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Create Effective Talking Head Videos
http://www.vimaco.com.au Learn how to create effective talking head marketing videos. One of the most popular formats for online videos are talking heads. When viewers are able to see facial expressions combined with your tone of voice, presenters can really make a connection with their audience. But talking head videos can get very boring very quickly. So in this video, we look at some simple tips to ensure your audience will hang on to every word you say. Hi I'm Gerry Tacovsky from Vimaco Talking head videos, like this one, are some of the most popular videos online today. They're relatively easy to produce, you can create them on your own with just a video camera, tripod, microphone and lights. But they can become boring after just a few minutes with so here are some simple techniques you can use. Each of us has their own presentation delivery style. Some us talk really fast and have energy bursting out. Others speak at a much slower rate with a calmness about them. Ideally you want a natural, relaxed and authentic delivery style just as if you are talking one-to one with friend - but with controlled energy. Rule of thirds provides a useful guideline on the composition of our video. Imagine the frame evenly divided in thirds horizontally and vertically. Your key elements should be placed along these lines or their intersections. Aligning a subject with these points creates more energy and interest than a composition than simply has the subject in the centre. The eyeline of your presenter should be at the lens height of the camera. Unless you want to make a particular statement. If your eyeline looks down on the camera, the presenter will have a sense of authority, whilst looking up to the camera will be submissive. The B-Roll is secondary footage which can be used for cutaways and is ideal for talking head videos. In a live production you would you use two cameras, one in front and one on the side. When your editing, you can cut from one camera to the other from the different angles adding variety to the visuals. Now here is a simple tip if you don't have a spare camera. Shoot your presentation straight to camera, then repeat again, this time with a slight angle. You can also create more variety in post production by making it black and white and simulating camera movement. B-Roll can also use video footage that illustrate what you are talking about. For instance if you are describing your business, using relevant footage will be more effective. Everything you see in the frame should be there to support what you are saying and not distracting or worse still, contradict what you're saying. I spend a whole video on this topic called The Video Marketers' Guide to mise-en-scene and I'll share with you the link at the end of this video. Use Graphics to visually support what you are saying but make sure the graphics don't invade your personal space. The most important element of a video is not a visual but audio. If your audience can't hear you then they can't see you. So use a quality external microphone such as a lapel mic or a shotgun mic as close to the subject as possible. Background music can create the right mood for your video so be very selective with the music your choose and use original or royalty free music. If your presentation has a number of distinct sections than use title cards break them into sections. Like this one. Now for the Final tip - use a twist. Audiences like familiarity when they know what to expect from a format - like they watch their favourite TV shows each week. However, we are programmed to pay attention to what is different, so adding a twist to a familiar idea is a great way to gain attention. Thanks for watching. This is Gerry Tacovsky from Vimaco signing off until next time.
Use the 6 Principles of Persuasion in your Video Marketing Strategy
http://www.vimaco.com.au Use the 6 principles of persuasion by Dr Cialdini in your marketing videos. We all make hundreds of decisions every day, but do you know why you make particular decisions? Well most people don’t. In this video I am going to share with you, the six scientifically proven methods, that influence our decisions, and how you can use them to improve you video marketing. In our ever increasingly busy world, we look for shortcuts to guide our decision making. In the classic book, “Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion”, Doctor Robert Cialdini, a Professor of Psychology and Marketing, identified that there are just six key principles or “universal shortcuts” that guide human behaviour. Influencing others isn’t luck or some sort of black magic – its science. There are proven ways that when used in an honest an ethical manner, will make your prospects say yes and help make your business become more successful. So here are the six principles of persuasion; Principle #1: Reciprocity When you give something to other people they will want to give you something in return. Reciprocation recognizes that people feel indebted to those who do something for them. Principle #2: Social Proof The canned laughter you here on most sitcoms on TV is used as social proof that it's a funny show. They use because it does works. It’s like we like to eat in restaurants that are full of people, we put a tips in a jar that already has money in it. When