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Man vs ceratosaurus
I was thinking,what might happen if a man challenged a 150lbs ceratosaurus in fight,well you have the results🤣
Minisaurus:food fight
I was wondering what would happen if three,dinosaurus engaged in a fight to the death just for a sleeping ankylosaurus???
Minisaurus:Soccer||The last video of 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s a nice and beautiful day to have a game of soccer right but until everything goes wrong when ankylo shows up and joins the game right what a fun destroyer right!!!!!,so once again a brand new claymation in store as always nothing new of course,so I hope you enjoy guys and it’s the end of 2017!!!!!!!it has been a honor making videos for you guys and friends,as this is my last video for this year,so see you soon at 2018!!!!!!!!! And continuing on making more amazing and awesome videos made by me of course so it’s been a great journey with you guys and friends so I hope you guys enjoy it and like and subscribe
D.T.W Pivot Animation Series:Tyrannozilla vs SpaceKing(Entry to Matromx Contest)
This is my entry to Matromx contest so I hope you guys enjoy and you too Matromx also I made Spaceking it’s originally a metrialong stk made by The White Ninja that I edited so bye
Godzilla vs Ancalagon the black||kaiju claymation fight
I’m BACK and with a new epic and awesome claymation,sorry for being behind the schedule it’s just that life never give me a break for a while with all the homework and other stuff I will try my best to upload regularly as best as I can,I will not promise that I will be always active as I used to be before so forgive me fans and friends so as my apology I made a GODZILLA aka kaiju claymation for all of you,and this was actually a request form one of my friends has channel is could The Vividen check out has channel it’s very awesome and amazing,educational etc so it’s very epic to go check out has stuff on has YouTube channel so thanks for watching guys and goodbye BYREEEEE.............bye:)
WallaceTheTuna’s:Tyrannosaurus Rex VS Evil Dragon*Resounded*
This video isn’t mean at all i just resounded it,it all being to awesome animator WallaceTheTuna Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpOKXol-0nJBRYVwvoBXIaQ Original video: https://youtu.be/itxoPjL7yZE
Minisaurus:Friends today......enemies tomorrow||50sub special!!!!!
Man this video was a monster literally,I take you years to finish it(just joking around it actually take me 6hrs to finish:D)so again with a new claymation in store the next one is probably I don’t know maybe another Godzilla fight,minisaurus,dino fights we will have to wait and see so I hope you guys enjoyed this video as much as I do to like and subscribe and thanks for watching BYREEE................bye
T-rex vs giganotsaurus
This video take me a while to finish it,but at the end it was worth,the animation take me 2hrs and the sound effect 4hrs I hope you guys I joy it:)
Aquarimax 5,000 subscriber contest
I forgot to add some stuff in the first one so I do it in the second one.😁👍 Also check out the amazing Aquarimax with has amazing and awesome videos and stuff he is a really amazing
D.T.W Pivot Animation Series:SPINO LIFE(ENTRY TO Dach DLT CONTEST)
This is a entry to Dach DLT contest hope you guys enjoy what I have made so see you later👋
Minisaurus: STOP IT!!!!
It was a just a regular day, when Rex decided to have a little nap, when out of no were a baby carcharodontosaurus came and started screaming because he wants to, and R-ex was getting pissed of and he, hade no choice but too................... you know. Sorry for not,uploading as much,since school came I hade a lot of homework and other stuff to do, but luckily for me in my free time a made up this, little video for you guys so a hope you enjoy, and if your new here please subscribe,BYRRRRRRRRRRRREE.
D.T.W Pivot Animation Series:Emerlad Gojira vs Godzilla(Entry to WallaceTheTuna Contest)
This is my contest entry for WallaceTheTuna hope you guys enjoy it and you too Wallace also I have a claymation project coming soon maybe after a week or so stay tuned for that.
Minisaurus: T-Rex nest!!!
This is why,you NEVER invented a T-rex nest or else!!!!
Ceratosaurus vs Lythronax||D.T.W FIGTH CLUB SERIES
Finally I finished FINALLY!! This one take ages to make man!,so this is my first video of my new series and I will do another soon I hope so now you guy have to vote for Tarbosaurus or Ankylosaurus to win the EPIC! Fight of monster so see you guys next time BYREEE...........bye
Ceratosaurus vs carnotaurus DTW
Finally the video that I have been working on for the last two days so I hope you guys enjoy and sorry for the loud sounds I tried,my best to lower it as I can.
