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SNEAKO (Racist?) HATES being Mixed Race... (read description)
This is a response to SNEAKO's Video: "Would You Say the N Word for One Dollar?" In which he claims to be proud of his racial heritage. I see it differently. SNEAKo felt the need to mute me based on a comment that i left on his video, because he disagreed. from this evidence it could be extrapolated that he is either a little bitch pussy, or he is completely ignorant to his own hypocritical viewpoint and refuses to consider any other point of view out of fear that he may experience a complete psychological breakdown. He is interchanging the term "mixed race" for "i am part black and you should treat me like im full black". I am an individual of mixed race who grew up in part of the world where neither of my 'halves' gave me the opportunity to conform to any culture or racial group. as such, i find SNEAKOS use of being "mixed" to push his racist agenda fucking dispicable. his viewpoint being: 1. anyone with black in them should be treated as black. 2. black people should be allowed to do something that white people cant, as a rule and privilege. ie. saying nigga. and that it is okay to enforce this rule with verbal abuse. and if you get beaten up for saying it, thats your own fault. He is bullying to avoid being bullied, mostly by his own inner-racist, as stated in the video. I have a SNEAKing suspicion that he grew up around alot of white people and only started to adopt black culture so virtuously in his teenage years. this would explain his resentment towards white people. im sure they accepted him just fine but he just couldn't stand being different. im sure he was that ONE guy who, even among relatively diverse peer groups, longed to be one of the white kids. He looks in mirror and remembers that he isnt white, or asian, or black. He cant accept himself, and he blames the world for that. But when you blame the world then nobody is on your side and you become isolated. he's too weak for that 'fuck the world' buzz. so he decides he should be treated as a black guy, so he can have something the whites cant. its pathetic really. it all comes down to needing to fit in, which i cant blame him for because that is an inherent human trait. we survived through community so it would make sense that this need for acceptance has imparted itself as a behavioral adaptation in most humans. i DONT think he is truly a racist, though he shows clear resentment towards white people. I think his mentality stems from a slow burn of self loathing as opposed to just hating white people. feeling different is hard. SneakO doesnt appreciate being mixed race at all, in fact he hates it (or at least did growing up). thats why he holds such strong views about racial issues that dont exist. he wants to create these issues so its easier for him to worm his way into acceptance. Its fucking disgusting that he uses being "mixed" to push his agenda when he hasn't even embraced being a person of mixed race, but rather just being part-black. 🤦
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#BlackLivesMatter - poem
Were you a slave, who was forced to work? Does the sight of dark skin, make you beserk? Are you brown, or yellow or another? No you’re white, so love one another. If you have smaller eyes, does it mean you are blind? Or more easy to see, the things you cant find? Do you have dark skin, that absorbs all the light? Or do you have a big nose, like a jew? Do you always win in an evening fight…. ...because you blend in, like a shadow at night? Are you a small person, born in the shire? Or maybe a jew, who was burned in a fire? Did you have a man like hitler, bringing you down? Or lots of men, like when the kkk when they were lynching the browns? No, you’re white, and you always will be So be glad for that, because you are lucky. A world full of hate, bad things said shamelessly I want to bring love, and spread it aimlessly. All over the blacks, and browns and jews, Even the asians, and mexicans too. Women especially, will enjoy my love. Because they are just as equal, if not more, than everyone i mentioned above We are all slavs to racism, hatred and freedom Let me lead you all, to the garden of eden. There we can all eat the fruit from the tree, You and a black man, and silly white me.
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oh mean, a fish penis.
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Are YOU Smarter Than Sean Murray?
IGN shows off some of the revolutionary features in the highly anticipated, upcoming, full priced ($60USD) indie game Nomad Skies. I dont think the game will be that bad. just overpriced and overhyped. dont get mad if u buy it and its not what ur expecting. the $60 price tag should provide enough incest to think about ur purchase.
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hitman plays Hitman
hey guys. hitman asked me to upload this for him.
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God Help Us - Documentary about Mental illness
compilation of some of the insane reaction videos to kathy griffin holding up a plastic trump head, with a few edits by me 😏 ✊🏿🍉👃🏿🍌✊🏿 🔫👮🏼🏅
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sandy man - poem
sandyman This is my sand, this is my land. If you are sandless, then die by my hand. I was sandy at birth, and im sandy right now Now you will see how it feels on you Here have some sand, from my hand Are you a fan? no , its sand. But its my sand and i love it Mmm yummy sand Why do you hate me mr sandless All i have is my sand Now you are here, taking my land And killing my sandy brothers, my fam. I am so lost without my sand Without my brothers to hold my hand What is the point in life, should i carry on? I know what ill do, ill make a bomb. Now that i have no sand, hurting my eyes a masterful plan, i will devise To ensure the sandless man meets his painful demise. Ill take his fam, and make them all cry. Foolish sandless fools, I will drown you all in pools Of blood. Then you will hate me, like i hate you You will demand that i die, in a sandy man stew You will blow up my houses, and shout “have a shower” And then bake a cake, out of sandy man flour. But a short while later, after i die After you eat all your sandy man pie Another man, will arise from the sand And strike you all down, with his dirty brown hand
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dancing on the beach 2
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dancing on the beach
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