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The art of organising: A kitchen
Is your kitchen cooking up more clutter than recipes? Getting everything sorted again might be easier than you think. Here’s our organising essentials to get your kitchen on the right track.
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Indoor gardening with hydroponics
From tasty lemon basil to crispy red romaine lettuce - KRYDDA/VÄXER series makes it easy to grow your own indoor garden all year round. You don’t need soil, sunlight or even a spot outside! How does it work? Just keep an eye on the water level and that's it.
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The art of organising: An entryway
Need help with how to organise an entryway? Check out our key methods to get an organised hallway or entryway, so you can be on your way to smoother entrances and exits.
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The Art of Organising: Bathroom Storage
Is your bathroom covered in bottles and towels and lotions and potions? We can help you get things sorted, so you don’t grab your hairbrush when you need your toothbrush. Check out our video with organisational tips to clean up your bathroom storage.
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IKEA square metre challenge part 1: Tiny bedroom for two
To see more, visit http://roomsitewebaddress. We challenged ourselves to make a tiny bedroom for two because more people are moving to cities and renting small apartments. In part 1 of the series, we show how multfunctional, moveable and layered solutions help create smart storage and open floor space. We even made a platform bed using kitchen cabinets for tons of storage.
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How to plan your IKEA kitchen storage and organisation — video
Find out more about making your dream kitchen a reality at http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/categories/departments/kitchen/ A great kitchen not only looks good, it also makes the most of every square centimetre. This video gives you tips and tricks for using drawers, cabinets, fronts and interior fittings to make the most of your space and organise your kitchen gadgets, supplies, dishware and utensils.
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IKEA Square Metre Challenge Part 3: Clutter-free, maxed mini kitchen
Dreaming of clutter-free, modern kitchen but short on space? Check out this one that makes room for two to cook with love—and have guests, too! In this episode, maximised storage, sleek fronts and versatile solutions create a calm, functional space. To see more from our IKEA Square Metre Challenge, visit http://roomsitewebaddress.
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IKEA - An easy-to-pack studio apartment
Get inspired to change addresses. This studio apartment from the IKEA catalogue was designed with moving in mind. Everything’s easy to disassemble and take with you, kitchen included! Watch how it packs up and is always ready to go.
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Going small Part 3: No space goes unwasted
To explore the growing trend of downsizing, we built a 30 square metre home in our studio in Älmhult to see just what it would take for a family of 4 to live comfortably there. In this episode, the third in our four-part series, we’ll give you some tips & tricks for taking advantage of every square inch of your tiny space. We’ve already talked about the importance of multi-functionality and storage, so be sure to check those out if you haven’t already.
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Going small Part 4: Making room for privacy
So, you want to downsize – to reduce the amount of things you have and the amount of space you use. But what does it take to live comfortably in a tiny home? Well, we built a complete 30 square metre home for a family of four in our studio in Älmhult to find out. And one thing we discovered was that living that small makes privacy even more important. In the last episode of our four-part series, we’ll show you how to prioritize space for privacy. And if you haven’t already, check out parts one, two and three of the series, too.
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IKEA - Let's Relax
Let's relax. It's time to check those expectations at the kitchen door, and rediscover the simple joy of cooking, eating and being together.
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The art of organising: living room storage
The living room is where it all happens. Entertaining, working, movie marathoning, you name it. And sometimes it shows. Tame the inevitable build-up of stuff with our 4 smart organising methods, and make your space as efficient as possible.
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IKEA Square Metre Challenge Part 4: Shared (and personal) kids’ room
Looking for help with a small, shared kids’ room that’s playful and personal, too? Check out how this one makes space for two kids to bond and be alone using age-based planning, personal spaces and adaptable furniture. To see more from our IKEA Square Metre Challenge, visit http://www.ikea.com
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IKEA Ideas: How to hang pictures in awkward spaces
Puzzled by how to hang pictures in corners or stairs? Check out this video to see how our stylist uses paper templates to tackle weird walls or awkward spaces.
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IKEA IDEAS: An IKEA kitchen installation
Want to know how to install an IKEA kitchen? Watch how we built a stylist’s dream kitchen and get a feel for the basic steps. When you’re ready to install, be sure to read your country’s kitchen installation guide.
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IKEA Square Metre Challenge Part 2: Room for family life
Want a flexible family room? Watch this one transform so everyone can do their own thing and be together. In this episode, flexible seating, smart storage and movable pieces make a comfy, functional living/dining room. To see more from our IKEA Square Metre Challenge, visit http://roomsitewebaddress.
