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Fans of Power Episode 71 - Mer-Man, Marvel's Mosquitor, and a Board Game!
Tonight we are doing a character spotlight on Mer-Man, then we will talk about issue #8 of the Star/Marvel comic featuring Mosquitor!
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Jazwares 6" Mortal Kombat Figures Wave 1 Review
http://www.popculturenetwork.com DiRT got his hands ont he new 6" figures of Scorpion, Raiden, and Sub-Zero! How well did Jazwares handle the translation from game to toy?
Views: 262065 Doug Turner
Mattel WWE Money In The Bank Playset Review!
To celebrate this weekend's Money In The Bank PPV, DiRT takes a look at the Money In The Bank Ring! Plus, He gets his hands on the Heritage Series Randy Orton Figure and the Elite Collection figures of Edge and Kofi Kingston!
Views: 37919 Doug Turner
Target: Terror Video Review
http://www.vglosers.com In this 14 hour epic review (not really), DiRT and Devall take aim at terrorist nether-regions (it's true), and play the greatest game in the history of mankind (maybe)!
Views: 1350 Doug Turner
Batman Legacy Golden Age Batman Review
DiRT gets his hands on the new Golden Age Batman from Wave 2 of Mattel's Batman Legacy line. How does it measure up?
Views: 2758 Doug Turner
Fans of Power Episode 92 - Meteor Monsters, Decline, Factions
Meteor Monsters book review, the decline of MOTU and other 80s toys and the "Factions" of MOTU/POP/NA.
Views: 266 Doug Turner
Avatar 3.75" Action Figures
Avatar isn't hitting theaters until December, but Mattel is already gearing up to drop Avatar toys on the market. DiRT, the 3.75" king, takes a look at some of the 3.75" figures coming soon to a toy aisle near you!
Views: 10705 Doug Turner
WWE Transforming Rumble Rig Review!
DiRT takes a look at this amazing WWE Rumblers Playset, the changes from a tractor trailer big rig to a WWE Arena!
Views: 1089 Doug Turner
http://www.vglosers.com DiRT takes a t look at the MattyCollector.com exclusive 4-pack!
Views: 2172 Doug Turner
GI Joe The Rise of Cobra - Viper Round-Up!
http://www.vglosers.com DiRT takes a look at the Neo Viper, Crimson Neo Viper, Ice Viper, Cobra Eel, Elite Viper, and the Cobra Viper Commando. He also explores what it means to be a Viper!
Views: 1177 Doug Turner
WWE Rumblers Blast & Bash Ring plus Steel Cage
http://www.popculturenetwork.com DiRT takes a look at the awesome WWE Rumblers set which includes 6 figures, accessories, and a STEEL CAGE!
Views: 134118 Doug Turner
Millennium Episode 212 - Luminary
http://www.vglosers.com In association with BackToFrankBlack.com, DiRT takes a look at the second season episode "Luminary"!
Views: 1687 Doug Turner
From Pixels to Paper - Resistance
http://www.vglosers.com DiRT finally gets From Pixels to Paper on the air and sytarts with a series YOU SHOULD be reading! Resistance from DC Comics/Wildstorm!
Views: 2347 Doug Turner
Millennium Episode 220 Review - A Room With No View
http://www.vglosers.com In association with BackToFrankBlack.com. DiRT takes a look at one of the most talked about episodes in the series - A Room With No View!
Views: 4510 Doug Turner
Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man Halloween Special - Commandos Meet Dracula!
http://www.PopCultureNetwork.com BIG HEROES! BIG VILLAINS! AND BIGGER ADVENTURES...this week Share Your Universe with a brand new Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man Halloween Special on Disney Channel this Saturday, October 5 at 9pm/8c. Werewolf by Night and Blade team up once again to help Spider-Man rescue his friends from the clutches of Dracula. It's a true test of teamwork as they navigate their way through Dracula's domain. Now it's up to Spider-Man and the Howling Commandos to save the world from ultimate destruction in this Marvel's Ultimate Spider-Man Halloween special. For more Share Your Universe, visit https://www.facebook.com/ShareYourUniverse.
