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215 COMBO(Spectacular Difficulty)-Marvel's Spider Man PS4
Managing to make a big combo using Iron Spider against sable agents.
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1 VS 2 Heroes Showdown Glitch(Rey VS Palpatine and Kylo Ren)-Battlefront 2
The right Star Cards are more than enough to take on 2 heroes(especially while using a strong character like Rey) :) STAR WARS™ Battlefront™ II https://store.playstation.com/#!/pt-br/tid=CUSA05770_00
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140 COMBO(Spectacular Difficulty)-Marvel's Spider Man PS4
Nice fight using the Stark Suit against Fisk's men without receiving damage or spamming drones(or Spider Bro).
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538 COMBO!!!Marvel's Spider-Man PS4(Spectacular Difficulty)
Managing to reach 538 Combo in one of the most insane and skilled fight in this game, without taking any damage at all.My fingers hurt... Marvel's Spider-Man https://store.playstation.com/#!/pt-br/tid=CUSA02299_00
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308 COMBO WITHOUT USING ANY GADGET OR SUIT POWER!!!(Spectacular Difficulty) Marvel's Spider-Man PS4
Trying to get a little more serious, making big combos while showing it can be done without using any gadget or sophisticated suit power.
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370 COMBO!!!(Spectacular Difficulty)-Marvel's Spider-Man PS4
Instead of just using the basic hand-to-hand combat, i tried to learn the amazingly difficult cancel that makes enemies take less damage with more hits(making the combo increase); the only issue with this strategy is that in order to perfect it you need to move your fingers at the speed light(maybe faster)...but i'm working on it :)
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583 COMBO!!!!(Spectacular Difficulty)-Marvel's Spider-Man PS4
Increasing the combo while using one of the best Spidey suit in the game. Marvel's Spider-Man https://store.playstation.com/#!/pt-br/tid=CUSA02299_00
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8 VS 8 Hero Event Gameplay 1-Star Wars Battlefront 2
I couldn't actually do well in this gameplay(or in any, today is not really my day hahaha), but it's still nice to see how the event works and how crazy it is.
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367 COMBO!!!Spectacular Difficulty Marvel's Spider Man PS4
Increasing the combo as well as the skill(hopefully xD).
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135 COMBO(Spectacular Difficulty)-Marvel's Spider Man PS4
Taking on Fisk's men using the Anti-Ock suit.
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8 VS 8 Hero Event Gameplay 2 Battlefront 2
Loved this event, so i'll be posting this to have as a good memory.
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298 COMBO USING THE SECRET SUIT WITHOUT ANY GADGET!!(Spectacular Difficulty)-Marvel's Spider-Man PS4
Showing that it is not necessary to use any combination of gadgets to get big combos against Sable Agents, as well as the secret suit hidden in the game.
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148 Combo Using Homemade suit(Spectacular Difficulty)-Marvel's Spider-Man PS4
Using Homemade suit while spamming jokes at Fisk's men xD
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