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DC Sword Of The Berserk - Boss Battle Zodd
just started playing this baby, looks pretty good in vga methinks :pp
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DC Elemental Gimmick Gear - Boss Battle Armordress
Some boss footage to show the difference between the exploring & well...the bosses. For some reason they chose to make the boss battles in 3D while the game is isometric topdown. This one is a nasty bugger, takes at least 10 minutes to kill him, if you do it right & he doesn't hit you too much (I only filmed the first 4 or 5 minutes, as the pattern just repeats itsself, as it usually happens with bossbattles in any game :p). It takes my entire load of plasma energy shots (13 or so) + 40 to 50 punches to nail this sucker so go figure...
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DC Dragonriders: Chronicles Of Pern - Ista Isle
Here's some scenery from the village up on Ista island. I ran all the way up, just to show the entire village, before I did the quest. As you can see, I stink at Sneak Mode ;))
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DC Blue Stinger - Lab Town Shopping Mall
a quick tour through the shopping district, & showing some stuff that can be bought through the vending machines
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the powers of matthew star
3,25 minute clip I found somewhere, fairly good quality
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DC Ooga Booga
free-for-all Smakahuna Boar Challenge obviously single player :p maybe 'll make a multiplayer vid once, when I'm playing with the kid (who kicks my ass btw :p)
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DC Dream Para Para
This is actually an illegally made game by our friends over in China. It's a copy of the Konami arcade game Para Para Paradise.The Dreamcast version uses MPEG FMV ripped from Japanese Para Para dancing DVDs with the game graphics overlaid on top. The game controller to is a copy of the Konami one and is of a very high standard and just as good as the official Konami one for PS2. It has a split screen 2 player mode, but I only got 1 controller so... I totally stink at this game, but since its a Dreamcast rare, I'm willing to make a fool of myself for y'all ;))
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DC Urban Chaos
I read nothing but bad stuff about this game & thats all the more reason to test it out imo :)) And what did I find out you ask, this game is great (for its time)...if you're NOT looking for graphics that is. Its a direct port from the pc/psx version of back then & I don't know why they didn't enhance the graphics for the dreamcast, since it can obviously run far better visuals than this. The game itsself has enough levels, the city is vast & theres lots of different weapons & other stuff you can pick up & use. GTA4 you say? Well, this is its counterpart of 10 years ago, only you play a cop.
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DC  Thief 2 - Intro
just got this, the raw files were finally dumped off a devkit ;)) there's hope still... special thanks to game_player_s
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Dreamcast Seaman Promotional Can
Just a quick vid I did, before the battery finally dies :p
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DC Time Stalkers - Nigel Shrine
Here's another playable char, Nigel (from Landstalker) on his way to the Shrine, he's not that strong, but he's a treasure hunter who can cast magic, so he's really good for the Quests where you have to find certain (rare) items imo, since he has the highest luck rate. Here I get a first encounter with spell caster Pyra (from Shining In The Darkness), who'll become playable after this level. Again a small piece of a dungeon showing a "capture".
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DC Dragonriders: Chronicles Of Pern - Intro
story intro followed by game intro, after this the game actually begins ;))
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DC Time Stalkers - Unlocking Marion Doll
As the title says. After you defeat the final boss & you return to the final cavern entrance. 1) Do NOT close the book (this will trigger the endsequence) 2) Return to the Doll House dungeon, the small Marion doll will turn up sooner or later (might take a few tries as its entirely random) 3) Give the doll to Mr. Noiman 4) Enter any dungeon you like & teleport back out again (or complete it for all I care). Go back to Mr. Noiman & watch the sequence. After that, go to your house & select Marion from the list, she is now playable. And a very good character she is, as she gets very powerful & also has a hunger meter twice the size of the other characters. Enjoy
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DC Elemental Gimmick Gear
For my first vid of the year, I'd like to go back to my roots in videogaming: the action rpg. Elemental Gimmick Gear (or simply EGG)feels & plays like the old Zelda games. Set in a futuristic world where people move around the world in mechs (the EGG).Some mechanical sort of plant wakes up & starts destroying the land & that is where you come in. As in many a game our hero (you) wakes up with amnesia (haha, how convenient)& you need to save the world while getting the occasional flashback of your past. I'm only 7 or maybe 8 hours in the game, & its very nice, everything about EGG was hand drawn & scanned in so the entie game in built up of sprites, but don't let that fool you, its a good game, with plenty to explore, character buildup & puzzles to solve.
