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Spider Pen Pro by Yigal Mesika
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) "This raises the bar of levitation!" - Richard Kaufman, Genii, The Conjurors' Magazine "It's hard to imagine so much efficient ingenuity in such a small space. Yigal's Spider Pen Pro is absolute perfection. And it produces absolute miracles." - Jim Steinmeyer In 2004, the original Spider Pen became a classic magical instrument. Due to the worldwide popularity, Yigal Mesika has honed the original concept to once again reinvent the reel. The Spider Pen Pro is nothing short of a revolutionary electronic device because it is the first to feature patented Soul Technology. This break through technology allows you to take your mind off of the method and lets you focus on your magic, giving you the undeniable edge for mastering levitations and animations. From the leading brand in the art of levitations comes the new gold standard in IT reels. When you put your hands on the state of the art engineering in the Spider Pen Pro, your levitations and animations will look like Hollywood's special effects. Nothing else comes close. "It's outstanding!" - Finn Jon Imagine yourself in a casual conversation. You ask for ANY bill. A levitation is about to happen, but never has a levitation happened like this. You place the flat bill on the palm of your hand and cover it with the other hand. Your hands move apart, and somehow the borrowed bill is floating. With a gentle touch, the bill flips in the air, and you walk away leaving it in mid air. Yes, you walk away. No explanation is possible. Under your power the bill slowly falls on the floor, laying motionless. Only when you desire, for the final climax the bill levitates in a flowing motion all the way into your hands. With this underground levitation, you will receive an unbelievable reaction! Used on TV by top magicians like Cyril, Criss Angel, and many more! Watch and learn as Yigal Mesika himself guides you through the basics of levitation to bring you to an exceptional level of performance. You will learn his signature effects, tips, and subtleties; that will make you feel like you are receiving his live personal coaching. Effects: Zero Gravity Bill Terry Lunceford's Floating Finger Ring Floating Straw Walking Bill Additionally you will learn the Spider Spool saving technique that will save you a lot of money, and you will learn Yigal's ultimate method for locking IT in the wax. Spider Pen Pro Features: The first electronic reel with no buttons or switches Powered by an electric micro motor No noise - completely silent Operates with one AAA battery that will last you easily over a year (one performance a day, battery not included.) Walk up to 35 feet away from floating objects Constant perfect even tension No springs or rubber bands Changing the spool is as easy as 1-2-3 A real writing pen with refillable ink Made of premium quality steel with a chrome finish. Exchangeable pen clip - easily swap for another color Locking Method- Levitate and animate even heavier objects Comes with a DVD running approx. 60 minutes shot in HD. The only Magic Device with 3 patents MADE IN THE USA Still have concerns? The Spider Pen Pro is easy to master and always ready to go. Unlike any other reel You have nothing to hide. Versatile Perform sleeveless No assistants necessary. Perform completely surrounded!!! "Yigal Mesika has done it again. The Spider Pen Pro will prove a boon to the art of levitation. Always ready. Always under your control. It's positively supernatural." - Luis De Matos "Your handlings on the Floating Bill are the best I've seen - they look like real live Hollywood special effects!" - John Kennedy
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Twizted by Eric Jones
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Eric's take on twisting the aces. Four cards are used, one at at time the cards turn face up in progressively more visual, and impressive ways. The routine is modular in the sense that Eric provides several ways to do this effect surrounded, and each revelation can be interchanged with any other to suit the style of the performer. Eclipse - The least demanding, yet most visual effect on the DVD! Two cards are shown front and back and without any cover at all, one of the cards visibly turns face down, and then instantly turns face up again while educating the spectator about eclipses. Twizted Grasshopper - WORTH THE PRICE OF THE DVD - Eric collaborates with underground magician Rahat to bring you their version of Paul Harris' Grasshopper effect. A FREELY chosen card is openly placed between two face up court cards and set aside. Two other court cards are shown front and back and set down. The selected card VISIBLY vanishes from between the two sandwich cards and is found between the second set of cards. Sandwich With A Twizt - Featuring the Passless Pass - Eric teaches a very easy to perform handling of the classic sandwich plot where two court cards visibly sandwich a freely selected card without ever coming near the pack. You only need to be able to control a card on the top. Can't do a pass or sidesteal? No problem. Eric teaches a new move called the Passless Pass that will change the magicians control cards. Extreme Twizt - A face down card is openly placed between two other face down cards. The card visibly turns face up twice, and the cards back even changes color in this angle proof rendition of Paul Harris' Bizarre Twist. All necessary cards provided. Running Time Approximately: 90min
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Dean's Box 2.0 (DVD, Box, Props, Bag) by Dean Dill and Alan Wong
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) s it the work of unseen forces? (Presented as a day-time seance, your audience will be convinced that you have conjured up spirits!) They won't believe their eyes! But what the eye beholds, the heart MUST believe... Dean's Box is all of this and more... truly grand illusion in a highly portable design. The result of more than a year of experimentation and design development, this apparatus will allow you to perform a puzzling feat of magic that will leave your audience spellbound. The many testimonials by those who have seen Dean's Box performed attest to its astounding, mind numbing, jaw dropping impact. They include... "Dean performed this effect for me at the Magic Castle, and I'm glad I saw him do it, because a description does not do this trick justice. Dean brought a beautiful cherrywood box, measuring 7 inches on a side. The entire front surface of the box is a hinged door that can be opened, allowing a complete view of the interior of the box. On either side of the box are two circular openings. Each of these openings is covered with a little curtain that opens in the middle. This allows objects to be inserted into the box, but does not allow spectators to look into the box from the side. On top of the box is a small, circular trapdoor. On either side of this little door are two notches. These notches allow loops of rope to protrude from the top of the box. Now that you have a general idea of how the box looks, here's what happens. Dean brings out two pieces of rope - a white rope and a red rope. The ropes and the box can be thoroughly examined. The box is closed. Dean makes a loop in each of the ropes and holds a rope in each hand. The hands enter the box through the side holes. The ends of the ropes are in view the entire time. Dean pokes open the trapdoor in the top and then removes his right hand from the box. His right hand grabs the loops of rope and brings them up through the trapdoor. The trapdoor is closed. The ropes are trapped in the notches and the centers of the ropes are concealed within Dean's right hand. Even though the ends of the ropes were in full view the entire time, when Dean opens his hand it is seen that the ropes are now linked together. Grabbing a rope in each hand, the ropes are withdrawn through the top of the box. The ropes are genuinely linked together and can be examined. In phase two of the routine the ropes link a second time, under even more impossible conditions. In phase three of the routine a 2-inch diameter ring links itself to a rope, even though the ends of the rope are in view the entire time. (This final phase has an added auditory aspect. Dean shows the ring in his right hand. The hand briefly enters the box through the right hand hole. You hear the ring hit the inside of the box. The box is immediately opened and the ring is on the rope.) As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, a description does not begin to do justice to how baffling this trick is. I knew how the first phase worked but phases two and three completely nailed me. When you add in the fact that all the props can be thoroughly examined before and after the trick, you have a routine that is going to bother people for a very long time.
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Modern Flap Card by Hondo
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) The Flap Card was first introduced in 1922, in Professor R. Kunard's Book of Card Tricks. In the decades since, it has become a staple in the routines of magicians worldwide, used to produce all sorts of stunning effects. However, limitations of the original 1922 design constrain these performances: magicians must precisely position their audience, keep constant pressure on the card surface, and perform tricks almost immediately after setup for best results. Over many months of extensive research, Hondo has refined the Flap Card design to allow for faster flips and the near-complete elimination of fold lines and uneven surfaces. This means that you (yes, YOU) will be able to perform for audiences on all sides AND up close, with any type of card you'd like: the design looks great on Aces, number cards, and blank cards alike. Not only that, but Hondo's specialized locking mechanism will allow you to hold a flip, hands-free, and release it whenever you're ready. And the most exciting news: you will now be able to flip the same card TWICE, showing a total of three different surfaces to stun and amaze your audience. In this series of instructional videos, Hondo will teach you how to make your own improved Flap Cards. You will learn how to select the best materials for the project, and he will take you step-by-step through the techniques required to assemble basic Flap Cards, seamless Flap Cards, seamless two-flip Flap Cards, locking mechanisms, and more, all accompanied by simple explanations and clear demonstrations. These are guaranteed to turn you into a true Flap Card master!
