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Underwater Frigate / Frigate Orpheon Metroid Prime Piano Cover
Sorry for my suckish camera (its a digital camera [5 mp]). Enjoy. If you like this subscribe and leave an opinion. Check out Mercurymunez.
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Red Brinstar Super Metroid Piano
Also Hydro Dynamo / underwater temple from Metroid Prime 2 Echoes. Red Soil / Sandy Maridia Super Metroid. This has a lot of names. It was raining in the background. Rate Subscribe and Enjoy.
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Hyrule Castle Wind Waker / Farewell Hyrule King Piano
This is from the Gamecube game The Legend of Zelda: Windwaker. It was one of the first games to use cell shading. It offered a vast environment and many items (though I hated tonavigate to look for the triforce and I hated time limits). This is one of the few games I actually passed and play on piano... (I also know the ocean theme.... an easier version though). Well, enough info of the game... This version isnt quite the original, it is simplified. I removed on of the scales and played something else to make the difficulty level lower. Its rather easy to learn so I say to go ahead and learn it (I know an eve easier version XD). Im also testing the new camera angle. In other news, there wll be an art show case (you dra something related to what the theme is and I will put it in here with a nice song... on piano of course...) I take all takers (any one... be my guest) The current art showcase is on my channel moderator. Check it out and sed me the art. Its experimental for now (we shall see the results.) The deadline will be xexpanded till later. Halloween special too. Send us art work with halloween theme. Special event! I'm tired of writing.... This is taking forever to upload! Lol.I wonder if you r actually reading this. If u r... post a comment. If you read this all, why ot post a comment... And while your at it... Subscribe too! You never know when you will need me!?!?! Still writing... This is a F-ing long description... To end it... I will say.... that this channel is not the trash talking channel... Don't trash talk unless its a compliment ;)
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Inside the Water Dragon
Hey im back. On a tablet though -.-. Well what matters is im back. Had to imrpovise some stuff (table where to put this tablet for example) and ofcourse some other unknown factors to the viewer. Wow its been a while. How are ya people? I a bit nervous with the recording. But here it goes!
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Magmoor Caverns Piano
Did this from ear. Just played it how I thought it sounded. Haven't played Metroid Prime in years but I played Super Metroid a month ago.
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Aquatic Ambience Donkey Kong Country Piano
Learned it by ear. The last part of the first repetition was improvised.
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Maridia Piano
Rate, subscribe, enjoy, and comment. I learned it by hearing mercurymunez's version which is a very good version. I had no visual aid so I can say I learned it by ear First vid to get to 100 views, keep it up! Check out Mercurymunez, he plays some very good Metroid music as well as other vgm's.
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Kirby Fountain of Dreams (calm) Piano
My own calm version of this song. I made this myself. Enjoy. Screwed up a little but still. I will see if I can fix that later.
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Seasons After Fall ~ Title ~ Piano Cover
from the game Seasons After Fall. this is the title menu music. done by ear and tried to fit all the parts in as good as i could. There is a small thing ill fix on this though.
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Halo Covenant Dance piano
Enjoy and comment about it. I used a split point and piano strings on one and orchestra or strings on the other.
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Halo Unforgotten Piano
Rate, Subscribe, and enjoy... Played it an octave lower (the orchestra)
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Chrono Trigger 600 AD Piano
This is my own little mix... well actually... its more of a kLuTz verion mixed with a more original version... Or something like that... By no means is this the klutz version (atleast not the whole one). I was too lazy to edit so u will see some mistakes... It is a very hard song so take that into consideration. Its played in D or Re... and... Enjoy it... Coment... do as u wish. Except trash talk... U will be blocked, deleted, etc...
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mines donkey kong country piano
Midnight...hurt...etc...Just rate and comment...
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Kraid's Lair redone Piano Cover
Fixed some mistakes and did it as a piano cover. No effects. The second time is a bit faster. It ws on purpose.
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Kraid's Lair Piano
I didnt put much work on it (as in make many changes). Just to keep things up here and there. Well an improved version of one of the earlier songs i recorded. I think im gettin better. Fuck a cricket ;( i will have to rerecord... -.-
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Phendrana Drifts Piano Metroid Prime
I would have played the huge scale but I dont know the notes and I dont read music (I play by ear). I took a little of what I heard elsewhere and put it here. If anyone can tell me the notes id be grateful (ABCDEFG notes, not do re mi fa sol la si do.)
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Song of Storms / Windmill Theme Piano Cover Zelda
Well, this one sounds just like this. It is very straight forward. It's actually the first song I ever learned completely for the piano. Well, tell me if you like it. Leave lots of comment in this and all my other vids! Dont forget to subscribe!
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Halo Unforgoten (better angle) Piano
Made it with a better angle. Also an octave higher than last time.
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Midnas Lament Piano
Sorry guys. but im back. Btw i started to work on that tutorial ya all whinin about :P yep Frigate Orpheon. This was a piece I learnt, a LONG time ago. I just couldnt find the time to record... nor the charger of it... oh and happy b-day dragon8spy
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Kakariko Village (calm) Piano Cover Zelda
It's a different version which I heard somewhere in you tube. By no means is this my version. It just sounded good and made me want to play it. Its a 3 note left hand part.
