is not to judge the deceased, but simply provide safe passage. Frequently depicted on funerary art, psychopomps have been associated at different times and in different cultures with horses, Whip-poor-wills, ravens, dogs, crows, owls, sparrows, cuckoos, and harts. gaga is singing curses into us over the radio An incantation or enchantment is a charm or spell created using words. An incantation may take place during a ritual, either a hymn or prayer, and may invoke or praise a deity. In magic, occultism, witchcraft it may be used with the intention of casting a spell on an object or a person. The term derives from Latin "incantare" (tr.), meaning "to chant (a magical spell) upon," from in- "into, upon" and cantare "to sing". http://www.usabookz.com
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Cosentino The Grand Illusionist
Up close, intimate magic mysteries and escapes. See him as you have never seen him before, watch as he leads you on a magical journey and distorts you perception of reality. http://bit.ly/QhD1vk
Views: 6291 Ticketek Australia
Kubus oplossen goocheltruc - Rubik's Nightmare Magic Trick by Michael Lam
http://www.dynamitemagic.nl/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=126_57&products_id=5707 bij goochelwinkel Dynamite Magic Shop Michael Lam, an Asia star of magic, frequents on Major CCTV channels among Asia regions. For the very first time in ten years, he is revealing the full work of his Rubik's Nightmare routine. Rubik's Nightmare is a two-phase professional routine directly from Michael's TV repertoire. Gimmickless. Angle proof. NO you do NOT need to know how to solve a Rubik's cube to learn this. Michael has done his work to sand it down and simplify the process. With multi-angle step by step instruction, you'll be performing Rubik's Nightmare in no time. Rubik's Nightmare is not a trick. It's a professional routine that's designed to kill even in the toughest live TV environment. A great addition to your repertoire and for TV exposure. If you are looking for a polished material that packs small, and proves to play HUGE, Rubik's Nightmare is your answer! Full TV routine included.
Views: 2034 Dynamite Magic Shop

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