Videos uploaded by user “Raymond Doetjes” for the 2017
Mask (extended) Theme Guitar and Synth overdub
A small tribute to my youth. I always loved this show, my brother and I used to watch it. But the theme always lacked a bit in the guitar department, so I added some guitar with a bitchin' solo (and of course a harmony) and some extra synths. Equipment used: Yamaha THR10X amp and audio interface Guitars: Jackson Soloist and Charvel So Cal VST Synths: Jupiter 9 and Oberhein OB-X
Views: 164 Raymond Doetjes
Dutch Knight Rider (2011) All Heavy Metal Guitar and Drums version
Back in 2011 my friend and I had the pleasure of spending the Afternoon with the Dutch KITT. Recently I did a Metal Cover of the Theme song and decided to dig up the old footage and make a little video from the few clips I had. Equipment used: VST Virtual amps from Amplitube Guitar: Charvel So Cal VST EZDrummer 2 Metal X VST Synth Mini Moog
Views: 515 Raymond Doetjes
Guitar Cover -- Party Like Tomorrow is the End of the World (MENCAVETV)
A music cover video I produced for MenCaveTV.
Views: 102 Raymond Doetjes
Love Dafne (original song, in an 80s synth pop style)
An evening playing with "Dafne" (which is my Roland FA08) her Arpeggiator making a new arp, the arp fired a bit of inspiration. Which lead me to start FL Studio and churn out this little song. All the patches are original or tweaked. The song (including the sound design of the instruments) took about 3 hours. Video was done in about an hour.
Views: 213 Raymond Doetjes
Iron Maiden The Trooper - 24 Hour challenge
24 hours from recording to video and as usual all done by myself alone. 3 guitar overdubs and 1 vocal overdub. 2 matte paintings, 3D Russian 1850 canon, Musket ball Guitars used Charvel (Ardrian Smith Part), Fender HSS (Dave Murray solo), Fender Superstrat HSS (Rhythm, harmony) Shot on Sony a6300 sLOG3
Views: 207 Raymond Doetjes

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