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5 WAYS How to Save Money: How to Save Money Each Month
How To save money fast within 3 months? These are very important! Follow my Channel Subscribe at the below Feel free to email me [email protected] ***************************************************************** Equipment: My camera is T6i and the cheapest is from amazon http://amzn.to/2ha5Uwd Tripod is from Joby and highly recommend http://amzn.to/2haalXP Enjoy How to save money monthly? How to avoid debt? How to save for a house? How to save money! how to make money fast! How to save money Fast
The Best Antioxidants Supplement: LifePak + Omega
Base on true story, Took anti-oxidant test and I failed Nuskin promise me for 30000 points if I take Lifepak and omega 3 At the end of third month, 31000 points After this, I have decided to share with everyone in the world. Dr.Oz Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9gtQ_Iffva4 sponsor Id:CA0708726
Best Parking FAIL EVER || Vlog Fail !!!
Best Parking Fail Ever!! It's so stupid when a chinese lady parked Check it out Fail Fail Fail parking!
best ways to save money: save your first $10000
I am here to share my Personal Experience of my PAST How did I save $30000 in over 3 years and able to have apartment as well. I am just a Car salesman and I saved almost $800-1000 per months. I never give up. So what are you waiting for? Do your #howtomanagermoney
點解香港變成咁?? Why is Hong Kong like this now?
點解香港可以變成咁 沒有責任感 推捨責任 離曬譜 人命關天,警察都係人 需不需要做到咁!!! 清理地檢討下啦
Tested: Shooting and Editing 360-Degree Video: Vancouver BC
Tested: Shooting and Editing 360-Degree Video! 360 Degree Video 360 Degree 360 Video 360 Gear 360 Remember to use the virtual reality (vr) to watch this video. This recorded by samsung gear 360. gear 360 is only cost $500CND Check it out!
How to save money 5 simple to save over $30,000 in 4 years
How To Save Money Fast With a Low Income (Save and Budget) I hope at least one person out there finds this video helpful and inspiring. I was inspired to make this video is because I found out there's a lot of people have a lot of problems with their financials ,especially with the debts. Especially 2019 I realize a lot of people are in difficult situations, and I decided to make this video to help as much people as possible. So I switch this channel into how to save money channel to help as much people as possible. Today topic is how to save money even though you are low INCOMER. saving money
GHOST CAuGHT ON TV: Honduras morning TV show sees empty glass 'slides across table by itself. Spooky moment TV presenter watches glass of water move across table during live broadcast.
Hong kong disneyland night show May 2018
Hong kong Disneyland is a perfect trip when you travel to hong kong vlog disney world guide
Car crash compilation #1
Just drive safe and always have your dashcam on PLEASE
On September 20,2015, It's my birthday. My Girlfriend and I went to Cancun for 4 night and 5 days. It was Stunning and amazing. RECORDED: Note5. LOCATION: Dream Riveria Cancun Resort & Spa #all inclusiveresorts #all inclusivehotels #thingstodoincancun
Motivational Vlogs: Don't look down on yourself
Motivation is always come from you! You know much better than anyone else! When people look down on you, you have to prove that you are better. Motivation is come from your soul. Dont get discourage! Dont disbelieve yourself! Enjoy your life
360 video: Night mode but Samsung Gear 360
Night Version: Check out how does this camera do when it comes down to low lighting! Vr, 360VR, samsung gear 360, gear 360, samsung 360
PLAN your life, Plan for your Future
Subscribe my channel This is the best way to plan your life without giving up! the best way!
How to be successful in your life: | MUST WATCH ✔✔
These are my ways of being successful and it helps me a lot throughout my whole life! I really hope this really helps you in your life as well! In this video, I used 1. Camera T6i Canon http://amzn.to/2ginQYO 2. Microphone Rode mics http://amzn.to/2giqttP 3. Tripod Joby GorillaPod SLR Zoom Tripod http://amzn.to/2gHIQnZ ******************************************************************* Remember follow me on these pages: Snapchat : datysuk13 Twitter : @tanguay40 Facebook: @calvinlvlogs instragram: @tanguay40
We should procrastinate everyday : Vlog day 2
Her Youtube channel: https://youtu.be/ZxYNVM-ZBxs Nowaday, People love to Procrastinate or love to become a procrastinator. I don't mind people who love to procrastinate, but they need to be responsible the result! People love to procrastinate because it will give them stress-free...But if you don't finish the task, who will finish for you? Also, If you procrastinate, you might not have time to polish up your work. So do you think it is really stress-free? Thanks for watching my Video!
