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Mysteries, Magic and Miracles:  Episode 2
Near death events, natural disasters and prophecies.
Views: 50043 ParanormalTVchannel
Two Card Mystery by Masuda Moving Card's Back Magic Trick
There are two cards are shown. One is a regular bicycle card and the other is blank on both sides. The magician shows both sides of both cards. Nothing fishy here.
Views: 518 JerrieMagic
World's Best Mystery UFO Flyers by William Mark Corporation
Insane tricks with My Mystery UFO flying toy. It seems to defy gravity! Invented by Mark Forti of the William Mark Corporation.
Views: 2534049 Feisty Films
ChemMatters:  Episode 3  - Demystifying Magic Tricks
Disappearing ink. Trick birthday candles that relight after extinguishing. Pulling an egg through the mouth of a bottle without breaking it. These tricks seem to defy the laws of nature, but they're not magic. Let's apply a little chemistry to reveal the mysteries behind these magic tricks. Subscribe to ChemMatters! http://portal.acs.org/portal/PublicWebSite/education/resources/highschool/chemmatters/subscribe/index.htm
Views: 9026 BytesizeScience
Two-Card Mysteries
Learn magic at : http://www.vanishingincmagic.com/
Views: 4824 Vanishing Inc. Magic
My Mystery UFO (how it works?)
Fascinating illusion with "my mystery ufo" flying ufo trick MAGIC Get your own mystery ufo: http://tinyical.com/11BM
Views: 583971 KaeptnMS
Magic - Ropes of Mystery
Ernie the Amusionist preforms his "Ropes of Mystery" magic trick...see http://flynnfun.com/
Views: 60 Jay Deuel
Amazing Money Trick by Abid Magic
Abid Magic doing Amazing Money Trick
Views: 63 magicianabid
Magician MR E
Follow the Mysteries of MR. E!! He is an eccentric professor with a lovable and magical charm. During his show he teaches children valuable lessons through the amazing art of magic! Find out more at: http://mreshow.com
Views: 1417 AceOfMage
Insane Mystery UFO Tricks!
Check out these amazing stunts using My Mystery UFO! Invented by Mark Forti of the William Mark Corporation.
Views: 114065 Feisty Films
The Impossible Padlock
Views: 6220 AlakazamMagicUK
Mental Card Cube Mystery by Modern Malloy Magic - www.MJMMagic.com
Get it here: http://www.mjmmagic.com/store/mental-card-cube-mystery-by-modern-malloy-magic-p-12251.html
Views: 276 MJMMagic
Tony Everest demonstrates Kinetic Energy Magic and includes a brief tour of Dawlish, Tony's home town, popular South Devon holiday resort, featuring the famous Dawlish Black Swans & their newborn Cygnets. Close-up Magic & Mind Mysteries are Tony's specialities
Views: 2873 Tony Everest
Learn Magic Tricks "Thought Transmission" Video Magic
Mentalism tricks are always very popular. This latest trick from Lee is no exception. There are no gimmicks, all you need are 4 matching cards. They could be normal cards, Mentalism picture cards or you could even do this with photographs.
Views: 573 LoveMagicTricks
SuntekStore: Magic Trick Flash Whole-colored Dice In Box
SuntekStore: Magic Trick Flash Whole-colored Dice In Box
Views: 221 SuntekStoreTube
Rubik Predicted by Mark Elsdon and Alakazam Magic - Tricks
ArtecoProductionUSA presents : Rubik Predicted by Mark Elsdon and Alakazam Magic - Tricks Available at http://www.artecoproductions.com A fantastic Rubik effect that you can carry in your wallet! This new effect from Rubik's Cube expert Mark Elsdon allows you to tap into the fun, mystery and impossibility of solving the Cube - without even needing to carry one! A spectator freely chooses a random mixed-up Cube design and without any sleights, gaffs or 'outs' the performer reveals a photo that predicts the design exactly! Comes complete with Rubik's Cube: Expert Practice Cards and the photo prediction. Everything is examinable. Only one photo used. No sleights or moves required whatsoever. No memory work. "It's a brilliant prediction trick, it's visual and colourful, dead easy to do, spectator proof and nastily deceptive. I love it, so will you and your audiences. Ten out of ten to Mark Elsdon for devising this elegant gem." - Ian Rowland. If you already perform Rubik Remembered then Rubik Predicted is the idea companion effect to perform either before or directly after! If you do not already own Rubik Rememebred - then take advantage of the bundle deal when ordering and get both!
