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I was told that this is the only recording of a meditation mantra chanted by the Dalai Lama : Wrong ! Please look at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=buYFPZuiZHc which solves the mystery and let me apologise to Hein Braat, who sings this remarkable Mantra as I have just learned. Thanks to alert comments on my original posting. OM TRYOMBAKAM YEJAMAHE SUGANDIM PUSHTI VARDHANAM URVARUKAMIYA BANHANAN MRITYOR MUKSHIYA MARNRITAT ( I show two recent Nasa photos of a Galaxy nearby, which is almost identical to our own Milky Way home galaxy, and a "close up" of a cluster of suns in our own Milky Way neighbourhood, located right above our cave house in Phulbari ... ).
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Rain in my Courtyard
What to do ?
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Bali Summer 1968 - First Encounters
The reality of the island, its people and culture hit me unprepared and I stopped in my track of travel from Germany to Australia. Here the first surviving images on film taken during the first months ... while living and painting in Ubud. (This also for Shane !)
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Chinese Street Opera, Singapore 1970
I am a terrible hoarder: This portfolio of prints was in my archive for 18 years. The header starts ... "One afternoon 25 years ago ..." These are a set of black and white prints which I submitted in 1970 for a "Photo Story Competition" conducted by Canon Singapore. The conditions were to leave pictures in the exact sequence the way they were shot ... I won first price ... here are the print originals somewhat aged.
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Pandan Flower
Thrilled to have run into this gorgeous Karen Hill tribe lady at the border with Burma, who had a wonderful way of folding Pandan leaves into a flower shape. The fragrant Pandan is a purely cultivated plant, (no wild version has been found apparently) and is grown throughout Southeast Asia, mainly used in cooking to give more flavour and colour for deserts, coconut rice and our famous nasi lemak in Singapore and Malaysia and beyond. We used to make a knot with the young scented leaves for our rooms and linen cabinets, to give a wonderful perfume fitting our tropical climate. To twist and turn the Pandan leaves into a flower shape as shown here releases its fragrant smell perfectly. It makes a great looking ground cover in my gardens and grows equally well as a water plant or at the edge of ponds.
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Never to anger a child is the most important of Bali's "10 Commandments" raising children in Bali. Living in a village for 14 month, and subsequent year long travel working on Guide to Bali in 1969, I was most impressed by the dignity, natural strength, beauty and culture manifested in the children of Bali. The images, like all images of Bali from my archive, were taken in 1968/9 during joint travels with one camera shared by my collaborator and Friend Werner Hahn and me.
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Avanti - Hunza Re-visited 2006
Back to visit our friend and brother Ejaz Ullahbaig in his Hunza Valley homeland. After troubling times for Pakistan wonderful days for us up the Korakoram-Highway to the Chinese Border and down by bikes. Karimabbad and surrounding : simply the most beautiful mountain region in the world
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Krefeld ist in - Visiting Home Advent Dec 1971
I left my German home in 1967 and ventured through Asia , than settled in Bali and Singapore, a journey which changed my life profoundly. In December 1971 I arrived unannounced for a week's "pre-christmas visit" in-between my hectic schedule to produce my first guidebooks in Singapore where I had just started my Apa Company ... The visit and my photography was loaded with heavy emotions for my family and me returning to the city, my life and home that I had left behind in exchange for my new "tropical existence" 6000 miles away in Singapore.
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HerzRoute Schweiz (Through the Swiss Heart) - Avanti Dilettanti Bikers 2012
Ok, this was almost two weeks of great fun for a few old timers. We do this every year, since 30 years, as you can see on this channel, but the last trip always was the best. This was June 2012, we rented Flyer C9 e-bikes, it was rainy and cloudy and cold, but nevertheless. Who needs sunny weather if you have a crazy crowd like this one to be mixed up with ... The route was simple : in telegram style ... and this just in case you want to follow us with your finger on a map, kreuzlingen, romanshorn, wil, rapperswil, zug, sempach, willisau, lützelflüh, thun, lötschberg, raron, visp, visperterminen, brig, zermatt, oberwald, furka, andermatt, oberalp, disentis, chur, jenins, bad ragaz, vaduz, feldkirch, altstätten, gais, appenzell, st. gallen, kreuzlingen und dann Meckles- Beyerles- Durlesbach . A special thanks to Mark Neil, who made his fab music (from his recent album 'Blue') available on the FreeMusikArchive.org. I dont know, how he does this but whatever track I select it just fits to the mood and spirit of our trip ...