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Oil & Water (World's Greatest Magic)
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) The basic plot of the card effect that we know today as Oil and Water can be traced back to the 1940s and a Walter Gibson trick from the pages of The Jinx. It was Ed Marlo who attached the name "Oil and Water" to the effect (in addition to most likely creating the greatest number of methods for the effect.) The premise of the trick is maddeningly simple: black and red playing cards, usually in small packets, continually separate despite the magician's best efforts to mix them. On this DVD, you'll see an amazing variety of ways to accomplish this easy-to-follow and very magical-looking trick. Bill Malone begins with two methods; the first, an Ed Marlo creation, while technically challenging. is wonderfully visual while the second, created by Dave Solomon, uses some superb subtleties to accomplish the effect. David Regal manages to magically separate cards not only by face, but by back color while Larry Jennings presents a simple yet very theatrical version. Michael Ammar performs and teaches Roy Walton's classic trick where the colors not only separate but turn into completely different cards while Dan Fleshman uses just the Aces to wonderful effect. Josh Jay presents a hybrid routine with methods from a number of creators that will have your audience's eyes popping while Darwin Ortiz finishes up with his aptly named effect where not only do the cards in two small packets separate but so do the rest of the cards in the deck that was completely shuffled by a spectator. The Oil and Water effect has been dismissed by armchair performers as something that only interests other magicians but you'll soon find that to be a spurious claim when you see the reactions these performers get from their audiences. The biggest problem you'll have with the material on this DVD is choosing which one to add to your act first! Running Time Approximately: 1hr 44min
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Essence (4 DVD Set) by Miguel Angel Gea and Luis De Matos - Trailer 2
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Miguel Angel Gea is one of Spain's finest close-up magicians, the winner of many awards including the Ascanio Prize and the National Grand Prix of Magic in Spain. On these four DVDs he explains his prize-winning magic including magic inspired by Spain's legendary coin worker Joaquin Navajas. Also included are Gea's outstanding sleeving techniques, his jaw-dropping catapulta move, eye-popping coin through glass, one-hand Matrix, Essence, competition act and much more. Plus, for the first time ever, an English language version of his awesome Spelling Routine. "Miguel Angel Gea is a superb coin magician with some very clever moves and ideas. His magic looks like magic, and he is truly is an actor playing the part of a magician." - David Roth "With Miguel Angel Gea magic's future is in the best of hands, literally. Behind an almost unassuming but charming and delightful exterior, hides one of today's most creative, intelligent and capable performers. His original magic and superb handling, as well as his holistic approach, typical of the Spanish School of Magic, will more than just please you. And, yes, he will also fool you badly." - Roberto Giobbi "Miguel Angel Gea is not only one of the greatest coin men of all time but one of the greatest all around magic stars of our time. Everyone in magic should watch and listen to anything Miguel Angel wants to show or say." - William Kalush
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Cloud 9 by Shin Lim & Cigma Magic
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) http://www.worldmagicshop.com/cloud-9-by-shin-lim-cigma-magic/ Cloud 9, produced and created by Cigma, is an innovative special effects smoke device with a delicate design operating system with a cutting-edge method. This compact smoke device allows you to add smoke easily into any of your current close up, parlor, or stage shows. The smoke is emitted from the "barrel" of Cloud 9. This patented design is machine crafted into just the size of a grain of rice, so you can create smoke from places you could not in the past. By a length of an incredibly small wire, the barrel is connected to the battery case (5cmX2.5X2.5). The separation of the barrel and the battery case not only makes lots of applications attainable, but gives you the ability to perform a hands off smoke effect. This uniquely crafted glycerine wax used to produce the milky white smoke is non toxic and completely safe to use. In addition to the structure and the working methods, the most distinct difference between Cloud 9 and other traditional smoke-emitters are the applications in which it can be used. Included in the package is: 2 Barrels(Smoke emitter) 1 battery 1 Charger Capsules of refillable glycerine arm strap tutorial taught by Shin Lim Watch tutorial BEFORE using
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Out of This World (World's Greatest Magic)
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Imagine owning the most comprehensive magic book ever written. This would surely be a treasured possession for any magician with each chapter focusing on a single aspect of the craft and the very best routines ever created for it. That's the idea behind L&L Publishing's critically-acclaimed DVD series, The World's Greatest Magic by the World's Greatest Magicians. Each volume is like another chapter in the world's best magic book. Featuring in-depth exposition and instruction on some of magic's most cherished and classic effects by its most-talented practitioners, this unprecedented series represents an essential reference work for anyone interested in the magical arts, regardless of their skill level. In 1942, magician Paul Curry invented a card trick that would take the world of pasteboard sorcery by storm. Dubbed Out of This World, this effect, where a spectator separates the red cards from the black ones without looking at them, featured a very rare combination of an extremely powerful effect with an almost self-working methodology and quickly became the most talked-about card trick of its time. On this DVD, you'll meet five different performers who each has a singular take on this classic trick. Michael Ammar is first with an easy-to-perform version that echoes Curry's original method. Steve Draun is next with a streamlined version that eliminates any packet switches in the middle of the effect while David Regal takes the Curry methodology a step further, with the spectator not only separating the cards by color but by suit, also! Glenn Falkenstein uses a classic Triumph-like effect to set the deck up for his version of Curry's miracle while, finally, Eugene Burger offers some thoughts, not just on the methodology, but more so on the presentational aspects of the trick. Curry later recalled that the concept of the trick came to him in about 15 minutes and he didn't understand why it would fool magicians. But, fool them it did! Curry's brainchild has become one of the most famous card tricks of all time and in fact, in the famous Genii-Orben poll, was voted as one of the greatest tricks in magic history. What's more, it can now be a part of your own repertoire as an anytime, anywhere, any deck miracle. Out of This World - Michael Ammar Out of This World - Steve Draun Out of This Borough - David Regal Out of This World - Falkenstein & Willard Out of This World - Eugene Burger Running Time Approximately: 48min
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Rubicon by Greg Wilson
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Get This Here: http://www.worldmagicshop.com/rubicon-by-greg-wilson/ Super easy to do (comes complete with EVERYTHING needed to do both phases of the routine) No legitimate cube-solving necessary Can be performed close-up, stand-up and completely surrounded The custom-designed, state-of-the-art gimmick does all the work for you! THIS IS THE CUBE YOU'VE BEEN WAITING FOR "For over a decade, I have performed RUBICON around the world and have been asked over and over when I'm releasing it to the conjuring community. My original version was handcrafted, but only recent state-of-the-art technology enabled the gimmick to be engineered and machined in a far superior fashion. About five years ago I allowed a few high-caliber magician friends to perform this routine, as I knew they would do it justice in their professional shows. I am confident you will enjoy it as much as they have." - Greg Wilson "RUBICON is so spectacular that I featured it on one of my TV specials!" - Cyril Takayama "Greg's elegant solution is as simple as it is beautiful." - Asi Wind "For so many reasons, RUBICON is one of the most talked about moments in my parlour and stage shows." - Ryan Oakes "You get away with it right under their noses. The hardest part is not laughing as you do so." - Garrett Thomas "The real con is you will look like a genius without being one." - Karl Hein "This is as good or better than any $10,000 illusion in my show!" - Rick Wilcox (magic theater owner/performer in Wisconsin Dells) Don't think of this as a trick, but rather as 5 to 7 miraculous minutes to add directly to your show. Comes with everything you need to RUBICON your audience immediately: - Two cubes - Precision-made gimmick - Customized performance box - Instructional streaming video - Adoring fans not included (Gimmick and Online Instructions)
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Triage by Danny Weiser & Shin Lim Presents
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Get this here: http://www.worldmagicshop.com/triage-by-danny-weiser-shin-lim-presents/ In today's society, everything is fast paced. We must not waste time going from one place to another, and even certain social media outlets have time constraining video lengths. With less than a quarter of a minute for media such as Instagram, how are we supposed to demonstrate the full potential of a long winded, old fashioned, piece by piece TNR restoration? Danny Weiser, a creative thinker for the modern magician, introduces his take on the TNR. It's swift, magical, and direct. Welcome to Triage. * Triage comes with all the necessary parts required to perform this effect with the exception of a glue stick and scotch tape. Some assembly required.
