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Top 10 OneDrive for Business Tips and Tricks
OneDrive for Business adds a number of great features to Office 365 file storage and sharing. Take a look at my top 10 favorite features. Get a solid introduction to OneDrive if you have not used it before and learn some new tips and tricks if you are already familiar. Contents: 1. Version History 0:31 2. File Share Externally 1:17 3. Sync Local Files 2:28 4. Co-authoring 3:45 5. Drag Files to OneDrive 4:40 6. Recycle Bin 5:07 7. OneDrive Mobile App 5:44 8. Shared With Me 6:18 9. Search Everything 6:56 10. Tile Preview 7:44
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Top 20 Outlook 2016 Tips and Tricks
These are the top 20 tips and tricks in Outlook 2016. If you are a seasoned Outlook professional you may still find some that you have not seen before. Keep Outlook running smooth and learn the tools that will help you become more productive using Outlook 2016. Check out the advanced Outlook 2016 video at https://youtu.be/IJ1ZTDoeA1k. Contents: 1. Drag and Drop to Calendar 0:25 2. AutoCorrect Shortcuts 0:55 3. Quick Access Toolbar 1:47 4. AutoComplete Ctrl-K 2:23 5. Calendar Work Hours 2:55 6. Voting Buttons 3:23 7. Blind Carbon Copy 4:48 8. Change Reply Address 5:25 9. Clear Add-ins 6:07 10. Mailbox Cleanup 6:44 11. Change View Settings 7:29 12. Developer Tab 8:31 13. Search Folders 9:10 14. Signatures 10:10 15. Mark Junk Mail 11:03 16. Insert Calendar 12:48 17. Offline Mode 13:54 18. Insert Pictures Inline 14:24 19. Delay Delivery 14:53 20. Compact Data Files 15:28
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Delete Windows.old folder from Windows 10
After an upgrade in Windows 10 you'll often have a Windows.old file folder left over. It takes up several gigabytes of disk space. If your upgrade is complete there is no reason to keep the old version of Windows on your hard drive. You can delete the Windows.old folder without any negative impact to your system and recover all this disk space for other programs. I'll show you how to delete the Windows.old folder the correct way.
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New Skype Meeting Button Missing in Outlook
If you have Skype for Business installed and the New Skype Meeting button is missing or does not show up each time you open Outlook this video will show you how to restore it permanently.
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Top 15 Advanced Excel 2016 Tips and Tricks
This is a continuation of my Top 25 Excel 2016 Tips & Tricks. It includes more advanced features and some additional tricks to help you become more productive using Excel and Office 365. Check out the original Excel 2016 video at https://youtu.be/EdnAeqxqdzM. Another 15 Excel 2016 Tips 7 Tricks: https://youtu.be/L9SKTj2gevA Contents: 1. Advanced Transpose 0:39 2. Calendar Picker 1:38 3. Slicers 3:05 4. Scenario Manager 4:22 5. CONVERT Function 7:09 6. Convert Currency Live 8:03 7. Hide Cells 10:14 8. Remove Blanks 10:48 9. People Graph 11:17 10. Track Changes 12:40 11. Advanced Filter 15:10 12. Analysis Tools 17:52 13. NETWORKDAYS Function 18:51 14. Embedding 19:38 15. Advanced Select 20:50
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Top 10 Advanced Outlook 2016 Tips and Tricks
This is a continuation of my Top 10 Outlook 2016 Tips & Tricks. It includes more advanced features and some additional tricks to help you become more productive using Outlook and Office 365. Check out the original Outlook 2016 video at https://youtu.be/zLK9QquVmGU. Contents: 1. Shared Calendars 0:28 2. Quick Steps 2:46 3. Drag Appointments 4:08 4. Ctrl-G Go to Date 4:24 5. Archiving 5:05 6. Email Templates 6:18 7. Theme and Background 7:53 8. Auto Replies 8:29 9. Email Permissions 9:46 10. Download Addresses 11:02
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Resolve Offline OST File Problems in Outlook 2016
Have an error with your .ost file in Outlook 2016? You may need to compact or delete the OST file located on your local computer in order to resolve problems with this offline storage file.