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Secrets of a stylist: The bathroom shelf display
Make the perfect bathroom shelf display with our stylists insider tips.
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IKEA Ideas: How to hang pictures in a straight line
Ready to hang a row of pictures and frames? Check out this video that shows you how to hang things in a straight line, every time.
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Clean out your wardrobe without the big ‘maybe’ pile
Do you have so many clothes in your wardrobe you have no idea what you can and can’t live without? Yeah, some members of the Ideas team have that problem too. So we borrowed some studio space and raided the clothes propping cupboard to find a daily method to sort the clothes your wear and love from the ones you used to love, but don’t wear anymore. Watch the video to see what we came up with.
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IKEA thinks small: how a family of four can live in 30m2
More and more people are choosing to live in smaller spaces. So we asked ourselves what it would take for a family of four to be comfortable in just 30m2. In the second episode of this four-part series on small living, we tackle storage. Watch and find out why it’s what’s on the inside that counts.
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Secrets of a stylist: Decorating with vases
Need some fresh decorating tips? Our interior designer, Majken Fokdal Persson, is here to give you some pointers for creating an easy still life with vases.
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IKEA: How to maxmise your storage space
Soak up some insider tips from our interior designer Fredrik. He'll help you find a place for everyone's things, even in a small space. See more at: http://www.ikea.com
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New ODGER chair
Presenting ODGER, the new chair from IKEA. It comes in a unique material, with plastic and wood mixed together. Follow the team behind the scenes to the factory in Italy and see how the chair is made, and hear the thoughts from the designer and product developer.
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Wind bobbin thread for the SY sewing machine
For more information about any of our products, visit http://www.ikea.com If you need a new thread on the bobbin, this video shows you how to wind bobbin thread for the SY sewing machine from IKEA.
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IKEA VIDGA curtain series
IKEA VIDGA curtain railing series is a flexible system with an easy click installation feature. Chosoe to mount rails on the wall, a corner or the ceiling.
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IKEA Ideas:How to hang pictures for a foolproof finish
Want to hang a picture collage like a pro? Check out this video that shows you how to use IKEA MÅTTEBY wall template for a foolproof finish.
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handyman tips for hanging a picture
IKEA Handyman How To: How to hang a picture Description: Have you ever hung a picture, stood back to admire it, only to find it’s not exactly where you wanted it? Get IKEA handyman Viktor’s trick for hanging a picture on the wall, right where he wants it, first time in this short video. And check back soon for more Handyman How To videos.
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Let’s Play for Change
With our Let’s Play for Change campaign we’re touching all four corners of the world with our knowledge on play, and the important message that it is vital for all of us, everywhere, every day. See how one of our FABLER BJÖRN teddies – known as Björn – makes a bold leap and leaves a store to head out on a play journey. Play along with #FablerBjorn #LetsPlayforChange
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Children's IKEA: Kids' shared rooms can be the best of both worlds
Sharing a room can be a lot of fun growing up, but each child needs some personal space. So how do you balance the two things? Our interior designer has got a few simple yet brilliant ideas. See more at: http://www.ikea.com
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Secure It! Wall Attachment Guide
A guide for choosing the correct hardware and tools to attach a chest of drawer to the wall.
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IKEA -  Traditional handmade paper
The VÄLBALANS collection is co-created by IKEA and artisans at the Doi Tung Development Project Thailand using traditional handicraft techniques and local raw materials. VÄLBALANS is an limited collection and is available at IKEA stores in Switzerland and Austria and selected IKEA stores in Sweden starting on October 1st, 2015. Read more at http://www.IKEA.com
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The story behind KRYDDA/VÄXER series
“The fantastic thing about growing in water is that you can grow indoors. You don’t need a balcony or terrace or garden to grow. You can do it in your kitchen or your living room, year round,” says Ronnie Runesson, product developer at IKEA
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IKEA Ideas: The ‘show it all’ open wardrobe
Rather spend your budget on clothes than on clothes storage? An open wardrobe might be the perfect fit. Come check out how to design your own.
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IKEA: The story of STRANDMON
This is the story of STRANDMON, a new armchair featured on the cover of the 2013 IKEA catalogue. STRANDMON is a tribute to our favourite IKEA wingback -- the MK chair that was on the 1951 catalogue cover. Want one for yourself? STRANDMON is coming soon to your local IKEA store.