we are uncertain about a course of action, we tend to look to those around us to guide our decisions and actions. We assume that if lots of people are doing it, it must be ok. Especially if it’s our peers. Principle #3: Consistency Being consistent is something we all strive for. It shows you are rational, trustworthy, stable and decisive. Inconsistency on the other hand, is seen as irrational, deceptive and indecisive. Principle #4: Liking People prefer to say ‘yes’ to those they know and like. We are also more likely to favour those who are similar to ourselves. Even something as ‘random’ as having a similar name as your prospects can increase your chances of making a sale. So one of the things that you can do in your videos is to honestly tell your audience that they are similar to your current customers and that you understand the audience’s challenges and their preferences. Principle #5: Authority People tend to respect authority. They want to follow the lead of real experts. Business titles, impressive clothing, an office in a prestigious building are proven factors in lending credibility to any individual. Giving the appearance of authority actually increases the likelihood that others will comply with their requests. If you are in front of the camera, display your own qualifications, dress for the part and pay attention to your body language. Physically show your confidence, speak with conviction and make strong eye contact to the camera. Be sure to establish your authority before making an attempt to influence their behaviour. Principle #6: Scarcity It's all about supply and demand. Basically, the less there is of something, the more valuable it is. The more rare and uncommon a thing, the more people want it. In your videos tell your viewers more than just the benefits they will get from your products but also what is unique and what they stand to lose if they fail to consider your proposal. People are more sensitive to possible losses than to possible gains. This is one of the strongest motivations in marketing. So in your videos switch your marketing message from your product’s benefits to emphasizing the potential for a wasted opportunity: You know what I mean… “Be quick or you’ll miss out on this never to be repeated offer”. So be sure to emphasize your product's unique qualities to increase the perception of its scarcity. So there you have it - six scientifically validated principles of persuasion that you can use as part of your video marketing strategy. This is Gerry Tacovsky from Vimaco.
How to Create Depth of Field with your Video Editor
http://www.vimaco.com.au Create shallow depth of field with any video camera by using your video editing software.
Video Marketer's Guide to Mise-en-scene
http://www.vimaco.com.au The Video Marketer's Guide to "Mise en Scene" will help you to create more effective videos. You've written a great script You've practised your presentation You're perfectly focused on your video capture device And your new microphone is recording great audio But there's still something that is just not quite right... Ah yes, you forgot the mise en scene. What is the mise em scene? I'll explain, just after this. Hi I'm Gerry Tacovsky from Vimaco Mise en scene is a French theatrical term for "placing on stage". Its the visual telling of a story using everything you see on the stage or within this frame. Imagine an empty theatre stage or a film studio. This is how it all starts - with nothing. Everything that is placed in this space has a purpose. It's either to help develop the plot or storyline, set the mood or define the character. The mise en scene includes the setting or location of the video, the actors or presenters, the costume, makeup, props, the lighting and the space. Everything that you see in the frame, is placed for a specific reason. There is nothing left to chance. Now for most business owners that create their own videos, they don't start with an empty space or studio. They usually use an area that is convenient to shoot their video. When they are filming, they are focused on the presenter and they're not as aware of the surroundings or what else is in the frame. The problem with that is that the rest of the visuals that are in the frame may not be supporting what the presenter is trying to say in their video. In fact there maybe a direct conflict. Now as an audience, when we watch a video with mixed messages, we may not be consciously aware of what exactly is wrong with the video, but when feel it isn't right, then won't buy into the message. Is what you are wearing supporting your role? Is the background too busy or worst still, more interesting than your you? Personally I like to use a plain background which keep the audiences' focus on the presenter. Then I can use graphics in the background to support my message. Here's a good tip - where ever you shoot your video, take your subject out of the shot before you start and have a close look to see what is in the frame and be sure it supports or at least, does not distract from your message. Better yet, use a green screen. And I'll cover that, in our next video Until then, happy video marketing. This is Gerry Tacovsky from Vimaco.
7 Secrets to Create Engaging Videos That Convert
http://www.vimaco.com.au Learn the 7 secrets to create engaging videos that attract your ideal trarget audience and convert them into customers.
