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Best of pregnant men
This is the best of my pregnant men, many consider this to be one of the funniest skits in hypnosis. I always dedicate it to the lady's, it certainly is so funny and I really think these are the best! I hope to improve this skit for my casino's shows, I'm always trying to up the bar. most of these are bar shows so the language may be more adult. Ive tried to edit this out as much as possible. In my Hall show I suggest no foul language! I can work any venue! If you wish to see the more adult clips they will be on my Facebook site. I don't do the x-rated shows!
Magic moments from  Wayne Morris and mysteries of the mind. The Professor's Nightmare!
This is a close up rope illusion and sleight of hand trick. Where three rope change to the same length and back again to three different lengths. This another old magic trick, many believe created by Dia Vernon one of magic's master's. He was often referred to as the professor, but the trick was called many other things as well. He more then likely made it famous, and named it at that time! It's one of magic's classics, done in a very simple manner, which sometime's is best.It has been a mainstay in many magicians rope acts done in a variety of ways!
The Board of nails * Morse Sask! converted
I did this board of nails stunt, with a volunteer in hypnosis not a perfect shot but I will be downloading a bunch of new video's here soon. If you enjoyed this check out my webpage at www.mysteriesofthemnd.ca. or friend me on Facebook Wayne Freddrick Morris
Magic session 1 card routine
This a routine of card magic producing the aces and kings, then doing a wonderful routine.
Magic session 4 The hole card.
This is my version of the hole card.
This is my children's show. Children over the age of eight are allowed. With children I just let them have fun, their wonderful imaginations do the rest. These shows are just cute!
Clip #1- Board of nails, Pregnant men, and intermission !
This is collage of Skits, starting with a board of nails! Not just a board of nails, but you see a poster under the volunteer get badly pierced while she is fine! The one of my most popular skits, the pregnant man and one of my favourite intermission skits, Undercover cops, this is where the volunteers during the break think they are undercover cops! This is really just a short display of the many skits I do. The Mystery of the Mind stage show is a one of a kind show for any venue! I have am looking for a casino to build a show for, it would showcase all my talents as a close up Magician, escapes, stunts and much more! With over 30 years of experience this would be an ideal show for the place's where you are trying to draw nightly crowd. With as many as three different shows, and over a hundreds skits! This is ideal for resorts, cruise ships, and auditoriums. This show can be done for any age crowd and is never a R-rated show, but can be used for any age as desired.
Magic moments 2 from Wayne Morris and mysteries of the mind a simple cups and balls
One of magics oldest little illusions or more correctly sleight of hand! The cups and balls with a few little touches. This sleight is believed by many to be in drawings inside the pyramids. Some time the simple one's are the best!
suspensions vol  1 Merge
This my collection of body suspensions. Its almost 10 minutes, but for those that like these this for them. I have always believed that if the audience believe the hypnosis is real, they laugh harder and more. Now there will always be sceptics and I understand, but I do my best to show people the power of the mind. These clips are from over 20 years of videoing my shows. For lay people I take a volunteer from my show and I put there feet on on chair and their shoulder on another, I the stand or even jump on them. its amazing.
Tiffanys Board of nails, (extreme)
I believe this may be the best board of nails test ever. If you like please share and Check out my site www.msyteriesofthemind.ca I like to do these stunts so the volunteers have something that they can say they have done no one else has. It also shows to most that these people are really hypnotisted, not because they can lay on a board of nails , but because most of these people would never do it otherwise!
Master intro 1  for properties
Just a video introduction to my shows, check out this and other clips, posters, and letters.
ridgid body great
This is my ridged body test! This test is to show the power of the mind once harnessed! This is where I lay a person between two chairs and I stand on their stomach many time even jumping! This is a great example of that. It also a allow a person from the audience to do something really stunt person like, just having the nerve and trust in me to do this is mind-blowing
Card Magic 1  Aces and color change
These are the start of my new improved magic video's. These are two of my favourite card routine's. This is the first time i have done them in full, and though I hope to improve the video even more, i hope you enjoy them. Please feel free to share them, and REMEMBER THERE IS NOTHING LIKE SEEING THEM LIVE!