Views: 3466 ArtecoProductionUSA
Mind Mysteries by Richard Osterlind DVD 1 - 7
Views: 1339 Steven Im
Tantriks magic world still exists. Part 1 of 5
Despite the scientific disclosure of black magic by Tantriks, their magic world still exists and they are still looting innocent people.
Views: 73825 Aaj Tak
Learn magic at : http://www.vanishingincmagic.com/
Views: 8595 Vanishing Inc. Magic
Card Stab (World's Greatest Magic) - DVD
Get it here: http://www.dudethatscoolmagic.co.uk/acatalog/WGM_Card_Stab__World_s_Greatest_Magic__-_DVD.html One of card magic's most direct and dramatic tricks! Since the early 1700's, magicians have been dazzling their audiences by finding selected playing cards with knives. In the intervening years, legendary magicians such as Charles Bertram, Nate Leipzig, Karl Germain, Max Malini, and countless others have used this effect to astound onlookers and forge reputations. On this DVD, you'll be treated to seven different interpretations of the Card Stab. Johnny Thompson begins with Max Malini's legendary version as he stabs three selections from cards scattered across a table while blindfolded. Michael Ammar contributes another legend's take on the Card Stab - this time Nate Leipzig - as two cards are located by a knife thrust into the center of a pack of cards that's been wrapped in a napkin. In a similar vein, Frank Garcia enables a spectator to stab their own signed selection in a wrapped-up pack while also providing a lovely bonus card production from a card case. Daryl finds a selected card by stabbing through a newspaper that covers cards that are spread across a tabletop while Jeff Sheridan expands on a Milbourne Christopher concept and stabs a card from a shuffled deck while it's suspended in a bag fashioned from a paper napkin. Steve Dacri demonstrates how to make the Card Stab play big as he stabs two selections right out of the air and Paul Potassy shows off the trick he used as an encore when he performed on some of the world's most prestigious stages. Milbourne Christopher once wrote in Hugard's Magic Monthly, "Card-stabbing mysteries are effective on the largest stages, on night club floors when the magician is entirely surrounded and, paradoxically, close-up." In this volume, you'll find ample proof of Mr.Christopher's assertions. Malini Card Stab - Johnny Thompson Card Stab - Michael Ammar Card Stab - Frank Garcia Card Stab Through Newspaper - Daryl Card Stab - Jeff Sheridan Card Stab - Steve Dacri The Encore Card Stab - Paul Potassy Running Time Approximately 1hr 7min
Views: 7409 Dude Thats Cool Magic
two card mystery
Views: 891 stephen smith
2 card mystery DEMO RS WMV V9
Very Visual without any cover at all, the card visibly transform just like tricks photography !! check the video now
Views: 4188 Raja Sulap
Master Magician Greg Frewin
International Grand Champion of Magic Greg Frewin mystifies audiences at his own theatre in the heart of Niagara Falls, Canada. Experience the mystery and art of illusion with one of the most decorated magicians in the world. Join us for our Las Vegas Style Magical Review featuring spectacular appearances by our rare and majestic tigers. Come see Greg Frewin perform tonight. For more information about the Greg Frewin Theatre, please visit: http://www.gregfrewintheatre.com?ref=youtube . . . . .
