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Rolling Stones Saint Of Me -- Guitar Overdub/Cover
Saint of Me by the Rolling Stones Cover with original added guitar parts and play along. The video, music and compositing was (again) made in under 24 hours including rendering. Video elements were made in After Effects and Blender. Music was recorded on Logic 9.0 Express. Mustang III amp using Fender Deluxe '65 amp model and the USB out direct to laptop. Homemade Fender Telecaster. The Telecaster in the video is chosen for aesthetic and technical reasons,
Views: 3208 Raymond Doetjes
You Put Me In The Trash, Cover Mick Jagger
A little jamming during a hot summer afternoon. I guess I had already been playing for about an hour and was soaked. You gotta love Dutch summers with a humidity pushing 90% So I decided to make a little video of this particular song because it had the word rain it so I could hide the sweating with simulated rain :) And it gave me an excuse to play with the new Keying software and the Looks software. So I plunked down the fold-able green screen and played it once more. You may see my guitar disappear a little at one point. The whole thing was drawn, edited and composited in about 4 hours and another 1.5 hours for rendering. This was shot in day light conditions! I am playing my 1995 Fender Std USA Strat. Fender Mustang III amp (Fender Twin Reverb Deluxe model)
Views: 937 Raymond Doetjes
Winter is Coming -- Acoustic Interpretation of Game of Thrones Theme Song
A tribute to one of the best series of the past 10 years. An all acoustic version of the awesome theme song of game of thrones arranged and played by myself in about 50 minutes. All the visual effects, recording and edit were done in about 24 hours. CG components (Banner, Curtain, Sky Cells) are done in Blender, Maya and Cinema 4D. Matte Painting in Second shot is from someone else I found it online and I can't find the person's name who created this awesome fan-art. I liked it so much that I converted it into a 2.5D projected image. I did the snow addition on the matte painting of the snowy version of Winterfeld and the Sky Cells is a compilation from the actual filmset prop cell and hand painted snow. I made 4 cells in PhotoShop and projection mapped the cell on to 3D geometry so I could fit the background plate of me playing in there.
Views: 2418 Raymond Doetjes
Making Off Highway To Hell (simple slide show)
Several People on Facebook had asked how I done this or where I got the "hell back drop from". Well the whole Hell has been made by me using PhotoShop. The music video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOoPmo5ngnI&feature=c4-overview&list=UUziEKLm4wnsa_g-L6MQ-aYQ
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Sparks Will Fly typical 90s style video clip 24 hour challenge
Sparks Will Fly (with proper colours for YouTube) Another 24 hour Artistic music VFX video. This time a focus on a 90s type video clip Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use. On a personal note, I don't understand why America is completely shocked for seeing Miley Cyrus twerk on Robin Thicke but you hardly hear any of them reacting shocked to their president wanting to invade a foreign country. GET YOUR PRIORITIES STRAIGHT PEOPLE! Played on my homemade Telecaster. Special thanks to: Wordle and The Rolling Stones
Views: 2323 Raymond Doetjes
Proof of Concept -- Virtual Hell Set
A back plate for another upcoming music cover. Highway to Hell. All I need to do is setup my green screen *sigh* and film myself as a movie asset that will be dropped in the lower left corner playing guitar, whilst AC/DC is seen playing on the JumboTron. I wanted a border line comic/surreal yet with elements of reality in it. Much like AC/DC's music it's all done with a wink but there are some real dramatic things in there. I tried to find that blend. It's very easy to make it look very realistic and scary and dark but I found I actually needed to really digitally paint the far background to get a bit of that "comic" not to "serious" AC/DC feel to it. The whole backplate is actually a still imaged I made up solely out of 2D elements, in Photoshop. The heat movement and the lava movement is done in After Effects.
Views: 1824 Raymond Doetjes
Loving Cup -- Cover + Comedy video with Brokeback Mountain/American Beauty scenes
Another 24 hour video challenge with VFX music video, this too more like 30 hours not counting rendering times. Special thanks to Pesho for the 3D bear. Loving Cup has always been this strange 'iffy' kind of song, with a gay suggestive undertone. So I made it more cheeky in a "Brokeback Mountain/American Beauty", funny suggestive way to demonstrate pro-gay rights. A "bear" in the LGBT scene is a hairy strong gay-man. (Thanks to Tyler Oakley's dictionary) So the bear in this video is a sort of a proxy for a gay-hairy strong man. I am pro-gay rights and this video hopefully shows in a non-sexually intrusive manner that 2 people of the same sex can be perfectly happy together. Everything is played and sung by me (I am no singer AT ALL!) but I tried it anyways. Rendering took a great deal of time and was obviously not done within 24 hours. This was also my first time working with character animation (the utmost respect for people who do this for a living! WHAT A TEDIOUS JOB!)