How to Use Video To Get More Customers For Your Business
Learn how to create a profitable video ad system to get you leads and sales everyday. Register here: http://www.vimaco.com.au/create-profitable-video-ads-system/
YouTube Watch Time v Video Views
http://www.vimaco.com.au YouTube logarithms place greater importance on Watch Time then Views. Learn how to increase your Watch Time and rank higher on Google. YouTube Watch Time More Important than Views YouTube has recently updated your analytic reports to show the importance, their algorithms place on watch time rather than the amount of views a video receives. Today, I'm going to reveal to you how I discovered a little quirk in one of my videos, despite receiving more dislikes than likes, still mangers to outrank other all others similar videos on Google due to watch time algorithm. So keep watching... VIMACO LOGO Hi Im Gerry Tacovsky from Vimaco. Let's have a quick at YouTube's new analytics reports. For example, a video that receives 100 views and 200 minutes watch time will always out rank a similar video that has 200 views and 100 minutes watched time. Even if viewers don't like the video. SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES So why does Youtube reward videos based on watch time above all else? The number of video views does not indicate whether it is a good video or not. A video with an enticing title or thumbnail may increase views, but if the video fails to deliver, particularly in the first ten seconds, then viewers will abandon the video and go watch another one. Well let's look at it from Youtube's perspective. They want as many people as possible to watch videos on their platform, for as long as possible. Obviously good videos that engage their audience will help them to achieve that. But YouTube is also interested in what your viewers do after watching your video. To put it simply, happy and engaged viewers will increase Youtube's revenue stream. So they will reward those engaging videos with enhanced 'discovery features' or in other words, help viewers to find your video via search results and suggested videos. These enhancements better surface the videos that viewers actually watch, over those that they click on and then abandon. Now a question that I'm often asked is should I do shorter videos with a higher retention percentage or make my videos longer to increase the watch time. If you have a one minute video and all of your viewers watch to the very end - that a one minute average but a ten minute with an average of only two minutes watch time will rank higher. My simple answer to that is forget the length of the video, just focus on the quality. If you can effectively get your message across in one minute, then do a one minute video. If you need 10 minutes - make a ten minutes video. Here is the most important tip for your Youtube strategy - Youtube is not only interested in how long they watch your video, but what your viewer does after watching your video. If they stay on YouTube, it's a big plus for you, so makes sure you refer your viewers to watch more of your own content - that way they stay on Youtube to watch more of your content and your video ranks higher. If you would like more tips on how to increase watch time for you videos, and rank higher for search results, then you can download my free Cheat Sheet right here. I would love for you to Subscribe to my channel and if you found this video interesting, give it a Like and share it with your friends and colleagues. This is Gerry Tacovsky, Bye for now.
Call to Action Tips for Video Marketing
http://www.vimaco.com.au Learn effective Call to Actions tips to use for your videos. Hi I'm Gerry Tacovsky from Vimaco. A Call to Action or CTA is the action you want a viewer to take after watching your video. There are essentially 5 CTA objectives; 1. Lead your viewers to watch more of your video content 2. Engage and build relationship with your audience 3. Subscribe to your Channel 4. Opt-in to build your email list 5. Move your audience to your domain The important thing is that the pitch for your call to action should benefit the viewer not you. To learn more about Video Marketing subscribe to my Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/VimacoVideoMarketing/ Vimaco's website http://www.vimaco.com.au
How to Structure Your Video
www.vimaco.com.au Learn how to structure all your videos with a simple but effective strategy.
Video Marketer's Guide to using Green Screen
http://www.vimaco.com.au The Video Marketer's Guide to using Green Screen to create more visually exciting videos. Using a green screen is a great option for video marketers. But there are a few technical issues you need to be aware off to pull it off. And we'll cover those techniques, right after this. Hi I'm Gerry Tacovsky from Vimaco Green screen gives you great flexibility in your video marketing. You can literally be anywhere in the world, or even out of this world. Green screen can really make you videos so much more visually exciting, but there are a few techniques that you need to be aware off to make it work. First - you need a green screen. Why green? Well you can actually use any colour to key out but in order to isolate the background, you need a colour that is distinctive from any other colour in the foreground. Blue is still popular for Hollywood movies, but bright green works best for digital video. You can use a green material and hang it up like a curtain. This is a good option if you need a large green screen background. Using a fold out screen is usually enough for most jobs. The first technique, you need even lighting on the screen. Any hot spots on the green screen will give different shades of green that you will need to key out. I like using these cool fluro lights which you can get for any hardware store for around $30. They provide a nice even light. Place one either side of your screen. Now you need to light your foreground subject. You should use different set of lights. Now it's important that these lights don't shine on the green screen or you don't create any shadows so you need to be a couple of metres or so infront of the screen. Now you need to have the green screen cover the whole frame as long as the subject stays within the green area. And I'll show you why in our post production. This is Gerry Tacovsky from Vimaco.
