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drift city dunno wat happen glitch
i was going to make a mission and next i know i was under city ....
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Modern Warfare 3
A little intro done in After Effects CS5 (Just for testing). Enjoy.
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Diego vs Mariano Remix
Diego vs Mariano Remix
Views: 74 kiriconan
Just die!
i die at the end...
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RE4 Villager glitch/stuck
that guy its so anoying.... standing there looking at me and asking about the weather my god !!!! dont u ever go out or something!??!!? anyway just needed to upload something ^^
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GTA 4- Flying under the city (glitch - ps3)
HOW TO: ok in the place i show you in the map go there. the second crane ( couting from river side) has close (let's call them) "dumpsters" and theres a free space between so in between crash ur heli there and fix it up! keep fixing and soon u will be under the city. subscribe to my channel and u might see new glitch videos keep tune!
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Sexy Time With The Cops - GTA IV
What can I say... it was 5 am xP
Views: 254 kiriconan

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