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Talkin' Baseball (Baltimore Orioles version) - Terry Cashman
The Baltimore Orioles version of the Talkin' Baseball song, recorded by Terry Cashman. This was ripped from the "Earl of Baltimore" picture disc seen in the video.
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The Earl of Baltimore (Earl Weaver) - Terry Cashman
Terry Cashman's tribute to #4, Earl Weaver. This song was ripped from the picture disc in the video.
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Gullwing Inside Out Lansdowne, Maryland
The Gullwing Pros hit up the skatepark in Lansdowne, Maryland. This is from the Inside Out video in '88 although I think this segment is a bit older.
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Davie Allan & The Arrows - Skaterdater Rock
Davie Allan played on the soundtrack to the 1966 short Skaterdater, the first film about skateboarding. This track features Allan's signature fuzz guitar sound and led to many more soundtracks.
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Sam & Joe - Save The Children / Fear Of Smell
Sam & Joe track " Save The Children / Fear Of Smell " taken from the Fear of Smell compilation LP on Vermiform Records. The pics are taken from a blog that is trying to get pictures of all 1000 variations of the hand drawn covers from the first press (http://fearofsmell.robotvsrobot.com/ ).
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Suburban Commando Skate Scenes with Hulk Hogan
Hulk Hogan in Suburban Commando taking a slam and then showing the kids how it's done.
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Clay Wheels - Rip Ride
Clay Wheels - Rip Ride off their Born to Barge CD put out by Black Label Skateboards.
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The Queers - This Sandal Shit
One of The Queers tracks from the More Bounce to the Ounce LP on Lookout Records 1997. Classic line up of Joe, B-Face and Hugh.
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MDC - Skateboards from Hell
MDC - "Skateboards from Hell" off of the Smoke Signals LP
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Chumbawamba - What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body?
Chumbawamba covering the Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention track "What's the Ugliest Part of Your Body." This appears on the Gay Pride (You Don't Know What You're Missing) 7" compilation (also features Pansy Division and Doom among others). The video is a quick run-through of my Chumba vinyl collection.
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Skateboard Superstunts
Skateboard Superstunts VHS from 1987 (not to be confused with the similar Skateboard Superstars from the same company). From the back: "Thrill to spectacular never before seen skateboard stunts performed exclusively for Kids Klassics' cameras. World champions and superstars like Christian Hosoi, Rob Roskopp and Jeff Hedges risk death defying leaps into space and perform supersomersaults, flawless "Olleys," "Front and Backside Slides," "Boneless Ones," 360's, 720's, "Gnarley Double and Triple MacTwists" and "M. Vertical Assault, Free Style, Street Sytle." It's mindboggling madness in the air!" (SIC)
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Danger in the Streets - Skateboard Superstunts
Danger in the Streets from the 80s skate vid Skateboard Superstunts. Narrated by Joe Humeres of Walker Skateboards.
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Barry Feldman - Ode to the O's (Baltimore Orioles)
Ode to the Baltimore Orioles. I found this 7" at a record show in Maryland. There is no date on it but I'm guessing it is from the early 80s since he mentions the Ripkens.
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The Smarties - The Cause
The Smarties - "The Cause" off of the Whole Buncha Weirdos LP.
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Circle of Hate - Go For It
Holland's Circle of Hate's title track from their 1989 7" EP.
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The Fat Boys help out an old man
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The Buddies - Skateboard USA / Sidewalk Surfin' Scene
Two instrumental skateboarding tracks off the album Go Go with The Buddies. Both of these tracks have also appeared on Davie Allan & The Arrows compilations - "Skateboard USA" as "High Rise" (from the Golden Breed soundtrack) and "Sidewalk Surfin' Scene" as "The Unknown Rider" (from the Wild Angels soundtrack).
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Raiders of the Lost Park - Goin' Off
Footage of the Soquel Bowl from the '80s skate vid Goin' Off. The band is Mock and the song is Clockhouse. I have never been able to find any further info on this band. The beginning of the clip is muted to avoid copyright issues.
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Interzone Slave Auction Scene
We find our hero Swan checking out the local slave auction with his Asian friend Panasonic.
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Interzone bizarre sex scene
Swan and Mantis get it on. I think.
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In/Humanity - No Thanks Mr. Roboto
I'm now a robot more than a man. Lost all emotions to parts from Japan and Doctors keep squabbling over patents and profits and securing their grants rather than finding a cure They're studying me instead of my friends 'cause I am a robot and they are all men. With metal parts replacing my skin, Can't get no sorrow from a brain IBM. Another dead friend means another layer of skin and I could have cried when we were both men but they took that away and look what they left: A machine with no heart and exhaust on my breath. And you're in the ground and been there for weeks, and now I can't hide the rust on my cheeks.
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The Smarties - We Just Want to Have Our Fun
The Smarties - "We Just Want to Have Our Fun" off of the Whole Buncho Weirdos LP.
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Crispus Attucks Skate Medley
Matt and Josh skating some DC area parks in March '11. Set to a medley of Crispus Attucks songs: Year in Black/Survivl/Thrashin'/My God Rides a Skateboard (Spermbirds cover)/Pi. Parks: Arlington/Greenbelt/GSL
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Love Canal - Greatest American Athlete
Bonus track on the JFA / Blue Collar Special / The Worthless split LP on Disaster Records. Recorded in 1982.
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Skate and Destroy
Joe Humeres back talking about skate punks and a German skater lets us know what the term "Skate and Destroy" means to him. Taken from the 80s skate vid Radical Moves.
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John Luther's Starbrite - Birdland Express (Baltimore Orioles)
Baltimore Orioles song set to the music of "The City of New Orleans."
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