Video Marketing Template  for all your Videos
http://www.vimaco.com.au/landing-page/ Use this FREE template for your all of your marketing videos. The Opening - Grab the viewer's attention. Use humour, surprising, urgency Start with a provoking question or statement Visually interesting, graphics, sound effects State clearly what the problem the viewer has and how you will solve it. The Hook. Give the viewer something that will entice them to watch the whole video. Is there a bonus free gift? Branding Once you have given the viewer the reason to commit to watching your video, use this period to brand your business. Use an animated logo intro that is visually enticing and positions your brand in a positive place. But the intro should not be longer than 5 seconds or you risk losing your viewer. This is especially vital if the viewer sees a number of your videos in succession. The Content Remind the viewer what you are going to tell them and emphasise the benefits they will receive from watching your video and how it will it solve their problem. Now is the time to deliver your promise and present your content. Break up your content into logical bite-sized pieces; a step by step format so that they can easily follow and remember. Limit your video to 5 or 6 key points. If you have more points that need to covered, then consider a part 2 or even a series of videos. This section is where you hold nothing back. Share your best content. If you're thinking of leaving your best stuff until right at the end, you may be left with no-one to share with. The Conclusion Once you have completed your points, summarise your key points and the benefits your viewer will gain by following them. Call to Action For all marketing videos, this is the most important section of the video. After all , this is why you made the video in the first place. The CTA is directly related to your objective. Do you want to increase brand awareness, build a relationship, increase your mailing list, introduce a product or service? To achieve your objective, you will need to tell your viewer what you want them to do. • Subscribe to your video channel • Provide feedback in the comments section • "Like" your video • Share your video with friends and colleagues • Visit your website • Sign up for a webinar • Download a white paper or ebook At the end of the day, it's the number of conversions that will determine the success or otherwise of your video. Gerry Tacovsky Video Marketing Producer
How to Turn Cold Traffic Into Hot Customers
Download Your Free Video Ad Integration Worksheet https://vimaco.kartra.com/page/VAIWorksheet Learn how to turn Cold Traffic into Hot Customers That Want To Buy Your Stuff
How to Speak on Camera
http://www.vimaco.com.au/videoadsystem/ Learn how to speak on video without a teleprompter.
How to Engage your Audience by Disrupting Them
http://www.vimaco.com.au Engaging the audience by disrupting their expectations. Welcome to Vimaco TV Episode number ONE In this episode I'll show you how you can engage with your audience effectively by disrupting them. Now I can just hear you all calling out - "Why should you disrupt my audience when I've worked so hard to attract them?" Well that's a very good question and to answer that, we need to have a look inside our own brain. Vision is our dominant sense with one third of our brain dedicated to the processing of visual information. The fact is we see with our brain, not just with our eyes. The problem is that our conscious mind can process only a limited amount of visual information. So it works on a need-to-know basis. That means that when we see something that fits our expectations, well we don’t have to think about it and they become unconscious. The brain is hard-wired to ignore the old and only focus on the new. Therefore any type of movement or something that's unusual that we don't expect captures our attention and when we focus our attention, we become consciously engaged . This sets off a neurobiological process and our brains releases of dopamine which makes us feel good, makes us want to learn. And this is the very core of our survival. So in your next video, look for ways of engaging your audience by distracting them. Now if you would like a FREE Cheatsheet from today's video all you need to do is to go to http://www.vimaco.com.au/cheatsheets and download your PDF. If you like today's video, please give it the thumbs up and share it with your friends and colleagues or even better, subscribe to my channel. Gerry Tacovsky Video Marketing Producer Vimaco
How to make Interactive Videos
http://www.vimaco.com.au Interactive videos will not only create a more user-friendly experience for your viewers but it will also help you break through the clutter.
Video Marketing Strategy - The 7 Key Questions.
http://www.vimaco.com.au Learn how to create an effective Video Marketing Strategy for your business using the 7 Key Questions.
Video Content Marketing #11: How to Present Yourself on Video.
Use the techniques I learnt from acting school to be confident and show your best self on camera to charm your audience. Leave a comment below to let me know what is your greatest challenge or problem with Video Marketing. I will use your feedback for future episodes and I will reward some comments with free membership to my Video Marketing Strategist online training program. Join us each week to learn how to use video content marketing to grow your business. Wed 18 Feb 10am EADT Tue 17 Feb 11pm UTC Tue 17 Feb 6pm EST Tue 17 Feb 3pm
How to Use a Sales Funnel For Your Restaurant
Learn how to consistently generate new customers and convert them into raving fans that come back again and again.
