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How To Install WordPress Themes From ZIP Files?
In this WordPress Tutorial, we'll show how to download, unzip and install your WordPress theme onto your website in a simple and fast way by upload the theme .zip files. https://visualmodo.com/wordpress-themes/
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How To Add Background Image In a Column Using Visual Composer WordPress Plugin
In this video tutorial, our WordPress user will show how to add background images in a column layout using Visual Composer WordPress plugin in an easy and simple way to design beautiful section onto your WordPress sites. If you want to design amazing sections and build a responsive site have a look at our portfolio of WordPress themes and use this plugin too https://visualmodo.com/
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How To Create A Testimonial Section On WordPress?
In this tutorial on our guides area we will show you how to create a WordPress Testimonial Section using our Visual elements plugin ‘testimonial’ element and edit it in an easy way using our WordPress plugin https://visualmodo.com/knowledgebase/wordpress-testimonial-section/
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How To Create One Page Navigation With Anchor Menu In WordPress
How To Create One Page Navigation Anchor Menu https://visualmodo.com/knowledgebase/one-page-wordpress-site/ In this tutorial on the visualmodo knowledge base, we will show how to create a One-Page Site using our WordPress Theme in a simple and easy way and how to organize it with our themes. https://visualmodo.com/
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How To Import Revolution Slider Plugin Demo Sliders For Free - WordPress Tutorial
How To Import Revolution Slider Demo Sliders For Free WordPress Plugin Tutorial https://visualmodo.com/knowledgebase/how-to-import-revolution-slider-demo-sliders/ In the new Revolution Slider version 5.0 by ThemePunch, They’ve introduced the Free Slider Exchange. The Free Slider Exchange is a database of both official and user submitted slider templates that you can download for free and use on your own website. To learn more about this new feature, please go to the link above. https://visualmodo.com/
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How To Change Background In Revolution Slider WordPress Plugin?
In this WordPress video tutorial, we'll change backgrounds in a slider build-in Revolution Slider WordPress plugin in a simple and easy method https://visualmodo.com/knowledgebase/using-revolution-slider-wordpress-plugin/ Download http://visualmodo.com/
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How To Add Images Layers In Revolution Slider WordPress Plugin?
See how to add image layer into your slider using Revolution Slider WordPress plugin in a simple and easy method. This plugin is available for free to all Visualmodo WordPress themes users, download at https://visualmodo.com/wordpress-themes/
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How To Create A WordPress Blog? Blog Pages, Posts Grid & Masonry
Building WordPress Blog Page https://visualmodo.com/knowledgebase/building-wordpress-blog-page/ building WordPress blog page: in this tutorial, we will explain you another way to create your WordPress blog page, with sidebar and in the style you want, posts grid or masonry.
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How To Add Facebook Page In WordPress Widget?
In this tutorial, we'll show how to embed the facebook fan page box onto WordPress widget in a very easy method. Facebook developers page https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/page-plugin/ Visualmodo blog https://visualmodo.com/blog/
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How to Create Video Background Sections In WordPress
How to A Create WordPress Video Background Section https://visualmodo.com/ In this tutorial we'll show you how to create a page or section on your WordPress with video backgrounds in an easy way using WP Bakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) and create a beauty section over it.
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How To Add Revolution Slider To WordPress Pages or Posts
In this tutorial on Visualmodo knowledge base, we show how to use the revolution slider premium WordPress plugin in many ways on your page, place it on the page header, with the transparent menu, in the middle of a page or in a widget on your sidebar. https://visualmodo.com/knowledgebase/using-revolution-slider-wordpress-plugin/ You gain this WordPress slider builder premium plugin for free while Visualmodo WordPress themes usage https://visualmodo.com/wordpress-themes/
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How To Add Pricing Boxes To WordPress?
In this tutorial on our guides area, we will show you how to create a WordPress Pricing Element using our Visual elements plugin 'pricing' element and edit it in an easy way using our WordPress plugin https://visualmodo.com/knowledgebase/wordpress-pricing-element/
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How To Customize WordPress Footer Section
How To Customize WordPress Footer Section https://visualmodo.com/knowledgebase/wordpress-footer-customization/ In this tutorial on visualmodo knowledge base we will show how to do a WordPress footer customization using our WordPress Theme in an easy and simple way using text, images, and widgets.