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Wedding at Apa Villa Thalpe, Sri lanka - 2003
Michael and Camilla had a special date at Apa Villas. They decided on the spot to have a Sri Lankan wedding. Nikki Harrison managed it all, with only a few days notice, Justice of Peace included ... Hans Hoefer stumbled into it arriving an hour earlier to follow them with his camera. This slide show later became the centre piece when they went back to London to tell their folks.
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Bali 1969 - Island trip with a borrowed Camera
This is the first of a number of shows representing my time in Bali from 1968 to 1971. After a year as painter living in Ubud I moved to Sanur to produce my first Guide book Guide to Bali. Manfred Vogelsaenger came to Bali and let me have his Hasselblad for a day: from Kuta to Kintamani and back ...
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Hans Hoefer - The Photographer
While travelling the world publishing Insight Guides since the 1960s Hans Hoefer kept a visual diary using sketch book and cameras, experimenting in a wide range of graphic and digital techniques.
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National Day Parade Singapore 2012 * My personal take from TV
Since my arrival in 1970 I have witnessed and photographed most National Day Parades, an essential element of Singapore culture and unique mirror of society and leadership. This is 30 Minutes a video take from local TV with my telephone at home ! My editing was minimal, some cutting to help transition between clips. An automated slideshow option on my computer did all the rest. It's all automated : The media is the message, ...
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Banepa Bus   Feb 2011
Do as the locals do : From our farm house its a steep walk through the fields down to the new Bakunde - Dulikel main road, where you pick up the local bus and preferably take the risk to sit on top in the open. Its 30 Rupees to the buzzing town and market place Banepa. Here it is. The experience.
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May Monsoon at Apa Villa  '09
I am back in Singapore after a few days in Sri Lanka at Apa Villa. This clip is from yesterday morning between 6:30 to 9:00 am. Ahh, I love the place ! Specially in May during monsoon and full moon. Romantic-dramatic and only 25 % occupancy. Its crazy : The travel seasons in the tropics are still parallel to the school holidays in Europe ! People just don't know when to visit. But so what ?! All that great service and food just for some friends and family and those who take advantage of the discounts offered on apavilla.com
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Cameron Highland Visit
I have not seen Cameron Highlands since my frequent Malaysia visits in the late 70s and I left it like a faint memory of a wonderful dream. Our friends Yati and Dirk have moved into their wonderfully renovated old house recently and we were all only too keen to accept their invitation to visit for a few days and take part in their cool highland living, away from Singapore. Satu 4 Jalan ...
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CNY 2012 - Year of the dragon arrives
Family re-union dinner and visiting friends at Cynthia's, Hans', Han-Sen', Hanli' new home.
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Java Garden Estate Hotel-Large
This is another Nostalgia moment : Our late friend Gabriella's fabulous Garden estate in Java
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Intro to My Polaroid Diaries (1)
One fine day in the 70's I discovered that I can play around with the chemical dyes of a Polaroid Picture while it was developing in front of my eyes. This discovery turned into a visual travel diary of over 3000 images until Polaroid stopped manufacturing the SX-70 film ...
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The Procession (Pendet)              Bali 1969
An island with 10 000 temples, each of which celebrates it's "birthday" about every 200 days in the Balinese Calendar. All ceremonies are proceeded by the Pendet dance to please the spirits. Here some events I could witness, prior to the onslaught of "Culture Tourism" ...
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Hans Hoefer - Modern Day Nomads
Travel Publisher Hans Hoefer left Germany in 1967 with a Volkswagen Bus on an overland adventure through Asia and stayed nomadic ever since. He believes that the global economy, technology and modern communication have confirmed his convictions.
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Status 2008 - my 65th year
After a fulfilling live, high time to draw a line and sum up my past experiences.
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Hans - Sen's Welcome '91
With Hans-Sen's permission and now 17 years later this memory is dedicated to all who participated and to all those who choose to adopt : After a long search and a month of legal adoption procedures in Malaysia our son Hans - Sen finally arrives to a special welcome at our Singapore Home on 20th Sept. 1991...
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Elbe 2014 HD
You need only 27 minutes for this very short slide show video on our Elbe river biicycle trip, all copied from my iPhone. If any of you have some spare energy and time this is very easy to organise. 1) Fly to Hamburg and rent an e-bike 2) get a relevant biking map (Elbe Ratweg)at a bookshop 3) buy two saddle bags and transfer your minimalist luggage for the trip. 4) The bike lane goes all along the river for 1000 km and is in top condition. 5) There are a hundred cities, villages and towns with hundreds of restaurants and small comfy family run hotels all along the way so you do not have to pre-book anything. At about 3pm you start calling local hotels in places ahead of you. No hills or mountains along rivers so you can do easy 50 to 70 km in a day including breaks for luch, coffee and plenty of that dynamite variety of local German beer to keep up your stamina and add some sightseeing stops. After all you pass through hundreds of years of mind bending German/European history and culture. It took us 14 days of daily e-bike aided 6 h biking to reach the Tschech border from where we returned by train to Hamburg. 6) I recommend first part of June or second part of September to avoid high seasons, twin sharing rooms, midlevel German pubs/restaurants : 1600 Euros budget all counted.
