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Kingdom Hearts DDD opening (with voices)
As anniversary I added with voices and sound effects. Enjoy!
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KH3 Worlds video
This is my list for worlds that I would like to see in KH3.
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Code Lyoko Evolution video
My final video. Enjoy. Music by ForOrchestra
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Kingdom Hearts 3 Fanmade Opening
Song: Chikai (Don't Think Twice) Made by Utada Hikaru
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Code Lyoko Saison 4 Trailer!
Enjoy one of the best trailer in the series!!
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Code Lyoko Evolution trailer (fanmade)
I made this great short trailer for the upcoming serie that will appear this year. Enjoy!
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The Code Lyoko ★Happy Kikou★ character video!
This is mine first and probably the best video that I have made! I have created this for the new fifth season coming this year. The clips are from moonscoop. Please comments. Enjoy!
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Code Lyoko Multi Remix!
I have set this with the languages french, english, polish, dutch and finnish! Please comment! Ty! The official music song belongs to moonscoop.
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Code Lyoko bande-annonce Saison 4!
I have added some cool william voices to make this complete. Enjoy^^!
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Code Lyoko - Caramelldansen! (Contest Entry)
I created this totally by my self. Didn't steal any ideas. The clips belongs to moonscoop. Enjoy! Thanks for comment!
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KH3 worlds video
I have made a complete world list that should be in KH3.
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Kingdom Hearts fanmade opening
This is a fanmade opening mixed with games KH1, KH2 and BBS and DDD. All copy rights goes to Square Enix
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Kingdom Hearts HD Mix (fanmade) opening
This is mine second version of a hd collection opening! This opening means for the games bbs, kh1, com, 358/2days and kh2. I used the original song hikari utada ochestra. All rights goes to Square Enix!
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KH HD Remix 1.5 'Thank You'
I want to thank square enix for finally getting us KH HD! Song: Thank you by Charice
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Code Lyoko Season4 Tribute
A tribute to Season4 with One Direction. Enjoy. Music: Life while we are young from One Direction. Video: Moonscoop
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KHIII (fanmade) opening
I used the openings from KH1, KH2 and DDD. Enjoy. Song Final Distance from Utadu Hikaru All Copyrights to Square Enix
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Jack and Elsa *Let it Go*
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Code Lyoko All Openings
I placed a remix on the openings and ended with CL Evolution. Song is created by Noam Kaniel All rights goes to Moonscoop.
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Code Lyoko Multi Mix v2
This time I'm using just the songs it sounds much better this way. OFFICIAL SONG IS FROM MOONSCOOP! I DON"T OWN ANYTHING!
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