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Nonprofit WordPress Theme - Donation & Organization Sites Builder
Nonprofit WordPress theme is a powerful responsive charity / donations / foundation / fundraising premium WordPress theme packed with features designed for Charity, Church, NGO, Fundraising and more. Nonprofit theme is designed for charity, NGO, non-profit organization, donation, church or a fundraising website. You can easily collect donations via PayPal or other payment processing gateways. Nonprofit is a responsive WordPress theme that has all it takes if you are looking for a website that stands out from the crowd. Accept donations Today Want to accept donations on your website? The Give plugin will empower your cause so you can start accepting donations today. The Give plugin is included and will install with the theme. Live Demo https://theme.visualmodo.com/nonprofit/ Download https://visualmodo.com/wordpress-themes/
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Adding WordPress Images To Posts Or Pages
Using a visual element like an image, a photo or illustration is a great way to spruce up your post or page content. See in this post how to upload WordPress images to your posts or pages. https://visualmodo.com/adding-wordpress-images/
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How To Make Full-Width Header or Footer Sections In WordPress?
In today's tutorial, you'll see how to make your WordPress header or footer sections to be full-width in a simple and easy way using WordPress and the theme options panel https://visualmodo.com/ With this features, you'll be able to design your WordPress site menu or footer to looks like Dribbble's one.
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How To Remove Bluehost Coming Soon Page?
In today's video we will help you disabling or enabling your Bluehost coming soon page, normally this page it's auto-added when you start your site on Bluehost, so only admins can see the site, so see now how to turn it off and make your site visible for everyone.
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How To Create A Portfolio In WordPress?
How To Create A Portfolio In WordPress In this tutorial on visualmodo knowledge base we will show how to use a portfolio page builder element in a simple and easy way with our WordPress themes and place it on a page to show your users your latest works/ projects/photos https://visualmodo.com/knowledgebase/creating-a-portfolio-in-wordpress/ Build using Visualmodo WordPress themes engine https://visualmodo.com/wordpress-themes/
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Cryptocurrency WordPress Theme Presentation - Responsive Crypto Website Builder
Looking for a responsive ICO landing page or Cryptocurrency website for your Crypto project? Meet Cryptocurrency – the best premium ICO landing page and Cryptocurrency WordPress theme, that perfectly fits for any type of digital consulting services or crypto business. More details https://visualmodo.com/wordpress-themes/ Live demo http://theme.visualmodo.com/cryptocurrency/ Do you offer professional cryptocurrency and investments consulting services? Are you an ICO Advisor? If you are an expert focused on the cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin trading and Investments, Cryptocurrency WordPress theme will help you drive your services. Cryptocurrency theme enjoys benefits from a clean yet functional design based on in-depth industry research - With Cryptocurrency theme you’ll get a robust WordPress solution for an ICO landing page, and a professional website for ICO Advisor or Cryptocurrency Investments consulting firm. Blockchain technology consulting and ICO development agencies also can utilize the benefits and special features of the Cryptocurrency WordPress theme. This WordPress theme is in tune with all devices, browsers, and platforms, retina ready and comes with Visual Composer as page builder for free. All customization options are available in the Front-End editor and no coding skill required to edit the existing content, improve it, remove it or add your customized blocks to a page.
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How To Add Instagram Posts To WordPress?
In this WordPress tutorial, you'll see how to add Instagram latest posts grid in blog widget or page body content in an easy method without codes or password requirement. More info and WordPress themes download at http://visualmodo.com/
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How To Add YouTube Videos To WordPress?
