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Holes In Heaven: H.A.A.R.P. and Advances inTelsa Technology - FREE MOVIE
Examines the controversial military program based on Tesla technology - its' possible effects on weather and use in mind control.
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Mystery of the Flying Saucers
FLYING SAUCER INVASION was big news in the 1950's. This video includes the famous Mike Wallace - Donald Keyhoe Video (with subtitles). It also includes the short documentary "the Flying Saucer Mystery" with Keyhoe and Frank Scully. VERY RARE! Also included are a CBS News story from 1973 and UFOs, Plus assorted vintage commercials "space" toys (look for Luke Skywalker and Kurt Russell).
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The Flatwoods Monster Case - Ivan Sanderson's 1953 report - FREE MOVIE
Here's a video presentation of renowned author, newspaper & magazine reporter and investigator Ivan Sanderson's 1953 audio report (during a radio interview in New York) of what he discovered only 1 year earlier in 1952. The Braxton County (West Virginia) incident is world famous and continues to be evaluated with the top UFO investigators. Considered one of the world's most unusual happenings, the UFO (sometimes referred to the Braxton County Monster and not to be confused with that other famous West Virginia monster, The Mothman") was seen by at least 14 people. Hear Ivan Sanderson talk about what the kids saw... and how they (and a dog) reacted. The date was September 12, 1952. What the boys saw was described as a "shooting star" that fell to earth on the top of the hill adjacent to the playground. About the length of a football field away, they all saw an object that was glowing and hissing. Walking closer to check out the "star", they noted that it was about 10 feet around. A few feet away from this glowing object they saw two lights, much like the glow of flashlights, about 12 inches apart. One of the boys had a flashlight and when he turned it on the object a huge creature with "...a bright red face, bright green clothing, a head which resembled the ace of spades, and clothing which, from the waist down, hung in great folds" was seen. Newspapers sent special reporters to cover the story.
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Monsters, Madness & Mayhem - Superstitions - FREE MOVIE
Evil Numbers, superstition and bad luck tokens and cultural superstitions
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Lost Realms - Zecharia Sitchin - FREE MOVIE
Zecharia Sitchin is the author of THE EARTH CHRONICLES series of books. Now you can join this amazing scholar of ancient languages as he makes a scientific and scholarly argument for ancient E.T. visits to our Earth. Sitchin was born in Russia, was raised in Palestine, graduated from the University of London with a degree in economic history. He worked for years as a journalist and editor in Israel before settling in New York. Sitchin, like Velikovsky and Dïniken, presents a compelling and entertaining story based on belief about ancient visitors from other worlds. Zecharia Sitchin's key ideas are based on the assumption that ancient myths are not myths but historical and scientific texts. According to Sitchin, ancient Sumerian clay tablets reveal that gods from another planet (Nibiru, which orbits our Sun every 3,600 years) arrived on Earth some 450,000 years ago.
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The Secret NASA Transmissions - FREE MOVIE
Extraordinary NASA videotape of UFOs in space and history of astronaut UFO sightings that has begun a whole NASA disclosure movement.
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UFOs Best Evidence  Government Cover-up - FREE MOVIE
Emmy winning journalist examines how governments have hidden the truth about UFOs, astronaut encounters and military battles with alien craft.
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Monsters, Madness & Mayhem:  Creatures - FREE MOVIE
Dragons and trolls and gorgons; Vampires; Bigfoot, Yeti and Sasquatch.
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Best UFO Cases Caught On Tape - FREE MOVIE
Updated and expansion of popular TV Special never available on DVD with new exclusive UFO footage and analysis.
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UFOs: 50 Years of Denial
In this release that aims to demystify the controversial phenomenon of unidentified flying objects, former government officials, astronauts, and military men offer firsthand accounts of their experiences with the unknown, and the government conspiracies designed to bury their secrets at any cost. From firsthand accounts of the recovery of alien spacecraft and the harvesting of extraterrestrial technology by Head of U.S. Army's Foreign Technology Division (Col. Phillip J. Corso), to Apollo 14 astronaut (Dr. Edgar Mitchell)'s explosive revelations regarding the 1947 Roswell UFO incident, and former intelligence analyst (Command Sgt. Major Robert O. Dean)'s confirmation of the existence of Area 51, this release offers explosive information about some of the most controversial cover-ups of the last century.
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Mysteries, Magic and Miracles:  Episode 1 - FREE MOVIE
Facts and fiction of UFO sightings, Qi Gong and the magic behind witchcraft.
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The Phoenix Lights - Documentary - FREE MOVIE
UPDATED VERSION (2009) Based on the book "The Phoenix Lights - A Skeptic's Discovery That We Are Not Alone" by Lynne D. Kitei M.D. After seven years of meticulous research, she is coming forward with stunning data and personal interviews in this documentary, an in depth examination of the strange lights seen over Phoenix and throughout Arizona on March 13th, 1997. http://www.thephoenixlights.net/
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Case of the Flying Saucer with Edward R. Murrow - UFOs - FREE MOVIE
SPECIAL REPORT ON UFO's: Hosted by the great Edward R. Murrow, this 1949 report, set to video images, features interviews and sound bites of military and civilian witnesses to many of the early landmark UFO encounters. This recording is believed to be the first assessment of the UFO phenomenon ever broadcast.
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Mysteries, Magic and Miracles:  Episode 3 - FREE MOVIE
Guardian angels, and spirit channeling.
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Best Evidence: Top 10 UFO Sightings
A look at ten of the best evidence UFO cases of all time, as chosen by a group of the world's most prominent UFO researchers.
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The Secret: Evidence We Are Not Alone - FREE MOVIE
Based on thousands of pages of de-classified documents, examines the government belief in aliens.
