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Scottish Heaven - The Armando Iannucci Shows
Another of my favourite (and mildly macabre) pieces of humour from The 'Ucc. In this sketch Armando reflects on the childhood trauma caused by regional television variations.
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Dance of the Dead - Armando Iannucci Shows
The dead in heaven perform a Busby Berkeley-style dance routine. Very macabre - the corpses hanging from trapezes were my favourite.
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The Reptile - Jacqueline Pearce
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- My favourite films, with pics and clips. Jacqueline Pearce in a sari plays the sitar for her Father and his dinner guests the Spaldings in this classic scene from the 1966 Hammer horror film.
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I Start Counting - Jenny Agutter
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- My favourite films, some with clips. This chiller from 1969 is an almost forgotten masterpiece. Wynne, nearly fifteen, is growing up on a modern housing estate. Here is the title sequence in which she gets out of bed and dresses for school.
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The Boy in the Plastic Bubble - Glynnis O'Connor
John Travolta has to live in a plastic bubble and Glynnis O'Connor is the apple pie munching girl next door. This might seem a bit off-topic but it's a horror of a sort and Glynnis is definitely a babe. A jaw-dropping slice of cheese.
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Linda Blair - Exorcist II The Heretic
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- Favourite films, reviews and clips. In an exchange of silly lines ex-possessee Regan (Linda Blair) accidentally cures Sandra (Dana Plato) of autism. The hapless Regan actually got into trouble with Dr. Tuskin for doing this.
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Phenomena - Jennifer Connelly
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- Babes in cinema, with pics and clips. A pointless and overblown scene, and that's why I love it. Jennifer is sleepwalking in the school gardens, a firefly leading her to a clue, a glove left behind by the killer.
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La puerta (1968) - classic Mexican horror part 1/2
Imagine part of one of those Amicus anthologies directed by Luis Buñuel. Such might be La puerta (The Door), an absolute classic of darkly absurd horror from Mexico. A youngish well-to-do fellow is throwing a housewarming party in his brand new home. Inside is a door. A perfectly ordinary door. Such as might lead to a broom cupboard for instance. The mystery begins...
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La puerta (1968) - classic Mexican horror part 2/2
Concluding half of the Mexican horror La puerta (The Door).
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Mondo Candido: Babe's Army Shootout (uniforms optional!)
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- Classic cinema reviews. Palestinian guerillas raid an IDF base, catching some of the girl soldiers without their clothes! From Jacopetti & Prosperi's masterpiece Mondo Candido, with splendid music from Riz Ortolani.
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Prehistoric Women - Martine Beswick
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- Strange & obscure films and clips. Queen Kari (who has a new explorer boyfriend) ruthlessly asserts her authority over her troupe of blonde slave girls. Delirious nonsense from Hammer studios.
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I Start Counting #2 - Jenny Agutter
Wynne has turned detective to find out where her older brother George has been going in the evenings. She hides in the back of his van with only a large bottle of pale ale for company. Meanwhile, with a serial killer on the loose, her Mother has been worried sick...
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Demon Witch Child - Marian Salgado
Another possessed girl potty-mouthing in an enjoyably ridiculous Spanish Exorcist rip-off. This bonny wee head swiveller overtips the breakfast tray in much the same way as Grace Mills did in Exorcismo.
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Christopher Lee sings opera in Umbracle (1970)
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- Obscure cinema reviews. In this rare extract Christopher Lee takes a break mid-way through Pere Portabella's weirdly compelling piece of avant garde obscurantism Umbracle (1970) to do a little something of his own. Unaccompanied on an empty stage, the erstwhile Dracula sings opera in German and French, then recites from Edgar Allan Poe's poem The Raven. He even explains why.
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Who Can Kill a Child? - Girl thrashes old man
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- My favourite films, with pics and clips. Rupert (known as Tom) and his pregnant wife Evelyn are holidaying in Spain. Today they've taken a boat trip to the small island of Almanzora. But they find it deserted except for some eerily uncommunicative children. Then Evelyn spies an old man and a little girl... Marián Salgado, the young lass responsible for this disgraceful exhibition, was previously seen raising merry hell in The Demon Witch Child, but in nothing else since. I'd always assumed Franco had her shot, but it turns out the dates don't tally.
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Fulci - Sweet House of Horrors
Some typically excessive gore from an untypical film by Lucio "Skullcrusher" Fulci. Mother and Father return home one night only to interrupt a masked intruder. It's their children they're talking about at the start, whom they love so dearly they sent them away to boarding school and haven't seen for six months. They're only about seven or eight. This is the sort of regard for common sense shown in the premise and execution of this idiotic story.