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At The Table Live Lecture Dani DaOrtiz 2
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Get This Here: http://www.worldmagicshop.com/at-the-table-live-lecture-dani-daortiz-2/ Here's a man who needs very little introduction, Dani DaOrtiz. 1/3rd of the world famous "Fat Brothers," the biggest thing about Dani is his magic and ability to entertain a crowd. With influences like Tamariz and Ascanio, Dani's magic is nothing less than finely honed techniques hidden behind a façade of casual effortlessness. Not only will you learn mind-melting effects from Dani's repertoire, but he also goes into heavy detail about how he uses his carefree attitude to create moments of misdirection and expand the impossibility of each of his effects. Join us At The Table with Dani DaOrtiz and be inspired and completely fooled all at the same time! Parental advisory: Contains some strong language Here's what you'll learn: Earthquake: One spectator picks a card, and another merely thinks of a card. After hilariously entertaining banter, Dani uses "vibrations" to find both the selected card and thought-of card. Two Piles: The spectator freely selects any card from the deck and places it back. The magician then attempts to find the card by going through the deck and pulling out a number of possible cards. The spectator shuffles the remaining cards and pulls out a small packet. Simply by looking at the spectator, the magician narrows down the possible selections to just a single card, the chosen card. Now the magician reveals a miracle. The randomly selected chosen packet consists of the entire suit of the selected card in numerical order. ACAAN (Any Card At Any Number): One spectator selects a card and loses it back in the deck. Another spectator thinks of a number. Without missing a beat, the spectator counts down to that number and finds his selected card. It's the classic routine in the style that only Dani can deliver. Impromptu Exact Force: A spectator chooses any four cards and they are placed on the table. The magician then starts creating four piles by asking a spectator to take a packet, or dealing down and asking them to say stop. When the original four cards are revealed to be nothing more than cards, it seems like the magician has made a mistake. But when the number of cards in each packet matches precisely the number of cards in each pile, spectators can't help but drop their jaws. BONUS: The Multi-Effect Wallet: As a bonus, Dani reveals the inner workings of his Multi-Effect Wallet. He runs through what the gimmick does and also reveals a number of the effects that can be performed with it.
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Loops Improved by Yigal Mesika
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Get these here: http://www.worldmagicshop.com/loops-improved-by-yigal-mesika/ Yigal Mesika LOOPS® Infinite Possibilities "Extraordinary power at your fingertips" - Cyril "The ultimate secret power... I never leave home without it" - Dynamo Real Magic... Anytime, Anywhere. Invented by the genius Finn Jon, perfected and popularized by Yigal Mesika, Loops® are used by world-class magicians such as David Blaine, Cyril, and Dynamo. Loops are the most versatile, practical, and powerful inventions in the history of magic. This wonder utility is strong enough to move heavy objects like silverware and sunglasses. You can float a borrowed ring or bill. You will be able to animate and levitate everyday objects making you fearless to create infinite possibilities. It takes only a few seconds to set up and you will be set for the day to perform at any moment. The best part of all... It is easy to master. Better than ever After many years of refining the quality of this tool, Loops now have the Ultimate Invisibility, the Perfect Consistent Size, and the Ultimate Strength. Patented Loops Saver The Loops saver will protect your Loops at all times from any amount of pressure or damage. You no longer have to worry about the diminished strength of the Loops due to the unique guards that keep them safe under any condition. This unique envelope was also designed to make accessing your Loops the fastest and most convenient way possible. You will get: A set of 5 Loops that comes with the Loops Saver. A viewable 20 minute video with full performances and explanations. You will learn 4 remarkable effects, tips, and subtleties taught by Yigal Mesika. Effects Include: Mesika Haunted Deck Animated Fork Spinning Fork Floating Bill Discover the Infinite Possibilities of Loops...
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VAPR (DVD + Gimmick) by Will Tsai
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) The best smoke utility EVER - Period!!! There have been many devices created but VAPR has evolved to become the definitive utility for producing smoke from your bare hands. Not only that, the quality and density of the smoke produced is unrivalled. The precision made gimmick also comes complete with a wireless remote control, once again unique to VAPR, giving you the ability to create magical smoke up to 50ft away. VAPR is far easier to set up than previous magic smoke devices. No man bra, no bulky setup and the gimmick is completely rechargeable via USB. Did we mention you can produce continuous smoke for up to a minute? Anyone ordering this product from worldmagicshop.com will receive 30 extra cartridges (80-100 puffs per cartridge) and free shipping worldwide. Order today and you're guaranteed to receive VAPR in time to add that extra bit of magic to your Christmas gigs. FEATURES  Ultra Compact - only half the size of other smoke units. Twice the amount of smoke produced and increased destiny Wirelessly activated up to 50ft. Instantly resets Silent operation Continuous smoke for up to a minute No batteries, recharge VAPR using USB Comfortable to wear for long periods. Rugged design. No man bra needed. Very safe with no harmful chemicals WHAT YOU GET The complete VAPR smoke utility (Switch/pump, tube, & heater coil) Rechargeable wireless remote switch 40 smoke cartridges in total (10 standard and 30 free!) USB cable and AC Power adapter Instructional DVD 3 totally original effects and tips on best uses and product care.
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GAME by Luke Jermay and Vanishing Inc.
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Get this here: http://www.worldmagicshop.com/game-by-luke-jermay-and-vanishing-inc/ Roberto Giobbi, Michael Weber, R Paul Wilson, Daniel Madison, John Archer, Asi Wind have all played Jermay's "GAME" and now it's your turn ... "GAME" is Jermay's professional handling of Dai Vernon's classic "Trick That Cannot Be Explained" that brings this previously opaque, challenging, and difficult concept to the hands of even the novice. Full details of performances with your deck, a borrowed pack and alternative handlings are covered in this DVD. A shuffled deck. An impossible prediction. With "GAME" the rules have changed. "Luke Jermay is as devious as he's clever, and he's a Master at complication - with this take on TTTCBE he might just fool the Devil..." - Roberto Giobbi "Intelligent magicians will want to read and learn everything Luke Jermay is willing to share, and the really intelligent ones don't have to be told." - Michael Weber "Jermay's GAME is the real deal: deceptive, practical AND impossible." - R. Paul Wilson "Jermay is a master at constructing powerful plots packed with interest and theatricality that fool audiences badly. This is masterclass." - Asi Wind "Clever and fooling! With layers of devious principles and a great hook, Jermay has created an ingenious twist on a classic effect." - John Guastaferro "Once again, Jermay demonstrates how an intriguing and captivating presentation takes a simple plot from a 'that's cool' climax to an 'OMG! NFW!' moment." - Nicholas Einhorn "In typical Jermay style, this routine is an absolute, deeply fooling, winner." - Doug McKenzie "When I saw Luke perform 'Game' I was totally fooled...the handling is so clean...the effect so impossible. This is seriously deceptive!" - Marc Paul "Being genuinely fooled by magic is a wonderful thing. Luke seems to do this effortlessly ... I have no idea how GAME works. I think I'd prefer to keep it that way. Fantastic." - Wayne Houchin "There are many tricks you can do, but very few will actually be remembered by your audience. Luke generously decided to share his version of the "Trick That Can't be Explained"... I prefer to call it the trick that won't be forgotten!" - Luis DeMatos "Luke has created a perfectly impossible moment; bridging the ultimate gambling demonstration with something mystifying that simply cannot be explained." - Daniel Madison
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At the Table Live Lecture Branden Wolf
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Get This Here: http://www.worldmagicshop.com/at-the-table-live-lecture-branden-wolf/ Branden Wolf is with out a doubt one of today's underground creative forces in coin magic. Murphy's Magic is proud to host Branden at his first At The Table Experience as he opens his treasure box of secrets. You may know Branden for his Previous DVD release entitled "Wolf" where he taught some of the cleanest & heart-stopping moves that we've ever seen. Well, now he's bringing a whole new level of deception to the ring for you as we delve into his world of sleights, moves, routines and ice-breakers. Why coins? Branden will go over his views on sleight of hand coin magic, his style, coin size, and coin magic's applicability to other areas of sleight of hand magic. He'll cover a variety of sleights focusing on the age-old retention pass, his work on John Born's fascinating Balance Palm, and the ever deceptive art of the click pass. Learn to produce, vanish, change, click, and transpose coins in one-off effects and routines. No cards needed. Seriously. There will be a single card trick. Coins will will take center stage. If you're a coin master or just learning to handle silver, Branden will have something that you're going to love.
