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The Mystery Magic Trick
Turn into a guy
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http://www.myfreemagictv.com Watch MarkofMystery perform one the best card tricks ever! MyFreeMagicTV, Learn free Magic Tricks, get free magic trick tutorials, solutions, magic tricks revealed, upload your videos, make money selling your own magic tutorials, magic chat. View great magic videos from David Blain, Chris Angel, famous & armature magicians. See 100's of amazing magic tricks new and old. Street, Bar, Stage Magic. Free magix compertitions, Get free magic tutorials on your desktop every day. Free Magic TV on your PC! Sit back and watch the greatest magic show on earth.
Watch MarkofMystery warp, bent, and distort the publics reality! Live on the streets of Portland Oregon! magic illusion card magic water tv video amazing magic mystery computer editing film street magic david blain chris angle
Rhapsodies in Silver & Other Mysteries by Michael Vincent and Alakazam Magic - DVD
Enter a world of elegance and sophistication... ...where time stops, money disappears into thin air, black becomes white and white becomes black... ...Michael Vincent defies all human logic as the world's maestro of sleight of hand.... ...and after the huge worldwide success of The Classic Magic of Michael Vincent... ...he is now back by popular demand to continue where he left off... ALAKAZAM MAGIC IS VERY PROUD TO PRESENT THE MAGICAL ARTISTRY OF MICHAEL VINCENT Check out your local magic outlet for this amazing trick
Views: 18471 Murphy's Magic
Normondo the Great Magic - Vanishing Silk Handkerchief and Ghosts Mystery
Normondo the Great presents two magical mysteries to amaze and confuse! Enjoy the Vanishing Silk Handkerchief followed by the Ghosts Mystery.
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Alain Nu Magic Disappearing Scarf Trick at Ice Cream Social
Magician Alain Nu, of Mysteries of NU, performs a classic magic trick at a fundraiser for the Children's Waiting Area of the new Montgomery County Family Justice Center (for victims of domestic violence). Mr. Nu waived his fee in support of the cause. Each child whose parent utilizes the FJC will receive one of the donated stuffed animals or books to take home. This event was organized by the Montgomery Alliance and was held Sunday, May 17, 2009 at St. Paul's United Methodist Church in Kensington, Maryland.
Views: 1195 Robert Dyer
the secrets in elevation illussion
part 3 magic and mysteries
Views: 156 Marciano Gonzales
Impossible nail-through-wood trick.
Set up a woodworking shop for under $1000. Get my FREE guide. ► http://mytoollist.com About this video: I used pine wood and boiled it in water for about ten minutes each time. The song is by Pete Seeger. It is a satirical folk song from 1964. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VucczIg98Gw ................................ Want to learn a rewarding new hobby from the ground up? Check out my online course, THE WEEKEND WOODWORKER ► https://theweekendwoodworker.com/ ................................. AD-FREE versions of my videos ►► https://www.patreon.com/wwmm _ TOOLS I USE► https://amzn.to/2F3hxQc WWMM T-SHIRTS► http://amzn.to/2scxfYl FACEBOOK► https://www.facebook.com/WoodworkingForMereMortals INSTAGRAM► http://instagram.com/steveramsey_wwmm ---------------- MAILING ADDRESS: WWMM 448 Ignacio Blvd. #237 Novato CA 94949 ---------------- Woodworking for Mere Mortals® is a registered trademark of ZRAM Media, LLC.
Art of Magic Part 1 by College Girl. What is Real Magic?
Part one in series about the practice of magic. These videos will discuss the anthropology & philosophy of magic. The elements of magic spells. The different types of magical practices and practical applications of the philosophy of magic to life. This videos begins with Aleister Crowley's definition of magic. This video was produced by Psychetruth http://www.myspace.com/psychtruth http://www.youtube.com/psychetruth http://psychetruth.blogspot.com/ Music By Jimmy Gelhaar http://www.jimmgy.us © Copyright 2009 Zoe Sofia. All Rights Reserved. Distributed by Tubemogul. #Psychetruth #WellnessPlus
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Harry Houdini: An Escape Artist- National History Day
This is my Senior Division Individual Documentary for 2009. Visit www.nhd.org for more information.
