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Wrestling with my brother
Subscribe to me brother Savage Hassan
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How to make HALAL Rice Krispies
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Blae blade
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Fortnite dance challenge for 200 subscriber special. Just kidding.
Fortnite account: QWASQAAAAA on Xbox 1 FlameDestroyerM Roblox account:INEEDrobux_010 Bro’s Fortnite account:Taleb14 on Xbox 1s CrystalSeeker Bro’s roblox account:Qwasqaaaaa
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Doing whatever we wAnt
https://youtube.com/EliasChehadi https://youtube.com/AhmadChehadi
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JENGANOS with my cousin
ITS accally is dominos but with jenga LOL MAKE SURE to watch to the end to see what happens https://youtube/feudal master https://youtube/Savage Hassan
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How to fold and make a boat out of paper!!
How to make a boat(paper)
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Showing you guys my death run I made!!
This might’ve took me 10 days to make each level was 1 day I had 10 Levels level 10 is a struggle Subscribe to Savage Hassan with 12 subscribers Feudal master with 57 subscribers Jessica Janioda(I think) with about 160 subscribers And me with about 300 subscriber Btw I could not have time to write the steps to subscribe (lol) but it’s Ok we all make mistakes See ya guys next time (btw comment what should the description be in the death run and the name.
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How to make a NINGA STAR EASY!!
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Cool intro
I added a intro
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How to get a command_block in Minecraft (IOS devices)
Today I am showing you how to get a command block in Minecraft iOS devices Make sure to subscribe and turn on the bell Also in the next video I will show you how to use the command block And like if it was very very helpful for you and in the next video I told you I will show you how to use the command block
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Wrestling with cousins 2 (same vid but edited)
Go sub to my cousins channel-👉👉https://youtube.com/feudalmaster Go sub to my bothers channel-👉👉https://youtube.com/savage Hassan Hope you enjoyed this vid it’s also edited go download the app/game Splice. #Flame squad for more vids on my channel. Also if you sub and turn on the bell you will be in all my videos I make. Also if you did not here I am THE ROCK my cousin is JOHN CENA my brother is UNDER TAKER and my baby cousin is ROCKY I know ROCY is fake but really don’t make if CRY LIKE A BABY!!!!!!😭😭😭😭😭...LOL https://youtube.com/Danocool
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Fortnite Dance Challenge part 2(WITH COUSIN)
Hope you guys enjoyed the I-Tunes Sub to feudal master
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Playing Fortnite Battle Royale
Hope you subscribed please I’m sorry for yelling at my brother in the video I said sorry and it went right
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Showing you Johnny Johnny yes papa in a creepy mode no children under 3/2 are not allowed to watch😫
This is how you go in the giveaway for free robux subscribe the flame that says Subscribe turn on the 🛎 and leave a like on the video.
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