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Crosman 1322 FPS Chronograph Chrony Test Stock No Modifications 8ft/lbs energy
Crosman 1322 FPS Chronograph Chrony of a stock version of this air pistol with no power modification to show FPS and ft/lbs energy using 14.3 grain Crosman Premier and 25.62 grain H&N Rabbit Magnum II heavy pellets. In the video the 14.3 grain Premiers are shot using 10 pumps giving 455 FPS producing 6.58 ft/lbs energy. Then shot with 10 pumps using the 25.62 grain Rabbit Magnum Pellets giving 368 FPS and producing 7.75 ft/lbs. I've shot these pellets at 375 FPS which is 8 ft/lbs of energy. Been hearing these heavy pellets are only meant to be used in magnum powered airguns but I disagree. These Rabbit Magnum pellets are designed more for PCP and Pneumatic type airguns because how the power is delivered in these airguns. I've tested these heavy pellets on spring and gas ram powered airguns and they don't do well compared to other pellets which deliver better performance. You be the judge. Not bad for a $40 airgun that's been around for years due to its quality, power, versatility, accuracy and all around fun for plinking and close up small game hunting. Crosman 1322 buy here: https://goo.gl/btwHhB Rabbit Magnum Pellets buy here: https://goo.gl/DpzxuY
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