Views: 489426 nhdhoudini
Dante's Mysteries (McIlhany)
Available from Stevens Magic http://www.stevensmagic.com
Views: 296 markstevensmagic
Amazing Mystery Liquid!
Add me on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/brusspup brusspup t-shirts! http://brusspup.spreadshirt.com/ Having a little fun with science. There are no visual effects in this video. It's all real science. It's known as the Iodine Clock Reaction.
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Magic Tricks : SNOW
Watch as markofmystery creates white fluffy snow!
Science Mysteries 1
Randi tests James Hydrick's psychic claim (extended version) - part 1 of 2
This video was presented by Randi during a talk on the 1998 Skeptic Society Convention, called "James Randi's Solved Mysteries Workshop". The complete lecture was released by Skeptics Society in three DVDs.
Views: 23301 Patricio Elicer
The death of a famous magician, magic trick, madmax8310
The death of a famous magician, magic trick, madmax8310
Views: 2811 Max Bittle
SPELLZ  available at www.ranmagictainment.com
Now you see it - now you dont! Ever wondered how on earth those magicians do that amazing stuff? Magic must be really hard to do, right? And magicians never tell us their secrets, right? So theres no way that a funny, professional magician and his cool and enthusiastic kid assistant are gonna go on TV and tell us just how easy and fun it really iswouldn't you like to see that! Well then - Presto! Spellz is a hosted live action children's series for 6 - 9 year olds, currently airing on tvokids[Canada]. Based in a Fun House and hosted by magician "extraordinaire" Jay Sankey and his pal, the Amazing Kid Assistant, Bridget Hall. Spellz is a fast paced, fun romp that reveals the mysteries behind everyday and not so everyday magic. Using common objects such as coins, cards, and clips...paper clips that is, Jay will perform his amazing and unique brand of magic with humor and loads of fun. After each trick, Jay will then show Bridget, and the viewers just how he pulled it off. Our pair of hosts will also talk Tricky History and share with us some fantastic stories of magic in the long ago and not so long ago past. From sorcerers of ancient Rome to Houdinis disappearing elephant trick, the Tricky History segment tells us the exciting tales behind the rich and incredible history of magic in quick and easy bites. Accessible, understated, yet full of amazing tricks and stories, SpellzTM is sure to enthrall children and parents alike. Running Time Approximately 138 min
Views: 10676 John van Nijnatten
Mystery Hunters: How to Make a Live "Headless" Dinner-Guest for Halloween!
Doubting Dave shows you how to make a live "headless" dinner-guest for Halloween in this clip from Discovery Kids' Mystery Hunters! Learn more cool stuff like this in Doubting Dave's book, "GOTCHA! 18 Amazing Ways to Freak Out Your Friends," available on Amazon or at your local bookstore. GOTCHA! 18 AMAZING WAYS TO FREAK OUT YOUR FRIENDS Written by David Acer • Illustrated by Stephen MacEachern Does Bigfoot exist? Are crop circles made by aliens? Can dead bodies climb out of their graves and show up at your birthday party? Join Doubting Dave and the Mystery Hunters as they investigate some of the worlds oldest and coolest mysteries, THEN learn how to recreate those mysteries YOURSELF to fool your friends! * Make fake Bigfoot prints in your own backyard! * Take phony UFO photos in your car! * Use an amazing illusion to turn yourself into a headless zombie! * Show your friends a crazy card trick that will convince them you can travel through time! * Pull a King Midas and turn a pencil into gold! * Freeze your BFF in his tracks with a trick that looks like hypnosis! PLUS youll learn how to test your ESP, snap a fake ghost photo, bend a spoon with your brain and 9 other cool feats. AND teenage Mystery Hunters Araya and Christina answer all your questions about ghosts, aliens, psychics, hypnotists, sea monsters, Bigfoot and more! Find out the truth while you freak out your friends, then you can say GOTCHA! Order online from amazon.com, .ca. or .co.uk
Views: 44126 noblegasproductions
Mindblowing Street Magic and Onstage Mysteries
http://www.JasonMichaelsMagic.com for more information on Magician and Illusionist Jason Michaels. Magician and Illusionist Jason Michaels perfoms mindblowing street magic and onstage mysteries at colleges and universities across the country. Distributed by Tubemogul.