D.T.W Pivot Animation Series:Emerald Gojira vs Spinoraptor(Entry to GreenRage Contest)
This is a contest entry for GRgun-blood Greenrage
Sneak peek||Gorosaurus vs Tyrqnns||(Entry to Matromx contest)
So this is a sneak peek to one of my upcoming pivot animation videos enjoy,It’s a contest try and I will do two more which I almost finished too.Enjoy the video
Minisaurus: jet pack
Everyone needs a jet pack is there life right:)
Vote for Ceratosaurus or Lythronax||D.T.W FIGTH CLUB SERIES
I’m back I missed all of you so so much 😊I will be doing other claymation like this very very soon so stay tuned for that and I’m starting a new series that’s called D.T.W FIGTH CLUB SERIES and,so the way how this is gonna go is I will put two dinos my*choice*in a fight and the winner will gonna be decided by you yes all the fans and subscribe by tapping the two options in the code on tap at the last seconds on my video and the dino who gets the most votes in gonna win the fight also remember this is not scientifically accurate or anything like that so don’t send me hated comment like this is bigger then this aw he was more teeth blah blah blah OK!! So BYREE............bye
D.T.W Pivot Animation Series:Carnotaurus VS Allosaurus
Forget to add some extra stuff enjoy the video
Oppussmguy world’s*Dimetrodon vs Deinonychus*(resounded)
Check out oppussumguy world he’s so so AWESOME AND AMAZING his channel is all about amazing stopmotion videos so you next BYREEEEE.............bye Has channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdahSX3RSSCrP4RwftysL7g Original video: https://youtu.be/nzhrHb7ipdo
D.T.W Pivot Animation Series:Bendy vs Granny
So yea I’m back with this new animation video don’t worry claymations will come soon
Gecko animation’s*T-rex vs Spinosaurus*(resounded) My first Video of the year!!!!!!
I don’t own the models or animation or did anything like this I just resounded it,this awesome fight, all belongs to the amazing and awesome gecko studios animation so check out has stuff it’s pretty cool all about dino claymation,reptile stuff,songs etc so check him out he’s AWESOME so BYREEEE.............bye Has channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwS8vKxj4LtTzQFwjqOK9Qg The original video: https://youtu.be/kwiA-ZM3KvA
Majungasaurus vs ankylosaurus
One of my famous dinosaurs fight,enjoy😄👍
Opossumguy world’s*T-rex vs Triceratops*(resounded)
Check out the awesome and amazing opossumguy world Has channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdahSX3RSSCrP4RwftysL7g Original video: https://youtu.be/eLtizzr5kx4
The dinosaurus were just relaxing out then out of nowhere a grenade showed up and land on the floor and exploded with the dinosaurus
Godzilla vs Ancalagon the black(ancalagon winning)||kaiju claymation fight
The one with the ancalagon winning enjoy:)
Minisaurus:the kick
Why would you kick,somebody it's not nice☹️
D.T.W Pivot Animation Series:Wallace The Tuna vs Tyrannosaurus Rex(Entry to Toxic Raptor Contest)
I’m back with another one of my awesome pivot animation videos sorry guys I will continue my claymations soon I hope next month or the month after,until now please wait I got a lot of comments to get back to claymation don’t worry I WILL!! I will never quit OK!!!i will continue it just needs time be patient with me please I will not repeat my self OK!!! So see you guys next time👍 PEACE!!!!
Minisaurus: the monster of the lake
This was my ever first video,to upload on YouTube enjoy and welcome to my channel were the untamed and unknown live in this world:)
Minisaurus:roaring contest
A good time for a roaring contest right:)
Gecko animation’s*Godzilla vs Gorogsaurus*(resounded)
Check the awesome Gecko Animation!!!,Has channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwS8vKxj4LtTzQFwjqOK9Qg Original video: https://youtu.be/A0HmDz4tGSY
Gecko animation’s*Clayosaurus||Hungry *(resounded)
Another resounded Video made by Gecko Animation,resounded by me!!!!!check out Gecko animation he’s AWESOME AND AMAZING!!!!!!!!! Has channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwS8vKxj4LtTzQFwjqOK9Qg Original video: https://youtu.be/Lb6WpCKgdC8
I Made this new intro that I really like and I wanted to see your guys opinion on it too so I don’t know which one to put on my channel since I will start claymation soon again A for old B for new
There is a murderer😧 hunting all the dinosaurus in minisaurus world!!!!!
The new and improved intro😋
The some intro but just improved a little bit enjoy!,I will be doing more claymation very VERY soon so stay tuned for THAT!!
WallaceTheTuna’s:Kimachodon vs Metrialong Resounded
I don’t make this video it’s all made by WallaceTheTuna I just resounded it. Here is the original video: https://youtu.be/r3Xrt_UYaI8 Wallace’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpOKXol-0nJBRYVwvoBXIaQ
My new spino intro
Hi guys so these will be my new intro for now and yes I will be using half of it so it will be only the first roar then the video because I don't want to make the video longer but this video will be my full intro video so I hope you guys enjoy
minisaurus:The predator has become the prey
Next claymation is coming soon
Shot gun effects experiment 1
I don't know,why I uploaded this🤣
Minisaurus: the rock
Just a funny little video,I made for you guys and always,remember to wear a helmet before going outside!!!!!
New ideas
Aquarimax 5,000 subscriber contest
Forgot to add music at the last 30secs of the Video sorry about that guys I swear this is the last one to be uploaded and that is it so enjoy it guys and so you later BYRRREEEE..............bye
Minisaurus:100 SUBS!!!
Claymation is BACK baby ,also thanks for 100subs you guys are the best let’s try to reach 500 subs next time,I have a 100 sub special video coming soon so stay tuned for that.
Minisaurus:roaring contest
Oops uploaded that be mistake Sorry guys......