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TWOM / best ssbl in Caligo? / The journey of ClericWiz Ep. 1
I hope you enjoy my video :) make sure to subscribe my channel, so you don't miss any news !!! Thank YOU for watching!
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TWOM / 12k plat wasted / Caligo
12k plat for what?? see what happen
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TWOM / 12k plat for... / the journey of ClericWiz Ep. 2
Follow me on my journey at the caligo server. see hows my adventure going on make sure to subscribe my channel and enjoy the vids
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TWOM / New PET - Brown Conch & Lepakin
Monthley egg‘s opening with ClericWiz See The New pet (do i get then?) Check it out 🤪
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TWOM / Trailer / THE JOURNEY OF ClericWiz
New Video comming soon! Make sure to subscribe my channel! :)
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