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Pointless "Greg wilson"
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) For the first time, a trick that is POINTLESS on purpose! You hold up an "ordinary" ballpoint pen and challenge your soon-to-be stunned spectators to follow which way it's pointing. No matter how easy it seems, they quickly and repeatedly realize how fun it is to be wrong! Bonus Routines by: David Gripenwaldt Garret Thomas Carl Andrews Original concept by Christian Grisier Includes instructional DVD and special precision ballpoint pen. Running Time Approximately: 1hr 17min
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Real Ace Cutting by Benjamin Earl
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Get This Here: http://www.worldmagicshop.com/real-ace-cutting-by-benjamin-earl/ Card lovers rejoice! Ben Earl's definitive treatise on legitimately cutting to the Aces is finally here. With a running time of over two hours, this DVD will show you: How to find four Aces from a spectator-shuffled deck Numerous new false shuffles A dozen controls and control finesses Single and multiple Ace-cutting sequences A system to produce Aces that feels like the real thing Benjamin Earl is widely regarded as one of the finest exponents of sleight-of-hand in the world. He guarded his material closely for more than a decade, and has just begun sharing his incredible discoveries with magicians. Real Ace Cutting is a new system--an outlook--on how to find four Aces from a shuffled deck. Ben realized that if you were to actually cut four Aces from a deck, it wouldn't look like a routine, "pat" with productions that seemed cozy and pre-planned. Instead, it would appear as if you were improvising, using every advantage, and dealing with whatever the order of the cards presented. This is, in fact, exactly what you will do with Real Ace Cutting. Ben takes you through how to take any shuffled deck and locate the four Aces. He will share with you controls, dodges, and subtleties on how to maintain control over four Aces, and produce them in ways that seem completely fresh and organic. When you master the contents of this revolutionary new collection, you'll never produce four Aces in the same way. Even when your audience views you doing this multiple times, it will always look different and feel quite different. But every time, it will feel real. "Benjamin Earl is one of the best cardmen around today." - Steve Forte "Ben has cleared a path for all of us to follow." - David Williamson "Ben's magic looks real. His movement is so fluid that everything feels effortless." - David Blaine "Ben is not only one of the finest technicians I have ever seen, but he also demonstrates a mastery of the psychology of magic. He brings a fresh, new approach desperately needed in magic. I'm astounded by his material." - Joshua Jay "It would be hard not to state that Ben is one of the best in the world." - Rune Klan "Ben is the best I've seen." - Asi Wind
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StarStruck by Jay Sankey
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) STARSTUCK is like a double-barrelled shotgun. Pure magic, and pure mentalism, combined! One spectator selects a shape from among a collection of 12 common shapes, including a square, circle, star, heart, oval, diamond, rectangle, etc. And a second spectator freely names ANY card in the pack. A few moments later, the chosen shape is found BURNT through the middle of the named card!!! Immediately repeat the effect with a DIFFERENT card! Easy to do! No sleight-of-hand! Instantly resets! Can be performed surrounded! Amaze people with Starstruck close-up and stand-up! Comes complete with very special Bicycle brand cards, a custom-printed packet of 12 'shape cards,' and a 60-minute DVD including many different handlings and presentations for this reputation-making effect! "Sankey's 'Starstruck' is great! The final revelation won't be forgotten any time soon!" - Nathan Kranzo "I love the build, the moment, and the kick to the head that Starstruck delivers! STOP giving away the real workers, and share them only with me!" - Bill Abbott "'Starstruck' combines some wonderful principles and devious psychology into one blockbuster of an effect!" - Richard Sanders
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Quantum Mechanics by Irving Quant and Dan & Dave
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Quantum Mechanics is a new DVD from Irving Quant revealing a selection of his finest card magic and an awesome new technique for controlling not just a single card, but multiple cards in a way you probably never imagined. He calls it the Distribution Technique, and in our opinion, unlocks a whole new level for card magicians. What is the Distribution Technique? The Distribution Technique is a utility move, like the Clip Shift, that can be applied to literally endless applications. On this DVD, Irving explains many of its possibilities with several of his favorite effects. Who is Irving Quant? Irving Quant is a practitioner of the technical and historical aspects of magic as well as a working professional. He is a student of the great René Lavand. Contents Shotgun Immediately after any four of a kind, let's say the Kings, are clearly shown on top, the pack is riffled causing them to vanish. The cards are then spread to show the Kings are now evenly distributed face-up throughout the deck. Katana Spread A mysterious production of four cards that visually appear face-up as the deck is spread across the table. Pure Slap The four Kings are face-up on top of the deck as the spectator places the four aces face-up throughout the deck. The cards are cleanly squared with nothing to see. With just a riffle of the cards, the Kings and Aces instantly transpose. The four Aces are now on on top and in the center are the four Kings. This is without a doubt the most direct handling of this classic effect. There is no setup and it can be instantely repeated. Back Slap Back Slap is a variation of Pure Slap that has fooled many magicians and is great for your most skeptical spectators. Samurai Kut From a shuffled deck, the cards are tossed onto a table. As the cards land, they break into four even packets. The spectator can now turn over the top card of each to reveal the four Aces. Nyquist 1 The four Kings are placed face-up on top of the deck. Four selections are now removed and clearly inserted back into the deck. Everthing is squared. With just a riffle, the Kings vanish from the top. The deck is spread out to show the Kings are now face-up throughout the deck and directly next to each selection. Nyquist 2 In this variation of Nyquist 1, having four selections isn't necessary. After the four Kings are removed from the deck, they are set aside. The deck is now spread to show all the cards are face down. The cards are squared and the Kings placed on top. With just a riffle, the Kings vanish. The cards are now respread to reveal the Kings are now face-up in different parts throughout the deck. Ricochet This is a beautiful version of Bill Goodwin's Slap Exchange. Continuing with the theme of four card transpositions, Ricochet delivers like no other. Similar in effect to Pure Slap, but with the most surprising kicker that leaves no explantion. Ace Cutting 1 Irving's tribute to John Scarney's 'Cutting to The Aces'. After the cards have been thorougly mixed, you prove that no breaks, crimps or jogs will be used. You then proceed to cut to the four Aces. Ace Cutting 2 Similar in effect to Ace Cutting 1, however, in this variation, you explain that the reason why you were able to cut to the Aces is because they were marked as you turn them over to show they're a different back design from the rest of the deck. It doesn't stop there though as you now turn over all the cards to show they're blank. Sleights Distribution Technique Many of the tricks on this DVD heavily rely on this technique. "It's a new priciple in card magic that allows for many new ideas." It's a technique for controlling multiple cards throughout the deck or the opposite of a multiple shift. Thering Multiple Shift Irving's method for controlling mulitple cards from the center of the deck to the top. Atfus Variation Irving's variation of the Atfus switch, a technique used to switch cards undercover. Extras: Multiple Peek Control Ambitions Kings Switch Location Theron's Trick. Extras Multiple Peek Control Ambitious Kings Switch Location Theron's Trick
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I Just Love Performing My Magic - Dean Lahan
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Dean Lahan is a very inspirational young man who is also a master magician. Dean (17), from Stockport, was diagnosed with Meningitis when he was seventeen months old. He lost all of his fingers and his leg to the disease but that never stopped him pursuing his passion for magic and the intricate dexterity which is required to perform incredible sleight of hand. For Dean to perform magic and sleight of hand at such a high level, he has to completely adapt existing techniques and moves which means he can even fool some of the world’s most knowledgeable magicians. When Dean performs his magic it not only amazes you, it inspires you. This is captured beautifully in this short film. David Penn and Jonathan Farr from World Magic Shop organise one of the country's largest magic conventions, in Birmingham every year, called LADs (Lectures And Magic Dealers). The event attracts magicians from all over Europe who come to learn from the World’s leading magicians who lecture at the one day event. For the finale of the convention, the short film, I Just Love Performing My Magic - Dean Lahan, was shown for the first time. Dean was also presented with the Inspiration Award from World Magic Shop as the whole room gave Dean a much deserved standing ovation. Wayne Fox who lectured on the day said, “I couldn’t hold back the tears. Quite literally, the most inspirational thing I have ever seen!” The producer of the film, Jonathan Farr said “I am truly honoured to share this story with the magic community and beyond”. David Penn “I perform tricks but Dean Performs real magic. He is an inspiration to me and everyone who is lucky enough to see him perform”.
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TRAP by Alex Pandrea and The Blue Crown
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) They sign. They tear. You restore. TR.AP is a direct and visual piece of magic that leaves audiences stunned. A card is selected and signed by the spectator. The spectator folds the card and then cleanly, unmistakably tears it in half. With a light touch, the magician fuses the two halves back together, allowing the spectator to examine and keep their signed card immediately. Unlike other T&R routines where the magician does everything, TR.AP provides an incredible level of audience involvement. Because they are the ones who fold and tear the card, there is no doubt in their mind that the card is really torn, making it that much more impossible when the two halves reconnect. Can be Performed Signed or Unsigned Easy to do No tape, glue, magnets, or gimmicks Spectator examines and keeps the card
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The Famous Llaser Matrix by Manuel Llaser
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Get This Here: http://www.worldmagicshop.com/the-famous-llaser-matrix-by-manuel-llaser/ Manuel Llaser is a great Argentinean magician who is introducing to the magic market his famous matrix. For the first time, after many years performing around the world and collecting standing ovations from all kinds of audiences he reveals one of his most appreciated secrets. You will get two gimmmicked coins, a purse, four regular coins and video instructions to perform two professional matrix routines. (Gimmick and Online Instructions)
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In and Out Rope Escape by Tony Clark
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) GET IT HERE: http://www.worldmagicshop.co.uk/rope-escape-tony-clark-p-4247.html In just a few minutes you can learn Tony Clark's killer comedy rope tie routine. You have two people tie your wrists together with a piece of rope and to everyone's surprise you are able to get in and out of the tight knots in seconds! Tony has performed this routine on TV and stages around the world thousands of times. The routine is explained in easy to learn step-by-step instructions. It's perfect for anyone looking for a solid time tested five minute comedy routine.
