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London to Brighton in 4 Minutes - New Version!- PLEASE SUBSCRIBE THANKS!
Available in both high and lower quality is this new remake of the journey from London to Brighton showing the line as filmed 30 years apart in 1953 and again in 1983. Both journeys are sort of synchronised so that differences can be seen clearly. The number of track changes are most evident. Synchronisation was not as simple as you might think. The earlier film was hand cranked and the speed varied all over the place so if you think you could do better please try, or stop moaning! We are hoping to add a 2013 version later in the year.
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Catastrophically Bad Dragon's Den Demonstration
Hillarious - Imagine setting up a telephone service, going on Dragon's Den to demonstrate it and then.....!
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British Secret Wartime Follies- PLEASE SUBSCRIBE THANKS!
British science made some dreadful bloopers when they were give free reign to design during WWII. Some such as P.L.U.T.O. worked well, others such as "Kapoc Landing Stage MkI" and "Giant Panjandrum" didn't! (Americans needn't smirk, we'll show their efforts next!)
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Unbroadcast video - 18 year old Michael White whitewashes former World champion John Parrott 5-0.
Michael White (born July 7, 1991) beat former world champion snooker player John Parrott by 5 frames to nil at the qualifiers for the Shanghi Masters 2009 in Wales on 4th August 2009. Michael White is in the Guinness book of records as the youngest player to have ever made a century break: when he was nine years old. John Parrott commented after the match that he had not bothered to prepare for the match but if he continued to play at this standard he would consider retirement. In other words he reckoned that he lost the match rather than White winning it! Seems he may have been right as White was defeated 5.3 in the next round on Wednesday. If you like unbroadcast video please get in touch, it's amazing what is filmed in one way or another! The commentator is Rob Walker better known as the World Snooker front man M.C. who introduces the players and then hands over to the commentary box. This is his first broadcast commentary event.
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Alphabet Castle - Complete old CITV programme - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE THANKS!
Remember this old kids show? One of my son's favourite programmes. Must have worked as he ended up on Countdown!
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Bluebell Railway - First (and Last?) Public Trip on Ardingly Branch since 1963
Yes, see what's "Round the Bend" in Horsted Keynes! This was the first trip of the day hence the first public trip on part of the Ardingly branch from Horsted Keynes since closure of the electric service from Haywards Heath in 1963. A brake car trip pulled by Fenchurch which takes an express non-stop trip South through Horsted Keynes Station and on to the start of the Ardingly branch on 15th August 2009. Here we see some of the stock awaiting restoration stored on the parallel line before stopping (fortunately !) at the beginning of the gap where the missing Sheriff Mill viaduct was blown up by the army. You can also see two service trains and the diesel loco hidden away behind the scenes. As you can see the track was rusty and unused. Trip in aid of the Northern Extension Fund which hopes to reconnect with East Grinstead main line. Tickets cost just £3 and represented excellent value. After getting to East Grinstead and a bit of a rest, we hope the Bluebell will push Westwards to Ardingly and eventually back to Haywards Heath! This would give a spare route to the coast in event of an incident on the main London line and could be a "nice little earner" for the Bluebell. The large mound between the Sheffield Park and Ardingly lines is the site of the new "picnic area" created with some of the spoil from the Northern tip. It will be a great place for photographers - as long as the inevitable fencing isn't too intrusive! Sorry about the video quality, I only had my still camera with me so it's 4:3 and lower resolution than my other videos. UPDATE: I had been told that due to Health and Safety further short trips on the Ardingly branch have been banned (since corrected) so we will have to wait for the first trip to Ardingly to travel again. Oh I should live so long!
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Bluebell Railway - "Adolf Hitler My Part in his Downfall" Filmed at Horsted Keynes 1971
Another feature filmed at Horsted Keynes Bluebell Railway Station.
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Complete 1999 CITV Continuity Link
Does this bring back memories from your childhood? Just look at the adverts!
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Prototype 10Watt MP3 Pirate Radio Transmitter Kit with memory card playback and COLO(U)R Display!
