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Memories of Bankaistory
The memories of how i spent my days in bankaistory before it closed D: this photoes where taken from 1 jan until oct 7 Nexon sued the group(Umaple) that made it T.T the game was damn activite still at that point and if you see some ms animaters, we were doing a "cosplay" of them :D lol then we had to guess. I do not own any autodio or pictures but if the things i do in the game well that belongs to me ofc :P Programs : movie maker and itunes for songs :P
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1B and 1C dance (boys)
Some of the secondary 1s or grade 7s dancing at the talent corner =D
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Glory Destiny Gameplay
a gameplay test out and fraps test out :P hehehe. reason why its long is cause this is a new game i download and i wanted to try it out for so long but didnt know when :P Programs used : Fraps and sony vegus
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Glory Destiny Transformation mode
I wanted to try on something stronger but i failed to find a monster that was strong x.x so basical this is my chara in transformation mode which makes the chara strong i think o.o" so ya... In the end when i left the game my chara got killed at the filmming location ahahaha -w-" Programs : Frap and Sony Vegus
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Talking Roby the Robot (#1)
I was bored again lol and my parents called me go to sleep already but I'm still awake going to try and do more of the robot videos now :P
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Speed Drawing 2 : Gothic Andrew
Gothic Andrew is a look for one of my OCs o.o i finish it in a day but the video TOOK ME ABT 4-5 DAYS AND FCK U IM SICK OF EDITING THIS CRAP DEAL WITH THE QUALITY :D ! im updating this later Final picture : http://mikamori.deviantart.com/art/Gothic-Andrew-339181250 Song used : Bad End Night - Vocaloid 8 people Link : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQih8wmIn_M
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1B,1F,1D dancing
My class chairman and her friends from 1D and 1F doing a dance before our field trip on last friday
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Vlog #1 Maplestory and boredom =P
i was bored and felt like doing it :P lolz
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Late Xmas Greetings
Sorry if the info of the person is small but they are simple :P Name : Kitsune Shiro (Shiro is his first name) Age : unknow but looks to be around 14yrs old Species : White Fox Demon I may add more details after i finish writing the story =X well merry christmas
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Speed Drawing ( Merry Xmas heres a gift )
okay so i decided to try and do a drawing video again and this is the result .___." an unfinish half a part drawing video which the remaining clips were never recorded cause everytime i did that it kills my memory space on my computer = _ = Completed drawing : http://mikamori.deviantart.com/art/Christmas-Time-499632498 baaah merry early christmas ?
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[short video] The world wide quiz competition =P
This is my first banndstory video so dont put very mean comments . this video is make from a text message. the text message: the world wide quiz competition.contestants : miss america,miss malaysia,miss singapore. First question : Judge name me 3 fruits that start with 'L' American: Lychee Malaysia: Lemon Singapore: Liulan ! judge stare at miss singapore Second question: Judge : name me 3 animal that starts with 'L' American: Lion Malaysia: Leopard Singapore : Labbit! judge warn miss singapore to stop saying rubbish Thrid question: Judge : name me 3 electronic things that start with 'L' American : Lamp Malaysia : Light Singapore : Ladio judge wanted to kick miss singapore out, but decide to give her 1 more chance Fourth question: Judge : name me 3 human body parts that starts with 'L' American : Lung Malaysia : Liver Singaproe : ... Lanjiao! :D
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Running Test
im kinda testing the running pose as u can see but with sony vegas -w-" and some editing from windows movie maker ("_) im going to try flash animation soon if my sister can find her old laptop with adobe flash
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if a dog and a cat sang together (Old Trailer)
The story is just based on my own thoughs so pls dont say anything bad . and also this is the first story i have done and im a noob animator =3 this is actually not a preview its the start of the story which im going to continue doing after i get bac to sg i do not own any of the things accept the story. ^^^^^^^ It was on private and this is an old video i made 4 fun xP
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Boredom ? Taylor swift Safe and Sound cover(#vlog 2 ?)