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Hidden Hand Magic Trick by Sean Fields
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Get this here: www.worldmagicshop.com/hidden-hand-dvd-and-gimmick-by-sean-fields/ "Every once in a while the art of magic takes another step forward. The Hidden Hand is a leap." From the mind of Sean Fields, Hidden Hand is a brand new utility device that allows for stunning vanishes and productions. With NO sleights necessary, you will be able to manipulate items within minutes of learning this secret. Roll your sleeves up, show your hands completely, unmistakably empty and from out of nowhere produce a small object. No suspicious moves. Just pure magic. Multiple vanishes including one handed and drop vanishes Multiple versions of Ring to Anywhere straight from Sean's own working repertoire How to install, modify and repair your Hidden Hand Bonus moves, ideas and routines by special guest Eric Jones Nearly two hours of instructions will give you a complete arsenal of moves, routines and ideas that will stun your spectators. "Brilliant! It's amazing and opens up so many possibilities!!!" - Dynamo "If you were ever looking for the most incredible, amazing, versatile, practical way to vanish a small object, you've got to give hidden hand a try!" - Eric Jones "When Sean Fields first showed me the effect I freaked out. When he revealed the secret to me, I couldn't believe what I saw. The method is utterly astounding and so creative." - Shin Lim "This will get you laid... Just kidding... Not really." - Chris Ramsay "Hidden Hand is one of the most beastly things he has come out with yet!" - Chris Wiehl 'This is something every magician can use in their own way. The possibilities of this gimmick have yet to all be discovered.' - Tom Elderfield "I'm a big Sean Fields fan, but my God, that looks like real magic." - Chris Kavanagh
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Classifying Deck Magic Trick By Granell Magic Inc
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Get tho here: http://www.worldmagicshop.com/classifying-deck-by-granell-magic-inc-trick/ With this deck you can cut the exact amount of cards you wish, from any fifty two positions with a zero margin of error. You can find the Aces or Kings from any place or any arrangement of the deck, it's magic. The deck can be examined by your spectators at any time and can also work as a regular deck. Includes: Instructional DVD (Spanish and English) Gimmicked Deck
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(W)hole Deck by Marc Arthur - WMS European Exclusive
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) (W)hole Deck by Marc Arthur Marc Arthur improves on the appearing hole effect with his debut release, (W)hole Deck. In his routine, a sticker melts through a spectator's selected card, creating an actual hole on the card that they can stick their finger through. The hole then jumps from the selected card onto the rest of the pack, which can also be examined! The (W)hole deck resets in seconds and can be performed with any card. It is audience tested and 100% worker friendly. The versatility of the (W)Hole Deck is demonstrated with the eye-popping routine. Hollow (W)Hole. A boxed pack of cards is hung around the neck by a ribbon that runs through the hole in the entire pack. A spectator selects a card from the bound deck, which is then returned to the box. A BALLOON IS BLOWN UP AND pop! The Spectator's chosen card appears from the box, off the ribbon, its hold completely intact. In (CH)Angel a card is selected, signed, returned to the deck and handed to a spectator. An off-color "angel" pieces is shown on both sides. With just a touch, the angel changes. It doesn't just change color, it changes places. The angel is shown to be from the spectator's selected card! They spread the deck themselves and, to their amazement, the off-color angel piece is found "inside" their card.
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SansMinds Sharpie
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) SansMinds Sharpie is a game-changing Sharpie marker designed for magicians' everyday miracle. Imagine drawing a design on the spectator's hand with a Sharpie, and moving it to anywhere you want. Your own hand, onto a surface, another object, or another area of the spectator's body. No chemicals and non-toxic. Use it as your everyday sharpie and being able to pull miracles with absolutely no preparation! The every magician's best friend. No preparations, and nothing extra to carry on you but your everyday Sharpie.
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An Unexpected Triumph by Magician Anonymous
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Get thishere; http;//www.worldmagicshop.com/an-unexpected-triumph-by-magician-anonymous/ The creators at Magician Anonymous bring you the best triumph you will ever perform... An Unexpected Triumph is truly the cleanest triumph routine possible. No false moves, no deck switches. This is what real magic looks like. To top it off, the deck does a FULL COLOR CHANGE! Completely self-working and easy to learn and perform, you'll be able to perform this routine within minutes after watching the downloadable tutorial. Comes complete with all gimmicks. NO DIY! No rough/smooth No deck switches No short/long cards No sleight of hand No stick stuff No magnets No black art Easy to perform Self-working (the gaff deck does everything for you) Magician Anonymous presents "An Unexpected Triumph"
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Kinetic PK Ring
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) The Kinetic Ring is a staple in magic that has now reached a next level of evolution & engineering. Constructed from an original, single neodymium rare-earth magnet, and expertly disguised as a sleek comfort-fit band. Turn a fashion statement into a devastatingly effective magic device that you have ready, anytime. No one knows you have an arsenal of magic right on your finger. Hide your secret in plain sight. Murphy's Magic acquired the rights to the original famed Wizard PK rings from the late Jim Trainer. We proudly re-engineered it to give the magnet 25% more attraction power while making it more resistant to impact if dropped. The Kinetic Rings should be a cornerstone of any magician's toolbox as it allows you to have a universe of magic, all in one self-contained ring. Features: 25% More attraction power. More shatter resistant. Available in two styles: Curved band & Beveled band. Comes in three colors: Black, silver & gold. Eight proven tricks & routines. Shipped in a complimentary storage & gift box. Troubleshooting, care, & maintenance. To get you started, we have included some great tricks that work anywhere, anytime: Spin a regular writing pen Change a half dollar to a penny Make a deck of cards move by itself Push a quarter right into the wall of a bottle of water Magically spin spoons, knives and forks Melt a coin through a table Stop time with your mind Make coins disappear, reappear ... and much more!
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Split by Yves Doumergue
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Get this here: http://www.worldmagicshop.com/split-by-yves-doumergue/ "THE MOST MAGICAL BILL SWITCH I EVER SAW." - John Archer "THE SICKEST WAY TO BREAK A BILL." - Dynamo "PERFECT FOR THE PIZZA GUY." - John Dough Cold Facts: 5 Different CURRENCIES: DOLLARS - EUROS - POUNDS - YEN - YUAN RESTAURANT RECEIPTS & LOTTERY TICKETS for other countries options MULTIPLE HANDLINGS SPECTATOR'S Hand TYVEK Paper: Long Lasting Gimmick - Water Resistant with TEN BILLS/20 Options 1 Second reset Easy to perform Can be performed surrounded Great for close-up or stand-up magic No moving magnets All gimmicks INCLUDED Copyrights included
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World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) GET IT HERE WITH FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING: http://www.worldmagicshop.com/evolve-by-nicholas-lawrence/ EVOLVE is a brand new visual morphing concept that can be applied to any small object including cards, receipts and bills. The object can be unfolded and handed straight out! EFFECT: A folded card can be dropped from hand to hand, and as it drops the colour visually morphs from red to blue. It can then be handed straight out for examination. This effect can also be used with bills, receipts, cards and many more similar styled objects. EVOLVE has many startling applications including changing an object as they are slid across a table or with a simple snap of the fingers! Once again it can be unfolded and handed straight out for examination! Your object can be set ready to go. No need to hold onto it like in inferrer methods. No elastic thread to break. Visually stunning! Did we mention that it can be handed straight out for examination?
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5221 by Wayne Fox Official Trailer
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Get This Here: http://www.worldmagicshop.com//5221-by-wayne-fox-and-world-magic-shop/ 5221 by Wayne Fox This really is an incredible effect that knocks your audience for six! It has even fooled some of the biggest names in magic including Andy Nyman. (no mean feat) The effect is simple and breathtaking. You ribbon spread or fan the deck and invite your spectators to think of any card. You place the deck on the table and they name their card. You then dead cut to the card perfectly!!!! In a follow up, the spectator can even cut to their own thought of card. There is no wonder that Wayne Fox completely sold out of 5221 (Fifty Two To One) at the Blackpool convention. It is now available again exclusively at World Magic Shop from Monday and Launched at L.A.D.s this Sunday.