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Excel 2016 Pivot Tables in 30 Seconds!
Watch this quick intro to Excel 2016 Pivot Tables. I'll create a pivot table in 30 seconds. Just enough time for you to see the basics even though there are many other capabilities I can cover in future videos.
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Top 25 Excel 2016 Tips and Tricks
The Top 25 tips and tricks for Excel 2016. Use these tips and tricks to improve your efficiency using Excel. I am sure you will discover some that you have not seen before and others that you have been using incorrectly. My personal favorite is #21. Become more productive using Excel at work, school and home. Check out the Advanced Excel video at https://youtu.be/PU8ACyYxJBk. Another 15 Excel 2016 Tips & Tricks: https://youtu.be/L9SKTj2gevA Introduction to Excel for Beginners: https://youtu.be/WxUQLHJn77Q Contents: 1. Quick Analysis Tool 0:47 2. Filter 1:44 3. Drop-Down List 2:25 4. AutoFit Column Width 3:12 5. Transpose 3:47 6. Remove Duplicates 4:13 7. Goal Seek 5:23 8. VLOOKUP 6:55 9. Flash & Auto Fill 9:06 10. Paste Special Values 10:47 11. Images in Charts 11:50 12. IF Function 12:28 13. Insert Screenshot 13:40 14. Absolute Cell Reference 14:15 15. Show Formulas 15:54 16. Text to Columns 16:57 17. Conditional Formatting 18:11 18. PowerPivot 19:36 19. Freeze Panes 20:46 20. Ctrl-Arrow Keys 21:40 21. 3D References 21:58 22. Forecast Sheet 23:43 23. SUMIFS Function 24:16 24. IFERROR Function 25:38 25. Filled Maps 26:30
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PowerPoint 2016 One Line At A Time
How do you get one line at a time to show up on each click of a PowerPoint 2016 page?
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Top 25 Word 2016 Tips and Tricks
These are my top 25 tips and tricks for Microsoft Word 2016. I'll bet you'll find some that you did not know existed. Browse through the list and find out how you can become more productive using Word 2016 and Office 365. You may be surprised. Contents: 1. Text to Speech 0:24 2. Pin to Open File List 1:07 3. File Open & Repair 1:27 4. Smart Lookup 1:51 5. Filler/Rand Text 2:13 6. Clipboard Multi-Paste 2:43 7. Calculate 3:14 8. Scroll Zoom 3:48 9. Insert Table 4:04 10. Formulas in Tables 4:20 11. Shrink One Page 4:58 12. Customize Status Bar 5:43 13. Convert Text to Table 6:07 14. Copy/Paste Unformatted 6:48 15. Format Painter 7:29 16. Ctrl Key 7:50 17. Insert Hyperlinks 8:32 18. Save as PDF 9:16 19. Insert File Path 9:32 20. Insert Screen Shot 10:08 21. File Share Email 10:41 22. AutoCorrect 11:10 23. Triple Click 11:54 24. Show Formatting 12:05 25. Tell Me What You Want to Do 12:36
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Top 20 PowerPoint 2016 Tips and Tricks
Here is the top 20 tips and tricks for PowerPoint 2016. This list is compiled from several years using PowerPoint for presentations in a corporate environment and includes common tips most people forget exist as well as some surprise tricks you can employ to become a better presenter. Get the best PowerPoint Laser Pointer here: http://amzn.to/2oJOlbO Check out my Top 10 Advanced PowerPoint Tips & Tricks video at https://youtu.be/I_dS0_HUVdg. Contents: 1. Morph Transition 0:21 2. Compress Media 0:49 3. Click-Drag to Duplicate 1:55 4. Ink Equation 2:10 5. Alt-Shift Ordering 2:35 6. Ungroup SmartArt 2:55 7. Quick Access Toolbar 3:30 8. Filler Text 4:53 9. Chart Animation 5:48 10. Slide Show Tricks 6:59 11. Gridlines & Guides 8:01 12. Recover Files 9:26 13. Eyedropper 9:57 14. Shape Edit Points 10:22 15. Smart Lookup 11:26 16. Slide Show Loop 11:51 17. Embed Fonts 12:45 18. Remove Background 13:22 19. Quick Alignment 14:08 20. Tell Me What You Want to Do 14:47
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Outlook Mail Merge with Excel and Word
Learn how to send mass emails to a list of email addresses stored in Excel. Use Word to create a form, select a file from Excel, and send the mail through Outlook. Works with Office 365, Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007.