How to Create Effective Video Ad Campaigns
FREE WEBINAR - http://www.vimaco.com.au/tlcformularegistration Learn how to create effective video ads campaign to attract new leads and customers for your business.
Are Madison Avenue Agencies Part of the Ice Age
http://www.vimaco.com.au Are the Madison Avenue Ad Agencies Part of the Ice Age? The World of Advertising has changed dramatically since Don Draper but that doesn't mean we still can't learn from the Mad Men. The Masters like David Ogilvy did the research on their target audience and knew how to write compelling copy to get results. The media landscape may have changed, but the human desires remain the same.
Do Subliminal Messages Really Work?
http://www.vimaco.com.au Do subliminal messages really work? Take the test in this video to find out. Do Subliminal Messages actually work in videos? Well we are going to find out with a little experiment - and you can be part of it. Subliminal messages are those shown just below a viewer's threshold for conscious perception. Our eyes see so much more that we are consciously aware of and that's a good thing or else we would be so overwhelmed with every little thing that we see. So our conscious brain focuses on just the visual information we need - but the unconscious brain still sees and records everything . The most famous example of subliminal messages dates back to 1957 when a market researcher named James Vicary inserted the words “Eat Popcorn” and “Drink Coca-Cola” into a movie. The words appeared for a single frame, allegedly long enough for the subconscious to pick up, but too short for the viewer to be aware of it. The subliminal ads supposedly created an increase in Coke and Popcorn sales. That caused quite a stir at the time but Vicary later admitted that it was a hoax concocted to attract customers to his failing marketing business. Recent experiments have shown that subliminal messages actually can affect behaviour in small ways. Today, we are going to do our own little experiment to see if it actually works. In the video above, I play for you a 5 second video clip with a subliminal message and I want you to watch it very carefully and take whatever action that you feel the urge to do. So watch it very closely. I then show the subliminal message in ultra slow motion so that you can see the actual message. Then you can judge if indeed the subliminal message influenced your action. (Let me know in your comments.) Of course there are many ways you can influence your audience without subliminal messages. Simply by your facial expressions, your tone of voice, your body language, the clothes you wear will have an impact with your audience, In fact everything in the video frame sends message to your unconscious mind whether you intended them or not. Gerry Tacovsky Video Marketing Producer http://www.vimaco.com.au Vimaco
Video Content Marketing #21: Outsourcing your Video Marketing
http://www.vimaco.com.au Do you struggle with consistently delivering video content to your target audience? Is video production too time consuming? Do you dread editing your video? Well it may be time to outsource some of your video marketing needs. In this week's episode we take a look at some alternatives so that you can stay focused on your business.
Use Video for your Content Marketing Strategy
http://www.vimaco.com.au Video marketing is a powerful and engaging tool to tell the story of your brand. There was a time long ago, that when businesses wanted to reach their potential customers, they used advertising on television, radio, newspapers and magazines, on billboards, bus stops and taxis – in fact anywhere they could rent a space or period of time. But these tactics interrupted the consumer from watching, listening or reading content that they wanted to consume. Today with the growth of social media, businesses now had an opportunity to engage directly with their customers on their own turf. But of course, they can't just dish adverts like they did before or consumers would simply click elsewhere. And so the concept of Content Marketing took off. Now there is nothing new about content marketing but it has certainly evolved with digital technology. Business organisations are morphing into media publishers and producing content that their customers want to consume. They are solving problems by creating content that is relevant and valuable and at the same time, building long term relationships that are profitable. Video is the most powerful and engaging media and is quickly establishing itself as the number one tool in the content marketing strategy kit. YouTube is the number two search engine in the world, owned by the biggest, Google. The simple fact is that videos with engaging content rank higher than similar content that simply use text and images. We know that ranking higher means more traffic, more traffic means more customers and that leads to more sales. Video equipment used to expensive and difficult to master. But not anymore. Any business, large or small, can now create their own videos that market their products and services to a global audience. Visit the Vimaco website which will provide you with new content each week to help you develop effective video strategy, production tips to improve the quality of your videos and show you how to publish you video to attract your target audience and achieve your objectives. We also have a membership section where you will not only be able to interact with other fellow marketers and business owners, but also with myself. And as a valued member, you will receive generous discounts on services that you may need when creating your videos. So do pop in and see what we have on offer. Please enjoy and participate in the world of video marketing. Cheers. Gerry Tacovsky from Vimaco.
