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Funny Icelandic teen. Handsome as hell taking icelandic
Two young teens very attractive. Curious looking for chlotes in a big mall
skin care for wrinkels. Start early to prevent them
Hi this is a short video of tips for how to prevent or reduce wrinkels in face. I show an unusual way to take care of skin. People have often told me that I look younger then my real age. This is one of many tips I have for reducing wrinkels, and I believe its better to start in an early age.
Telling a little story about hot tubs and cold tubs
Informative little story about how to use cold tubs and warm tubs, and what to do if you do not have access to hot and cold tubs. Evening talk about why my credit card was charged accidentally with 200 dollars and the happy surprice I received a couple of days later
Meningless identity. Doing what all others are doing. Playing caracters. Nothing matters.
Just having fun and flirting with the camera and making myself feel joy is a priority and yes it makes me excited to upload it here on Youtube even thou I do not have many views or subscribers. It´s all good content even thou it´s unprofessional and not filmed with an amazing camera. It´s not that I Identify with this person that Im playing in my videos, it is clear that I am a part of the universe without looking like this or behaving like this. I do not believe that I have too behave sexually to get views, I feel attractive how ever I am and accept me as I am.
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Workout outside in 2 degrees celcius. Workout in nature in Iceland. Young female new fun workout without equipment. attractive girl woman showing her workout.
Fun Video and picture compilation Medium
These are videos I have been taking year 2017 and 2018. Some of the photos are from snappchatt. I hope you enjoy this fun video compilation with videos and pictures.