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PowerPoint Wrap Text Around Image
This is the correct way to wrap text around an image in PowerPoint. Several other videos show you how to do it by manually spacing the text but you can have true word wrap in PowerPoint! I'll show you the simple trick. Don't miss my PowerPoint Tips & Tricks video: https://youtu.be/DI5LNVts9nc
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Top 10 Skype for Business Tips and Tricks
This is a list of my top 10 Skype for Business tips and tricks compiled from over 2 years of using Skype in a corporate setting. Some simple settings to make your meetings work better and improve your information sharing. Contents: 1. Creating Skype Meetings in Outlook 0:33 2. Record a Meeting in 1080p HD 0:58 3. Share a PowerPoint File 1:23 4. Automatically Update Calendar Presence 2:04 5. Set Do Not Disturb When Meeting 2:30 6. Allow External Communications 2:54 7. Customize Meeting Invitations 3:34 8. Check your Call Quality Dashboard 4:07 9. Add Mobile and Home Phone Numbers 5:00 10. Meeting Options 5:29
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Another 15 Excel 2016 Tips and Tricks
Here's Another 15 Excel 2016 Tips and Tricks. This is a compilation of 15 additional Excel 2016 tips and tricks that didn’t make it in my previous Top 25 Excel Tips and Tricks video. I'm going to show you some powerful tips and tricks to help you become more proficient with Excel 2016. To watch the other videos in the series click on a link below. Top 25 Excel 2016 Tips & Tricks: https://youtu.be/EdnAeqxqdzM Top 15 Advanced Excel 2016 Tips & Tricks: https://youtu.be/PU8ACyYxJBk Full Office Tips & Tricks Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdnAeqxqdzM&list=PLLXmgYx8DeQxn3NIuwBGkLuuJsIGSr0Cw Contents: 1. Move Columns/Rows 0:44 2. Name a Range 1:16 3. Status Bar Totals 2:15 4. Insert Multiple Lines 2:54 5. F4 Absolut Reference 3:35 6. Difference Between Lists 4:20 7. Data Entry Limits 5:13 8. Trend Line in Charts 6:16 9. Ctrl-Tab 7:02 10. Split/Combine Names 7:21 11. PROPER() Function 9:27 12. Mean, Median, Mode 9:52 13. PMT() Function 10:49 14. COUNTBLANK() Function 12:23 15. Date/Time Shortcut 12:47
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Top 10 Advanced PowerPoint 2016 Tips and Tricks
This is a continuation of my Top 20 PowerPoint 2016 Tips & Tricks. It includes more advanced features and some additional tricks to help you become more productive using PowerPoint and Office 365. Check out the original PowerPoint 2016 video at https://youtu.be/DI5LNVts9nc Find how to present a PowerPoint video in Skype for Business at https://youtu.be/oNYslca64i8 Contents: 1. Add-ins 0:29 2. Design Ideas 1:45 3. Skype for Business 2:25 4. Screen Recording 3:33 5. Templates 4:33 6. Animate Images 6:04 7. Translate 7:29 8. Selection Pane 8:31 9. Link to Excel 9:29 10. Instant Slideshow 11:04
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Top 20 Windows 10 Tips and Tricks
This is a look at my favorite features of Windows 10. Windows 10 has been out for some time but multiple updates, including the fall creators update have been released and include several new features. Take a look at these tips and tricks to become more productive and improve the performance of Windows 10. Use this for the God Mode folder name: GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} Contents: 1. Spatial Sound 0:32 2. Steps Recorder 1:07 3. Media Streaming 2:09 4. Quick Assist 2:59 5. Reset This PC 4:01 6. Fast Startup 4:50 7. Storage Sense 5:36 8. Snipping Tool 6:23 9. Night Light 7:36 10. Aero Shake & Snap 8:27 11. Edge Reading View 9:30 12. System Restore Point 9:58 13. Hidden Start Menu 10:57 14. Default Apps 11:21 15. Download Maps 12:20 16. Notifications 12:53 17. Startup Programs 13:44 18. God Mode 14:26 19. Advanced Performance 15:08 20. Virtual Desktops 15:54
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Fix Windows 10 Stuck Updates
Does your Windows 10 update say "Retry" and even when you click on it over and over it just brings back the same error message? You can fix most of these stuck Windows 10 updates by following these simple steps. The two commands you will use: net stop wuauserv and net start wuauserv I'll show you how.