Views: 236 Jason Michaels
Two-Card Mysteries | Vランクカード
Two-Card Mysteries from ATTO by Katsuya Masuda Performer: Vince(ヴィンス) ・Two-Card Mysteries | Vランクカード https://www.frenchdrop.com/detail?id=192
Views: 9615 French Drop
Triple Impact
Learn Matt Ellison's Triple Impact at http://www.magicgeek.com/triple-impact-1901.html
Views: 17397 Vanishing Inc. Magic
Magic Tricks
There are some magic tricks ;D... Enjoy!
Views: 192 Pedro Egerland
kid magician magic tricks magic revealed not charles anthony garcia (12) disappearing ball
kid magician magic tricks magic revealed not charles anthony garcia (12) disappearing ball
Views: 2609 albie hobie
Sara's Magic Show
Sara does a magic trick
Jolly Roger's Ridiculous Routine
Jolly Roger's Ridiculous Routine - Here is a wonderful routine for children that Jolly Roger has perfected over many years. The routine combines comedy, mystery, magic and mayhem. It packs small and plays big! It can be re-set in seconds. It incorporates masses of hilarious business, as well as some clever magic. A child puts on a wizards hat, and amazing mysteries take place! Animal Finger puppets get up to magic tricks, the magician grows rabbit ears, snakes fly out of a magic wand, and another magic wand attacks the magician! A wizard hat flies through the air! A wand changes into a ghost, which, hiding under a beautiful cloth, floats over the heads of the children before vanishing. A colorful certificate is magically produced from a giant magic wand for the wizards apprentice! All this and more The routine can last for a full ten minutes, and is packed with non-stops action and laughs. You are supplied with all the props necessary to perform this fabulous routine, including written instructions with many suggestions for patter and bits of business.along with a DVD. This is a professional routine, performed for many years by one of the top childrens entertainers in the world..Jolly Roger. The routine is unique, and is truly fantastic entertainment for the little ones. The product is being released at the amazingly low price of $95 complete as an introductory offer!!
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http://www.myfreemagictv.com Watch MarkofMystery levitate your mind! MyFreeMagicTV, Learn free Magic Tricks, get free magic trick tutorials, solutions, magic tricks revealed, upload your videos, make money selling your own magic tutorials, magic chat. View great magic videos from David Blain, Chris Angel, famous & armature magicians. See 100's of amazing magic tricks new and old. Street, Bar, Stage Magic. Free magix compertitions, Get free magic tutorials on your desktop every day. Free Magic TV on your PC! Sit back and watch the greatest magic show on earth.
Mental stunt
Mental magic trick, using borrowed packs of smokes.
Views: 8429 Ilya Larionov
Views: 264 hazoreadamien
Utopian Prediction And Other Mysteries by Alex Blade
PRODUCT PAGE: http://www.nexusmagicstore.com/utopian-prediction-and-other-mysteries-by-alex-blade.html Now available in booklet! Utopian Prediction: A week before the show, the magician posts a sealed envelope to a member of the audience with explicit instructions that it not be opened before the night of the show, and requests that they should be sure to bring it along with them. On the night, the spectators are seated and the performer states how, "...weeks in advance, I mailed an envelope to a member of the audience here and asked that she bring it with her tonight". She is called up on stage carrying the envelope where she confirms that no one but here has touched it or had access to it, and that it has been sealed the entire time. She is then directed to open up the envelope and take out what is inside. Magician: "Inside there is a folded up piece of paper, please remove it and read what it says." The spectator does so and reads aloud: 'On Wednesday 15th of July, on page 9 of The Daily Mail, the third word along on the second line will read : DEMAND' Another member of the audience retrieves a copy of The Daily Mail, the date confirmed, and turned to page 9 where sure enough the 3rd word of the second line is 'demand'. Note: The above effect uses no gimmicks, no stooges and no switches. The magician never once touches the envelope or the newspaper during the performance. Any newspaper can be used, with any part of it being predicted. Shy: The magician presents the spectator with a set of five ESP cards, displaying a circle, a star, a pair of vertical wavy lines, a square and a cross. He explains that ESP stands for Extra Sensory Perception, and that in the early 1950's it was widely believed