Views: 32892 Doug Turner
The News Desk - Amazing Spider-Man #688 Review
PopCultureNetwork.com - This summer's Amazing Spider-Man movie will feature The Lizard, and so does this issue. But is it worth reading? DiRT's here to help you figure it out!
Views: 153 Doug Turner
Fans of Power Episode 78 - Ultimates/Classics/Movie Release Dates, Saurod Spotlight
Tonight we discuss the release date for the Masters of the Universe Ultimates, preorder date for the next wave of Classics figures, our thoughts on the so called release date for the new Masters of the Universe Movie, then we do a character spotlight for Saurod.
Views: 336 Doug Turner
Fans of Power Episode 77 - John Atkin Invades!
John Atkin from HeManworld.com is going to join us tonight as a guest. We're going to discuss the 1987 movie and some things he has done pertaining to events. We'll also wanted to do a discussion on Zodac, and that would be great to revisit with some fresh views on the character from another fan. Plus, some other interesting things may come up!
Views: 370 Doug Turner
Creepy Old Dudes Are No Good
Millennium has some creepy episodes to talk about, but none worse than Season 1's "The Well Worn Lock"
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AVENGERS VS X-MEN HARDCOVER TRAILER from The News Desk. Like this? Watch the latest episode of The News Desk on Blip! http://blip.tv/TheNewsDesk/watch The best-selling comic event of the year, pitting the two most popular super hero teams against one another, hits store shelves in a limited edition, oversized collection with the Avengers Vs. X-Men Hardcover! In a mammoth collection including not only the massively popular 13-issue limited series but the critically acclaimed AVX VS and the groundbreaking Avengers VS. X-Men: Infinite comics! Experience the pop culture event like never before as your favorite heroes like Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Wolverine, Cyclops, Magneto and more go head to head with the entire Marvel Universe at stake! The Avengers VS X-Men Hardcover features the top talent of the industry including top-selling authors: Brian Michael Bendis (Avengers, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man); Jason Aaron (Wolverine The X-Men, Wolverine); Jonathan Hickman (Fantastic Four, Ultimate Comics Ultimates); Ed Brubaker (Captain America, Winter Soldier); Matt Fraction (Invincible Iron Man, The Mighty Thor) and even more! This unprecedented assembly of acclaimed writers is joined by a cavalcade of the industry?s superstar artists including John Romita Jr (Avengers); Olivier Coipel (The Mighty Thor); Adam Kubert (X-Men: Schism) and others. With a limited print run, the Avengers VS. X-Men Hardcover includes a cavalcade of bonus features that bring the Avengers Vs. X-Men experience even further including ? Exclusive (to the collection) behind the scenes extras utilizing special augmented reality technology with the Marvel AR app powered by Aurasma ? Avengers VS. X-Men Infinite comics in print for the very first time! ? A code for a free digital copy available exclusively through the Marvel Comics app Marvel Digital Comics Shop! The Avengers and X-Men have learned that the all-powerful embodiment of both death and rebirth known as the Phoenix Force is on a crash course for Earth?and it needs a new host to unleash its immeasurable power. But what is the shocking decision tied to the Phoenix?s return that will pit the Avengers against the X-Men? And when good friends become bitter enemies, what does this mean for the future of the Marvel Universe? You?ve heard It?s Coming?and this November witness every punch thrown, every shield slung and every blast blown out in the Avengers VS. X-Men Hardcover! All your favorite super heroes enter the fight?and only one team will emerge victorious! For more on Avengers VS X-Men, please visit http://avx.marvel.com AVENGERS VS. X-MEN HARDCOVER (JUL120630) AVENGERS VS. X-MEN HARDCOVER DM VARIANT (JUL120631) Written by BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS, JASON AARON, ED BRUBAKER, JONATHAN HICKMAN, MATT FRACTION MORE Art by FRANK CHO, JOHN ROMITA JR, OLIVIER COIPEL, ADAM KUBERT MORE Cover by JIM CHEUNG DM Variant Cover by NICK BRADSHAW $75.00 ? Rated T+ ISBN: 978-0-7851-6317-6 See all episodes of The News Desk http://blip.tv/TheNewsDesk#EpisodeArchive Visit The News Desk's series page http://blip.tv/TheNewsDesk
Views: 5216 Doug Turner
Marvel Handful of Heroes!
