Videos uploaded by user “Xaiphon Seraphic”
Black Rock Shooter x 07 Ghost Animal I have Become
Anime: Black Rock Shooter, 07 ghost (my two fav animes ♥) Song: Animal I have Become by Three Days Grace I don't own anything-Enjoy~
Views: 85 Xaiphon Seraphic
Akame Ga Kill Not Gonna Die
Anime: Akame Ga Kill Song: Not Gonna Die by Skillet I don't own anything Enjoy~
Views: 6787 Xaiphon Seraphic
SAO2 Mother's Rosario Comatose
Anime: Sword Art Online 2~Mother's Rosario arc Song: Comatose by Skillet I dont own anything-Enjoy~
Views: 406 Xaiphon Seraphic
[Elsword] Eve x Add Phenomenon
Mini AMV of Eve and Add (I ship em so much!) I don't own the music or the videos. Enjoy~
Views: 591 Xaiphon Seraphic
07 Ghost Madness In Me
Anime: 07 Ghost Song: Madness In Me by Skillet
Views: 55 Xaiphon Seraphic
Black Rock Shooter Dead Inside
Anime: Black Rock Shooter Song: Dead Inside
Views: 400 Xaiphon Seraphic

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