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World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) "The Final Answer In Coin Bending!" Morgan Strebler When David Penn released his Coinvexed coin bending gimmick, it established itself as the number one choice for professional magicians and mentalists all over the world. Coinvexed Third Generation takes the project even further with an improved gimmick and a DVD featuring three real world working routines. In David Penn's double coin bend routine, a spectator signs a coin, which can be borrowed. Then something very extraordinary happens as they feel the coin bend within their own hands. The reactions for this are incredible as the coin is also signed! A second signed coin then bends whilst being isolated under their palm, on a table top. The spectator can then keep the coins as a souvenir, which freezes the moment for them forever. No switches! The coins that the spectator has signed are the same coins that bend. Only the coins and the sharpie are seen and the sharpie can be used by the spectator to sign the coin. No special chemicals! Just diabolically clever gimmicks that hide in full view. Get ready to unleash the ultimate signed coin bend on your audience! Reactions are guaranteed! "Just when I thought my favourite coin bending gimmick couldn't get any better, David Penn has literally shattered my expectations! The new 'Coinvexed Double Coin Bend' routine is the final answer in coin bending! It is going straight into my set! This will be the first new material from another artist in my show, for two years. It's that damn good!" Morgan Strebler "That's F###ing Awesome! Can I Get That Now?" David Blaine "This takes the original (and great!) Coinvexed tool and gives it an extra 50%. The original was very clever but this just takes the biscuit!" James Brown - Winner of The Magic Circle Close Up Magician of the Year" "In short, this is superb. The ultimate solution to the bending coin plot. It ticks all the right boxes - commercial, deceptive and extremely memorable. Very highly recommended!" Rob James- Review for http://www.magicweek.co.uk INCLUDED: Two precision made gimmicks HD DVD Featuring: Double Coin Bend Routine Single Coin Bend Optical Bends Psychology Explained Special guests -- Marc Lavelle and Amit Badiani
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Sherlockian by Ben Cardall
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Get this here: http://www.worldmagicshop.com/sherlockian-by-ben-cardall-and-titanas-magic/ Today's audiences crave for something modern and current. That is precisely what you get with this dvd set Ben Cardall, being a cross between Sherlock Holmes, Dr house and a cousin we all sides we had, can provide you with exactly that! From knowing the contents of your spectators pockets, to what they do for a living, to becoming a human lie detector. In age where the ability to read people is king, Ben provides you with the material to show your audiences that you can! Content: 3 truths and a lie: Propless lie detection. Simple! Speed Deduction: A system that allows to deduce whatever information you like from your spectator as well as a thought of card The psychometric system: A system that will allow to know the contents of your spectators pockets Rainmen: A borrowed memorised deck routine where you give your spectator these memory powers at the end Sherlockian: Through the telling of a Sherlock story you demonstrate your uncanny powers of deduction Psy-do: Solve any murder mystery your spectator sets you Sensory Perception: Use your senses and the spectators to have one person feel another's thoughts 3 point problem: Seemingly help your spectator immediately solve and feel better about any problem The Twitches Theory: Read the face of your spectators to read their memories Becoming The Man: Give any spectator the incredible powers of sherlock instantly
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The Switch (DVD & Gimmicks) by Shin Lim
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) From the creative mind of Shin Lim: THE SWITCH is the cleanest way to switch a folded card for a spectators signed card. Imagine placing a Mystery card on a table, in someone's hand, in a clear box, well... anywhere. This is done in full view of the audience. You then have a another spectator select a random card and sign it. On your command you cause their sign car to vanish completely from the deck. The spectator is asked to open her hands, the mystery card that the spectators has been holding the entire time is opened. It is the signed selection! THE SWITCH is the cleanest way to switch a card because there are no boxes, no envelopes, etc. Words cannot describe how clean the switch actually is. You have to see it to believe it...
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Rose & Vase by Bond Lee & Wenzi Magic
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Get this here: http://www.worldmagicshop.com/rose-vase-by-bond-lee-wenzi-magic/ A magic set which allows you to produce a white vase by flame, then magically appear a rose in the vase. The magician is able to produce three more rose in an elegant way. Items included: Gimmicked Vase (built in electronic flasher and rose production gimmick) Gimmicked Rose (allows you to produce three rose without stealing) Red Silk Charger
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At the Table Live Lecture Rocco
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Get this here: http://www.worldmagicshop.com/at-the-table-live-lecture-rocco/ Rocco is the only American to win awards at two FISM events and to be nominated nine times as "Magician of the Year" by the Academy of Magical Arts with his Card Under Glass, Card Through Table, Coins Through Table, and Ring to Lime. You're about to learn some award winning magic. If you have ever seen Rocco perform, he is fast, brilliant and mesmerizing. We couldn't fit all of the material Rocco taught into this description. You'll not only get the above material but so much more that he organically fits between the routines. This is our most jam-packed At The Table lecture ever - and Rocco Silano is the perfect magic mentor. "He's a genius." - Dai Vernon on Rocco Sample of tricks from the lecture: Cabaret Du Monde Routine: Learn the amazing routine that Rocco performed on Cabaret Du Monde. Produce eggs, pretzels, ice-cream, necklaces and much more. Rocco breaks it all down from the most important moves to pocket management with this signature routine. Gum Routine: A beautiful routine that involves changing a gum pack from one color to another, then change the lime flavored gum into a real lime. To end this beautiful routine, Rocco takes a single dollar bill and makes it RAIN MONEY. Water to Wine: Rocco shows you his take on the classic effect that has a kicker ending. Tea Bag to Egg: Light a teabag and visually transform it into an egg. This is a staple act in his legendary stage show. Cigarette Routine: This is one routine that will leave your audience scratching their heads. You light your cigarette, but there is one problem - the lighter keeps vanishing over and over again. Once you finally locate another lighter, the cigarette vanishes. Salt and Pepper Vanish: One of Gregory Wilson's favorite effects in the lecture. Pour salt and pepper in the spectator's hands, mix it up and have the spectator cover the salt and pepper in their hands, then vanish the pepper without a trace. Sleeving Techniques: Rocco is one of the best sleeving magicians on the planet. Step-by-step, he takes you through how to sleeve like a pro. 5 Second Card Trick: A magician fooler that will without a doubt fool the most hard-nosed magicians. This involves no forces and will supply you with the ability to find the spectator's signed card in five seconds. Lapping Techniques: Obtain a technique that Rocco learned from Slydini. Take cigarette tobacco in your hand, close your hand and visually turn it into a cigarette. You will also learn one of Slydini's favorite coin routines involving a single coin. Oyster Routine: Show two oyster shells, holding one in each hand. In a blink of an eye, one shell vanishes and appears in the other hand. For the kicker ending, have the spectator pick a shell, then light the shell on fire producing a giant pearl. Finally, make the pearl change into a pearl necklace. Card Through Glass: A card is selected and signed, then made to go through a glass table. Tenkai Card Production: Learning this technique will give you the ability to produce cards out of thin air. Silk in Strawberry: This fools Gregory Wilson. For all silk workers out there, you will love this. A silk visually changes into a plastic strawberry, then into a real strawberry. Poker Chip & Die Routine: Gregory chooses random objects, a poker chip and a die, and challenges Rocco to create a routine with them. Rocco visually changes the poker chip into two dice. Holding the dice in his hands, he changes them into two Hershey's Kisses. What he does next with the Hershey's Kisses is astounding. Quarters & Ring Routine: This is a routine that involves three coins and a ring. Coins travel from one hand into the other. A spectator holds onto one coin and ring while you make the other two coins appear in the spectator's hands. Flicker Coin: Rocco shares some brilliant new routines involving his Flicker Coin gimmick. Coins Across: This is an effect that Rocco fooled Vernon with. It involves four quarters that visually jump from one hand to the other. See it to believe it. Paper Balls in Box: Learn the classic effect that Slydini taught Rocco involving simple everyday items. Simple hits hard. Cigarette to Card: A cigarette is used to reveal the spectator's selected card in a brilliant way.