that these cards could be used to determine ones psychic ability. The magician goes on to describe a popular experiment called the Rhine Test where a participant would be given a card face down and would then proceed to match it up with a set of their own cards, without ever looking at the original. The results were astonishing, with selected partakers getting correct results 80%-90% of the time. The spectator is then asked to choose three of the five cards and push them forward, face up, on the table. The magician picks up a blank card and, without saying anything, writes something on one side an holds it face down in his hand. The spectator is then instructed to think of two of the chosen images and put his or her index and middle fingers on the selected cards. The magician smiles to himself as he turns his card over revealing that he has drawn the exact same symbols as the spectator selected. The magician then picks up another blank card and proceeds to write something down on it again. Once more, the spectator is asked to place their finger on one of the two remaining cards, whereby the magician turns his card over showing that he once again guessed correctly. The effect can then be repeated. Note: This is not an elimination process. The symbols the magician writes down will always be identical to the ones the spectator places his/her fingers on. Polaroid: An envelope is given to a spectator with the request that it never leaves their sight. The magician then removes five business cards, labelled 1-5, from his pocket and lays them face down on the table. The spectator is asked merely to place their finger on top of one of the facedown business cards. Their chosen card is turned over a three and the other cards are all shown to be different. The performer then pulls out a handful of change (can be borrowed) and asks the spectator to choose either heads or tails. The spectator chooses 'heads' and the performer continues, stating that the spectator is going to make a blind choice. He/she is invited to drop the handful of coins onto the table repeatedly. When the coins fall, some land heads side up and some tails. Per turn, the coins that are tails-up are discarded and the dropping is repeated with the remaining heads-side-up coins until there is only one coin left, for example, the 10p. Finally, a deck of cards is brought out, spread across the table and the spectator is instructed to freely select one (no force). Let's say, the 9 of Spades. The magician recaps what has just happened. The spectator has freely chosen a number, a coin and a card, all through different means. The spectator is asked to remove the envelope from the beginning and, without the magician touching it, empty the contents onto the table. The spectator does so to find inside the envelope a Polaroid photograph showing a large number three, a 10p coin and the 9 of Spades. Pages 32 - Saddle Sitched
Views: 914 Nexusmagicshop
anaponta magic trick by thanton
Views: 248 eliasvaritimiadis
Penn & Teller make a pyramid float in Egypt
from Penn & Tellers Magic and Mystery Tour.
Views: 147854 secretSociety40
money folding by itself trick
simple magic
Views: 207 kikomaharot
sjer jer
Views: 63 aqhu94
mental tricks 3
Views: 66 JayCossie
History of Magic - Episode 2 - Levitations/Flying Part 1/6
History of Magic - Episode 2 - Levitations/Flying The history of levitations commented by famous magicians and it mentions the roots.
Views: 37545 CuriousMind
Tommy Wonder at British Close-Up Magic Symposium
To buy this effect, follow this link: http://www.wizardhq.com/servlet/the-9592/tommy-wonder-at-british-close-up-magic-symposium/Detail The Incomparable Tommy Wonder filmed at the British Close-Up Magic Symposium . . . now on DVD! Tommy Wonder was one of the world's finest performers and magical thinkers, and this video captures some of his best close-up work when he presented his lecture at the British Close-Up Magic Symposium. Shot with two broadcast cameras. A must for any magician! Tommy performs and then explains in detail the following effects: Thanks to Paul Harris - Tommy's handling of the classic Paul Harris single torn and restored card in which the fourth piece appears to restore as well! Lighter to Matchbox - One of the most visual table-hopping intro tricks. A Bic lighter instantly changes to a box of matches! The Shrinking Box - Two versions of the shrinking card case. Very practical construction, easy to use. Ambitious Card Routine - A clean and effective version leading to Card to Box, in which the signed card ends up folded inside a miniature hinged box on the ...