YouTube videos are a great way to enliven your site. Here’s how you can easily use them in your posts and pages, as well as in your widget areas. More details at https://visualmodo.com/adding-youtube-videos-to-wordpress/ https://visualmodo.com/
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Hotel WordPress Theme Presentation - Hotel Website Builder
Hotel WordPress Theme is the best hotel, hostel, resort, apartment presentation WordPress theme. With its beautiful design and high coding quality, this theme can showcase your unique accommodations to the world and attract more visitors to your website. https://visualmodo.com/wordpress-themes/ http://theme.visualmodo.com/hotel/
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Salon WordPress Theme   Beauty Site Builder WordPress Template
Salon is a handcrafted Beauty Salon WordPress Theme for hair salons, wellness center, yoga / meditation classes and all other healthcare businesses. http://theme.visualmodo.com/salon/ https://visualmodo.com/ Build your business: Whether you need pages with advanced resources, striking galleries, a professional blog, a creative portfolio, or an online store, it’s all included in our WordPress themes. Best of all, everything is mobile-ready right from the start.
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How To Add Background Image Or Color In WordPress?
In this tutorial on Visualmodo knowledge base, we show you how to add background colour or image to page rows/sections, columns or any other elements of your site in an easy method https://visualmodo.com/knowledgebase/add-background-color-or-image/
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WordPress Blog Site Builder - Traveler WordPress Theme Blog Templates
Traveler WordPress Theme http://theme.visualmodo.com/traveler/ by https://visualmodo.com/wordpress-themes/ A WordPress Themes collection for build any site style Build a website never been easier! With our WordPress Premium Responsive Themes you will be able to design any layout you imagine in an intuitive and simple way. On our collection you will found a theme that fit for all your needs. Download our entire WordPress Themes portfolio now!
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How To Add Facebook Like and Twitter Follow Buttons In WordPress?
In today's tutorial, you'll learn how to add Facebook page like and Twitter follow buttons to your WordPress site in an easy and simple method without custom plugins of functions. https://visualmodo.com/ https://www.facebook.com/visualmodo https://twitter.com/visualmodo Embed codes creation pages: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/like-button/ https://publish.twitter.com/
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How To Add Site Favicon - Browser Tab Site Icon - Site Building Tutorial
See in this tutorial an easy method to add your site icon on to browser tab using WordPress - How To Add Site Favicon - To add an identity to your website and make it more unique. Powered by Visualmodo WordPress Themes https://visualmodo.com/ Site Building Tutorial
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Add Google Maps To WordPress
In today's tutorial, you'll learn how to embed a Google map into your WordPress page or post and how to edit this page. A Map is very important to display your business location and complete your contact form page. https://visualmodo.com/knowledgebase/wordpress-contact-page/
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Fitness WordPress Theme Home-Page Presentation - Health Template for WordPress
Fitness WordPress Theme Health Responsive Template - A premium responsive WordPress theme specially developed for sportive site styles, if you want to build a gym. health. fitness, sport team or any other sports site design this is the right theme for you! https://visualmodo.com/theme/fitness-wordpress-theme/
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How To Edit And Customize WordPress Header - Site Heading Customize
WordPress Header Settings Fully customize your site heading area https://visualmodo.com/knowledgebase/wordpress-header-settings/ In this tutorial on Visualmodo knowledge base, we will show you how to completely change your header style on your page editor or on your entire site using our WordPress header settings on our Themes.
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Resume WordPress Theme - Responsive CV Template - Site Builder
Resume WordPress Theme https://visualmodo.com/theme/resume-wordpress-theme/ Resume is an easily customizable responsive CV/resume/v-card/portfolio WordPress theme made with bootstrap 4. Its unique and modern design, easy navigation, one-page layout helps you effortlessly organize and beautifully illustrate your skills, experience, and portfolio. It is perfect both for personal and agency portfolio websites. So, whether you are a designer, developer, photographer, lawyer, health professional or a small agency; ‘Resume’ is the theme you need to give your work perfect exposure to your audience. http://theme.visualmodo.com/resume/
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How To Import WordPress Themes Demo Sliders?
In this tutorial, we'll show how to import the demonstrative slider shows build-in your WordPress themes in an easy way using the delivered .zip slider files https://visualmodo.com/knowledgebase/how-to-import-revolution-slider-demo-sliders/ All WordPress themes come with unique sliders built-in https://visualmodo.com/wordpress-themes/
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How To Customize Header Menu In WordPress?
