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Ten Years Chained: A Dog's Happy Ending Rescue Story
Please donate so we can continue to rescue dogs like "Judith": http://www.animaladvocates.com/donate/ 10 years on a chain. No blanket, toy, or bone. Often no food or water. Animal Advocates Society of BC first saw this abused and neglected dog at night, lying in the frozen mud in her own feces, being snowed and sleeted on. Neighbours said that her owners urinated on her from the porch. Several upset neighbours told AAS that they had phoned the British Columbia SPCA many times, for many years. The BC SPCA did not seize this dog or charge the owner with cruelty even though it could have used the BC Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act (http://www.animaladvocates.com/pca-act/pca-act-full.php) to do so. It also could have used the Humane Treatment of Dogs Bylaws (http://www.animaladvocates.com/end-dog-abuse/humane-dog-laws/in-brief.php), adopted in this municipality at Animal Advocates' urging, to make the owners take better care of her. What the SPCA would do for her was to take $50 to kill her. We were given Judith a day before her owners told us they were going to take Judith to the SPCA and take advantage of its "kill for cash" service, one of its sideline businesses. At that time, the SPCA ignored hundreds of animals so abused that they were near death. But the SPCA did kill thousands of unwanted pets a year for another one of its lucrative sidelines businesses — pet-disposal contracts with municipalities all over BC. It's a good thing the BC SPCA didn't seize this dog, because they only would have killed her. Finally Animal Advocates of BC was contacted by a distraught neighbour. We went straight to her; documented her misery and then rescued her out of her indignity and loneliness. When we got her she was emaciated, dehydrated, and barely able to walk because of painful hips. Her coat was weighed down by clumps of caked mud. Her owners had named her "Judas". We changed her name to Judith. We cannot tell you this story without also telling you the happy ending that AAS guarantees every one of the dogs it rescues... We found her a home with two very special people, who loved her dearly, and made her a member of their family, which is what every dog wants more than anything — more than food, water, and shelter. And when her old hips gave out, her family got her a cart and took her everywhere. She went camping, and to the lake, and chased squirrels in her cart. And when she died of old age, after eighteen months, she took with her all her memories of pure love, and warmth, and good food, and fun. And the time before didn't count at all. Please donate so we can continue to rescue dogs like "Judith": http://www.animaladvocates.com/donate/ ~ Judy Walkem Stone, Founder, Animal Advocates Society of BC
Rescue of Dogs and Pups Dying in Backyard Hell: Ignored by BC SPCA: Rescuers Had to Steal!
Help us rescue more neglected dogs at: http://www.animaladvocates.com/donate These two dogs lived in the mud and feces of a backyard in East Vancouver Canada for three years - where their scant food was thrown on the ground, and water was often only what rainwater they could find. Over the years many litters of pups were born. The puppies who survived were sold, but many didn't survive. Year after year the SPCA was called by the distraught next-door neighbor, but nothing ever changed and this horrible cruelty was allowed by the SPCA to go on. One Sunday the female gave birth again, frantically dropping the newborns just anywhere on the ground - as she is doing here. The neighbor called the SPCA emergency line thinking that the SPCA would want to witness what was happening to the puppies. He was told that what he described wasn't an emergency. He cried and begged but was hung up on. He didn't realize that the SPCA's emergency line was not to prevent cruelty, as so many people believed - but for its very lucrative dog catcher contracts with many municipalities. Those contracts required the SPCA to pick up road-killed dogs and cats even on Sundays. Then Animal Advocates Society of BC was called by the neighbor, who was choking in tears when he described to us what was happening next door. The two dogs, who we later named Danny and Jasmine, and the four surviving pups, cold and just barely alive, were rescued and quickly taken to our vet where the pups were submerged in warm water, right up to their wee noses. After 20 minutes their temperatures were at last normal. Then everyone was examined by our vet, fed and tucked in for the night. Jasmine was little better than feral because she had seldom been touched by a human. But after a long rehabilitation in a foster home she recovered and she and her pups were found good homes. Danny, the big male dog, took several years to get over his guarding instincts, but he too found a safe and loving home where he lived a fun-filled and a long, happy life. Danny and Jasmine were rescued at a time when the BC SPCA would not prevent this cruelty. Under pressure, the SPCA has improved its cruelty prevention somewhat, though it still leaves some suffering dogs to suffer, forcing real animal-lovers to take the law into their own hands. It is that or the indefensibly immoral choice of just letting the dog rot until it's dead. Learn more about Animal Advocates at: http://www.animaladvocates.com Help us help more dogs at: http://www.animaladvocates.com/donate See our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/animaladvocatessociety ~ Judy Walkem Stone, Founder, Animal Advocates Society of BC