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Plague of the Zombies - Jacqueline Pearce
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- My favourite flicks, with pics and clips. One of many great scenes from the greatest Hammer horror of them all. Late at night, an entranced Alice leaves the safety of the house and heads through the woods to the abandoned mine workings. Puzzled, her friend Sylvia (Diane Clare) follows... (nb. edited to merge two scenes together)
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Cathy's Curse - A seance goes hysterically wrong
Cathy's Curse (1977) seems to be a version of the Exorcist for fans of Rentaghost. When a family move into a new house their small daughter Cathy becomes possessed by the spirit of a girl killed in a family tragedy a generation ago, giving her a violent resentment of humanity in general and women in particular. Cathy's mother (Beverly Murray, the one who looks like a walking corpse) allows a medium to conduct a seance whilst the children play outside. This daft old bat is the only one who leaves thinking the afternoon went rather well...
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Beyond the Darkness - Franca Stoppi
Frank and his housekeeper Iris have just disposed of a corpse in an acid bath. They break for lunch, but Frank is still feeling queasy and Iris's bad table manners are the last straw. Such are the complications when you insist on keeping the embalmed body of your dead sweetheart about the house.
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Claudia Ohana in Erendira (1983) - candelabra sleepwalk
A girl, who should be doing chores for her grandma, trance-walks to her bedroom with a candelabra. Oh no, mind the curtains! So that's the next million weeks pocket money spoken for then. This is the set-up of Erendira, directed by Ruy Guerra from a story by Gabriel García Márquez, a sort of magical-realist treatment of a plotline from a Viz cartoon. So who was to blame then? Was it Grandmother (Irene Papas) for guilt-tripping the girl into too much housework? Or was it Erendira (Claudia Ohana), who had the energy to take off her smock but not to blow out the candles?
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Martine Beswick: Prehistoric Women #2
This clip includes the Queen of all silly lines. Following directly on from clip #1, Kari (Martine Beswick) is entertaining her new fancy man Michael Latimer at a feast. She resumes her cruel self-indulgence after an interruption that brought tragedy for her troupe of dancing girls. Leader of the Fair Ones Amyak (Stephanie Randall) steps forward to petition her Queen...
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Liz and Helen - Margaret Lee
A smouldering hot Margaret Lee features as Helen, beautiful young wife of wealthy London businessman Klaus Kinski, in a piece of vintage giallo craziness also known as Double Face. This short montage illustrates the set-up. First check out the fantastic title theme - it's a total piano-smasher! Kinski returns home to find Helen in the bath - with her back being lovingly scrubbed by her friend Liz. Blimey! Helen decides to take a short holiday, anywhere will do, hmmm Liverpool maybe. She hops into her silver E-type Jag (which is almost as sexy as she is so you'll need both your hands free for wanking) and zooms off, fishtailing the Jag terrifyingly into some quite heavy traffic. It's a wonder she even got out of camera shot without an accident but she does eventually succumb to the second-most blatantly fake looking car smash in the film. Her body is shipped home by private jet in a gloriously baroque coffin, and so the story proper begins...
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Sketches of a Strangler
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- Juicy films, with pics and clips. Fatboy Allen Garfield strangles some poor cow in the deliriously awful stalker flick Sketches of a Strangler.
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Sandra Mozarowsky sacrificed to the Devil in El Mariscal del Infierno (1974)
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- Vintage beauties & obscure flicks. Peasant girl Sandra Mozarowsky has been kidnapped by the evil Baron (Paul Naschy) who (rather swinishly) wills that she share his bedchamber for the night. An attack of frothing-at-the-mouth (no reason given) thwarts his plans, so the Baron must find an alternative use for his hard-won virgin. He will sacrifice her to the devil and drink her blood! (I get the feeling this was his wife's idea.) A very dull film, but this bit has got The Moz in it so it's good by default. The ruined abbey looks very like the one in Tombs of the Blind Dead. Just imagine Sandra playing Virginia in that!
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The Bell From Hell - Two practical jokes
A young psychopath is released from a secure mental hospital and begins to amuse himself by playing cruel and twisted jokes on his neighbours. Later on his tricks get much, much worse. The second trick he played on this poor lady was especially wicked. I only hope it doesn't give anyone ideas.
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Expulsion of the Devil - Yasmine Dahm
Yasmine plays the possessed girl in this surreal story, originally known as Au Rendez-vous de la Mort Joyeuse. A TV crew is investigating her house in the country after inexplicable phenomena start occuring there.
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Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and Girly #2 - Tony Chestnut Gag
New Friend in Two is getting too big for his boots, and Sonny feels it was time he was Sent to the Angels. But Girly has other ideas...
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Magdalena, Possessed by the Devil #2 - Nightmare!