How To Customize Header Menu Style In WordPress https://visualmodo.com/knowledgebase/wordpress-navigation-menu-alignment/ In this tutorial, we will show how to change your WordPress site header navigation menu style and company/site logo alignment/position.
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WordPress Front-End Editor Guide - Drag and Drop Page Builder Usage
Build a responsive website and manage your content easily with intuitive frontend WordPress editor. No programming knowledge required – create stunning and beautiful pages with award-winning drag and drop WordPress frontend editor. Experience the true “What You See Is What You Get” and forget about “blind designing”. Download the page builder at https://visualmodo.com/wordpress-themes/
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Pettshop WordPress Theme Presentation - Responsive Pets Site Builder
Petshop WordPress theme - Build a website for a pet store, veterinary clinic, dog training classes, animal shelters and pet hotels, dog/cat trainers, or pet caretakers. Petshop is a creative WordPress theme for Pets and Vets with fresh and clean responsive design. Everything is customized easily. Pet Shop WordPress Theme is created as a wonderful solution for any Pet related websites, that require special shopping functionality and product presentation. Petshop theme fully designed and integrated WooCommerce shop plugin compatibility to show your pets and collections in a creative appearance. The customisation using theme customizer is extremely easy even for non-developers and is fully described in the included documentation and HD videos. Live demo https://theme.visualmodo.com/petshop/ Download https://visualmodo.com/wordpress-themes/
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How To Create WordPress Vertical Navigation Menu?
How To Create WordPress Vertical Navigation Menu? https://visualmodo.com/theme/marvel-vertical-menu-wordpress-theme/ The vertical menu serves many purposes, besides the fact that it’s unique and stands out compared to the standard horizontal menu at the top of a website. In fact, some argue that designs look more creative and appealing when you have that vertical menu lining the side of the page. The first reason you might think about using our vertical menu theme is because of how easy it is to locate the navigation. The menu generally sticks around when someone scrolls down, which makes it more versatile for both one page and multi-page designs. http://theme.visualmodo.com/marvel/
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WordPress Gradient Backgrounds
In this video, you'll see how to add a gradient background into your WordPress page in a simple and easy method using our theme's page builder background selector options and other plugins features to design whatever you want.. Themes download at https://visualmodo.com/wordpress-themes/
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How to create, customize and remove a page from your main menu using WordPress
In this tutorial we will show how to organize and edit your main menu header, in a very simple way, such as creating, customizing and removing any page of your menu using WordPress Visit our website and see our amazing retina responsive wordpress themes: http://8grids.com/
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Header Menu Options - Visualmodo WordPress Themes
Customize the header menu – In this tutorial we will show how to customize your header menu using our wordpress theme, size, space, alignment and more. Site — https://visualmodo.com/ Help Center — https://visualmodo.com/help/ Facebook — https://facebook.com/visualmodo/ Twitter — https://twitter.com/visualmodo/ E-Mail — [email protected]
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Spark WordPress Theme Slider Background Video
Spark WordPress theme https://visualmodo.com/theme/spark-wordpress-theme/ Build any site design without coding! You can have a fully equipped website up and running within just a few minutes. Spark WordPress theme is not just a template, it’s a collection of amazing examples with tons of features. Presentation http://theme.visualmodo.com/spark/
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Food WordPress Theme Home-Page Presentation - Restaurant Responsive Templates
Food WordPress theme https://visualmodo.com/theme/food-wordpress-theme/ Food and Design is possible! Our Food WordPress theme is specially developed for food site styles, if you want to build a restaurant. candy shop. pizzeria, ice cream shop, chef or any other food site designs it”s the right theme for you!
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Wedding WordPress Theme Home-Page Presentation - Responsive Wedding Template
Wedding WordPress Theme https://visualmodo.com/theme/wedding-wordpress-theme/ A Responsive WordPress Theme specially developed for The Wedding Day. It is perfect for your wedding event. It comes with RSVP Form, Countdown and Guestbook.