Views: 447 Raymond Doetjes
Hot Highway To Hell Video (Cover)
A little gimmick cover of AC/DC's Highway to Hell, a one take song since, I wanted to compete in FilmRiot's challenge where you had to be in a nonexisting environment but it's a bit longer than 3 minutes :D A non-existing environment.... Well I opted for red hot, glowing, fire and brimstone! The back ground is drawn completely with Photoshop (stock images and digital painting). The animation is done with After Effects.
Views: 2137 Raymond Doetjes
Caught Cheating
Magic effect inspired by Tony Chris' Crossroads effect. I usually do this effect in 40 seconds as an introduction to my hustling demonstration. How I hate faceless magic videos and now here I made one.
Views: 242 Raymond Doetjes
Dungeness, Kent UK
A weekend filming in Dungeness Kent, Inspired by Phillip Bloom. A weird place where shipwrecks lay rotting away, and behind you are some of the biggest nuclear power plants in the UK. Majority of the shots are hand held, a few jib shots.
Views: 324 Raymond Doetjes
Quick Camera Mapping of Arizona Crater
Camera mapping done in Blender using a still from the Arizona Meteor Crater. The camera planes exist of a box, in which the crater is sunk into and some of the hills are 3D sculpted. The back plane holds just the sky and the mountains. If you are ever in Arizona be sure to visit this intact and fully visible crater, it's very impressive. And you can actually touch a piece of the Iron meteor that struck here 500.000 years ago
Views: 198 Raymond Doetjes
Holy Wars have no winners
An appeal to all people fighting a radical cause, to realize that there are no winners. The solution is to coexist, so we should talk instead of kill.
Views: 122 Raymond Doetjes
Neighbours -- overdub/cover 24 hour single shot challenge
Inspired by the great Javier (RollingBilbao). I guess I am one of those typical neighbours that Mick Jagger is singing about. Playing guitar (loud), all sorts of crazy massive projects in and around our apartment block. Therefore I thought it was appropriate to cover this song and do a 24 hours self-challenge in which I explore a single shot video. Music was recorded on a ZOOM R24 multitrack. 3 different guitar tracks were added, 2 continuous rhythm tracks and a lead. Guitar parts were played on my own home build Telecaster build from Warmoth parts.
Views: 275 Raymond Doetjes
Hoover Cards
This is a video transition between chapters for a magic project I intended to make. It's all done inside of Blender. The Hoover Card idea came about when one night we were joking about the "air cushion" finish of Bicycle Cards. After all the beers we made ludicrous ideas about them cards floating of the table etc. It is available under the Creative Common License you can use it! There's even a LossLess format: http://www.subliminal-artist.com/Sliding_Cards-HR.avi
Views: 156 Raymond Doetjes
Blender Tracking Compositing Modelling Experiment
First ever attempt to model, color grade and composite a 3D asset in existing footage all in Blender. I did not take the time to finesse the fade in of the color grade and the wall safe, it was merely a proof of concept as to see if Blender is up for the task... And yes it sure is! In the meantime I have found out how to add random noise and match the virtual shutter speed better with the cameras shutter speed. I LOVE BLENDER!
Views: 124 Raymond Doetjes
Blender and a 1000 spongeballs
A little demonstration of using Blender and it's rigid body physics in combination with live footage,
Views: 168 Raymond Doetjes
Can't you hear my Knocking, Rolling Stones Cover
Playing the awesome Stones song Can't you hear me knocking in sight of the Rolling Stones' 50th Anniversary gig in Glastonbury. Playing my own style and pieces and playing Mick Taylor's solo by ear as we go along. Playing my home made Micawber.
Views: 274 Raymond Doetjes
Crazy Train
Rocking away my frustration by boarding the Crazy Train with Ozzy.
Views: 111 Raymond Doetjes
Whiskey Bottle Explosion
Blender Camera Projection of bottle plus shatter test.
Views: 466 Raymond Doetjes
Fly by along the edge of the Arizone Crater -- Camera Projection Mapping
Another shot of the camera mapped Arizona Crater, where I test how far I can move the camera in and that there's still a bit of texture on the sand. Camera mapping is done in Blender.
Views: 156 Raymond Doetjes
Blown Up Moon
Inspired by the film Oblivion and I thought to see if I could recreate it in under 2 hours as much as possible just using Blender and it's tracking features. Shot modeled and composited in less than 2 hours.
Views: 71 Raymond Doetjes
Battle of Britain Memorial
Never was so much owed by so many to so few An impression of the very beautiful monument to honour all the young volunteers defending the skies of Kent against the Luftwaffe in 1940-1941.
Views: 69 Raymond Doetjes
Honky Tonk Women Cover
A Cover of Honky Tonk Women of the Stones' Live at the IMAX video from their 1989-1990 Steel Wheels tour. On my self made Micawber Telecaster. Especially designed to get the country twang.
Views: 373 Raymond Doetjes

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