How to Optimize and Scale Video Ad Campaigns
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What Video Equipment to use for your Productions
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How To Create Your Restaurant Video Ad
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Optimize Your Video to Maximize Your Views  Part 1
http://www.vimaco.com.au Optimise your video to maximise the number of viewers for your video. Part 1
What is Short Form Video Marketing?
http://www.vimaco.com.au Learn how to use short form video marketing for your business. Short form video marketing is an effective way of connecting your brand to your audience. The essential ingredient you need is to keep it short. With the more and more video content out there, viewers have got less time to spend on each video. So short form video will become vital to your video marketing strategy. There are a number of new emerging platforms that you can use right now. Vine, which is owned by Twitter, is one of the top apps downloaded on smartphones with over 40 million users. Vine gives you just 6 seconds to share your story. So keep it visual, fun, add some music but don't over the 6 seconds or you'll just go into a loop. Snapchat is great alternative if you are targeting a younger demographic. Snapchat gives you a whole 10 seconds to strutt your stuff but a warning, apart from snapchat stories that have a life of 24 hours, once someone watches your snapchat video it will self-destruct. Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, gives you whole 15 seconds. That's more than enough time for storytelling. Viewers want short, fast, original media that they can consume quickly and then share just as fast. Short form video is ideal news updates, quick tips, behind the scenes snippets - just keep it entertaining. But the most important thing you have to remember is... Times up! This is Gerry Tacovsky from Vimaco.
Sales Funnel Template for Video Marketing
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Groupon versus Restaurant Sales Funnel
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Video SEO Guide
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Live Video Streaming  for Local Business
How to use live streaming video to drive traffic to your local business using Periscope.
Optimize Your Video to Maximize Your Views Part 3
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Video Content Marketing #15 - How to Use Video for Your Product Launch
http:///www.vimaco.com.au Do you have a new product ready to share with the World. In this Episode, we look at how to use a 3 part series of Videos to find your audience and build momentum for the launch. You can purchase a copy of Jeff Walker's book 'Launch" using my affiliate link here; http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1630470171/ref=as_li_qf_sp_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=1630470171&linkCode=as2&tag=vimaco08-20&linkId=PJEY7BIVS5AVE2XQ
Video Content Marketing #13: How to use Video for Local Business.
In this video I will share with you the 5 Steps for effectively using video marketing for Local and Small Businesses. UTC: Tuesday 3rd March @ 11pm EST: Tuesday 3rd March @ 6pm PST: Tuesday 3rd March @ 3pm AEDT: Wednesday 4th March @ 10am
Optimize Your Video to Maximize Your Views Part 2
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How to Start Your Business Using Video Content Marketing: Part 1 The Content
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The 3 Types of Audience for Your Video Marketing
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How to Start Your Business Using Video Content Marketing Part 2: The Audience
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How to Share your Brand Story
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Building Your Personal Brand
http://www.vimaco.com.au How to build your personal brand using the power of video. Download free Video Cheat Sheet: http://www.vimaco.com.au/cheatsheets If you want to stand out from your competitors and break through the content clutter, then you need to create a strong and unique brand. And there is nothing more effective than using a personal brand, and I'll show you how to build yours using the power of video. There are literally billions of people on earth - and while some may be similar, there is only one of you. You are unique. We are unique. I'm not. People want to interact with people , not products. The most effective way to build your personal brand, is to get in front of your target audience and video allows you make that connection and build rapport. It's very important that when your branding yourself, is not trying to appeal to a larger number of people, but fewer. You see, when you stand for something, you will always find some people for you and some against you. But when you stand for nothing, well you will nobody against you, but there'll be nobody for you either. Use videos to share your stories - your success as well as your failures, your strengths and your weaknesses. Do I have weaknesses? Your audience needs to know why you do the things you do. They need to understand your beliefs and values. This is how you build your community. People that believe what you believe develops trust and they see you as a leader. We constantly hear the word authenticity. We must be authentic in our videos. But what does that really mean? Simply put, being authentic means staying true to who you are, being genuine, honest and transparent. So if being authentic is being who you are, the question who are you really? Let me explain. Every day, we play various roles. I play the role of a partner to my wife, as a father to my children, a son to my parents, I play the role of their friend, leader in my business, I play the role as a teacher and as a student. See all of these roles are different and yet they are all part of me, and they are all authentic. So when we present ourselves on video, we need to consistently play the role of our personal brand. It's authentic. Everyone has a personal brand within themselves and it's our job to discover and nurture to it. Now if you would like a Cheat Sheet from today's video all you need to do is to go to Vimaco dot com dot au forward slash cheat sheets and download to your heart's content. Now if you like today's video, please give it the thumbs up and share it with your friends and colleagues or even better, subscribe to my channel. This is Gerry Tacovsky, thank you for watching. Bye for now.