Views: 121561 Greg Frewin Theatre
Spellz - Season One - Volume Two (Featuring Jay Sankey) by GAPC Entertainment - DVD
For more information visit http://www.imagictricks.com/ Spellz - Season One - Volume Two (Featuring Jay Sankey) by GAPC Entertainment - DVD Now you see it - now you don't! Ever wondered how on earth those magicians do that amazing stuff? Magic must be really hard to do, right? And magicians never tell us their secrets, right? So there's no way that a funny, professional magician and his cool and enthusiastic kid assistant are gonna go on TV and tell us just how easy and fun it really is...wouldn't you like to see that! Well then - Presto! Spellz is a hosted live action children's series for 6 - 9 year olds, currently airing on tvokids[Canada]. Based in a Fun House and hosted by magician "extraordinaire" Jay Sankey and his pal, the Amazing Kid Assistant, Bridget Hall. Spellz is a fast paced, fun romp that reveals the mysteries behind everyday and "not so everyday" magic. Using common objects such as coins, cards, and clips...paper clips that is, Jay will perform his amazing and unique brand of magic with humor and loads of fun. After each trick, Jay will then show Bridget, and the viewers just how he pulled it off. Our pair of hosts will also talk "Tricky History" and share with us some fantastic stories of magic in the long ago and not so long ago past. From sorcerers of ancient Rome to Houdini's disappearing elephant trick, the Tricky History segment tells us the exciting tales behind the rich and incredible history of magic in quick and easy bites. Accessible, understated, yet full of amazing tricks and stories, SpellzTM is sure to enthrall children and parents alike. Running Time Approximately 138 min
Views: 12010 imagictricksdotcom
Preview of Unravel of the mysteries of Black Magic
A preview interview of SPI Spiritual Advisor, Master Sanna, on the seminar on mysteries of balck magic, to be held in 14 May 2010 (Fri), at Safra Toa Payoh, from 7pm. Registration and confirmation of seat is required. Please refer to www.spi.com.sg
Views: 256 Desmond Wong
Legend, Mysteries & Magic
Legends, Mysteries & Magic is this year's Christmas Open House of the Cromwell Historical Society. This video is a collection of images from years past. Please join us on the weekend of December 11th! The music is an origional work by richard Wm. Donohue performed by the New England Chamber Choir. Visit www.cromwellhistory.org for more details.
Views: 383 odonoghue1
WOW...Visual Card Chage Magic Trick
BUY! AS SEEN TV MAGIC TRICKS. http://stores.ebay.com/Techno-Magic
Views: 84 technomagic2011
Dramatic Envelope
Get the Masuda Dramatic Envelope magic trick at http://www.magicgeek.com/dramatic-envelope-2035.html
Views: 3692 Vanishing Inc. Magic
The Masked Magician Secrets Revealed - the magic bottle top
The masked magician reveals the trick where the bottle top appears to travel through the bottle to the inside. Explains how you can learn this trick and reveals the secret behind the magic
Views: 10327453 grunter30
Easy Mental Mysteries by Richard Osterlind vol 1 - 4
Views: 761 Steven Im
Dramatic coins magic trick
Ok so this is my first EVER youtube video so I hope you like it. I will be sharing tricks, routines, secrets and much more with all of you. Please note I am not breaking the magicians code by revealling tricks as you took the time to search me up . This is a routine for the dramatic coins magic trick. I may later reveal how this is done if enouth people subscribe so please do so. Sorry for poor quality of video and sound.
Views: 2704 jgmagictricks
Pick Up Artist Magic Tricks - Gun Card
http://www.pua-magic.com Learn how pick up artists use magic tricks to impress girls PUA Magic teaches you how to impress women with magic. Generate Girl-Crazy Attraction using magic in your game. By PUMA Skills
Views: 389 pumaskills
Wow 2.0 (Face Down Version and DVD) by Masuda - Magic Trick DVD
Wow 2.0 truly looks like trick photography. This is THE strongest, most visible, and most practical ending to ANY Ambitious Card routine ever! Imagine at the end of your favorite Ambitious Card Routine, you offer to "magician-proof" the deck to create an impossible condition. A translucent piece of plastic is placed on top of the ordinary face-down deck to isolate the cards and preclude the magician from any "tricky business." The selected card is signed by multiple spectators to avoid the thought of a confederate. The signed card is placed FACE UP into the center of the face-down deck. This is all rubber banded together so the magician cannot do any sleight of hand. Finally, the deck is placed onto a SPECTATOR'S palm-up hand. What happens next is nothing short of a miracle... The audience SEES the FACE-UP, signed card SLOWLY and VISIBLY rise through the face-down deck. It slowly and visibly appears on top of the face-down deck. There are no trick decks, no trick cards, no difficult handling - as close to real magic as you can get. The spectators will scream in amazement. Many top magicians such as David Blaine, Paul Harris, Dean Dill, David Penn, and others have raved about this trick. You will LOVE Wow 2.0 and you will USE Wow 2.0. As a bonus, you will learn the most visible color-changing deck ever! Wow 2.0 is one of the most astonishing pieces of magic you will ever do. Easy, visual, and stunning -- you will do it just to amuse yourself and marvel at its effect. Includes instructional DVD and Face Down Wow 2.0 gimmick.