This is a second Vlogmas this season and I recorded with my girlfriend this time! It was fun This video contains shopping tour and food tours PLease Enjoy
First Snow in Vancouver in 2018❄
This is the first snow in 2018 in lower mainland in Vancouver! some incidents cause accident, but it's beautiful! enjoy
Hong Kong Protest must need your support
What is happening in HK everyone? Why is everyone protesting? This is because Hong Kong people want to separate with Mainland Chinese People...especially Election in 2017. You cant blame Hong Kong pe
Motivational vlog: Try To Make More Mistakes
It’s a part of the learning process of life. Mistakes don’t always have to be bad, but the human reaction to making a mistake is usually a bad one. If you are like me, you beat yourself up over making careless mistakes. I like to strive for perfection and hate to disappoint people, but in reality, I make mistakes too. You replay everything in your head and try to figure out where you went wrong. In the end, you have to live with what you did. If you are lucky enough, the mistake can be fixed. Realizing that it is OK to make mistakes is the key to helping you live a happier life.
Vancouver Timelapse 2016: Don't Miss out
It's been 2 years since the last time vancouver had a snow storm like this! Therefore I decided to record this shot and fast forward it! This is Vancouver B.C. and from Richmond Vancouver is such a beautiful and especially when it's snowing!! Enjoy this short timelapse!
There are some Big NONO when guys are choosing gifts.Once you make one mistake, she will let you go •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• WHAT ARE YOUR BLACKLIST CHOICES? SHARE YOU IDEA!! ENJOY •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• ●●perfect christmas gift | christmas gift ideas for her | christmas gift ideas for wife | great christmas gift ideas | christmas gift ideas for women | christmas gift ideas for men ■■
Hyperlase Moving through Vancouver:  Recorded by Note 7
Hyperlapse Hyper lapse Record by my note 7!! Check it out!
Improve yourself by solving problem: don't try to skip it
Life is a series of problems. You have to figure out whats your own problem first in order to improve yourself. Ask your friends for opinions, ask you family or ask yourself. No one is perfect but you have to step up to figure whats wrong with you. Enjoy your life with passion. Solve your problem to become a better person!
Supporter from Vancouver: Hong Kong Protests ( 身在溫,心在港 )
Originally born in Hong Kong and came to Vancouver when I was 10 years old. After long 20 years in Vancouver, my heart still with Hong Kong and I am planning to go back for good. Today we have decided to support the student by going to art gallery in Vancouver. i didnt expect that many people. it was packed. 你好我是李浩源 我在香港出世 在溫哥華已經20年 但係我永遠冇忘記香港 這次示威i我好感動,我地應該齊心合力爭取反我地住的自由 有錢唔係大曬 中央應承我們的野,一定要做 做唔到就唔好应承 今日溫哥華支持你地超過300人支持你地所以你地唔可以放棄 一放弃,中國会贏,香港會輸曬 永遠買唔到屋 永遠要比正價搭地鐵 永遠無學位 永遠比人睇低 永遠望住大陸人隨地拉屎 香港是我家 身在溫 心在港
How to get 100 subscribers on YouTube in 10 days
Want 100 subscribers? Do you want to learn how to get 100 subscribers VERY quickly? Today I'll be telling you my tips and tricks to get 100 subscribers on Youtube FAST in 2019 You can get them in one month, week, or even ONE DAY! Let me know if these tips helped you! Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe! Let's do it in 2019
POSSIBLE MONSTER underneath the earth????
November 5, 2015, this happened! What do you think this is? Monster ? Something happened to the earth? Alien? Trees are falling apart? what's it? no one knows! leave your comments below
my name is Calvin and I would like to introduce myself workplace to you. I work at Nissan for almost 10 months now and this is a good career job hope you like this video and subscribe to my channel Thanks for watching
Exercise is important for 2018
If you don't exercise, your muscles will become flabby and weak. Your heart and lungs won't function efficiently. And your joints will be stiff and easily injured. Inactivity is as much of a health risk as smoking! exercise is a mandatory wish for 2018
How i save $10000 just in 6 months: 8 simple proven ways
Here are some other methods I used: 1. Don't pay LUXURY CARS My example: Just insurance +Car payment: $500 save x 6 months = $3000 2. CHECK Your Phone bill $20 save x 6 months = $120 save up! 3. CANCEL YOUR TV CABLE i saved $80 / months x 6 = $ 480 4. Meal ( Eat out smart) = 1 meal for lunch and dinner $10 / day, 1 month later = $280 $280 x 6 months = $1680!!! 5. Tips for the waitress or waiter! $5 a day for tips x7 = $35 x4=$140 x6 = $840 6. STOP buying coffee outside $5 a day for tips x7 = $35 x4=$140 x6 = $840 7. live with someone! or Airbnb it will save$500 at least each month x6 = $3000 8. Don't use Netflix! Use showbox or Kodi!! $16 × 6 = $96 = $3000+$120+$480+$1680+$840+$840+$3000= $10677🍐🤜🤛💸 You decide Your life, simple ways that I did & It works Sub my channel& Enjoy Your life
No manner and gesture ( Social Experiment )
No one say thank you or any gesture when you help the others! They feel like they should be serve like that! What this world is turning into?