Video created with the Socialcam app on iPhone: http://socialcam.com Erm... give out horrible comments abt my sing its fin i guess ._." ahahahaha srsly im a horrible singer+ sore throat ahahah :X so ya... I double conform got dislike one surely one i triple also conform :P rmb its out of boredom pls note its out of freaking bordom D:
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Test video
testing our sony veges rain audio from here : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pSyYhRYeIM do not own anything blah owo~
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CloversxD Voice Acting Entry
First time voice acting entry and try owo" hehehe btw not make a 10 sub special cuz i need to renew my computers -w- so all file may end up lost and besides the fact my com lags too much
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Speed Paint 1 ( My Maple Chara)
READ HERE PLS :D (after or before watchin the video) Things to note : - It's my first speed paint video - I forgot to add blush D= - The hairband is horribly coloured - I kinda lost concentration in colouring :/ (more like no motivation to continue colouring) - The background looks weird and horrible TTwTT - Having the songs totally sang by the same band(Hot Chelle Rae) XO - The eye patch i changed to something simpler :P - I used the magic wand tool instead of the usual selecting tool :o - The video is kinda long :x cuz i couldnt speed the thing and faster T.T Time took for drawing - 1hr30min - 2hrs Time took for colouring - 40mins at least Songs used : 1. The Only One - Hot Chelle Rae 2. Whatever - Hot Chelle Rae 3. Downtown Girl - Hot Chelle Rae 4. Beautiful Freaks - Hot Chelle Rae Link to drawing : http://mikamori.deviantart.com/#/d518m1a Programs used : -Paint Dot Sai(Colouring and outlining) -Windows Movie Maker(Editor) I repeat I DO NOT OWN ANY SONGS OR IMAGES BESIDES THE DRAWING =D Hoped you enjoyed it :)
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Late Tag X_X
Program used : -Youtube Downloader - Paint.net - Sony Vegas 8 Song used : -Alice Sacrifice Piano Versoin http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=h6_FxMQezkE Things used by : - Background from ( CamTigr ) - Custom Eyes from ( ayecookie ) [Devintart Person] ayecookie.deviantart.com Tagged : -TwistedxAnime -SparxIsCrazy -CamTigr I do not own anything
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Testing recording #1 (Pokemon White 2)
warning turn down volume XO ! its very loud to cover the other sounds just checking if the game and audio of it will sound smooth or not _ after that i will do the record if it sound good
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Maplestory xmas event video part 1
this is my first upload=P i made this video becuz i was bored and i saw something that made me remember a video i saw..... if u get annoyed becuz of the shaking then im sorry becuz i was using a phone and not a pogream(can spell) or a camera (dont need to read)damn my voice sounds different Pls commet^^n btw rate n sub to me if u like becuz im doing this just 4 fun^^
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Random things of me drawing and my old drawings
Random Drawings of things in the middle of the morninig like 2am or so lolz...
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Cytus Gameplay - The Black Case(Hard) - 1000000
Cytus, the most touching music game on mobile devices. Recorded and uploaded with Kamcord (http://kamcord.com/v/ipQgriZ67ho/).
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Friends or Enemies Part 1 (Discontinued)
:S well here is the first thing i uploaded in awhile lolz =P this is the first maple drama or w/e so dont comment really bad things and if u c some parts that end up looking different size well thats thx to my laptop for auto shutting on me T~T; This Girl name is Kokoro ofc :P well she arrived in to two and her age now is 12yrs old well thats for this part ._." and also she found a note which i well tell what it says in the next part.... ._." in the description cuz i got extremely annoyed that i have to edit the whole thing.... (Im not sure when in the hell im going to continue making it x.x i made a bit but not sure if should continue zzz)
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Vloging with socialcam ? Lolz :3 first time socialcaming
Video created with the Socialcam app on iPhone: http://socialcam.com I was bored so ya..... o.o" watching music channel still and..... this is not much of like the real one which im not sure when i im uploading lolz... so ya.. again bye o.o"
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Black rose Entry
http://www.mediafire.com/?7ddybtec3krix8y ---- Spritsheet
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Cytus Gameplay - Shoot Out(Hard) - 1000000
Cytus, the most touching music game on mobile devices. Recorded and uploaded with Kamcord (http://kamcord.com/v/jZhKdgRbSSD/).
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Maplestory xmas event video part 2.5(dont watch until u c see part 2)
in part 2 i accidentally pressed the stop button which means i have to make another one to continuo it =P in the next part you have to read the description first b4 u watch the video becuz i sound even more stupid n i was in a bad mood when i was videoing the last part-.-" which i will upload later
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Randomz 1
erm random sv 8 testing i learn how to use green screen so i wanted to try it out :) erm so creepyish ending hahahaha the girl you saw in the mirror is a chara from a comic im doin xP song used : Homecoming - Silent Hill Homecoming Programs used : Sony Vegas 8 and Hypercam 2 All images belonged to their respectful owners
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Best of lucks for the year
okay well i was bored and lazy to study for my chinese exam so ya i did this in around 1-2days lolz boredem got in to me also testing some new things lolz =P
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Aura Kingdom ( class and creation system )
this is the English Version of the class and creation system of Aura Kingdom. The game is currently in the Founder's Beta, after which it will go on to Close beta, stress test and finally open beta ( around next year Jan or Feb[personal guess] ) Founder Beta started on 16th Dec
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GoodBye 2010 Hello 2011
HAPPY LATE GREETINGS TO 2011 ^w^ Meow~ lol so there is a first for everything =P my in a caty mode
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BMSS Talant Corner ! Part 1 : The Singer
on every friday at my school we will have different ppl show their amazing talents this week`s we have two ppl showing their talents the other i will be uploading soon
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BMSS Talant Corner ! Part 2 : The dancer
this is the last performents for this weeks friday tell me if u want to see some more people from our school show their talents
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