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Shinanigens by Shin Lim (Two Disc Set) - DVD
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Prepare yourself to delve deep into the realm of visual sleight of hand magic. With 27 impromptu tricks and over 3 and 1/2 hours of detailed explanation, this 2 disk DVD will take you on a path of eye candy madness. There are insane multi phased color changes to possibly one of the most visual deck appearance one will have to see to believe. Included in the DVD is a gimmick which will allow you to perform the appearing deck. Here is a small taste of the affects you will learn: ANARCHY - this is one of the most visual and cleanest deck productions of all time. Imagine clearly holding a single card, and with nothing but a small shake of the wrist, a full deck of cards seemingly forms into your hand. You can now show the audience a full deck of cards. In this DVD, Shin teaches multiple variations and handlings (such as making the deck vanish using the same gimmick), as well as how to apply the gimmick to any deck of your choice. This trick alone is easily worth the price of this DVD. Comes with gimmick. SHINAG 2.0 - this is one of the most visual and cleanest card productions ever seen. With just a mere spring of the deck, the selected signed card shoots out of the center of the deck. No strings, no magnets, nothing. Completely impromptu and insanely clean. Transfusion - Two cards are selected. One is placed in the center of the deck and one is placed on top. Both cards face up, so the audience sees everything. Everything is fair. But then, with just a wave of the hand, both cards change places in the cleanest manner possible. No angles to worry about. No tough sleight of hand. After watching the performance you will want to perform this every chance you get. SHINSANITY - After producing 4 aces in the most visual manner possible, the magician then proceeds to have a card selected and then lost. He then fans the four aces very cleanly, and holds them with his fingertips. With no funny movements what so ever, and under impossible conditions, one of the aces invert. It turns out that the ace that inverts is the suite of the selected card. But when the magician pulls out the inverted card, he turns it around. IT IS THE SELECTED SIGNED CARD. The COON - Imagine having your spectator's signed card placed in the center of the deck, out jogged. With no movements what so ever, the signed card begins to eerily rise to the very top. No gimmicks and it's completely impromptu. You have to see it to believe it.
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Professor's Nightmare (World's Greastest Magic) - DVD
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) In the mid-Fifties, Bob Carver created a sensation with a rope effect he created based on ideas from Hen Fetsch. In fact, before he could be awarded the IBM Originality Trophy in 1957, he had to expose his creation's pure sleight-of-hand method to the judges. Later dubbed Professor's Nightmare by Gene Gordon, the effect of three completely examinable ropes of differing lengths magically becoming the same size has become a classic of magic. On this DVD, you'll meet six different performers, all with their own singular takes on this wonderful effect. Funnyman Michael Finney starts off with his version, honed by years of exposition on countless comedy club stages and he shares many performance tips that make the routine both easier and stronger. Dan Fleshman follows with a great walk-around version that would fit quite nicely into the repertoire of any strolling performer. The great Bob Read's performance is an object lesson in how to take a well-known effect and make it truly your own while Al Schneider's version brings the mystery of this effect to the close-up table. Marc DeSouza is next with a stage routine choreographed to music that features a synthesis of ideas that begin and end with a single length of rope. Finally, Dan Tong also begins with a single piece of rope, continues through the Professor's Nightmare sequence, and ends with a completely restored length, a perfect routine for working a large table while strolling. Many have relegated the Professor's Nightmare to a stock trick but this is a mistake. As Michael Finney so aptly says, "Don't be embarrassed to do it. It's a great trick. The layman loves it...and you'll like it!" Professor's Nightmare - Michael Finney Professor's Nightmare - Dan Fleshman Professor's Nightmare - Bob Read (performance only) Professor's Nightmare - Al Schneider Full Circle - Marc DeSouza Ropes - Dan Tong Running Time Approximately: 55mins
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The Shark (DVD and Gimmick) by Christopher Ballinger and Magic Geek - DVD
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Just below the surface of any deck... waiting to strike. A card completely changes while trapped between two other cards. The change is visual, instant, angle-proof, and happens in plain sight. The card can is instantly examinable and can even be signed. The Shark uses a utility gimmick that will open up a sea of possibilities. Instructional DVD Covers: Standard Shark Routine - A card trapped between two others visually morphs into the spectator's selection. Great White - Uses the Shark gimmick to turn an entire deck blank. Megalodon Vanish - The perfect, visual ending to an ambitious card routine. The signed selection instantly vanishes and appears in the spectator's hand. Dorsal Force - A new way to force a card which simultaneously vanishes the card from an examinable deck. The selection can be found at any location. Hammerhead Change - A change that is so clean, it will take a few moments for your audience to realize it has happened. Cage-Dive Change - A card changes in the spectator's hand without you touching it. Megamouth Change - A flash change that starts clean and ends clean. Bonus Material: Quantum Flux - The original handlings for the Shark Gimmick where cards transpose in the spectator's hands. The shark is an undetectable gimmick that allows for visual changes without tricky sleight of hand or awkward gimmicks. There's no palming, ditching, magnets, strings, pulls, bad angles, forcing or complicated sleights. Just strong, visual magic like your audience has never seen. Running Time Approximately 82 min
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On/Off magic trick by Nicholas Lawrence and SansMinds
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Get this here: http://www.worldmagicshop.com/on-off-by-nicholas-lawrence-and-sansminds-dvd/ A modern approach to the classic moving finger trick, making it a highly visual and impactful everyday miracle. Imagine asking your spectator "Have you ever had a ring on your finger for too long and had a difficult time taking it off?" As you try to take the ring off your finger, you accidentally pop the finger off along with the ring!! It is an absolute bizarre moment that gets CRAZY reaction. Multiple versions with single ring, double ring, no ring, and gimmick taught thoroughly in the ON OFF project. ** Gimmick included.
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Nanomagics by Roman Garcia Pastur
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Get this here: http://www.worldmagicshop.com/nanomagics-by-roman-garcia-pastur/ "The tricks on this DVD are so powerful that each one of them is used to bring a magic show to an end." Luis Piedrahita "One of the most creative minds I know - now at a touch of a button. It's fantastic!" Dani Daortiz "Roman Garcia's magic is powerful and really impossible. Some of the best visual pieces I have ever seen." -Helder Guimaraes The DVD contains 11 effects in Spanish with English subtitles: - The Spitted card In this effect, the magician breaks a bit of a selected card and spits towards the jokers who have been examined and are being held by a spectator, appearing between the two jokers magically is a piece of the chosen card. Finally, the magician again spits the bit and reconstructs the card in a very visual way. - The enigma of the chicken and the egg A signed card on the face by a spectator happens to be the same as the card that the magician had previously saved in his pocket with the signing of another spectator in the back. - The Samuelson principle A new version of the coin in the bottle in which a coin goes in and out of the bottle in a very clear and visual way. At the end of the game, the magician explains that the bottle turns on itself and for that reason the currency may come and go. To prove this statement, the magician shows that the sticker on the bottle is finally inside the bottle, which is delivered to spectators for examination. - The Alchemist's dream A wild coin extremely clean. Four copper coins turn into gold coins to finally be converted back into four simple copper coins... - The test of the living and the dead One dead, four live. No one knows who is dead. This test reveals who is living and who is dead and the number of years that have elapsed since his death... - The deck in the balloon A new version of Airtight by Jay Sankey that will captivate you with its simplicity and visibility. - Index Imagine a joker signed with all the numbers and suits drawn on the back with a pen. In this incredible effect, the magician moves the number and suit of the selected card and gives the spectator the joker to check that this is an actual and real drawing. - Sun & Moon A version of silver-copper coins travel, change places in the hands of the magician and the spectator and is resized into a dwarf currency and jumbo coin. - The wall of glass Four signed letters pass through a transparent scarf and are reunited under the hand of a spectator. - A game for cardsharps After mixing the face up and face down cards, made to appear are three aces. Finally, all the cards are arranged below the fourth ace only now they are in order from Ace to King. - Traveling holes A card is selected and signed. A drill hole in each corner of the card is made. Finally, the magician moves his finger over the holes to bring them together in one corner.
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Magic Spider PRO-PACK by My Pet Spider
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) My Pet Boris (the magic spider app) is the work of magician Ian Pidgeon from Sydney Australia. Most people I know, myself included freak out when they walk into a spider web so you can pretty much guarantee a reaction to this trick. First of all I would like to credit Jim Pace's The Web from L&L Publishing as the inspiration for this effect. The Web can be purchased from your local magic dealer or online through L&L Publishing or most other Magic sites. L&L publishing own the rights to the original "The Web" effect and have authorized us to market this app. While "The Web" is a magic trick using cards, My Pet Boris has a totally different presentation and is intended more as a prank that anyone could use. It utilizes the smart phone as a familiar object that is endlessly fascinating to people instead of introducing it as a magic trick. The technology allows for video, animation and vibration that involves multiple senses and increased interest. People are always curious to see what new applications are being developed. This provides a powerful emotional hook. The spider is an Australian Redback spider Latrodectus hasseltii a relative of the American Black Widow and are quite dangerous. He was released in my neighbor's garden after filming. Effect: I present this as a cool new smart phone app that merges the spectators own body with computer generated images to create a form of augmented reality that is incredibly realistic. I ask the spectator to hold out their hand so I can take a picture of their palm, secretly loading a plastic spider on the back of their hand, then place the phone on their palm and introduce Boris. The animation and shadowing make it look like the spider is actually crawling across their hand. They can even feel him move because of the phone's vibrator. He stops a few times on his way across the hand and the magician pokes him to encourage him to continue. I show how you can interact with Boris by sliding my finger under the phone to rub the spider's back. Boris really seems to be between the phone and their hand. You could never do this in real life. Too dangerous with a poisonous spider. Then I show how waving my hand over the proximity sensors on the phone make him come back. He runs back across the screen. I take the phone back and ask them to try. When they wave their hand over the screen, they notice out of the corner of their eye, a realistic spider clinging to the back of their hand and they FREAK OUT! That's My Pet Boris!
