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gumi purple guy toy chica echo (my first mmd)
I don't own any models music or stage checkmate Gumi: http://love-angel-sugar.deviantart.com/art/Checkmate-Gumi-Model-Download-322402395 purple guy: http://iihetalialoverii.deviantart.com/art/PURPLE-GUY-2-0-DL-526565289
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Borderlands 2 |episode 1| Meet Alice the siren
welcome guys to the first episode to borderlands 2. yes i know other people already did lets plays on it but who cares. it might or might not be an on going series on my channel anyways. depends if i feel like it. other than that please leave a like down below and sorry for the lag in the video
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gmod with friends| Attack on mellons
hye guys its me and i have to say that melon bomber is fun when you don't blow your self up like I did numerous times. I was playing with sassyfay and some of her friends. ____________________________________________________ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3013294&ty=h
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PWE private server look OH MEH GERD THERE
welcone to the first look of PWE or perfect world europe. I'm playing as a stormbringer in this series. storm bringers are the magic class in the nightshade race. hope you guys enjoy please leave a like and subscribe =^_^=
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Paladins episode 2 defeat of the kenissa (No comentary)
I would play overwatch instead of this, well both but overwatch doesnt work on my computer. I hope you guys enjoy.
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Toontown rewritten episode 2 WE'RE LIVE!
trying out the live streaming for youtube not sure if it will work cause i have no clue how to use streaming stuff loke obs. i tried many tutorials for it but none work so im trying this.
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toontown: random gameplay, new computer, new series coming soon
when i said it was a test it wasnt sorry
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11th doctor Matt Smith speed paint part 2
second part to the speed paint music from the same person from the last one twitter: https://twitter.com/lawhornjames22 deviant art: http://animeartist1023.deviantart.com/ comming soon: facebook page , steam group, seiries coming soon: Five nights at freddys 4, minecraft (if i get it working), skysaga,
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left 4 dead 2 with sidraan episode 1| danm those jockeys
hey guys welcome to my very first actually successful video on my channel this is my first series. so i hope you enjoy. please like comment and subscribe and recommend me games that i should play and what mods i should get. hope you enjoy and thanks :D
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Slenderman speed paint part 2
here is the second part to my slenderman speed paint song doesnt belong to me _________________________________________________________________ patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3013294&ty=h&u=3013294 Deviantart:http://animeartist1023.deviantart.com/
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smite with sidraan |episode 1| day of defeat for a first time player
hey guys welcome to the first episode of my smite series. I am new to the game so i have abit learning to do. i have no clue what god i was playing as all i know she was the goddess of hunting. i hope you enjoy this wonderful series. Remember to like comment on what needs to be improved and to subscribe.
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hero warz cbt 1| The hype is real
welcome guys to another video. If you want me to do a series on this when it is fully release then I will but I will be doing a series on the cbt's until then. See you guys next time! :)
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Alice madness returns| episode 2| enter the hatters territory
Hey guys welcome to another episode to Alice madness returns. I've been having fun with you guys playing this game. I hope you guys enjoy. Remember to show your support by liking down below and subscribing. It would also help if you donated as well for support so i can get better equipment.
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sweet mushrooms episode 1 scarry ass sister and rude unicorn
this is a visual Novel made by Cifer69
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Slenderman speed paint part 1
the drawing belongs to me but the music belongs to there makers And hey guess what I now have a patron so please support me there so i can get better stuff for videos and gaming. _________________________ Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3013294&ty=h Devieant art: http://animeartist1023.deviantart.com/
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Hatsune miku triple baka
Awesom sonf
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lieat 1 episode 1 the douche bag man and the innocent kid
well heres the first episode to LiEat. a vampire and dragon tale for you. if you enjooy please leave a like and subscribe button down below.
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11th doctor matt smith speed paint part 1
yes as in the beggining of the video said that drawing I'm using as a base is mine i drew that when i was in 8th grade in art class. it is in my gallery in da so please enjoy oh and music doesnt belong to me it belongs to David O'Flynn. music: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnjXnP08TuN5cPTwq6_T4RQ deviant art:http://animeartist1023.deviantart.com/ twitter:https://twitter.com/lawhornjames22
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Paladins close beta gameplay 1| Ice and Arrows!
hey guys so got a key to palidins which is amazing for both of us. I can record for you guys to enjoy. First round was doing amazing but not so well on the second round. Got killed here and there but I also got some kills my self. IIf you guy's enjoyed please like and subscribe for more thank you! :) _____________________________________________________________ Check out my patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=3013294&ty=h&u=3013294 check out my art work: http://animeartist1023.deviantart.com/ check out my stories: https://www.wattpad.com/user/sidraantaigruth
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Alice Madness Returns| episode 3| meeting the hatter
Sorry guys for not speaking much threw out the video im tired and was concentrating on it to much. But I hope you enjoy it. leave a like and subscribe for more
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sakura spirit episode 2 a new world with weird people
we appear in a world that is like ours but not. Hey guys welcome to the second episode to sakura spirit. I hope you guys enjoy this episode as we meet the main female characters in the story
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Left 4 Dead 2 with sidraan episode 2 | kicked for not know where to go
Hey guys I want your advise. should i keep recording with overwolf which is being used in this video xbox which i beleive pso2 or action which was the rest of the videos?
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BlackDesert episode 0 character creation
so if you guys havent seen my last one this is pretty much a remake of it cause i had to do something and i forgot to record i appologise.
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guild wars 2 episode 1 getting started
this might or might not be the only episode for awhile due to some issues
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Hatsune miku world is mine/number one princess
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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