I am STILL about in late 2018! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE to get me to 1000 and you will get some really interesting videos. I have a shed full of technical gear just waiting to be stripped down! ;-) PLEASE NOTE: This looks to be a prototype transmitter which was released by accident. I can't find these for sale anywhere so no links. If you find them (with colour display and memory card slot, please share! Take a look at this brand new transmitter design that I received by accident with an eBay order. It turns out that it's a prototype of a high power FM transmitter with a built in mp3 player and a colour display! My testing shows that the spectrum is rather less "tight" than the older model and there are some spurious outputs 10 or so MHz apart. Because of this the unit has now been decommissioned. Tested and demonstrated with a dummy load in a Faraday cage. Power goes up to 999 "units" by the way, not as stated on the video. That's a bit like making a volume control go up to 11 instead of 10 though! Even at lowest power the resistors were far too hot to touch so my guess is that the maximum output well exceeds 10Watts - NOT to be toyed with especially if atached to an aerial. Item described as DIY KITS 12V Digital LED Radio Station 7W PLL Stereo FM Transmitter 76M-108MHz from "wishyou-happy" (sic) on eBay! EXTRA: I forgot to mention on my commentary that there is as you can see a 4 pin socket space next to the mp3 decoder chip. I assume this may be for a USB connector. (The chip is unmarked so I can't check), The position has 5V at one end and 0V at the other though. Haven't tried this out yet so if YOU know any more about this circuit do please get in touch. The unit is now disassembled by the way as I was not happy with these parasitic oscillations which were at too high a level. The unit needs extra filtering or fitting to a tuned antenna imho.
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Bluebell Tip Dig Live On BBC News 2008
Live news report from BBC South East showing the first day of digging at the tip which is blocking the line a mile South of East Grinstead in Sussex. The digger was worked by newscaster Nicholas Owen. It is hoped to reunite the line with the network in 2010, subject of course to enough money being contributed. If you'd like to see the Flying Scotsman on Bluebell metals please send in a few quid! ;-) This is a wide screen recording which may look somewhat squashed if your computer video player is incorrectly set up.
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Crucible Snooker Unbroadcast Crowd Warm Up
What goes on before they go live from the Crucible in Sheffield. Rob Walker the MC helps put some fake applause "in the can" in case they need to fill some dead air later in the broadcast! Lots more unbroadcast material and outakes to come from the 2009 championships and elsewhere. - PLEASE SUBSCRIBE THANKS!
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"Death Trap" Bathroom Fan Heater Teardown - You have been warned!
I purchased this fan heater for our bathroom - it lasted under two hours before both elements failed! You will notice that the only air intake is on the back of the unit where dust can gather unseen. Here I take the heater apart and see why in my opinion it was so unreliable and failed so quickly. Beware if you have a similar heater in your bathroom - especially if you bought it on eBay. At least keep it dust free so that it does not overheat and If you are worried have a qualified electrician check it out. Do not fiddle yourself unless you know exactly what you are doing as slowing the fan can easily cause the unit to overheat and the only safety cut out is extremely rudementary. NEVER use a plug and socket in a bathroom unless the socket is at least 3 metres from the bath - even then be EXTREMELY careful!
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Relaying the tracks at Horsted Keynes Bluebell Station
Work continues at Horsted Keynes Bluebell Railway station to replace the tracks on the two main lines. I believe the existing track was well over 50 years old so it's not surprising that it's a little weather worn. After all how many station can claim to have had steam locos dripping on the track since 1884? As usual excellent work being conducted but the subway (which shows as a curve in some shots) is not quite as low as one might wish and will probably need extra support..
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UNBROADCAST UK 1985 wrestling match Kung Fu -v- Rollerball Rocco plus after bout punch up!