The board of nails vol 1 Merge
The Board of nails. this may be the best collection I've ever done. I wanted to get these together because due to our sue happy society I may almost never do it anymore. In over 20 year of doing the board of nails, we have never had as much as a scratch on a volunteer. All marks any mark have only been enough to know there were nails, not one scratch not one drop of blood. I have done this stunt with women, men, and children. I have done with it shirts on and shirts off, I've jumped as high as I could and Ive stood on them and talked. I even had my ex wife lay for 3 hours on it, without even discomfort. The people here are just regular volunteers from the audience. None were ever forced or asked to do this stunt.
Magic session 3 Rope and coins thru scarfe
This my magic session 3 it includes a rope effect, which I included just for fun, but then two of my best coin presentations. The second one is from the incredible Micheal Ammar with a few touches of my own in presentation.
Promo for march 21,st Humboldt
These are some of the highlights from a show I did at Humboldt Sask in Now 2014! We are back on Saturday Mar 21st! Please come on down and see the show!
Male exotic dancer's 1
This is one of my adult skits, no one really ever takes off any clothes except the guys shirts, if they would do so at a beach! Its a cute one for the lady's. In the past sometimes I had the males put on extra clothes in another skit just so they can do a longer strip tease, which is really the fun part! I like to find ways to do adult skit without truly make anyone feel uncomfortable, its a fine line but important to me! I have many funny skits of this nature! Check them out here, also check out my webpage at www.mysteriesofthemind.ca also friend me on Facebook at Wayne Freddrick Morris !
Best of spiderman
This is one of my most popular repeater skits! i suggested to one of the volunteers that he/she is spiderman and they are going to run jump and try to stick to the wall!
Master mix 1
Mixed video of The Mysteries of the Mind stage show. It includes stunts, magic and hypnosis. This shows my experience and how long I have been performing. With over 20 years of being on stage, over 2000 hypnosis shows. What I can't is my way of promoting, its unlike anything out there. I am a high energy promoter and showman. I can build my show specifically for your venue, and do promotion unlike anything you have ever seen.
Master 5 variety Merge
Video 5 I hope these video's will create interest in a series of shows that I feel are world class. Most important for casino's, hotels and resort is the way I promote. It has never been done in the exact way or intensity that I do! My Facebook page is Mysteries of the mind under Wayne Freddrick Morris
Master 3 variety
This my 3 of about ten variety videos I will be loading. These will be part of my new promo. I'm hoping these will show all my abilities and that I would be the ideal performer for cruise's or casino's. I will also be adding more magic soon and show casing other things that i can do. My special brand of promotion can make my show work even in this rough economy!
Best of ring
This is my hemroid skit, where one of the volunteers thinks his hemroids are acting up and the song make it worse! This is a common skit but always funny! I often have a surprise ending!
Card Magic 1 Merge
These are some of my card effects!
Magic session 2 Scarf off rope
This is a beautiful routine of magic including my all time favourite illusion.
Variety Magic
This a variety of effects with different objects, cups, rope,s stage magic and escapes!
Magic variety vol 2 5:43
This my vol 2 Magic variety. All but the colour changing card have been seen on here one way or another. Some have been not allowed due to music. I hope that since these are just segments that won't happen. This video include my newspaper routine, colour changing card, juggling routine, a strait jacket escape ( legitimate jacket, not altered in any way) and my underwater escape.
Master 8 variety
Video 8 these video's are just a scratch of the surface of all I do and I am currently alway adding more.
Truckers The Cement Block
This is the suspension with a twist! After I lie the person between two chairs, I put cement block on their tummy and smash it with a sledge hammer. The cement block adds a nice touch and I often give them a piece to keep as a souvenir!