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DC Unreleased Games: PAL Style Covers Propeller Arena/ PDA Bowling/ Half-Life/ The Flintstones
These just arrived in the mail, I found a guy who does these as a hobby I think. He provides anything, from unreleased games, to homebrew, all the emulators that run on the DC & many more. All with (glossy) covers, booklets (not for all atm), printed cds, etc... You can get this stuff completely customised with boxes, in either PAL, NTSC US or NTSC JAP style. check his stuff out at http://www.flickr.com/photos/dreamcast/ Thanx for the stuff Gary ;))
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DC Bomber Hehhe
Another odd but good game once you know how to control it. You are basically a demolition team & must blow up old buildings in town. With different sets of charges, you work off floor by floor, once you think you've set enough, sit back & watch the building blow itsself up. Mind that you don't just go round setting charges, as pieces that fly off your building can do damage to others.
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DC Blue Stinger - Laboratory
A bit further in the game, some gameplay mixed with cutscenes, macho talk while taking a bath :p, and a few other weapons & the other playable character (using everybody's favorite weapon in any game) shown too. Enjoy
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DC Urban Chaos - Car Bomb
As requested, a vid of some car driving (mind you that I stink at any car driving game:P). Here we need to take 2 car bombs back to the station for the demolition team. Once in the car you can runover all the baddies (or cops & citizens for that matter)
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DC Phantasy Star Online
psov2 difficulty:normal offline quest: from the depths enjoy :))
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DC Dragonriders: Chronicles Of Pern
Some of the early gameplay, there's a lot to do in this game, chatting to everybody, delivering stuff, helping folks out, some fighting, etc... The leveling up system, is of an early Elder Scrolls style: the more you do something, the better you get at it. Also I like, that before being able to perform certain tasks or quests, you have to be of a certain level. The controls are a bit dodgy at times (fixed camera angles à la RE, which I hate), but if you can look past than ànd the sometimes hellishly long loading times, it's a decent game.
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DC Crazy Taxi
me sucking at crazy taxi :p original mode 3 min limit class c license
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DC Silver - Beginning Part 1
The intro & some basic weapons training. Nice game, a combination of 3D characters walking round in pre-rendered backgrounds; Its your avreage hack 'n slash RPG so turn based gamers won't like it. The voice overs are very well done (the Sean Connery-esque grandfather/mentor) & very funny at times. Seems my camera wasn't entirely straight this time :))
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DC Shadow Man - Deadside Temple Of Fire
As promised, some footage from a part of the Temple Of Life level. It shows some of the nice lighting effects that the Dreamcast was capable of.Enjoy
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DC Time Stalkers - Pyra Appears
just a little cutscene from when Pyra (from Shining...) shows up, also a hint on the story up to this point
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vomit in plane
keep your eye on the left girl in the back :PP
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Dreamcast Redux dark Matters normal mode 1cc
sound is there, put loud :p
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Dreamcast Redux Dark Matters veteran mode
made it to the 5th lv boss so far
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DC Blue Stinger
I just started out with this game again, after 10 years. I never got to finishing it back in the day, coz my save got corrupted or I accidentally deleted it or something. Just taking it from the start, I remember it was a good game back in the day, I'll just have to see where it takes me :))
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DC 102 Dalmatians
my 4 year old kid playing the Royal Museum level
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the pool where I work atm
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a day at the park
song: order of death, property of Public Image Limited
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DC Millennium Soldier Expendable
Or simply Expendable.Is a beefed up oldschool arcade shooter like mash Tv & Total Carnage.This game shows off the nice lighting effects the dreamcast was capable of.Levels are big, lots of baddies to waste & bullets to dodge. Many upgradable weapons to collect; save hostages along the way (or simply waste em :P). This is one of the later levels, played on Normal mode, needless to say the action becomes quite frantic when playing or the harder settings. The 2 player multiplayer mode is a nice asset to the game as well imo. Enjoy
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DC Hellgate - Unreleased Game
Just got this a few days ago, seems like fun, although I stink at this type of game (as you can see in the vid :p). The controls seem to be hyper sensitive, specially the analog stick, so you need to put the sensitivity at minimum. The levels seem quite big, hence the long loading time. The big bone gate opens once you've cleared this part of all the baddies, unlocking a new part of the level, & so on. Also you get to choose between a few types of 1st & 3rd person view, which imo is a good thing since peronally I hate 1st person view.