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Stop Repeated Prompts for User Credentials
When you use Office 365 applications such as Outlook 2016, Skype for Business, Word, Excel and others you sometime get prompted repeatedly for your user credentials. I show you how you can stop this prompting annoyance and make the "remember your credentials" check box work correctly.
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Windows 10 Clear Everything
Clear your browser history, temp files, stored credentials, recent file usage, system logs and cache from Windows 10. Short of a system reset this is the 10 best steps to clear everything from Windows 10 while keeping your login and profile intact and you won’t lose applications or data.
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Present a Video in Skype for Business
There is only one right method to present a video in a Skype for Business meeting. I'll show you how. If you don't do it this way you can expect to have poor playback quality and frustration from remote viewers of your presentation.
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Fix Outlook 2016 Search Index
If you are missing emails when searching in Outlook 2016 and you know they should be there it could be a problem with indexing or with your exchange offline cache mode setting. This video shows you how you can rebuild both indexing and the cache to solve most search problems.
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Search Exchange Global Address List on iPhone
You can search your Exchange or Office 365 Global Address List from the iPhone Mail app. No need to purchase a 3rd party tool. Find out how you can locate contacts easily within an email message.
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Top 10 Most Useful Websites Ever!!!
This is my top 10 most useful website list for early 2018. The best websites to help you through the day at work or at home. Contents: 1. https://web.archive.org 0:15 2. https://www.accountkiller.com 0:53 3. http://www.speedtest.net 1:32 4. https://www.timeanddate.com 2:05 5. https://gethuman.com 2:50 6. https://imgflip.com 3:50 7. https://ninite.com 4:21 8. http://www.moreofit.com 5:37 9. https://www.scamadviser.com 6:18 10. https://haveibeenpwned.com 7:04
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Why You Need Microsoft Office 365!
This is why you need Microsoft Office 365 in your corporate environment. I share 10 reasons why it is better than the old Microsoft Office applications. This video also gives you a quick view of what you can do with Office 365. Contents: 1. New Apps 0:18 2. Portability 0:57 3. Licensing 1:30 4. Sharing 3:04 5. Admin Center 3:50 6. Security 4:37 7. Reduced Risk 5:14 8. Storage 6:04 9. Automated Updates 6:39 10. User Self-Management 7:31
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Windows 10 Optimize Performance - 15 Steps
If your computer is running slow you can follow these 15 easy steps to optimize Windows 10 and improve performance. I'll show you how to turn on the new Ultimate Performance setting and clean up your system to maximize Windows 10 speed. Contents: 1. Advanced System Settings 1:09 2. Ultimate Performance 2:04 3. Graphics Performance 2:24 4. System Configuration 3:22 5. Privacy Settings 4:20 6. Startup Apps 4:41 7. Other Apps 5:06 8. Internet Options 5:30 9. Disk Cleanup 6:02 10. Defrag Hard Drives 6:44 11. Game Bar and DVR 7:30 12. Cortana 8:08 13. 64-Bit Apps 8:26 14. SSD Boot Drive 9:40 15. CCleaner 10:15
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iPhone Field Test Mode Signal Strength Indicator
A slick trick to seeing a numerical indicator for your cell signal strength is to use Field Test Mode. You can access Field Test Mode by dialing *3001#12345#* from the dialpad. I'll show you how that works and what those decibel indicators represent. This works on iPhone 6, 7 or 8 and IOS 10.3.1 or higher.