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Tomáš and Mili’s smart, small-space apartment
Tomáš and Mili renovated this 79m2 apartment using their skills as IKEA co-workers to make the most of limited space. The apartment now includes a bedroom, a study, a bathroom, balcony and spacious living area. See how they use the space in everyday life.
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IKEA Catalogue photo shoot: Behind the scenes
Work on this year's IKEA catalogue began in September 2011 at IKEA Communications (ICOM) in Älmhult, Sweden. Follow an IKEA crew on location as they film a photo shoot for the 2013 IKEA Catalogue.
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How to plan your IKEA kitchen lighting — video
Find out more about making your dream kitchen a reality at http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/categories/departments/kitchen/ Get tips on how to use lighting to make your kitchen safer and cosier. Include USB outlets and extra power sockets in your lighting plans to make your kitchen even more useful. Don't forget about integrated lighting, a seamless way to light up cupboards and drawers. And our LED lighting uses up to 85% less energy than incandescent bulbs, which is good for the planet and your wallet. This video will help you figure it all out!
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IKEA Bright ideas: How to light your bedroom
Watch this video for tips on how to light your bedroom both stylishly and functionally.
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IKEA Ideas: Swedish style fermented root veggies
Got a taste for pickling and preserving foods? Come try this version that pairs swedes and beets with fresh lemon, leek and horseradish. The perfect addition to grilled fish! And a good way to preserve some summer flavours
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Lubricate the SY sewing machine
For more information about any of our products, visit http://www.ikea.com On average, you should clean and lubricate your sewing machine after about every 20 hours of use. If you haven't used the sewing machine for a longer period, lubricate it before using it again.
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IKEA 2017 Catalogue: Embrace the Unexpected
This year’s catalogue encourages us all to let go of big expectations in the kitchen. It’s about throwing out the rules and recipes, embracing our imperfections, and getting rid of that voice in our head that tells us we “should” be doing things a certain way. Jazz musician Jonah Reider just happens to be that kind of cook, a kindred spirit who believes like we do in bringing fun, ease and confidence back into the kitchen.
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How to install your IKEA kitchen
Get your dream kitchen at http://www.ikea.com This short step-by-step video shows you how to install your IKEA kitchen. You'll learn the optimal installation order as well as important safety and spacing considerations. This video will help you get your IKEA kitchen in and up and running quickly and smoothly.
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Energize your home with IKEA solar panels
It's not only about saving money. By converting your rooftop into a power station you also contribute to a more sustainable world. We've made it simple for you.
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POANG chair, the design classic built on friendship
The POANG chair is one of IKEA’s most popular designs (not too mention one of the most comfortable chairs to sit back in). But its story began 40 years with an impossible brief and friendship across cultures.
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Tips for creating a dog-friendly hallway
Make coming and going with your dog easier using these smart solutions for your hallway.
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The making of KUNGSBACKA
Together with our Italian supplier 3B, we found a way to turn used PET-bottles collected by Japanese municipalities into plastic foil. This means we avoid using virgin, oil-based plastic and can produce in a more sustainable manner. The result is KUNGSBACKA, our first kitchen front made from both recycled wood and recycled plastic. http://www.ikea.com
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Clean the SY sewing machine
For more information about any of our products, visit http://www.ikea.com This video shows you how to clean the feed dogs and the shuttle assembly of the SY sewing machine from IKEA.
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IKEA + Social Entrepreneurs / Banana fibre
India is the world’s largest producer of bananas. It is a plentiful and renewable resource. Fibre from the bark, when woven together, makes a durable raw material. Read more about how IKEA is working together with social entrepreneurs around the world, http://www.IKEA.com under People & Planet
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New innovation makes assembly easier
To see more, visit: http://www.IKEA.com At IKEA, we love new ideas that make our products, and your life, better. Check out our innovative REGISSÖR furniture. Most of the fittings are already in place so you just need to push the parts together. It's our fastest, easiest-to-assemble furniture so far.
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How to plan your IKEA kitchen
Plan your dream kitchen at http://www.ikea.com To plan a kitchen that really works for you and your family you need to know a lot about functional layouts and optimal kitchen designs. This video walks you through the most important things you need to consider when planning your dream kitchen, including where (and where not) to place the oven, the benefits of using the working triangle and how to make the most of your space.
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