This is an entire bout plus the after match "interview" from a match from a pilot for a new TV wrestling show and was never broadcast in this form. Recorded at The Victoria Hall, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent on Saturday 19th October 1985. Others in the video John Kenney -v- Rob Brookside, Count Bartelli (Age 62!) -v- The Amazing Warlord, Bobby Barnes, Kung Fu, Chic Cullen, Rllerball Rocco, John Conte (Boxer), Vince Miller, Maxted C Beasley Etc....Even promoter Brian Dixon knows to keep out of the way when these two set about each other after the bout! You will see that the MC was, shall we say "inexperienced" having been hired as "talent" to present the show to the public instead of using one of the more experienced Brian Dixon announcers such as John Harris. Oh well! Please contact me and if enough people are interested I shall look into selling copies of this tape on DVD. It contains 5 bouts (some far better than this) with lots of on and off ring action. To make the show more interesting I shall include all the bits that are normally removed before showing on TV so you can see that this was really a needle match and in no way set up! Finally I am seen in this show - but where??? ;-)
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First train for a long time at the Bluebell Tip 4th July 2011
Parts of this video have been speeded up. East Grinstead in Sussex and the Bluebell Railway are working to remove a small matter of 100 thousand tonnes of old rubbish that is blocking their return to East Grinstead and the main line railway. It's been nearly 4 months since the last one but trains are now arriving to remove the waste.
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Bluebell Railway East Grinstead tip work loading the wagons on Friday
The Bluebell Railway in Sussex is working to remove a rubbish tip that is blocking the way to reconnection with the main line at East Grinstead
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Four Feather Falls Press Call
A home movie of the press call in Slough for the new supermarionation series Fall Feather Falls. Seen are Nicholas Parsons and David Graham (the voice of "Parker" from Thunderbirds). Also behind the scenes shots.
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Loading rubbish at Imberhorne Farm on the Bluebell Railway
66707 Sir Sam Fay shunting wagons
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Another Thursday, another dump truck!
Bluebell Railway extension work near East Grinstead. They have until the end of this financial year (March 2012) to finish the job.
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Numbers Plus (Numbers+) BBCtv 1994
Remember this? This is one of several children's educational shows that I recorded for my son when he was just 5 years old. More to come - two shows are not presently available on You Tube.
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Rail relaying starts at the Bluebell Railway Northern Extension
It's the middle of August (16th) 2012 and after many delays rails start to go back in on the extension that will soon reconnect with the main line at East Grinstead. I'm sorry the distant pictures are so shaky there is nowhere to put a tripod so it's hand held half a mile away! Please ignore the final two seconds an old shot got into the final edit - sorry.
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An hour at Horsted Keynes Station - 4 engines in steam
I was down at the station today testing a new micro solid state HD camera. The picture starts out being excellent but by the time YouTube convert it don't expect such high quality! You might nevertheless be interested in the train movements on a week day afternoon in Sussex. It's a tiny camera which is hard to stabalise so some shots are a bit wobbly.
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Real Film, not a Game - Hitler's Robot Planes over London
German robot planes flying over London - later they were transferred to America and became Cruise Missiles! Over 20,000 Londoners were killed and injured. The planes were rocket powered and built bu slave labourers in underground factories. Filmed in London, Hastings, Pevensea and Rye during 1944.
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UNBROADCAST Professional Wrestling - Chic Cullen -v- Bobby Barnes "interview."!
From the Victoria Hall, Hanley, recorded on 19th October 1985. This is another extract from a pilot show that was never broadcast in this form. This is a short "interview" between Bobby Barnes and Chic Cullen. Also seen is promoter Brian Dixon of All Star Wrestling fame. The next upload will be an entire match showing Kung Fu -v- Mark Rollerball Rocco. If enough people show an interest I intend to release the entire show on a DVD. Others in the video John Kenney -v- Rob Brookside, Count Bartelli (Age 62!) -v- The Amazing Warlord, Bobby Barnes, Kung Fu, Chic Cullen, Rllerball Rocco, John Conte (Boxer), Vince Miller, Maxted C Beasley Etc... Please contact for details.
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Steam roller near miss!- PLEASE SUBSCRIBE THANKS!
PLEASE: Which Rude Tube episode used this video? If you know please let us know! Just an average Sunday in the Sussex countryside, traction engines go about their business on busy village roads. We've all heard about bike riders missing traffic signs but what do you do when it's a full size steam roller heading straight at you after it takes the easy route? The muted sound is where someone shouted a (very) rude word when they saw the ten tonne steaming beast heading straight for a car which rapidly got out of the way!