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Bali Summer 1968 - my paintings
Arriving May 1968, a day after my 25th birthday, my life took a sudden turn. Overwhelmed by what I saw and experienced day and night on this island I settled in Ubud, a guest among the most amazing people I had ever met.
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Fleeting Moments - Winter Walk 2003
Following great days in Gargelen with family Klaus and Heidi took me for a Sunday encore into the Appenzeller Hills in Switzerland. Thanks, Heidi, for wearing that red coat. Magic.
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St. Petersburg Bridge Songs '06
Post Soviet live in St. Petersburg contrasts poverty and hurried consumer society side by side
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Hans im Glück 2 - 1998
Part 2 of 4 - Excerpts from a German Television program featuring Hans Hoefer's journey from Germany to Asia in the sixties, his founding of Insight Guides and some more. With thanks to the producer Jasmina Bauernfeind, 10 years later.
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Hans im Glück 4 - 1998
Part 4 - Excerpts from a German Television program of ' 98 featuring Hans Hoefer's journey from Germany to Asia in the sixties, the founding of Insight Guides, where he took his company and his dreams, now 10 years later, back for the future.
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Java Backdrop 1973
A setback in Time. 1973, late afternoon, in a village in East Java. Enter two foreigners. They sign the register in a small losmen, set up a wrinkled plastic sheet on a ridge-pole of bamboo. A daring soul steps in front of the backdrop, a polaroid shot. Friends gather, more shots,. Laughter. Shyness and giggles. A Java happening. Just found in my old Picture boxes ... and in memory of Peter Hutton
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Namibia - 3of4 - Overland
The Malik and Hoefer Family - Third part en route through the central and Southern regions of Namibia in June /July '07.
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Avanti - Three more Days -- May 2011
Part Two of our trip : Near Dietfurt we run into a short section of the Main Donau Canal which joins the Danube In Kelheim. We just passed the dwellings of the Neandertals and here is a wonderful town reaching far into the Middle Ages. We have already tasted country fair food but now we enter Bavarian and Austrian food heaven starting with a lunch in Germany's oldest brewery. It Danube blue and pure from here on till Vienna. Regensburg and the oldest fried German Wurst and historic Sauerkraut, first served to the stone masons building the Cathedral uphill behind us 500 years ago. We are starting to eat the wind. We stop close to Straubing after a 100km day ...Music continues from: Children of Drone - album session No 3 - COTDcomp3-03 and comp3-04
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New Zealand - From Camper-van Window - 2005
All photos taken while driving ... By camper-van looping the South Island : Christchurch over Lewis Pass to Westport, south via Hokitika, Haast-Pass to Wanaka, Queenstown for the memorable Everswindel marriage, back up North via Mount Cook to Akaroa Peninsula, onwards to Blenheim , Nelson, and back to Christchurch through the centre. Total bliss. All photos taken while driving ... By camper-van looping the South Island : Christchurch over Lewis Pass to Westport, south via Hokitika, Haast-Pass to Wanaka, Queenstown for the memorable Everswindel marriage, back up North via Mount Cook to Akaroa Peninsula, onwards to Blenheim , Nelson, and back to Christchurch through the centre. Total bliss.
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Phulbari Monsoon 09
Finally the rains have come back. After a drought lasting almost a year growth is exploding, colors are returning, clouds, fog, cool evening breezes, shifting lights. This is Phulbari farm at its most beautiful setting. We came for a 2 week visit, preparing seeds and planing for the next season of growth. Because of the anticipated watershortage next year we have decided to increase our fruit trees and reduce vegetable growth : we want to become a central plant nursery and work more with local farmers surrounding our hilltop to grow more organic produce for and with us !
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Bali letter on colour proofs 1 -- April 1970
The first level of the book printing production process was colour separation of the pictures. In pre-laser-scanning 1970 this was quite a breath-taking and a more complicated process than today. Proofs were printed on small presses onto the same paper used for the printing of the book later. I turned one set of the first color proofs into my personal stationary and wrote letters home to my family on color proofs.
