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Angel on the Wrong Street - Film Noir Short Film
A romance gone bad gets one last shot over dinner. Starring Aubrey Walling and Ian Harrup Winner of a Gold Award from the Los Angeles Neo Noir Novel, Film, and Script Festival!. Written and Directed by Ian Harrup Camera Operator - Brennan Harrup Audio Engineer/Key Grip - Blake Harrup Location - Cecil and Bequi Adams Production Designer - Luz Evans Sound Editor/Original Score by Eric Meyer Cinematography/Editing by Ian Harrup
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Wrong Way Out - Film Noir Short Film
Detective Bob receives a call to investigate a ransacked apartment, but all is not what it seems.
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Pure Fiction - Fake Action Movie Trailer
What would the World's Greatest Assassin do if she got bored with her job? I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE MUSIC IN THIS VIDEO.
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The Wanderer - Post Apocalyptic Short Film
In a Post-American world, a slave girl has a chance encounter with a man on a mission... This film is a teaser for a potential feature film, help me get to 1,000 subscribers so I can make it happen!
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Isolation - Post Apocalyptic Short Film
Two soldiers from opposing armies, stranded on a deserted space colony, face the dire effects of isolation. This is the story of how they met... This film premiered at the Bare Bones International Film Festival and at the Twister Alley Film Festival, and it is finally unveiled to the public!
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Deliver Me - Post Apocalyptic Short Film
Claire Belden, a lone warrior, believes everyone dies alone. Quinlan Bielski, a humanitarian, does not. When Claire agrees to guide Quinlan through the tunnel systems of apocalyptic Tulsa, she will discover whether she truly believes this or not.
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Three Foxes and a Wolf - Post Apocalyptic Short Film
A band of survivors in a post-apocalyptic world must decide whether or not to save a blind girl from the hunters pursuing them.
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Bob and Tuesday - Film Noir Short Film
After the events of Angel on the Wrong Street, Detective Bob seeks counsel from a childhood friend.
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Death's Sting - Sci Fi Short Film
This is a very old project, my final film during my Junior Multimedia Institute year at ORU. After more than a year of postproduction hell, it is finally released in a remastered version from when it was first shown at our premiere night. Key to its remastering is an original score by Eric Meyer, my favorite musical collaborator who has also scored nearly all my projects currently on Youtube.
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