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Optical Fibre being Blown in Horsted Keynes
Only captured with my still camera unfortunately but I thought a quick video of how they "blow" optical fibre down the tubes under roads might be of interest. In this case the fibre was being blown just over 1km at a speed of 6Metres per minute. - Work that out for yourself, it takes a mightly long time! It's not just one fibre actually, but four fibres in a rough outer cover that catches the air as it is blown along. the compressor works at 12 Bar, which is close to 200 psi by the way.
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Waving a red rag at a bull - Recortes - This is really dangerous!
Añover de Tajo in Spain on the 4th of July 2009. At least here the bull lived to see another day but the men have real guts. Imagine two tons of beef running towards you with nothing to protect you except a handkerchief! I have lots of real bullfighting recordings but this is really dangerous! I had to cut off the introductions to meet the YouTube time limits. The men are Sergio Delgado (four times champion of Spain), Raul Ramirez, Rubén Fernández 'El Cuatia' (champion Saragossa), Julian Carpio (jump champion) and David Ramirez Peque (champion Albacete) in ANOVA Tajo ( Toledo) . Translated from a message that a kind person sent me today. Thank you, they are very brave!
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Tour de France - how they get those pictures
Another quick clip from the last day of the 2009 Tour de France as the helicopter camera looks at the motorcycle camera looks at the helicomter... Shows how they manage to get those spectacular hi def shots with only occasional breaks up. Just look at the BBC coverage of the London marathon if you want to see how NOT to do it. Why the BBC can't get a clean link in the middle of London when the French manage it day in, day out from the centre of Europe I have no idea!
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Nearly blown away watching ballast laying at the southern end of the Bluebell Extension.
Watch as my new video camera was very nearly blown into the cutting during a snow storm watching work on the new Bluebell Railway cutting.
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An extra week of work at the Bluebell Railway waste tip removal
Sorry - no sound! I used a different encoder which it seems YouTube does not like. My comments were only the usual waffle so you are not missing much! Also sorry for the extra zooming, I was trying to keep warm! The Bluebell Railway are working to reconnect with the main line at East Grinstead, the only thing stopping them is a quarter mile of rubbish tip! Here work continues in December 2011.
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Traction Engines and Steam Rollers travelling to and from the Bluebell Vintage Transport Weekend
My last video from the 2016 Bluebell Railway Vintage Transport Fair shows the large showmen's and other steam and traction engines en route to the show. Filmed in bright sunny weather in the village of Horsted Keynes over the weekend of 13-14 August. Incidentally whilst filming the engines we were continually being asked by motorists who stopped to ask where the steam engines were going to. It does seem the Bluebell need to explain that there are other attractions besides steam trains as they must be losing customers. Why not subscribe to my channel to ensure you get advance information about my other videos.
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Southern Ways Horsted Keynes Monday
South Today Southern Ways Horsted Keynes 1997 - Has an interview with the catering department, some vintage Bluebell Railway scenes.
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Southern Ways Horsted Keynes Tuesday
South Today Southern Ways Horsted Keynes Tuesday
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Fantastic progress at the Bluebell Railway Extension near East Grinstead
Just one day later than my last video and the fine weather has made enormous progress with the re-leveling of the line up to Imberhorne tip.
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Bluebell Railway - Non-stop through Kingscote, Imberhorne cutting to East Grinstead
It took just 57 seconds to go between the two bridges of the cutting! Whilst viewing take a look at the bottom of the western side of the cutting which is noticeably bulging in places (easier to see "in the flesh") and has actually fallen in one area where there is no cover. It's not terrible but someone might need to take a look after the opening event.
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Steam trip end to end on the Lavender Line
PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND I WILL UPLOAD MORE - A hot spring day and a trip by steam on the Lavender Line in Sussex. There was also a diesel running on the day. Rather tatty but friendly line although they can't expand so are rather limited in what they can do on the site. Pity.
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1953 - Horsted Keynes Sport
Tennis, Cricket and Stoolball as played in the Sussex village of Horsted Keynes in 1953.
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Bluebell Railway Extension East Grinstead Water Tower Construction
Work continues at a very steady pace installing a locomotive water tower at the new Bluebell Railway East Grinstead Station. The bricklaying is as usual performed to excellent standard; a construction which will no doubt be photographed for many years to come. Video taken with participants' permission.
