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Lisa Lottie's Bend it Like Barbie show at BuskerFest Toronto
Lisa Lottie performs her comedy/contortion/hulahoop show, "Bend it Like Barbie", at the Toronto BuskerFest 2013 featuring her helpers Nilson and Scott. Stage 8, 6pm Friday Aug 23 2013 show on Gould Street at Victoria Street in Toronto (Ryerson University).
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Beginner Chinese Pole at the Toronto School of Circus Arts
This is I, after 3 months taking Chinese Pole at the Toronto School of Circus Arts. Just a few basic skills, nothing too fancy. When will you try?
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Toronto Fire Aerial Firetruck's Ladder Going Up
One of the city's 30meter ladder trucks out front of Station 114 at 12 Canterbury Place North York doing some test/maintenance review of some sort. My kids and I came across them while playing in the park behind the station and rushed around to see what they were doing (they were testing lights before this). Note: While this is Station 114 which is usually home to one of the city's 3 Tower Trucks, as opposed to the Aerial Truck, there is no articulation in this ladder so it is an aerial (must be on loan to the station).
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Magical Mysteries of Science
The Pajama Scientists perform two science magic tricks. Air pressure and density/buoyancy related feats. Breaking the magician code, they explain some of the science behind the tricks. Needs some work on their showmanship ;-)
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Chris Capehart floats a table
At the Toronto Buskerfest #sbbf magician Chris Capehart floats a table in the BuskerPlay kids zone. Magic!
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FireGuy with flaming devil sticks.  Oh Yeah!
The FireGuy (Brant Matthews of Dispatch Talent) 'warms up' the crowd with his flaming devil sticks at Cultura Festival July 5, 2013 at Mel Lastman Square in North York, Toronto.
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How to make Stilts
How to instruction to make a pair of kids' "tin can" stilts out of old kitty litter bins. Reuse items from around the house to make a fun toy for your child.
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Les Vitaminés Clowning on the Static Trapeze
Cbastien Tardif and Vincent Dubé perform with Cirque Sublime at the Annual Starlight Children's Foundation Lightning Ceremony/Fundraiser in the Allen Lambert Galleria at Brookfield Place
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Young Girl Falls Off Silks
My daughter was showing me something she had been practicing but forgot an important rule -- keep one hand on. It's hard to stay up when nothing is holding you up.
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Grasshopper Jumps on Camera
This small grasshopper was climbing along my arm -- then decides to jump right onto the lens of the camera.
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Elephant Keeper Talk at Toronto Zoo Dec 7, 2012
The Toronto Zoo will have many 'Keeper Talks' throughout the day at some of the more prominent animals. On our recent visit we happened upon the Elephant Keeper talk. Until the talk got a bit political and I was asked to stop recording *blush*.
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L∞ped - Straps Act
Jason Zan performs on the straps in LOOPED, the Toronto School of Circus Arts Student Show June 21, 2014.
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Pajama Scientists' Cobra Weave
Watch a 225 stick stick bomb and learn a bit about how it works from the Pajama Scientists. For the actual 'explosion', jump to 0:45 Details on the build @ http://chrisnolan.ca/2014/02/25/pajama-scientists-cobra-weave-stick-bomb/
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DECA Dance Mob
Danforth East Community Association's Dance Mob in Robertson Parkette Toronto.
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John Filion Campaign Kickoff
Incumbent Councillor John Filion opens his campaign headquarters with a short speech Sept 6 2014 in Willowdale at 5580 Yonge St.
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Kids Jumping in the Leaves
The family has fun running and jumping and falling in a leaf pile we raked up in the front yard. A great autumn activity for the whole family.
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Pajama Scientists: Iodine Starch Indicator Test
The Pajama Scientists use iodine to test for the presence of starch in a few foods found around the kitchen. Bread, rice, salt, sugar, taco shell, pasta, apple, and walnut shell. When iodine encounters starch, it changes from it's usual orangish-red-rusty colour to a stunning blue-black colour. Some of these foods don't change right away either, they take some time which was curious for us.
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DECA Dance Mob
Danforth East Community Association's Dance Mob at Greenwood & Danforth surprising the Art Walk Jane's Walk
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Self Shot Silks Practice
"You might not be able to see me" says my son on this video he shot himself practicing the silks in the door frame.
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Silks 1A - A few climbs and skills I learned at Toronto School of Circus Arts
Monkey Climb, Single Silks Foot Lock, Leg Free Climb (straddle climb), Scissors, S-Lock are the order of the climbs and skills in the video. Last night was 'picture night', as it was the last class of the session. Fun stuff, but very demanding physically. Oh, and not that one needs an excuse to wear spandex and superman shirts but it's an easy place to get away with it ;-)
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scratch 2 arduino day 1
We hooked up Scratch to work with our Arduino thanks to the s2a_fm python code. We demonstrate using a potentiometer to spin scratchy and dim an LED. More @ http://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/22776/
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Worm Pooping
The kids spotted this worm on the sidewalk defecating.
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More Stilt Walking
My son (He's five and a half and 5' 5") and I on our stilts as we get more confident. His first stilt video is at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3dJm0A73p4
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How many kids are in that snow fort?