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Schooner Rising Tide - an invitation to go sailing
It' time now to introduce our wonderful Lady Rising Tide, our schooner build in Marmaris in 1986/7, and now flying the Turkish flag in the waters around Singapore since 1993. Watch this space for more adventures. Ready for charters out of Singapore any time. See booking link on video or call me +65 96196170
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First Layouts          Bali 1969
First Layouts Bali 1968 Ein Kleinod aus einer anderen Schublade meiner Erinnerung: Das erste Layout des Bali Guides, und damit auch der erste Insight Guide oder Apa Guide, im Hotel Zimmer des Bali Beach Hotels in Sanur 1968 zusammengebaut; "Blindtext" aus irgend einem Katalog geschnitten, auf Kunstdruckpapier geklebt, als Zikzakfalz gefalted, die Bilder vom Dia auf die Wand projektiert und von Hand nachgezeichnet ... und damit dann immer wieder zur Presentation an das Hotelmanagement, zum Governeur Bali's, zum Gremium der Berater ... und auch noch zu den Deligierten der 'World Bank' die das Strassennetz Bali's finanzieren wollen.
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Thai Mountain Flight
Ok, a little comment on the wonderful reality of setting out from Singapore at 9 am, arriving Kathmandu at 12:30 and be sipping a drink at our Phulbari farm "cave house" house by 2pm local. Achah ...
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Nepal Diary 80s      Hans Hoefer Photoworks
My Polaroid diaries 1978 - 1988. To see entire archive or order archival ink jet prints visit hoefernet.com - Hans Hoefer Photoworks.
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Namibia - 4of4 -  Overland
The Malik and Hoefer Family - Last part en route from Namibia to the Cape of Good Hope in June /July '07.
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Biking along the Danube River - Part2'08
Soon leaving Bavaria at Passau to enter Austrian mountains and plains the River invites memories of the Middle Ages, the Crusades, the Romans the Turks and the Huns. No wonder we get confused. Avanti
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Insight Nostalgia 1990
Allow me 10 minutes for another nostalgia moment : 30 Minutes ago, scanning old videos in my messy archive, I stumble upon an unpublished promotional video produced "in-house" about my company Insight Guides in 1990, the year when we celebrated our 20 years anniversary. Well that's 23 years ago !! Scanning it from analog to digital, adding music and placing it here was a job of another 10 minutes. Hi, you out there, all you wonderful people that helped me in all this, please get in touch: [email protected], or sign up as a friend. It has been a long time. Remember ?
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Our Friend Niko Maksimiadis hosted us for a few days in Spili in the centre of Crete. A great reunion for us all after 15 years away from our time of friendship in Asia, Istambul and New York ...
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Dinner Hanli & Hans-Sen Hoefer '93
Barely Two and Three Year Olds @ Hume Heights
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A Chat with Hans Hoefer
Lots of issues are up front on Singaporean's mind. Where to go from here and how ? On my 70th birthday I reflect a bit about being a German in Singapore for 40 years etc.
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Julia Alps - Slovenia Mountain Walks 2002
Follow the Avantis through a torturous itinerary in the Slovenian Alps, getting lost on forests trails, in mountain huts, trapped in surrealistic circumstances and locations while overindulging on local fair. Blistering Inferno but with a burning desire to go back for more ... And all of that only 10 days after my key hole knee operation ... Alamah Hans Hoefer
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New Zealand - Fleeting Moments - March 2005
This is the enhanced version of "Camper-van Window" : Christchurch over Lewis Pass to Westport, south via Hokitika, Haast-Pass to Wanaka, Queenstown for the memorable Everswindel marriage, back up North via Mount Cook to Akaroa Peninsula, onwards to Blenheim, Nelson, and back to Christchurch through the centre. Follow me.
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Biking along the Danube River Part 1 - 2008
The Dilletanti Group took off on 21st of May from the Spring of the Danube to Vienna for another great holiday trip, the third on bicycles. No praise can be too high for the richness of our experience ... and the German food en route. Avanti !
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Niseko March 2012
Niseko end-March is not spring but a delayed winter wonderland. While Tokyo is anticipating cherry blossoms, snow falls unabated for ski fans. Other fans of Niseko thrill to what's on the supermarket shelves and the fish shop . The treats are of course served over the counter -- one hundred percent fresh seafood, noodles and the famous Hokkaido ice cream. At home in Lodge Mellow we see it transform into Chateau Murasaki with promises of more languid days ahead... Thanks to our host and friends for a wonderful time. Musik copyright free from creative commons, "In aid of Japan"
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Fleeting Moments - Ireland by Boat 2003
Take your kids and Family onto the Shannon River from Limerick. Forget the rest of the world for a week or two. The Hoefer family Cynthia, Hanli, Hans-Sen, Hans plus Elena Flores, "master of the galley".
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