Views: 13553 MagicWorldUK
Bogus Bubblegum
Learn magic at : http://www.vanishingincmagic.com/
Views: 15853 Vanishing Inc. Magic
Finding The Best Magic Trick.avi
http://www.reallyreallyamazing.com/mentalism "You'll go even further, faster, if you already have some experience. Until now, this sought-after pro only shared his "learn it now, blow away other magicians and mentalists tonight" secrets of mind-blowing mentalism and killer super-freak magic tricks with a handful of lucky pros who could afford his outrageous fees... Now, with the sudden release of this incredible information, you can take your magic and mentalism skills from wherever you are now to respected mega-skilled star status in a stunningly short time. Best of all, you can check it all out for FREE if you like." Please Visit Our Website : http://www.reallyreallyamazing.com/mentalism
Views: 5894 TheReallyAmazing
Incredible Card Trick Revealed!
Really just a simple but impressive card trick. Watch for reveal
Views: 633361 brusspup
Magical Mysteries Of The Internet - Mizz
NOTE!: To comment please go to www.captainsurprise.com The Captain Surprise crew delve into the murky world of Mizz magazine
Views: 206 CaptainSurprise
Magic Tricks : Mystic Wine Glass Fire
The glass is half empty right?
History of Magic - Escapalogy Dangerous Magic 3-6
History of Magic - Escapalogy Dangerous Magic 3-6 illusions tricks
Views: 8194 CuriousMind
Jonathan Creek fails to solve the mystery - Alistair McGowan - BBC
Jonathan Creek is disappointed when he realises he has accused the wrong man of murder. Comedy spoof from BBC show, Alistair McGowan's Big Impression. Watch more high quality videos on the new BBC Worldwide YouTube channel here: http://www.youtube.com/bbcworldwide
Views: 27232 BBC Studios
JK Guruji -Sai Baba Beyond Magic, Mysteries & Mind of Man
Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi was a simple fakir, who lived in Dwarakamayi, / masjid in a village called Shirdi, Maharasthra India. Sri Sathya Sai Baba of Puttaparthi Village in Andhra Pradesh, India also lived a simple life as a young Village Boy. Today, both of them are worshipped by Millions. Here in U.K there are many homes where daily miracles and manifestations of various items and sacred powder known as Udi or Vibhuti is seen by thousands of persons, appearing on pictures of Sai Baba. No one has an explanation, How this happens!!Here are some such Miracles, and manifestations of Idols and Chakras, plus Jaal Lingham, miracle messages in Vibhuti & sacred blessings of AMRIT on Sai Baba's pictures and other Deities. Some idols & Chakras manifested inside Vibhuti & Kum Kum, that also had been ozzing out. Kindly do not dis-believe, or doubt. One Day soon You will too have faith and see these as Blessings from the Lord who is all pervesive, all knowing, all powerful. For The mystery of God is beyond Human Understanding. Only God can reveal His Divine Light ..Thank You for sharing your mystery and miracle presence..Sai Ram
Views: 5497 SAI SEVA
Michael Vincent - The Many Faces of a Woman
Michael Vincent - The Many Faces of a Woman
Views: 28042 Max Block
Andrew the magician - disappearing match trick
Watch me make a match disappear and reappear like Chris Angel!
Views: 217 AJMagician1
History of Magic - Episode 6 - Stage Illusion/Bizzare Magic 1-6
History of Magic - Episode 6 - Stage Illusion/Bizzare Magic 1-6
Views: 22360 CuriousMind
Views: 143 skatemen1000
Richard Osterlind - No Camera Tricks
Views: 194 Steven Im
Mystery Tube - model of science
Here is a tube that is used as an analogy for the way science works.
Views: 21125 Rhett Allain

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