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Hypnose Zonder Trance -- Waking Hypnosis
Here I give a demonstration during my hypnosis course of waking hypnosis suggesting that you do not need to induce trance. Most of my demonstration like: people falling back as if they were pulled by an unforeseen force, buggling through their knees, hands, feet and knees stuck to the floor with waking hypnosis. Today I used James Tripp's method after seeing some footage from his brilliant DVD. His approach is even more careful than mine and thus ideal for someone who's knew to it. When I saw the footage of James' brilliant DVD I noticed many smart language patterns and usage of psychology. So there it is proof that you do not need a long winding induction process. I have been mixing waking hypnosis (as I like to call it) in my mentalism which makes it much more interesting.
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Hypnotische/Suggestie gebaseerde Anesthesie
http://www.subliminal-artist.com/ Een demonstratie van pijnbestrijding door middel van suggestie, disociate, hypnotisch taal gebruik en NLP
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Covert Suggestibility Test for Magicians
Here I take a simple card trick (transposing aces) and tell the story that poker players can actually feel the weight of a card. I then ask the person to imagine he's a poker player and he can actually tune his arm into a fine scale. And I suggest the arm dropping down, you see the arm actually going down. Then I ask him to imagine that the cards he's holding are red and red cards are lighter than the black cards so the scale goes up. His arm surely enough goes up. This is ideal for magicians to covertly test a person for suggestibility without suddenly having to change from magic to hypnosis. It's also ideal for newbies to hypnosis you can show a simple card trick and yet do a great deal of hypnotic testing in the safe knowledge that your card trick is there to cover you in case of a small problem
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Introduction Film of the HypnoMentalist. This film is shown during the opening of the show to get people into gear.
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Hypnosis demonstration -- Skippy skit
Skippy Skit. One lady is a kangaroo collecting food for her baby kangaroo. The second lady comes in to protect "her" food. This young lady decides to best protect her cookies by "boxing" like kangaroos do. (I personally am a hypnotist who likes to see what the subjects bring creatively instead of spelling everything out). The "cookies" are actually playing cards and at one point the young lady actually nibbles on them!
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Hypnosis -- Indiana Jones & The Zulus
Indiana Jones & The Zulus is a hypnosis skit which I devised for my family friendly show. This was taped at the Mar 27th Psychological Entertaiment Show performed by the HypnoMentalist. Filmed at the Houten Sleutel Games Store in Heerlen The Netherlands. The lady in the hat (tadaa) she's been suggested that she's Indiana Jones she finds the treasure on the table. However she simply can't lift the treasure. The other 3 are suggested to be zulus but they can not touch Indiana. Later the woman in the red checkered shirt is suggested to be a Voodoo queen. Putting a curse on Indiana, but Indiana can only simply laugh. Then the guy in the green shirt is suggested to steel the treasure and he can lift it off the table but as soon as he turns around it becomes too heavy for him.
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Chair Prediction
Stoelen voorspelling. 4 mensen worden d.m.v. psychologische "mishandeling" op de juiste stoelen gezet a.d.h.v. nummers die op de envelope zijn geschreven op basis van psychologische kenmerken en uiteraard de verbale suggestie en misleiding van de hypnotiseur.
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