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Simple Helpdesk Ticket System
Looking for a quick and inexpensive help desk ticket system for your organization? Zoho has one that is free for the first 5 technicians and allows unlimited users that can submit tickets.
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Best Skype for Business Conference Room Solution!
This is the best conference room solution for a corporate environment I have found. It works perfectly with Skype for Business. The Polycom Trio 8800 Collaboration Kit allows you to easily setup a meeting in Skype, invite the Trio, and add other Skype users. With one click you can join a meeting with full audio, video, and shared content from Skype for Business. You can even combine multiple Trio devices to collaborate between all your office locations. Get one on Amazon at: https://amzn.to/2wtjhA2 or https://amzn.to/2tMe71u This is not a sponsored video but purchasing through this link does support my channel with the Amazon Associate program. It does not add a penny to your cost. Thanks for your support!
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Excel Tutorial - Beginner
Introduction to Excel for beginners. By the time you finish this video you’ll be able to create powerful spreadsheets using these Excel basics. You’ll learn common tools of Excel such as opening Excel for the first time, the Excel screen layout, entering data into cells, formatting and appearance, adding formulas, creating charts and graphs, and saving and printing your worksheet. This video walks you through creation of a budget spreadsheet as an example. You are free to distribute this video to students or to workers in your corporate environment. Just refer to my YouTube channel. To watch the other Excel videos in the series click on these links: Top 25 Excel 2016 Tips & Tricks: https://youtu.be/EdnAeqxqdzM Top 15 Advanced Excel 2016 Tips & Tricks: https://youtu.be/PU8ACyYxJBk Contents: 1-Opening Excel 1:34 2-Screen Layout 1:49 3-Entering Data 2:53 4-Formatting & Appearance 7:05 5-Formulas 8:52 6-Charts & Graphs 12:02 7-Saving & Printing 13:44
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Office 365 Groups
Office 365 Groups is the easiest tool to allow your users to share information without having to build complete SharePoint sites. Users can create and manage groups all by themselves with very little technical skill. Create public or private groups to share conversations, calendars, and files within your organization. Groups will show up under Outlook 2016 at the bottom of your folder list if you have Office 365.
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iPhone Field Test Mode Guide
If you are confused over the different menu choices in Field Test Mode on your iPhone this video serves as a guide to help you match models, chipsets and which menu you will see when dialing *3001#12345#* for Field Test Mode. The signal strength indicator can be found on all iPhones with Verizon, Sprint, AT&T or T-Mobile if you know what to look for in the menu. I also show Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor and No Signal ranges for both types of chipsets. This used to be different with iOS 10.3.1 and earlier. This guide shows you a workaround to see the signal strength indicator on iPhones up to and including the latest iOS version 11.2. You can no longer get the decibel number to show up in place of the bars at the top of your phone. This is the only workaround at this time.
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My YouTube Earnings Year 1
I reveal how much money I've earned over the first year of my YouTube channel. Not many YouTube creators are willing to share their earnings but I believe this information is extremely useful for anyone that intends to start a YouTube channel and am willing to share. I'll answer the questions I wondered about when I started out. I'll reveal exaclty how much I made month-by-month and my total earnings for the year. Please comment and share if you find this information useful. If you like what you see then please click the thumbs-up. I plan to show updates to my stats in the future. Please subscribe so you don't miss out on future videos!
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Block Calls in Skype for Business
I'll show you a way to block incoming calls in Skype for Business. I bet you thought that could not be done!
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Fix for OneDrive Sync Issues
Most of us have run into OneDrive for Business synchronization problems from time to time. I explain some of the common solutions to fix these annoying issues and walk you through how to resync folders if none of those solutions work. I also list the OneDrive for Business file size limits, total storage limits, invalid file name characters and folder names. If you cannot resolve your OneDrive sync problems feel free to post a comment and I will try to answer your questions.