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Medical WordPress Theme Home Background Video
Medical WordPress theme https://visualmodo.com/theme/medical-wordpress-theme/ health care and clinic premium WordPress Theme especially for industry that need minimal, medical practices, dentists, doctors, surgeons, hospitals, health clinics, paediatrics, psychiatrist, psychiatry, stomatology, chiropractor, veterinary clinics and other medical related practices but it is also suitable for any kind of website – conference, environmental, charity, nonprofit, gym, parallax, political, activist, cause, one page, business, spa and shop. Medical WordPress Theme is evaluated an unique & trendy WordPress theme for Health Care and Clinic with clean and modern design. With design minimal and focus on show projects, Medical will make your work look more impressive and attractive to viewers. You can use it for a lot of website such as medical laboratory, veterinary clinic, spa, gym, pharmacy or health care professionals like dentist, surgeon, ophthalmologist, veterinarian, physiotherapist, psychiatrist or psychologist.
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Rare WordPress Theme Landing-Page Presentation - Ultimate Site Builder Template
Rare WordPress theme is all about building unique, creative and professional websites through industry leading options network without having to touch a line of code. Our amazingly flexible network of options is paired with an easy to use interface that allows anyone from beginner to advanced build beautiful, responsive websites https://visualmodo.com/theme/rare-wordpress-theme/
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How To Create Info-Box Section In WordPress?
In this tutorial on Visualmodo knowledge base, we will show how to create and use an Infobox Element In WordPress https://visualmodo.com/knowledgebase/infobox-element-in-wordpress/ Download at https://visualmodo.com/
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MakiPlace & Visualmodo WordPress Themes
30+ WordPress Themes From Visualmodo for Only $49 https://www.makiplace.com/sales/visualmodo-lifetime/
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Stream One Page WordPress Theme Home-Page Presentation - Anchor Navigation System
One Page Sites WordPress theme https://visualmodo.com/theme/stream-wordpress-theme/ Landing Pages – Easily setup one page navigation with Stream WordPress theme on your front-page or across multiple pages to create unique and engaging layouts for your visitors.
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Rare WordPress Theme Shopping Feature by WooCommerce WordPress Plugin
Rare WordPress theme shopping https://visualmodo.com/theme/rare-wordpress-theme/ WooCommerce E-Commerce Plugin – Sell anything elegantly. Transform your site into a powerful store with the best store plugin WooCommerce. Rare WordPress theme support this plugin and make it even better with a fully customizable control panel and performance optimizations. A REAL Theme for your online store / shop! RARE is ready as an eCommerce platform, having built-in styles for WooCommerce plugin, which at this moment empowered ~30% of the world online stores!! but we take it to the next level!! Currently inside RARE, we added 3 different store landing pages and refreshed the overall feel and layout, but we’re planning to continuously release new niched demos and entirely new styles - Periodically try dropping a visit, you’re more than welcome! RARE also have it's own advanced custom style for your cart / account and checkout WooCommerce pages to make your store look amazing and user-friendly for your costumers! Make sure all your shop clients will love to purchase your products/services once your shop be powered by our theme store framework. Multi-column Products Grid – Choose the best and the most appropriate way to showcase your products! Organize your goods with multiple columns available to set in our page elements.
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Spark WordPress Theme Home-Page Presentation - Drag & Drop WordPress Site Builder
Spark WordPress Theme https://visualmodo.com/theme/spark-wordpress-theme/ Build any site design without coding! You can have a fully equipped website up and running within just a few minutes. Spark WordPress theme is not just a template, it’s a collection of amazing examples with tons of features.
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Mechanic WordPress Theme Home-Page Presentation - Car Repair Services Site Builder
Mechanic WordPress Theme http://theme.visualmodo.com/mechanic/ Mechanic WordPress theme - Auto Mechanic Car Repair Workshop Theme is created as a wonderful solution for any cars and automobile websites, cars repair workshops, auto blogs, car services and other industrial websites that require special cars niche functionality and auto service presentation. https://visualmodo.com/theme/mechanic-wordpress-theme/ Mechanic Car Repair theme features fully designed and integrated WooCommerce shop plugin compatibility, as well as many shortcodes to show your auto products and car parts. You can add pricing tables on your website as well as showcase your car repair services as a gallery.
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