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drop from 11 stacked blocks
friend dropping from 11 stacked blocks or concrete/plastic
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Saturn - The Story Of Thor 2
Its been a while since I last put up a vid. I had to get a new screen, cables, also bought a new appartment in between & obviously had to move. But here's a new one. One of the games I never finished back in the day. This is a part of the fourth bossbattle (TimTim). Nasty fast little critter; hard to hit at times. After its defeated you unlock Brass, the spirit of sound & your fourth familiar. Dunno why there's sound glitches, didn't notice anything while playing. Prolly the old shitty camers. Btw I hooked my saturn back up just now after 10 years or so & I was pleasantly surprised how good it still looks on a hdtv with the saturn rgb scartlead. anyways...enjoy
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DC Time Stalkers - Rao Phantom Zone
An odd one this game, something of a hybrid between & rogue style rpg (random generated dungeons) & monster breeding à la pokemon (personally I think it plays a bit similar like Azure Dreams). It features chars from different mega drive games like Landstalker, Lady Stalker, a Shining game (can't recall which one), etc... and it has a bunch of VMU minigames. This is the type of game that's more focused on exploring and finding all items than on story & size, so its not for everyone. Here I just found a new char, Rao; some chitchat bout his past & a small piece of his first dungeon, with a battle; mind that since he just showed up, he has little or no abilities & items. Note that the green dungeon map has yellow parts, which you need to check for traps, which in turn depletes your hunger meter (the pink think in the top left corner), once depleted, you need to find an item to fill it again, but you can only carry limited items in a dungeon, etc...as I said, not for everyone
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DC Dogu Senki Haoh - Intro
A tactical rpg like shining force & vandal hearts. You're a golem summoner up agains an army of mech-insects. Since it only came out in Japan, its a bit hard to learn (I'm learning atm:p) the controls, but any tactical rpg basically plays the same so... I'll put up an in game movie, once I figured out all the spells & stuff. TBC...
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DC Silver - Beginning Part 2
Some more of the intro. Obviously the girl needs to be taken hostage or there would be no plot at all, its an rpg, but its also a hack 'n slash ;))
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DC Shadow Man - Liveside Louisiana Swamps
Every now & then a great game comes along, this was one of those. Mike Leroi aka Shadow Man has to save the world from evil (as it always tends to go with heroes), to do this you will need to travel between the Liveside & Deadside respectively as Mike and his alter ego (at first). The game plays in a Soul Reaver-esque way, but not quite. There's a lot to do, the levels are massive & there's a lot of fun items to use, also Mike is ambidextrous, so he can equip a weapon in both hands, which is a lot of fun. This is by far the best version of the game compared to PSX, N64 and PC; both visually & control wise. The game also has a great dark soundtrack, from soundscapes to ritual voodoo oriented stuff. It will take at least 50 or 60 hours of your life to complete this game. Here's the first level (or intro as I call it, coz its rather short compared to the rest), you start out on the Liveside, I already played it before, so I'm just running through it to show some scenery & basic moves like running, jumping, climbing ropes & ledges, etc... As you can see, this is a very dark game which is best played with the lights out ;)) Coming up next: a vid of the Deadside
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DC Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver
Just some footage early in game, to see how it looks on a hdtv in vga. Haven't played this one anymore, since it came out, so forgive me if my aim is a bit off ;))
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