Views: 22931 Wizard Headquarters
WOW Magic trick
Views: 1423 Reimnonayme
The magic of MMysteries II
This was one of my really good magic show with the popular glass floater xD Matheffect! Thanks for watching plz comment rate and subscribe (to me and him xD) This movie does not have anything in common with: monster ellusionist illusionions revealed david copperfield david blaine daniel garcia justin miller magic tricks underground trick amazing card cards criss angel walk on water chris soulr3aver free magic school theory11 penguin magic toasted by impossible color change ed marlo mercury loops haunted deck ninja 1 2 ultra gaff factory sealed bullet coin through bottle electric touch celebracadabra vh1 hover card revolution coin vanish how to do street magic black tiger ghost warning wiregrams slam coinbite m5 system kinds rising levitation shadow masters hummer card axis change third degree burn dream of aces rising deck army of 52 blizzard jim paces the web kaos card through window nathan kranzo stigmata wayne houchin torn dvd warp one forcing deck mind bender royal road to card magic 5 dvd set viper deck stained skin strange revelers shapeshifter svengali indecent witness crash course soulr3aver invisible deck mentalism third degree burn banacheck supeman coin bend scropian pro-uv kit thumb tip raven mind bending yigal mesika glass fraud infusion ivanish disjointed d lite saw sean fields silver dream de ring devo brad christian begginer revealed easy mentalism xcm guide tutorial warning ellusionist penguin criss angel david blaine bicycle Indecent all ellusionist tricks revealed exposed black tiger deck review ghost guardians masters awesome penetration levitation puncture coin bend coin bite superman card prediction movement of objects package cards stealth pen coin bite silks dreamweaver liquid metal ghost bills infusion magic revealed explanation tutorial candle act lance burton mmysteries jeff mcbride fantasio scene stage magic vanish appear appearing candle
Views: 3291 MMysteries
Ricky Jay -- False Dealing
A clip about "false dealing" from "Ricky Jay & His 52 Assistants". Enjoy! Ricky Jay gambling magician magic close-up magic cards
Views: 311674 Tony Rush
F.B.H. (Five Black Holes) by Katsuya Masuda - Trick
F.B.H. (Five Black Holes) by Katsuya Masuda - Trick
Views: 468 CardFreaksOnline
cups and balls illusion
enjoy this magic trick by callum and dont forget to comment and subscribe :D :D:D
Views: 141 calllumcool1
Squash By Dave Loosley and Alakazam Magic
A great new effect from www.alakazam.co.uk
Views: 10997 AlakazamMagicUK
World's Greatest Magic - Metal Bending
http://www.wizardhq.com - to buy this effect, follow this link: http://www.wizardhq.com/servlet/the-3416/worlds-greatest-magic-metal-bending/Detail In the world of prestidigitation, there are magic tricks .. . and then there's metal bending. Ever since Uri Geller set the imagination of the world on fire by bending silverware with seemingly nothing more than just his mind power, people have been fascinated by this arcane ability. On this DVD, you'll learn all of the necessary techniques and important subtleties you'll need to be a world - class metal bender from two of the world's most acclaimed experts. Spoons, forks, keys - even nails and railroad spikes - seem to turn to putty in the hands of Richard Osterlind and Banachek and on this volume, they hold nothing back as they demonstrate and teach every vital element. Each effect is taught in minute detail with able assistance from Jim Sisti and Scott Wells. Imagine - no gimmicks or gadgets; just you, a piece of silverware, and a soon - to - be amazed spectator. Learn to bend metal .. . and you'll also be bending minds! RICHARD OSTERLIND Spoon Bending, Spoon Bend, Cutl ...