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Flying Saucers: Serious Business - Frank Edwards - FREE MOVIE
Here's a video version of Frank Edwards' FLYING SAUCERS SERIOUS BUSINESS. Hear stories of Flying Saucers and Ships at sea, Astronomer reports, Power Sources, Censorship, Moon Signals, Contactees & Kooks, and much more.
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Cold Fusion: Fire From Water - FREE MOVIE
Follows the controversy following the discovery of Cold Fusion and free energy, once debunked but now questions again are asked.
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Monuments to Life - Graham Hancock:  The Sphinx - FREE MOVIE
Explores the convergence of the Great Sphinx, pyramids, and a lost continent.
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The Secret Nasa Transmissions
Extraordinary NASA videotape of UFOs in space and history of astronaut UFO sightings.
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Top Secret Files:  Roswell Top Secret - FREE MOVIE
The complete story and facts surrounding the 1947 Roswell UFO crash.
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Monuments to Life - Robert Bauval:  The Sphinx - FREE MOVIE
Examines the history and secrets of the pyramids and Great Sphinx.
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UFOs: The Best Evidence - Strange Encounters - FREE MOVIE
Emmy winning journalist exposes terrifying tales of alien abductions, disturbing animal mutilation cases and mysterious crop formations.
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Real Miracles: Hosted by Lee Majors - Episode 1 - FREE MOVIE
Miracles of Saints; healing hands; coma victims wake up; Padre Pio.
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Real Ghost Stories: The Wild West Of The Dead - FREE MOVIE
Ghosts of the Old West in the towns of Tombstone and Calico.
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Real Ghost Stories: Hollywood Ghosts - FREE MOVIE
Investigation of tragic Hollywood deaths and haunted places.
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The Witnessing of Angels - FREE MOVIE
A fascinating exploration of whether angels actually exist.
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The Best Ghost Cases Ever Caught On Tape - FREE MOVIE
Update and expansion of popular TV Special never available on DVD with new exclusive ghostly apparitions and analysis.
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Mysteries, Magic and Miracles:  Episode 2
Near death events, natural disasters and prophecies.
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UFOs:  The Best Evidence - The Visitors - FREE MOVIE
Emmy winning journalist traces UFOs through history, includes sightings by the world's most famous people.
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The Secret KGB Psychic Files - FREE MOVIE
Video of the KGB's bizarre psychic experiments, KGB ghost hunters and more with original KGB footage and interviews.
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Monsters, Madness & Mayhem: The Devil - FREE MOVIE
History of the Devil; Devil manifests in society; the Lucifer Principle.
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Real Ghost Stories: The London Underworld and Beyond - FREE MOVIE
The Tower of London; Texas family terrorized; Hotel Leger mystery.
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Real Miracles:  Episode 2 - Christmas miracle - FREE MOVIE
Healing water of Tlacote; Christmas miracle; unexplained cross of light.
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The Afterlife Investigations:  The Scole Experiment
For five years a group of mediums and scientists witnessed more phenomena than in any other experiment in the history of the paranormal, including: recorded conversations with the dead, written messages on sealed film, video of spirit faces and even spirit forms materializing.
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Monsters, Madness & Mayhem:  Witches - FREE MOVIE
Origins of witchcraft; forms of witches; modern witch hunting.
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Invasion: UFO Encounters and Alien Beings
UFOs - Discover the early history of UFOs and meet the pioneers that forged it. Classic uncut broadcasts highlight this presentation which includes the original radio news broadcasts about the Roswell Incident, the Washington, DC, 1952 UFO incidents, the famous 1942 Battle for Los Angeles UFO incident, the Kenneth Arnold UFO Sighting, the Michigan Police Chase and Swamp Gas UFO incidents of 1966, the McMinnville, Oregon, UFO incident and the Exeter, NH, UFO sightings. Included are interviews with Al Chop, a former Pentagon Spokesperson who commented on the 1952 Washington, DC, UFO flap; Richard Hall, Don Berliner and Donald Keyhoe of NICAP; James Moseley; the Mikem Wallace interview with Donald Keyhoe and much more including comments from Scientists, Engineers and Astronomers on both sides of the issue.
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Roswell: The UFO Uncover-up - Updated - FREE MOVIE
The culture and counter-point to 50-years of UFO crash denials in New Mexico. Recently Updated.
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Real Ghost Stories: The Poltergeists - FREE MOVIE
Spirits in the Alamo; cannibal haunts a prison; human skull with horns.
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The Secret Nasa Transmissions - Part 2 - FEE MOVIE
Pirated NASA transmissions, recordings of events onboard the space shuttle.
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Real Ghost Stories: The Dead and The Restless - FREE MOVIE
Explore legendary ghost stories of the world and one real one.
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Admiral Byrd, the Hollow Earth Exploration and UFOs
Dr. Hank Krastman shows us tons of evidence for an entrance to the Hollow Earth and how UFO's relate to the Center of this planet. The Hopi Indians have legends telling how and where to enter the Hollow Earth! You have to see this to believe it!
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This episode, hosted by Patrick Macnee, is about the “Origin of the Universe”. It includes theories about how the whole thing started! “Chicago Ghosts”: weird hauntings in the Windy City. “Past Life Regression”: do we live more than one life? Actual on-camera regression session.
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Real Miracles:  Hosted by Lee Majors - Episode 3 - FREE MOVIE
Weeping Madonna's; healer cures sterility; airplane flight of destiny.
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This riveting documentary examines the deaths of 10,000 cattle in Texas, New Mexico and Colorado over the past 25 years, speculating that an alien force may be responsible for these bizarre killings.
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A personal journey that follows Pete Higgins as he explores the much publicised UFO activity in the town where he grew up. The documentary offers an open minded glimpse into the notion of belief and skepticism in a small Irish Community.
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