http://www.vglosers.com M.U.S.C.L.E. + Marvel Comic Book Characters = DiRT in love!
Views: 2206 Doug Turner
Masters of the Galaxy with LARRY KENNEY! The Voice Of Lion-O!
LARRY KENNEY! The Voice Of Lion-O!
Views: 7411 Doug Turner
Fans of Power Episode 89 - Fan Appreciation Night!
FANS OF POWER podcast WANTS YOU... Fan Appreciation Night! We're answering YOUR questions and discussing YOUR comments!
Views: 367 Doug Turner
Fans of Power Episode 122 - Unsolved Mysteries 2 & Essentials
FANS OF POWER podcast episode 122 selects the Top 3 Essential Kobra Kahn stories, and delivers Unsolved Mysteries 2!
Views: 192 Doug Turner
Green Lantern First Flight - Blu-Ray and Figure!
http://www.vglosers.com DiRT got his limited edition Best Buy exclusive Blu-Ray of Green Lantern First Flight with the Infinite Heroes Green Lantern figure! The figure and movie are both good, but which is better?
Views: 1228 Doug Turner
Superman Batman Public Enemies - Superman, Luthor, Power Girl 3 Pack
http://www.vglosers.com To celebrate the release of Superman Batman Public Enemies on DVD, Mattel is releasing this 3 pack of Infinite Heroes figures based on the movie!
Views: 6828 Doug Turner
Millennium Episode 202 - Beware of Dog
DiRT turns to YOUR comments on this episode to help sort out what Frank Black is up to in the little town of Bucksnort.
Views: 1484 Doug Turner
Superman Kills!
http://www.PopCultureNetwork.com Despite what Mark Waid says, Superman does kill. In the comics, in the movies, even in video games! Today we'll take a look at the times that Superman has taken a life!
Views: 3061 Doug Turner
Fans of Power Episode 104 - Brian Flynn of Super 7!
http://www.FansOfPower.com It's a special episode on a special night! We're having a special guest on and doing the show on Saturday to make way for THE Brian Flynn from Super 7! We're talking Masters, Masters, and more Masters with the man behind it all!
Views: 1999 Doug Turner
'DC Comics: The New 52' Video Promo: 2 Minute Version
Dynamic video commercials for DC Comics: The New 52! are now available for Retailers! The commercials premiered in the August 17 edition of the Los Angeles Times? ?Hero Complex? column!
Views: 486 Doug Turner
Zombie Movies: The Ultimate Guide by Glenn Kay
The unbeatable guide to the undead!
Views: 716 Doug Turner
Millennium Episode 316 - Saturn Dreaming of Mercury
Never trust someone with a name that starts with an "L".
Views: 609 Doug Turner
Fans of Power Episode 112 - Ultimate Battleground, The Toys That Made Us, New She-Ra Toon
Tonight’s topics: The Ultimate Battleground mini-comic review, Netflix’s The Toys That Made Us: He-Man review, new She-Ra cartoon discussion,and more
Views: 973 Doug Turner
Bad Dreams - Visiting Hours Blu-Ray Review
http://www.PopCultureNetwork.com The DiRTs are taking a look at the new Shout Factory release of Bad Dreams and Visiting Hours on Blu-Ray!
Views: 90 Doug Turner
Fans of Power 67  - Ranking all 4 Series, Rock Warriors
Joe and Tyler are throwing down the gauntlet and ranking He-Man, She-Ra, New Adventures, and MYP, Will they still be friends after that? Also, were the Rock Warriors a good idea? And are they really the Rock Warriors or are they the Rock People? Or the Comet Warriors? I'm so confused...
