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closing of of casket of ron dalar
saying are last goodbys to my uncle and them closing the casket we'll all miss you Ron
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At black cat minerals
At my favorite crystal shop I left out some parts do to YouTubes uploading limit
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Google photos not private
Any photo you take will show as a search result by typing in google photos so don’t have anyone use google on your phone ipad heck even your computer well your logged on your computer
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my first mlp plushie
well here's one of the plushies i got for Christmas that i got to open up early
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rant against Christians part 1
just my thoughts on my belief and my rant on christens and sorry the last part was cut off hell is on earth cause Christians make it hell for everyone else like pagans and Wicca .I maybe catholic but you pagans and wiccan's have my full support unlike Christians don't anymore
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nightmare night at six flags
just a video i took at six flags gurnne IL
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Server thunderstorm
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pony snacks
ponies everywhere bronies what are you doing to me
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bf3 error
hay everyone well i was just playing bf3 this happens and after for some reason now my ps3 wont read any disk what so ever as when it happened i was stuck in the game lobby. i could still quite the game but after i took it out i got a clicking noise and so i took it out and there was scratches everywhere same thing with black ops could not play the ether
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a new song i made
here's a song that I made on audiotool
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my brony stuff redo
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suba diveing in the Caribbean
hay everyone darknessthehedgehog3 here here's is a scuba diving video i took on this pass Caribbean trip. In this video i was about 20 to 30 feet under water so i hope you like it i know it doesn't have music in it
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ps3 error 2
i do note own the ps3 theme i got it from a website also this error or what ever was after i had played online on bf3 i had this no gun glitch then i was stuck on the loading screen and the score board with no score board with only music playing. i could exit the game like normal and had taken it out and had put it back in then and now the game wont lode.So i turned the ps3 off then turn it back on then had put it back in this time i get this clicking sound and then taken it out it had scratches all over that were not there before so i had put in black ops same happened wont do any thing then getting scratches everywhere then yesterday i had clean it with a disk repair /cleaner then had put it back in then it reads it then i get this make shere to clean your disk error cleaned it again it did the same thing no disk clicking noise then scratches
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Video from My Phone
Video uploaded from my mobile phone.
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random bf3 momment
this is what happens when you are on bf3
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Video from My Phone
Video uploaded from my mobile phone.
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my pass trip
I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor) hay guys just giving you a new video i just made of my pass trip but i really dont have anytime to say anything right now but if there any privacy issues with this video pm me or if your not a youtuber its [email protected]
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black ops 2 modder caught
caught a noob using a aim bot and also the modder was threatening to boot everyone offline
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first rant
my fist ever rant on thing i feel what i mean in the video is i been feeling discussed about a few thing in two fandoms's that i like one being how most fan's are being treated by others in the brony fandom and even other fan as well.Like the bronies that are hateful against furries are even if your both second of all it feels like i'm the only one that goes by love and tolerance when it comes to cloppers now i do agree with a few things but mostly if you heard of Smitty g he was a good artist thinks to a un tolerant dush he had left the fandom.And i'm not to far behind some bronies in this fandom are the most hateful people and wait till most find out your a furry then they really bash you also i ran into someone saying he hate's furries cause he thinks were all anti bronies when most are bronies as well
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My crystal alter update
A update to my crystal alter
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my first bf3 kick
well everyone i just ran into my first lobby ps3 lobby that is unfair that i got kicked 3 times for no reason i guess shooting the admin from far away.What i was using was a G36c with reflex sight. no shotguns you know how noobish those are or a stinger i used none of that owner is peddaxD lobby pony conquest/rush mix
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my new pony collection
hay everyone well here is a update on my collection
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my new rant
warning do not change your yt name
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Just a test
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IL tornado warning part 1
are first tornado warning for the month
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Dinner on cruise
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Video from My Phone
video uploaded from my mobile phone
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egg drop
a egg drop on are cruise ship
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youtube +
a wonderful chrome adon i found awhile ago
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sea side .by are hotel
hay it's darknessthehedgehog3 here and here's me by the sea side at are hotel
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nurf war
playing nurf
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Fourth of July fireworks
Hate the United States then get the f out
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Catching a evp on a iPhone recording app
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takeoff from o'hare
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Video from My Phone
Video uploaded from my mobile phone.
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My room Tour
Just showing off my space If I get one fundamentalists Christian comment saying your going to hell I will be blocking and banning and reporting the user to YouTube
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Video from My Phone
Video uploaded from my mobile phone.
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Night flight was
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tornado warning part 3
also I would like to know what type of siren this is so if anyone could tell me I would like to know
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touch down  NCL trip
touchdown in FL
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Video from My Phone
Video uploaded from my mobile phone.
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tornado warning part 2
are first storm of the month
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NCL trip
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February 12, 2018
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plan spotting
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Regal cruise part 2
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playing Nerf war
having fun on thanks giving
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