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Brian Finn Guitar man Copper Head Road
Brian Finn plays Guitar man Copper Head Road
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Rotors and pads from Auto shack   Unboxing
Auto Shack Unboxing of performance rotors and pads. The shipping was great it was no delay and on time. It was sent to my door by ups. The price was great for performance still cheaper then regular cheap brakes that you can buy locally
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Brian Finn In An Irish Country Home
Brian Finn sings live
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The Office Second life
Dwight tells jim about second life
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Brian Finn Fast Jig Live
Fast Newfoundland Jig Accordion
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Raging waterfall rough ocean
Raging water fall and rough ocean after lots of rain
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The Joy Of Cooking pizza
Jay teaches everyone to cook fun easy meals.With an emphasis on teaching new cooks that You can do it.
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East Coast Trail Steep Stairs Hill incline
climbing up some steep stairs nearing the top of a cliff
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The Joy Of Cooking with Jay ( Cheating) Christmas cookies
Easy Christmas cookies, beginner baking. easy cookies.
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Brian Finn accordion
Brian Finn Plays live
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GET to the CHOPPA!!!!
Guy freaks out after seeing a helicopter and says get to the choppa
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Family Birthday
Newfoundland Canada family birthday. Uncle gives Valentines day card by mistake instead of birthday card.
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April.22  Devils fire Bell Island
some unedited video of the fire from a distance lights to the right look like the eyes of a devil
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Unannounced Religious Visit to Eldon
Rev. Jamie gives Unannounced Religious Visit to Eldon in full robe and imposes on him.
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Sunset shot
Quick clip of a sunset
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Rainy day Bbq
Live streaming BBQ on a rainy day, steaks , chicken , hot dogs,
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Jay Getting trained and target shooting with a high level expert
I go Target shooting and get tips with and Expert Marksmen and Woodsmen and hes is very impressed , even if I did miss a couple due the improper set up and my inexperience with the wind compensation.
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Hot day
Hot summer's day
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Part3 Office Olympics
Jim has closing ceremonies for office Olympics
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Workout? Try cutting wood
Getting a workout cutting and splitting wood for the winter.
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Part 1 Office Olympics
Closing ceremonies
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Bad pizza place
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Dating tips with The Love DR. Eldon Hiscock
Eldon Hiscock give his special brand advice on how to navigate your way though the challenges of intimacy and love.
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part 4 Office Olympics
Jim has closing ceremonies for office Olympics
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part 2 office Olympics
Jim has closing ceremonies for office Olympics
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