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Pro Carrier Deluxe by Joshua Jay and Vanishing Inc.
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Get This Here: http://www.worldmagicshop.com/pro-carrier-deluxe-by-joshua-jay-and-vanishing-inc/ Way back in 2000, a very young Joshua Jay designed and released the Pro Carrier. It was the first of its kind, in a way: a quality leather case that held a pack of cards, coins, packet tricks, extra cards or items, and displayed your business card. It was and is a wildly popular item among working professionals. After 16 years, the Pro Carrier is getting its first major update. Fans and users of the Pro Carrier will be delighted with the design improvements. If you've never used the Pro Carrier, this item has the capability to transform your magic! This is not hyperbole. The Pro Carrier is designed to be carried with you at all times, and magicians who integrate the Pro Carrier into their life will ALWAYS have a forty-minute close-up show within arm's reach. Never again kick yourself for not carrying duplicate cards. No more regrets about that shell you wish you had, or the double-facer you forgot to bring. All your signature tricks in one place, always by your side. Features: Holds two decks, four half dollars, 4 packet tricks, and business cards Made of high quality leather Includes clip for easy attachment to belt or briefcase Fits in your pocket or stands upright on a table Design improvements include: Magnetic flap: this used to be velcro Iron clamp: so you can flip it to a case or your belt; this used to be looped Holds TWO decks: this is the biggest design improvement. Joshua decided that having a second deck would be a real asset, whether it be a memorized pack, Phantom Deck, or any other blockbuster ending. Now you can carry BOTH decks with you at all times
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Separagon by Woody Aragon & Lost Art Magic
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Get this here: http://www.worldmagicshop.com/separagon-by-woody-aragon-lost-art-magic/ Woody Aragon's name is synonymous with the creation of workable, potent card miracles that require nearly no sleight of hand. He's more about ingenuity, less about knack. This contribution to the magic community may be his most dynamic and versatile to date. This is Separagon. What is Separagon? A brilliant move that allows the magician to secretly separate cards without ANY sleight of hand. Odd from Even, Black from Red, Back from Face, and more. No difficult culling procedures or technical handlings are involved. Only a table or other flat surface is required. You'll learn this move in minutes and be able to add it to your repertoire almost immediately. Woody has curated 5 of the most potent, diabolical routines using the Separagon, and teaches them in painstaking detail from multiple camera angles. Oil and Water Ambitious Suit Memorization of the Cards Progressive Order Triumph Additional Content: How to utilize TPC (Tamariz Perpendicular Control) with Separagon Open Index - With the deck in your pocket, be able to remove ANY named card at a moment's notice Multiple Anti-Faro - A nearly self-working way of "unshuffling" the cards AND Further Tips on: Psychological points and justifications The spread Juan Tamariz's handling of Separagon
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At the Table Live Lecture Mark Calabrese
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Get this here: http://www.worldmagicshop.com/at-the-table-live-lecture-mark-calabrese/ Mark Calabrese had a smash debut At the Table Experience and now he's back for a second installment. Mark is without doubt one of the busiest performers in New York today. He's also responsible for a ton of original effects that has swarmed the market in recent years. When he isn't trying to fool Penn & Teller, or consult for top magicians in the industry, Mark is always very busy, which is why we are delighted that he's made time to sit down for a second lecture. Mark brings us his fooling, entertaining and sometimes disturbing repertoire of effects. From Mentalism to Knucklebusters, here are some things you're going to learn: Mystery Card: Mark gives you multiple presentations for his take on the Mystery Card Plot. A blue-backed card is placed face down on the table, two Jokers are taken out of the deck and examined. Any card is named by the spectator and without touching the face down card, it is revealed to be the spectator's named card. Dead Man's Hand: A clever routine with a clever story behind it. Five cards are placed on the table with one card face down. Mark informs the spectator about the Dead Man's Hand and asks them what they think the face down card is. Whatever they name is the face down card. A VERY deceptive move that will amaze both laymen and spectators. Character & Approach: Mark talks about how important character is as well as great ways to approach spectators. After listening to his advice, you will be more confident as a performer and with your ice-breaking skills. Story Line: Story line is key and Mark discusses becoming his method of "possessed" in a performance. Ace Cutting: A clever Ace cutting routine that is like none other. Inform the spectator that you will cut to the Aces without looking. Just when it seems you have failed, you come out on top with a KILLER KICKER. Cut for Kiss: This is a great and hilarious effect to do to with a couple. Bottom Deal: One of the hardest moves we've seen At the Table, but Mark will show you multiple ways to do a bottom deal with ease. Joker Knows: If you like card-to-mouth, you'll love this one. A card on the table changes without the magician touching it. Dirty Rat: The spectator chooses a card and the magician has 5 tries to get the selection. The magician bets $100 he will get the card but to the spectator it seems like he has no idea. In the end, let's just say you'll leave with a little more money in your pocket. Burana: A beautiful card change that looks like trick photography. Frontal Pass: A very deceptive take on a pass. Double Top Change: We all know a top change but what about a top change with two cards? This is something that you will want to play around with.
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The London Collection by Guy Hollingworth
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Get this here: http://www.worldmagicshop.com/the-london-collection-by-guy-hollingworth/ Filmed in 1996, London Collection by Guy Hollingworth entered the magic community to resounding acclaim. Guy's work married elegance with card magic, and his gravitas and style have remained unrivaled. Long since out of print, this re-release of London Collection features seven of Guy's signature effects and accompanying commentary which detail his thoughts and updated handlings on the methods described. Approximate Runtime: 198 minutes. Guy Hollingworth literally stunned the magic community with his appearance on the television show World's Greatest Magic. His techniques and handlings were innovative and flawlessly performed, fooling all and sundry. MAGIC Magazine quickly put the debonair performer on the cover with the caption "Who is this Guy?", as he had taken us all by by surprise. Mr. Hollingworth, it turned out, was a student in university, magic coming into his life not by any intense interest, but as a convenient way to avoid rugby practice!
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Papercuts by Chris Hestnes and Dan & Dave Buck
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Papercuts is an instructional DVD featuring 13 original card flourishes covering both basic and advanced techniques as well as several innovative new principles. Our universal teaching method allows anyone with a basic knowledge of card handling to easily follow along as though they were receiving a private lesson from Chris. Over 2 hours of bonus features including a 26-minute behind the scenes documentary, an interview with the crew about the art of flourishes, promotional trailers, hidden tutorials, bloopers, and more!
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Wizard Product Review 17-11-10
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Craig Petty & David Penn, from http://www.worldmagicstore.com , take their regular look at some of the latest products from the world of magic. This week's show: Max Maven Multiplicity: Get it here: http://www.worldmagicstore.com/maven-multiplicity-publishing-p-6373.html?osCsid=fm5hhg4upo7tfbcm6l1j23es87 Transformer Card by Mark Mason: Get it here: http://www.worldmagicstore.com/transformer-card-mark-mason-p-6354.html?osCsid=fm5hhg4upo7tfbcm6l1j23es87 Trapped: Get it here: http://www.worldmagicstore.com/trapped-jordan-johnson-p-6384.html?osCsid=fm5hhg4upo7tfbcm6l1j23es87 Holy Blank: Get it here: http://www.worldmagicstore.com/holy-blank-p-6033.html?osCsid=fm5hhg4upo7tfbcm6l1j23es87 Join us for 'Facebook Week' at: http://www.facebook.com/worldmagicshop and hit 'LIKE'! We are also on iTunes: Just search for 'Wizard Product Review'. If you would like your product reviewed on the Wizard Product Preview send your product to: World Magic Store 1 Rea Business Park Inkerman Street Birmingham B7 4SH United Kingdom email: [email protected] Naturally we cannot guarantee that your product will be reviewed but we do get through sixteen or more products a month and we will prioritize the requests of our subscribers.
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The Souvenir by Henri White
World Magic Shop DO NOT SELL Every product listed anymore. Only visit: https://www.worldmagicshop.com for the items we sell. Quality not Quantity :-) Get this here: http://www.worldmagicshop.com/the-souvenir-by-henri-white/ "Beautiful, Elegant & Totally Impossible" Nicholas Lawrence - Sensor Magic Henri White Presents The Souvenir A chosen card is signed by the spectator. The centre of the card is torn out. The very same card is then visibly linked onto the stem of a borrowed wine glass. The linked card and the glass can then be fully examined. No Duplicates - Simple - Elegant - Truly Baffling
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