Best skits part one
This is a variety of my best skits from my favourite shows present and past! Now most of these are from bar show so a little more adult! They are more naughty then dirty but I don't censor the language from the volunteer's but I don't thick anyone should be offended! These skits show the many years of experience I have and the number of skits I can do! I have three difference shows, plus I can add skits that will make it for a children's show to more adult! I am building shows for casino's and shows to suit different holidays and events! My shows can include escapes, world class close up magic, Hypnosis and Stunts. this is the only show like this of its kind! If you wish to see more complete clips and more variety check out my Facebook page!
Very cute choke 1  choke part 2
This more an explanation then a skit but its cute! I explain how music can make a cute skit go adult immediately,this is from a show in Preecville ! Its originally the mexican jumping bean, from my family show! Then I tell him its starts to feel good and play the song Choke your chicken and our minds make it now a adult skit! My shows have never been really of very dirty nature, I don't censor the volunteers, but no ones clothes are ever removed, except maybe a guys shirt! Most of my adult shows can be seen by children but I clean it up even more and don't allow swearing in the family show! I have always loved class and i design my show for the place's I will be working! Im even now designing specific shows for holidays, Lady's nights, and especially casino's!
All magic variety vol 1 Merge
Stage magic, close up magic , card magic, coin magic, escapes, stunts, linking rings, rope magic , comedy magic, magic, newspaper magic,
Master variety 4
Video 4, My show can be designed for any venue and any audience. The close up magic can be done in any area of a ship, casino or resort. I can design my show specifically for your venue.
Magic Variety  Vol one Merge
This is a all magic video. It features both close up magic and stage. Most of my stage magic is comedy based. The first routine I name a thought of card, then I did a magic classic, Linking Rings, next a four ace routine, followed by a comedy classic, called balls over the head. I ended my routine with what I call the Wayne Deck. These are my versions of these effect, and are not original routine's.
Highlights  1 Indian Head
These are highlights from my Saskatchewan tour! this one is from Indian Head!
Best of singers
This a variety of impressions, people believing they are the starts! Using props and costume's it can be so much fun!
Best of skits part2
This is part two of the best of skits. these include some of the funniest skit I've done in over thirty years of doing shows!
Best of intermission guns1
This is one of my intermission skits, this means even when taking a break the comedy just goes on! I tell the volunteers that they are undercover officer's for the local RCMP and that they are being shot at. They duck for cover and shoot back!
Best of thigh touchmp4
This is such a fun skit! the lady's think that the person next to them is toughing their thighs! A little naughty and a lot of fun.
Gamblers card routine Plamondon
A comedy colour card change!
Card magic part 2 Merge
More of my card magic, This a few of many i do and i am alway striving to do better and more. Lately we have really started to take close up to a new level, adding in cardistry, and the best card magic available today!
Master 6 variety
Video 6 show casing clips from past show of over 20 years. These shows show a vast experience under all conditions. I can perform for any venue, any size, under almost any condition.
Master 7 variety Merge
Variety video 7 Hoping the number and variety of these video's give a idea of all i can do and more. I have been able to do almost any style of magic and escapes. I am a energetic worker and performer.
Master 2 variety
This my second variety video showing clips of hypnosis magic and stunts. It give a very good break down of all I can do and how long I've been doing shows. It shows that I have history of being able to do all types of shows and for any age or venue as well as able to build a show to suit any purpose!
Best of Romantic dancers
This is one of my favourite group skits, I call it the Romantic Dancer! It where the volunteers think I am the most gorgeous person of the opposite sex!
Xmas Hightlights 2 Montmartre, Humbolt, Indian Head Merge
These are Xmas themed skits from shows in Saskatchewan! The skits include the grinch, Rudolf and ect!
The Best of piano and crepitating
This is the best of my piano skits, and the crepitating contests just so funny! The crepitating contests is where they think they are the worlds greatest flatulence artists! The piano one are from show #1 and the crepitating contest from show 2.
Best of piano player
This simply what the title says, its my version of the volunteers playing the piano. here they play the piano with various body parts. Each person thinking they are the best of the bunch! This is a great skit for all ages and always funny to watch!

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