How to Attract More Leads Online with Video
FREE WEBINAR: http://www.vimaco.com.au/tlcformularegistration Learn how to use video to attract more online leads. Are you struggling to find a consistent source of new business leads? Do you feel a sense of uncertainty in your business because you don't know where your next sale is coming from? I want to share with you one of the most effective strategies to attract new leads and customers so that you don't have to spend so much money on advertising with little to show for it. The TLC Formula will help you to deliver the right message, to the right audience, at the right time on autopilot so that you can focus on doing what you do best - working to serve your customers. And I will teach you all of that, plus more in a free Webinar. This is an action packed training session that will help you to guide your new leads into repeat customers, so that your business will continue to grow to strength to strength. Don't miss out on this opportunity. Take action now, and click this link or the link in the description to register and reserve your spot for this invaluable training. Plus you will receive a Training Workbook for you to use during the session. I look forward to seeing you at the TLC Formula Webinar. FREE WEBINAR: http://www.vimaco.com.au/tlcformularegistration Gerry Tacovsky Video Marketing Strategist http://www.vimaco.com.au
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Done is Better Than Perfect
http://www.vimaco.com.au/ Getting your project done is more important than trying to make it perfect, and never get it done.
Video Content Marketing #10: Essential Tools for your Video.
http://www.vimaco.com.au/tools What type of video equipment, software and services are you using for your #videomarketing  ? In this episode we we look at what you need to create quality video content more efficiently with a limited budget. Download the Video Marketer's Guide to the Essential Tools for Effective Videos http://www.vimaco.com.au/tools Watch it LIVE every week; UTC Tue 11pm EST - Tue 6pm PST - Tue 3pm AEDT - Wed 10am
How to Create a Profitable Video Ads System That Gets Leads & Sales
Download Your Free Guide to Create Profitable Video Ads http://www.vimaco.com.au/facebookvideoadsystem/ As business owners, our priority is to help people by offering them products and services that improves their lives. And we can only do that by reaching out effectively to the specific audience that needs our help. Video is hands down the most effective way to cut through the clutter and setting up a strategic video ad campaign is the only way to you can control exactly who sees your video and when they see them. There are only three types of video ad campaigns that you need for your business. That's right - only three. And when you run these continuously, you will develop consistent stream of new leads and customers. In your first Video Ad Campaign, you're going to use Your Brand Ambassador Video to introduce yourself to a new / cold audience. Typically it's a short video. Think of it as you would if you were introducing yourself to someone at a social event. You put your best foot forward and let them know what you do to help people to solve a specific problem. For example instead of saying you are a bricklayer that makes fences, you could you say that you build solid fencing that help families feel secure while adding more value to their home. It's vital that you don't talk about yourself, or about your products or services as you're not trying to sell anything at this stage. Focus instead on the end result for your customer. Remember, you're not selling drills, your offering a hole in the wall so that they can hang up their painting. Your audience is only interested in the solution you provide. Your 2nd campaign is your Content Video, which is a longer form of video anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour or more and retargets the audience that previously watched your Brand video This video provides your audience with valuable content and continues to build a relationship with them. You want to place this video on your website and drive your traffic to watch it. Now give them your best stuff and position yourself as an expert in your niche. Your third video ad campaign is your Call to Action. This time you retarget those that visited your website and take the relationship to the next step by presenting your specific offer for them. It might be a free Lead magnet to grow your email list, register for your webinar, or it might be to buy a product. This system is what I call the TLC Formula - Traffic Leads and Customers. It's simple in concept, but not necessarily easy to implement and that's why I've created a free PDF Guide "How to Create a Profitable Facebook Video Ads System to Get you More Leads and Sales" and you can download by clicking the link below. I'd love to get your feedback so let me know what you think of it. And feel free share this video to your friends and colleagues. I'm Gerry Tacovsky - bye for now.
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