Views: 1644 Wizard Headquarters
Intimiste (3 DVD Set) by Dominique Duvivier - DVD
Visit Our Store: http://www.nexusmagicstore.com/ Magic Blog: http://www.best-magic-stores.blogspot.com/ DISCUSS MAGIC TRICKS: http://www.BackroomMagic.com ADD US ON FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nexus-Magic-Tricks-Store/136299619775227 the drink the magician drink the feeling the invisible palm the absolute palm the 4 queens the coins into the glass the Duvivier coin box the deck that shuffles itself the spontaneous trick the wild card the safety pins Eddy Taytelbaum's dice Persi of D Johnny Paul's cups and balls the flying carpet We can recognize masterpieces from the precision given to details: With Duvivier, we remain speechless in front of the structure of his performances based on a diabolical choreography naturally linking steps ahead of the audience. A great lesson. David Stone As a rocket, Dominique has been developing his very own spirit of Magic... Some of his favourite shows are called "INTIMISTE".... All of them are "state of the Art" and a great source of inspiration... This is just real Magic... Gaëtan Bloom One of the most creative thinkers and performers in magic. Paul Gertner Dominique Duvivier is a grand master of close up magic. He is to French close up magic what Juan Tamariz is to Spanish close up magic. If you ever are in Paris you simply must see Dominique perform at the Double Fond. The theater is perfect. The performance legendary. The show is incredibly deceptive and funny. But as I watched the show I had the realization that Dominique had carefully planned through extremely careful consideration every word, action and nuance that takes his show to the highest heights of close up magic. After the show I was shocked to find out that Dominique performs an entirely new show each year and that I'd just witnessed his first performance of the new show... I couldn't believe his first performance of a new show was perfection. But that's Dominique. He lives and breathes magic. This DVD set documents his show in minute detail and is your opportunity to live and breathe Dominique's magic with him. It's a rare opportunity to spend time with a grand master that will elevate your magic to new heights." Bob Kohler This new series of DVD should be watched like a documentary. For the first time, the full contents of a live show are explained - not just the effects themselves, but every detail that turns a succession of tricks into a show: the full set-up shown in real time, the construction of the props, the various "outs", alternate handlings, etc. It is the closest thing to being part of a live session, with an unparalleled level of detail - an opportunity not to be missed. Sebastien Clergue I have the deepest respect and the highest admiration for Dominique Duvivier. He is one of my masters and I am proud of it. His magic is an incredible collection of masterpieces and unending source of inspiration for close-up men all over the world. Very few top magicians can be called geniuses. Dominique is one of them. But above all, he is an Artist with a big "A". If you come to Paris, go and see him live at the "Double Fond". It is an experience of a lifetime. Boris Wild But Beware... Danger!!! The most beautiful danger, the passion. You, who will read these lines, you could be either a beginner or a confirmed magician, you will fall under the charm and the ascendancy of the magic universe of an bewitching, visionary and so personal creator that it will be surely difficult to recover from that... At the same time, what a best way to approach an Art, whatever it is! Gaëtan Bloom Imagine a man whose aim in life is to help others lose their understanding of the world for a few moments, that man is Dominique Duvivier. My friend Dominique is like the spider; he spends his days spinning a powerful but invisible web of secrets and mysteries. Being trapped in his web is a privilege - he has been watching you with his 1000 eyes, knowing what you will think, understanding your next move before you do. He deceives you with his eight arms, reaching around the things you know and believe, approaching you from every side at the same moment. And when he goes in for the kill, there is no use in struggling, you will be fooled. You would be wise to be a little careful, smart to be a little afraid and correct to be very thankful that he chooses to share some of his deadly secrets with the rest of us. Michael Weber Dominique opened the show and knocked everyone for a loop with several of the routines from his book. In fact, his performance was so successful, that most of the audience left when he did, feeling that everything else would be anti-climatic. Michael Close To close up aficianados, Dominique Duvivier is a legend. His seamless routines, coupled with inspired imagination and diabolical methods, have made him a top entertainer in the world today. Nick Ruggiero Total Running Time: Approximately 5hr 49mins
Views: 246 Nexusmagicshop
Google Maps Mystery!!!
This is something I found out when looking in Google Maps. Some crazy stuff. If you can't see it, the address is: 578 Sampsonia Way, Pittsburgh, PA, United States Song: Fa-Fa-Fa Artist: Datarock *DISCLAIMER* The song "Fa-Fa-Fa" is not my own song, I downloaded it. Google maps isn't mine either, it is runned and owned by the Google company.
Views: 461166 Chewdi xo
magic trick fandy wow
magic trick fandy wow
Views: 204 fandy31
Knock Out
A Masuda Items magic trick.
Views: 313 OneStrangeMagic

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