Views: 519 Doug Turner
TRON UDF Mickey Mouse Review
This is my first attempt at a VLOG or "Video Blog" review. It might be the worst thing I've ever done. It might be "not that bad." I'll let you decide.
Views: 510 Doug Turner
MOTU Epic Battles He-Man and Skeletor Review!
Super7's first release of 5.5" Masters of the Universe figures are here! I love the vintage style, but do He-Man and Skeletor have the same vintage problems?
Views: 796 Doug Turner
Fans of Power Episode 74 - Dawn of Dragoon and Teela's Secret
Our topics for today are a commentary on the episode Dawn of Dragoon and discussion the Golden Book Hardcover story "Teela's Secret"
Views: 334 Doug Turner
Fans of Power Episode 75 - Temple of Darkness, Boxart!
Temple of Darkness mini-comic and favorite boxart, least favorite, and some "controversial boxart" for Masters of the Universe.
Views: 397 Doug Turner
Millennium Episode 110 - The Wild and the Innocent
http://www.vglosers.com This season one episode guest stars Jeffrey Donovan (Burn Notice) in a fairly simple, yet enjoyable story.
Views: 1330 Doug Turner
JLU Legion of Super-Heroes MattyCollector.com 4-pack
http://www.vglosers.com DiRT turns his attention to the 4-pack of MattyCollector.com exclusives - The Legion of Super-Heroes from Justice League Unlimited!
Views: 1955 Doug Turner
Fans of Mutant Power Episode 1 - Larry Houston
Best known for his work as an illustrator, storyboard artist, and animation director, Larry Houston joins Tyler Baker and DiRT to discuss the X-Men, GI Joe, Robocop, Karate Kid, Captain Planet, and maybe even... the Care Bears?
Views: 219 Doug Turner
San Diego Comic Con JLU Green Lantern 3 pack
http://www.vglosers.com We already know DiRT loves the Justice League Unlimited line of figures. But how much does he love the Green Lantern 3-pack?
Views: 1246 Doug Turner
Terminator 2 Mini Mates!
http://www.vglosers.com DiRT's a sci-fi geek! And he's a dork for mini figures! Is this his nerd Nirvana?
Views: 7535 Doug Turner
Superman Batman Public Enemies - Batman, Captain Atom, Black
http://www.vglosers.com To celebrate the release of Superman Batman Public Enemies on DVD, Mattel is releasing this 3 pack of Infinite Heroes figured based on the movie!
Views: 1152 Doug Turner
Fans of Power Episode 79 - Huntara Commentary & Masters of the Universe Eternia Playset Discussion
I was going to make it "Joe has crabs" but he made me change it.
Views: 608 Doug Turner
Tornado coming...
I was trying to film the storm and got some good lightning shots when the tornado sirens went off.
Views: 32823 Doug Turner
Fans of Power Episode 58 - WILLIAM STOUT!
WILLIAM STOUT! Stout was the production designer on the Masters of the Universe movie! He also worked on Return of the Living Dead, Buck Rogers, First Blood, Conan the Destroyer, and even the Dino-Riders cartoon!
Views: 382 Doug Turner
Fans of Power Episode 114 - Blade, He-Man Smells Trouble, Teela's Battlesuit?!?!
http://www.FansOfPower.com Tonight we're taking a close look at Blade with an in-depth character bio, then we're taking a long look at the classic Golden Book "He-Man Smells Trouble," and finally we'll be looking like a confused dog at the leaked production pic supposedly showing Teela's Battlesuit?!?
Views: 613 Doug Turner
Fans of Power Episode 81 - Top Mini Comics, Moss  Man, Mekaneck =/= Extendar
Top 3 He-Man Mini Comics, Moss Man Character Spotlight, and "Why Mekaneck and Extendar are different".
Views: 448 Doug Turner

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