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VGM medley #1
Medley of various video games (I play stuff I know at random). Credits to whoever composed the songs... (except Dire Dire Docks... thats my version right there... mixed Koji Kondo and the normal version and added my own twists and mix). If there are any long pauses... please blame my ADD... or my short attention/memory span... O and BTW im not perfect... so ofcourse I made some mistakes... Dedicated to those who have encouraged me so often: Karana (Mate and Friend) Drake (Best Friend)
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Zelda Ocarina of Time Market Place Piano
I was bored and did this. VERY easy. Can be learned in about ten minutes.
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Kirby Fountain of Dreams (hard) Piano
A quicker version. That's all there is too it.
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Dire Dire Docks / Jolly Roger Bay Piano
Rate Subscribe and Enjoy
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kirby fountain of dreams piano cover
It was midnight, my body hurts, I was tired, my back hurts...and I was tired. Did the best I could though I could have done better if I would have dont this some other time. Its the shortened version (I have a longer version). It's MY version, not the original.
Views: 278 ShadowDragonPiano
Zelda : Saria's Song / Lost Woods Piano
This is my first video for you tube. It's Saria's Song from Ocarina of Time, or Mistery Forest from Majora's Mask. I did my own version that is slightly easier than some others. I have only been playing piano for only 5 months. I might put a tutorial. Rate Subscribe and Enjoy.
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VGM medley #3
Medley of various video games (I play stuff I know at random). Credits to whoever composed the songs... (I played many versions of Gourmet Race... may sound a bit messy... well, its suppose to be... its my version of gourmet race). If there are any long pauses... please blame my ADD... or my short attention/memory span... O and BTW im not perfect... so ofcourse I made some mistakes... Dedicated to those who have encouraged me so often: Karana (Mate and Friend) Drake (Best Friend)
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Halo One Final Effort Piano - Attempt #1
One Final Effort on piano. Its mostly octaves but still comlicated. Not an easy song as other say so (im not a pro though). This vid is a few months old so its not so recent. I will add a better description later, im lazy now. O merry christmas.
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VGM medley #2
Medley of various video games (I play stuff I know at random). Credits to whoever composed the songs... (U probably noticed I played two versions of Underwater Frigate Orpheon... The second one is still under development... and I havent played these in a while... frigate orpheon is on this vid right? idk which vids have which songs lol). If there are any long pauses... please blame my ADD... or my short attention/memory span... O and BTW im not perfect... so ofcourse I made some mistakes... Dedicated to those who have encouraged me so often: Karana (Mate and Friend) Drake (Best Friend)
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Kakariko Village Piano
Rate Subscribe Enjoy. Did it by ear and memory. Haven't heard this song for years.
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Kakariko Village (normal) Piano Cover Zelda
Its very similar to the version people usually hear. This is a little more simplified than the original (but more complicated than the one I posted some time ago). No tutorials were used. I dont think there even is one. Well, enjoy and leave your opinion.
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Kakariko Village(hard) The Legend of Zelda Piano
The light went out just as I was uploading so I have to start over. F*ck. One hour of my life wasted. I am not gonna write anymore. Ok maybe I will. It's my calm interpretation of this song.
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Zelda's Lullaby Piano
Rate, Subscribe, and enjoy.
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Kraids Lair Piano
Rate comment subscribe. Want to hear what you think and suggestions for what to put next.
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Super Mario Galaxy : Good Egg Galaxy Piano
Accidentaly uncentralized the camera... but of all the ones i did... this one sounds better...(not like u can see much of the piano anyway... dont have any tripods big enough for aerial view...) This is the Good Egg galaxy... I did not make this. This was taken from VGMusic.com, and the composing was done by... whatever his/her name is (unknown for now...). I used the normal piano sound (Live Grand Piano). I did the my best... (camera shyness lol). I am also working on the Gateway Galaxy and a few other vids... PS: I am looking for artists who can draw video game stuff... doesnt matter what kind of art (digital, oil... whatever). If ur good at it pm me. PSS: I have had some inconvinience with people who like to trash talk... This will not be accepted.... U shall be blocked... Done it before... This is a recreative/musical/artistic channel, not a discussion one. If ur gonna make insultive comments, no matter to who it is, it will be deleted and u shall be blocked. Now enjoy the videos!
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Space Junk Galaxy ~ Super Mario Galaxy Piano
FINALLY!!! AFTER ALL THIS TIME! Im sorry for keeping u waiting people but I finally got time to record. Apperently school gives me time to record LOL! I took vacations and didnt feel like recording... Lazy... O well! Finally here! Well...waiting for upload to finish... It upload fast but It still says finishing upload... Soo...Hi If any new people watchin this vid... I recomend u see some other vids I made If u like this... If u like Mario Galaxy I strongly recomend Waltzforluma ! She is an excelent MG Player and as well as some other stuff! So go to our youtubes! Special Thanks to Synthesia & VGMusic.com! And Happy late B-Day to Thewinner!!! Oh... My Skype Username is : Sky Shadow
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Dire Dire Docks /Jolly Roger Bay Koji Kondo version Piano Cover Mario
A lot better than my first post. This I think is Koji Kondo's version. If it isn't please correct me. I used a tutorial for this one but I think I added a few extra notes (and maybe took some out). Just so you know, this is one of the first stages on Mario 64 (DS). It's a water stage.
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