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- My favourite bad girls, pics and clips. Magdalena, dressed in only her nightshirt, goes raving bonkers in the middle of the night, kicking out at imaginary dogs and going on to wreck the kitchen. All to the horror of the other girls, not to mention headmistress Miss Stulz and her attractive deputy Miss Price.
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Morbo (1972) - Ana Belén defends herself
SPOILER: The psycho-thriller Morbo is a little-known gem of Spanish cinema directed by Gonzalo Suárez. Young newlyweds park their caravan in a remote woodland clearing, but their honeymoon turns sour as the couple exhibit increasingly dysfunctional and paranoid behaviour. It's an avant garde, minimalist masterpiece, pure visual poetry, with themes and styles reminiscent of Long Weekend, Psycho and The Bell from Hell. This clip is not the climax, but it's getting close, hence the spoiler warning. A menacing psycho follows Alicia (Ana Belén) back to her caravan (that's her discarded wedding dress being pushed through the skylight).
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Maureen Lipman Lesbian Kiss
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- My favourite babes, with pics and clips. http://tveasy.co.uk/ -- Quick daily UK TV listings That strumpet Maureen Lipman in bed snogging Michelle Cook in School for Unclaimed Girls.
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House of Exorcism - Elke Sommer
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- Sexy starlet reviews & clips. Lisa is touring Europe by bus when she starts writhing on the ground and frothing at the mouth. To the initiated this is a clear case of demonic possession but the doctors at the hospital are sure to disagree. This film contains some of the most excessive (though tongue-in-cheek) possession scenes ever.
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Beatrice Cenzi (Freda, 1956)
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- Classic cinema reviews with clips. A typical example of maestro Riccardo Freda using his most dramatic scene as a centrepiece rather than the climax. Mireille Granelli stars in the title role. The story:- Italy, 1598. Young noblewoman Beatrice Cenci along with other members of her family plot to kill her tyrannical father and make it look like he fell from a balcony. Freda, unlike nearly everyone else, seems to believe Beatrice was innocent.
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Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and Girly - Vanessa Howard
Feral school uniform-wearing psychopaths Sonny and Girly have brought a New Friend home for tea, but Soldier refuses to play by the rules!
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Helena Ramos guzzles gin in a pigsty - Possuidas Pelo Pecado (1976)
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- Cinema sluts, with pics and clips. They say alcoholics have to reach rock bottom before they can begin to recover, but for Helena Ramos (the dirtiest actress in Brazil) being lured into a pigsty by a bottle of gin is just another day at the office. You should have seen her carrying on with the horse in Mulher, Mulher (1979)! This clip is from the Brazilian film Possuidas Pelo Pecado (1976) AKA "Owned by Sin", the story of the downfall of a dissolute millionaire and the decadent guests at his villa. It's directed by Jean Garrett, whose stylish and perverse work is unfortunately little known outside his native country.
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The Viking Queen - Carita
British Queen Boedicea (renamed Viking Queen Salina here for some unfathomable reason) has been invited to a boar hunt by the Roman occupiers. To much derision she's turned up in her chariot (minus the blades on the wheels, but we see those later). The hunt turns into an impromptu chariot race with her Roman suitor (Don Murray). Bliss.
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Sketches of a Strangler #2 - Life Class
Amateur artist Jack (Allen Goorwitz) attempts to sketch a model from life, with hilarious consequences.
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Symptoms - Angela Pleasence
Helen's lonely life in a decaying English mansion is causing her to show signs of paranoia and even outright madness. Lying sleepless in bed one night, haunted by memories of her missing friend Cora, she hears footsteps coming from the attic...
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Kyoko vs Yuki: The Showdown
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- My favourite films, including clips. SPOILER ALERT: Highly trained assassin Kyoko returns the stolen briefcase to HQ, with arch-adversary Yuki in hot pursuit. Now it's kill or be killed for the two schoolgirls in a final showdown! This is the climax of Daisuke Yamanouchi's cult film, but not quite the end...
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Kyoko vs Yuki
Two pretty girls in school uniforms hack away at each other with swords and batons. Why? Well, sailor-suited Kyoko is a highly trained assassin, and Yuki is an accomplished thief. And they've both been sent on a mission after the same briefcase full of money and drugs...
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School of Death - Sandra Mozarowsky
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- Babes in cinema, including clips. London, 1899. It's late at night in the Saint Elizabeth Refuge for orphan girls. Leonore is worried about her friend Sylvia, and wants the address of the house where she has been sent to work. The normally stern Miss Coulton sees an opportunity, and agrees to reveal the address in return for certain favours, little caring that her indiscretion jeapordises the safe operation of Miss Wilkins' illegal zombie schoolgirl prostitution racket...
