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How To Enchant A Pet ! The World Of Magic (TWOM) Tutorial
Hi you guys ! This is MaRiD2bc and in this video you shall be learning how to enchant a pet ! There are three stones that you can use to enchant a pet and in this video, you shall be watching how to enchant a pet using one of the three stones ! ~MaRiD2bc
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Donguri Leaf Hat - The World Of Magic (TWOM) - Tutorial
Hey you guys ! It's MaRiD2bc again with another tutorial ! Today, we will be learning how to create the Donguri Leaf Hat ! If you enjoy this video as much as I enjoyed making it, please make sure to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe ! I'll appreciate it a lot ! ^^
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The World Of Magic - (TWOM) - How To Create the Boots Of Speed - Tutorial
Hi you guys ! In this video, you shall be learning how to create the boots of speed ! Don't forget to subscribe and like this video for more ! ~MaRiD2bc
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The World Of Magic (TWOM) Fast & Easy Money Tutorial
Hello there ! This is MaRiD2bc and In this video I shall be showing you guys how to make fast and easy money ! If you have any questions or concerns about anything about this video or a game, feel free to leave a comment or message me ! Please remember to give this video a thumbs up, comment, and subscribe for more videos and tutorials ! ~ MaRiD2bc
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Dawn Of Titains - Level 40 Titain Vs 120K Defence Army ! Who Will Win?
Hey you guys ! It is MaRiD2bc ! I am representing the game called "Dawn Of Titains". I came across this game since one of the game markers had requested that I played it, test it out, rate it, and give them my opinion about it. It was a 2 week course type of deal, but because of that, I ended up liking it & got compensated at the same time, which is great. Anyways, going towards the topic of the video, I came across this guy In D.O.T. who had pretty powerful lands. His defence was about 92k, 97k, etc. I was successfully able to defeat them with my Level 40 Titain, but when it came down to his level 120K defense one, oh boy, you're going to love it ! Hope you guys enjoy the video ; if this video turns out great, may consider making some new ones in the future ; possibly How-To Videos ! Give This Video A Like, Leave A Comment & Please Subscribe For More Videos !!
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