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YTP: Michael is abused by his schizophrenic sibling
Kinda rushed but I was still feeling productive, nuff said. Enjoy ^_^
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Orbital Arbiter trailer (collage project)
This is a trailer for an indie game I'm making at collage, in which you have to fight off a fleet of UFOs to save your planet, enjoy. Software used: Piskel Adobe Premier Pro Adobe Photoshop Bfxr Music: Royalty free- The little broth
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YTP filler: Where the fudge are your parents?
I know what your thinking, but this is a parody of a hate video on my old channel made by a certain rival. This is my response to it. Original video: https://youtu.be/9fpm1ACzeGw
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YTP: Lardian Labriel and Co get into a memeulously sexual farce
This counts as not only my first non-Michael Rosen YTP, but also as my first YTP parody of my old channel. Enjoy. ^_^ Original Video: https://youtu.be/5F1LNN48_WQ Songs: Flight of the Navigator-Alan Silvestri Barnyard in orbit-Perry and Kingsley Fight the Darkness-Etherium Strikers (Me) Castle in the Sky- DJ Satomi Jumpscare -Amnesia the Dark Decent Immortals-Two steps from Hell We are Number 1- Lazy Town Share and Subscribe
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Phil Swift accidentally walks into another dimension {DANK MEME}
Flex Tape can't seal and repair an interdimensional Wormhole.
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YTP: Running with faces
This will probably be the last YTP I make using VideoPad, because I downloaded Sony Vegas 15 not long ago. So I'll be using that to make more main-stream projects in the future. In the mean time, enjoy.
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S stands for...
Sorry for hiatus, busy with collage and shit. So heres a hilarious little dank meme.
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YTP: Michael decapitates a cringey noob
Sorry if I was unable to get back to making poops, but I was really busy doing some revision and stuff. This one is on you Ben, I hope you enjoy ;)
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YTP Filler: Extra THICC
I wonder who put that there?
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YTP: Of random weed and coffee queefs
Things seem to be getting a little wild in the Rosen's house, now that Michael can't get a decent cup coffee without his brother mistaking it for a toilet. That's when all hell breaks loose.
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Will spots Mike doing something [DANK MEME]
Rewind 2018 was nothing but tragic garbage
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Michael Rosen stands in the other dimension for five minutes
Does this make a good screensaver or what?
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YTP: Michael wastes 5 seconds on an intro (collab entry)
This is my entry for the Five seconds of Rosen, hosted by Thatblokeoverthere https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zIpj1ppoTp0
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Michael rosen is an alien
and he wants your flesh.....
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Dr Shrekyll Beans trailer
Subscribe 4 MOAR YTPS in the future
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YTP Filler: Michael Rosen raps to casual 70s synth
Don't worry the Shrekyllness is not DED, he's just busy in real life but he made this with an actual song I recorded. Enjoy the SUUS.
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Idubbz goes mad from the revelation {DANK MEME}
That's what happens when you see an Outer god with your own eyes
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