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The Black Panther - Debbie Farrington
A dramatisation of the notorious kidnapping case of the Seventies. Donald Neilson snatched teenage heiress Lesley Whittle from her bed and hid her away deep underground in a storm drain.
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Sandra Mozarowsky in a chastity belt - Cuando el cuerno suena (1975)
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- Classic starlets on film. In this short gothic skit one of my favourite babes Sandra Mozarowsky is a) locked in a chastity belt and b) crying. Our hangdog hero (Alfredo Landa) to the rescue - with a bent hairpin! This clip pushes all my buttons: La Moz, mediaeval castle, traditional clothing, sauciness, even a thunderstorm. The Spanish comedy "Cuando el cuerno suena (1975)" (When the Horn Blows) was directed by veteran Luis María Delgado. It is rather well photographed, and even though I couldn't figure out what was going on I still found it pretty entertaining. Which must be some sort of recommendation.
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Maureen Lipman Beds Another Girl!
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- Film favourites, with pics and clips. After lights out on the dorm Sarah (Maureen Lipman) pours out her heart to new girl Nicki (Madeleine Hinde). This is Maureen's big scene and she performs it superbly, using long takes and with real crying! Taken from The Smashing Bird I Used to Know, re-released as School for Unclaimed Girls.
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Magdalena, Possessed by the Devil
Orphan girl Magdalena has been suffering from a spot of Devil possession but is feeling better this Sunday and asks Miss Price to take her to church. The kindly schoolteacher is a bit apprehensive at first, but agrees. After all, what could possibly go wrong?
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Exorcismo - Grace Mills
An Exorcist-era possessed girl story about teenaged Leila. Here she upsets the breakfast tray when the maid brings it in then slaps her about. Sorry Leila but you'll have to do better than that to turn me on - learn some decent swear-words, tear at your nightie, throw up a bit, that sort of thing. Still, she looks a right little minx doesn't she?
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Malabimba - Katell Laennec
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- More wicked babes on film! A disembodied spirit finds its way to teenage Bimba's bedroom in an isolated Italian castle. Terrified at first, the girl relents and allows the evil to possess her. The negative effects on her behaviour are noticed by her family at dinner the next evening. Malabimba is a classic. Bimba loses out to Magdalena in the potty-mouth stakes, but incredibly she manages to outdo the German schoolgirl at removing her clothes and humping inanimate objects.
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Lone Fleming murdered by two Spanish ladies in Una vela para el diablo (1973)
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- Favourite vintage films, with clips. A wonderful piece of modern Gothic from the vintage Spanish horror film A Candle for the Devil. Two respectable spinster sisters (Aurora Bautista and Esperanza Roy) run a thriving restaurant and guest house in a picturesque Spanish town. It's especially popular with young women travelling alone. They can feel safe with these ladies as they only ever kill girls who really have it coming to them, and even then it's partly by accident. Lone Fleming is on the cast list, a level-headed young lady if ever there was one, definitely not the sort I'd ever thought needed killing. But when I realised she was the girl in pigtails splashing around in the town square fountain my heart sank. One night this little tart returns to the guest house the worse for drink at some unearthly hour when decent girls (like that nice Judy Geeson for instance) should be upstairs in bed. A confrontation with the sisters is inevitable...
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Lara Wendel rubs out teacher - Ring of Darkness (1979)
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- Trash cinema reviews & clips. From a piece of Italian Satanic sleaze originally titled Un ombra nell'ombra. Problem child Daria (Lara Wendel) has being going through her mother's things - and Mummy is a witch! Here she practises "the craft" on her least favourite teacher Miss Merrill (Valentina Cortese), with remarkable results. Lara makes a convincing brat. Look at the slouch on her, I've seen better posture from girls in calipers! I can't help thinking she'd have better spent these ninety minutes in detention writing out lines. The music is by Stelvio Cipriani, and sounds suspiciously like Goblin's score for Argento's Deep Red
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Brazil Shock:- Seduzidas Pelo Demonio (1978)
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- Starlets & sluts in trash cinema. If you lived in Brazil in the Seventies and felt like giving yourself a good scare (and were over eighteen of course), you might have gone to see a film like Seduzidas Pelo Demonio (Seduced by a Demon), directed by Raffaele Rossi in 1978. Possibly this was known as the "Brazilian Exorcist" at the time. Here's a young lass whose pluck would put many men to shame. If anything like that started happening to me I would have left the room straight away, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.
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Tragic Ceremony - Camille Keaton
http://starlutz.com/blog/ -- My latest viewings, including clips. Camille Keaton descends a staircase, entranced by the organ music of a Satanic mass swelling from the vaults below.
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