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How I wish, Keith Richards Cover
Warming up (gear check) for a rehearsal for a Stones set we do. I am playing a lovely song from one of Keith's solo albums and working on the typical Keith moves.
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Brown Sugar Cover - A little practice and gear check before Jam Session
I decided to attend a jam session (after about 15 years), so I restrung the guitars and did a quick break in of the strings and rehearsal; I haven't played music in front of a live audience for quite sometime so it will be exciting.
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Doom and Gloom
First time ever playing Doom and Gloom after hearing it several times. A typical open G Stones song. Playing it on my home made guitar which I call Micawber Deluxe (after Keith's Micawber) on the background you see my first homemade guitar called Micawber.
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RedNeck Vibes
Playing some country on my just finished first ever home build guita -- neck is not even pleked yet and action was still a bit high but boy it has that classic country twang, thanks to Lindy Fralin overwound bridge pickup. It's a 7.25" radius classic neck.
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Playing an oldie that I had not played since 1996. The Mustang III amp model I created was ideal for this song. I noticed the shutter speed is a bit high, looks like watching saving private ryan! sorry for that viewers.
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Testing out the new MustangIII modelling amp with a Zoom G5 with Tube screamer with tone all the way down -- I like this sound a lot.
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