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Drilling deep holes at the Bluebell Railway Imberhorne cutting. Then the diesel arrives...
Work continues through the summer to complete the work at the new Bluebell Railway cutting just south of East Grinstead. Take a look at the digger about 2 minutes in and it does to my uneducated eye look to almost topple over as it struggles to bring out the spoil from a deep hole that is being drilled near Holden Summit on the Bluebell Railway. Been told it's quite safe though so that's all right then!
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263 and 1638 on an intensive test service at Bluebell Railway East Grinstead station
Just two days before public services start on the line an intensive two train test service is running the the new Bluebell Railway Extension station at East Grinstead. H-Class 263 and U-Class 1638 provide the motive power as they test all parts of their new timetable. Much discussion about who is parking where and how early they are getting there on Saturday. Incidentally the highest point in the new cutting is to be named "Holden Summit" in honour of the railway's late President.
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Catastrophically bad TV Game Show Contestant - It's unbelievable!
PLEASE subscribe for more hidden gems - This video will have you SCREAMING at the screen! The most exasperating TV sequence ever as a game show contestant does not seem to understand a simple "Higher or Lower" quiz on an obscure channel and then tries to haggle about which prize he wins! The host kept his cool - just! Can you? We couldn't and were shouting at the screen! In the end did he win his dream prize? A sandwich maker!!! What would Brucie say? By the way the show is called "Everything or Nothing" I think that "All or Nothing" would have been catchier and might have explained it better - don't know about you but the contestant quite simply did not seem to understand that he has to get all the numbers right to win! This seems to have originated in the 4:3 era but I have done my best to make it viewable on 16:9 too.
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Bluebell Railway East Grinstead Water Tower, Removing the Shuttering
Work continues on the new water tower at the new East Grinstead Station.
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Bluebell Railway Last Day Of April Moving Rubbish at The Imberhorne Extension.
With some extremely wet weather getting in the way they have decided to move some of the rubbish this Monday morning. The Bluebell Railway are progressing towards extending their line and reconnecting with the main line railway at East Grinstead in Sussex.
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Ideal World TV channel opening as broadcast with audio and video problems
Complete recording from transponder opening, content starts at 1:18 ---- 17 April 2000 From the crashing on air to the inevitable audio and video errors this is the first 30 minutes of transmission for Ideal World shopping TV from Peterborough. First item for sale was a car! (Don't think they ever did sell it, did they?) Paul Lavers in charge. This is exactly what went to air complete with snow on screen and no sound, as you will see the technical quality was amateur tv at its best (worst). A female presenter is seen crawling on the floor holding a microphone boom later in the show! Later on the complex caught fire and they became Portacabin TV until the whole thing was rebuilt with insurance money. "Get the strength of the insurance companies about you".
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Southern Ways Horsted Keynes Thursday
Thursday's South Today episode. PLEASE NOTE that some of the audio has had to be muted to prevent a copywrite claim for a short piece of music.
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Bluebell Railway cutting work near East Grinstead
More work removing the rubbish blocking a cutting on the Bluebell Railway in Sussex Please note that because of access problems all these videos are taken looking directly into the sun so the contrast is not what it might be.
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Wartime Shootout at Horsted Keynes Bluebell Railway Station
1942 in 2007 when a group of Nazi paratroopers land at Horsted Keynes station in Sussex. Fortunately some British (and somewhat later a few American) troops turn up to save the day.
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Bluebell Tip Meridian Tonight Report
Another somewhat shorter report of the start of removing the tip that is blocking the Bluebell Railway from reaching the main line at East Grinstead. This time from ITV Meridian Tonight. Made and recorded in Wide Screen some computers will show it somewhat squashed up.
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Bluebell Railway Work at Imberhorne Cutting
More of the rubbish extraction this time at the other end of the cutting near East Grinstead looking north from Imberhorne bridge.
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The larger vehicles on display at the Bluebell Railway Vintage Transport Weekend
13th August an excellent day to see the vehicles on display at The Bluebell Railway. Steam Rollers, Traction Engines and lots of classic vehicles. The small stationary engines can be seen on another video.
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