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Office 365 Skype for Business Auto Attendant
Great new feature for Skype for Business phone. You can now setup an auto attendant for your main phone number and direct incoming calls to individuals, call groups or other auto attendants.
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Fix Working Offline Problem in Outlook 2016
If you are not able to send/receive mail and "Working Offline" appears at the bottom of your Outlook 2016/2013 page this is how you turn Outlook online. Be sure to click on the linked video shown at the end of this video if you are having problems with your offline (ost) file.
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How Much Bandwidth Does Skype for Business Use?
If you are implementing Skype for Business in a corporate environment you are probably interested in knowing how video and phone calls will affect the bandwidth of your Internet and network. Here is my recomendation.
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Restore Your OneDrive
OneDrive for Business allows you to restore all your files to a previous point in time. This is a new feature beyond the version history restore option for individual files. If you are impacted by ransomware or other file issues and need to rollback your entire OneDrive file system this feature gives you the ability to restore all your files to a specified date in one step.
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Poll Your Audience Live using Office 365 Tools
If you have Office 365 you can perform a poll with your audience and present the results live using only tools that come with your Office 365 subscription for free! No need to buy a third-party polling software solution. I show you how to create a live poll in under 5 minutes and it works!
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OneDrive Check Mark Missing
If you have OneDrive for Business and are missing the green overlay check marks on files and folders I'll show you how to restore them. This is a common problem for users that install several applications that create overlays on your files. This is a simple registry fix.
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Field Test Trick for iPhone 7
Where did the decimal signal strength indicator go to for IOS version 10.3.1 and version 11? This is where you can find the decimal number indicator on an iPhone 7.
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PowerPoint 2016 One Line at a Time in Tables
How do you get one line at a time to show up on each click of a PowerPoint 2016 page when using tables?
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Skype for Business Licensing
What are all those confusing license options you'll need in an enterprise Office 365 environment to make Skype for Business work for phone and conferencing?
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Office 365 Admin Center
An introduction to the Microsoft Office 365 Admin Center that is used to manage an enterprise environment for all your office 365 users.
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Upload iPhone Photos and Videos Directly to OneDrive for Business
Did you know you can upload photos and videos directly to OneDrive for Business? You don't need any additional software or special tools to make this work. Just select OneDrive right from your photo upload screen. I'll show you the steps to make this as painless as possible.
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Connect iPhone to TV and stream with unlimited data
I found the trick to get TV through your iPhone with unlimited cell data service. You'd think this was easy but the most obvious options don't work. Finally a simple solution so you can watch TV on your big screen while only using your free unlimited cell streaming data plan. Cut your cable and internet and do everything with your cell phone. Use this device to connect your iPhone to the TV directly: http://amzn.to/2pvLrYN
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Unlimited 4G Hotspot for $20 per Month!
No joke - get unlimited hotspot connectivity for only $20 per month! I've been looking for a way to use cell phone service for my home network but haven't been able to find a solution for a reasonable price until now. The carriers limit your data so you'll run out after only a few days or you'll have to pay a huge price to get true unlimited data. I finally found the answer. Get the MoFi 4G WiFi Router and use your cell SIM card for unlimited streaming data. The MoFi router has a configuration setting that makes all your home network traffic route to the carrier as streaming data rather than tethered data. This is key to getting unlimited data for your devices. It works with all the major cell phone carriers. Find the devices mentioned here: MoFi 4500 4G LTE Router: https://amzn.to/2X1SCqE *For outside of North America use the SIM5 version located here: http://mofinetwork.com/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=190 Micro SIM Card Adapter: https://amzn.to/2X1MSNF Optional Yagi Antenna: https://amzn.to/2DC80kJ
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Fix for Dec 2 Date Bug Crash in iPhone iOS 11.1.2
It has been widely reported that there is a bug in iOS 11.1.2 that causes your iPhone to crash starting on Dec 2nd at 12:15am local time. Many iPhone owners are reporting this all around the world. The problem is due to local notifications for apps and there are two temporary fixes I document here until Apple provides a emergency update. You can also go to https://beta.apple.com and download the public beta version of iOS 11.2 that is reported to not have this bug.
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