Is it a snow fort, or a clown car? How many kids can fit inside of that awesome quinzhee?
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5 year old Stilt Walker
Announcing the Sensational Stilt Walking Wonder Boy! My son has been practicing on the stilts he helped make for a few days, and last night he took the 'step' to walking by himself. After this video, we crossed the street and went '3 drive ways away' as he measured (and back again).
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Kids raking leaves
Autumn is in full swing. The kids assist with building a pile of leaves to jump in.
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Bob the Tree Frog
Bob at the High Park Nature Centre is getting a mealworm for lunch. He gets a bite rom the beetle larva instead of the other way around.
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Climbing to the Bar himself
My nearly 5 yo son can now climb up the door frame, get himself onto the pull-up bar and do his moves on his own. Since this video was taken a couple of weeks ago, he now gets down himself too by sliding down the door in a star shape (or drops when he sets up a mat before hand).
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Fireball from Whip Crack
Billions Cobra lights a bull whip on fire, and starts cracking it. A giant fireball erupts forth with the first crack at 0:33, he wraps the fire around his body at 0:51, and he continues until the fire is extinguished.
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Snow Bubbles Attempt 1
Have you ever tried to blow when it is so cold they freeze before they get out of the bubble wand? As inspired by Angela Kelly (https://www.facebook.com/AKellyImages) we tried this today. Very hard to capture with the camera, saw more amazing things, but managed to get a few seconds in this minute and a half of crystals forming which is fun to watch.
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scratch2sphero RGB demo
Demonstrates the scratch2sphero library and using the slider variables in scratch 1.4 to update the RGB colours of a Sphero2.0 robot ball. See this forum thread for more details: http://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/21808/
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Flying trapeze costume test
My 6yo son decided to be a trapeze for Halloween this year. We added the wings and... tada a 'flying trapeze!' Halloween itself should seem him in a leotard and facepaint, but we wanted to make sure it all worked as expected. He even did a test at the door to make sure he could still reach to knock without the rigging getting in the way.
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10 Piglets nursing from their mother
We watched as these 9 day old piglets woke from a nap and all scrambled into position to nurse from their one year old sow mother. At the 90th Royal Agricultural Winter Fair in Toronto November 2012
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Firetruck Cake
To help celebrate my son's 5th birthday my wife made this fire truck cake, modeled after a Toronto Fire Services pumper.
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Pajama Scientists: Hot Ice
The Pajama Scientists cook up a batch of Hot Ice. See as this liquid instantly turns to ice with the touch of a finger. Actual reactions @ 2:46 and 5:05.
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First 3D print job
Raw footage of the Pajama Scientists (not in their PJs) watching their first 3D print job being made. #TPLMakers
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Today's trapeze practice
The kids did some trapeze practice on their homemade bedroom static trapeze. My daughter's featured trick is her "Hung C", and my son skins the cat off, and then back to sitting on the trapeze bar.
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Watching TTC Subway Trains near Davisville/Eglington
A great place for kids (and adult Railfans) to watch the TTC trains, is at Manor Rd W which is a few street South of Eglington Subway Station, or a few more Streets North of Davisville Subway station. It is a small pedestrian bridge that goes over the tracks so the kids can watch, run from one side of the bridge to the other and back again, and not have to worry about any motorists.
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LegoQuest: Olympics -- Swimming & Diving Pool
The kids accepted the LEGO Quest Kids #51 Challenge. More info at http://chrisnolan.ca/2012/09/10/lego-quest-kids-olympics-swimming-diving/
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Take the $20 without knocking over the stack of coins
Inertia rules the day. Tada!
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Kid playing with ball -- Rolling it at camera
Young girl rolls her rubber ball towards the camera. Giggles ensue.
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Sphero in the snow
Views: 197 Chris Nolan
Bumblebee Eating
A shaky video of a bumblebee eating some early spring flowers. If you watch close you can spot his tongue (aka proboscis).
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Hula Hooping Frog
A small frog does some great hula-hooping at Cultura Festival thanks to Kavita of Family Hoops.
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Howto Try Trihexaflexagons
We demonstrate how to put together a trihexaflexagon, and a hexahexaflexagon. Slowly, and we hope clearly, for people struggling to get started. More info at http://chrisnolan.ca/2012/10/24/howto-try-trihexaflexagon/
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Sliding in the Snow
Having some fun going down the slide when it has recently snowed out.
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Freaky tall blue legged creature costume test
I have my first stilt costume half on here for halloween, and just getting a sense of what it looks like. We did up the legs to look Digitigrade, but they are just peg stilts underneath.
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5yo Testing out new stilts
We've doubled his augmentation, that is, these stilts are a tad more than twice the height as his previous stilts. 5 months ago he took his first steps: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v3dJm0A73p4 After a month he was way better than his father: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YsYy3hvZoFw
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Scott Jackson BeatBox at BuskerFest Toronto 2013
Scott Jackson, Beat Boxer extraordinare celebrates his first appearance at this year's BuskerFest in Toronto on Aug 22, 2013
Views: 159 Chris Nolan
Snail on leaf
A snail crawls around a leaf.
Views: 858 Chris Nolan

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