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Trudeau's Pedophile Connections
Canadian top UN adviser and pedophile, Peter John Dalglish, was recently arrested in Nepal, under the oversight of CIA Director Mike Pompeo. Dalglish is alleged to have posted a snuff video involving Hillary Clinton, her top aide, Huma Abadin, and a young girl. Dalglish allegedly posted the video in a desperate effort to blackmail the deep state into preventing his capture by CIA officials loyal to President Trump. He is one of several high-level officials (that we know of) who are pedophile associates of Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau.
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Sweden's 1472% Increase in Rape Rate Due to Migrant Invasion
How did Sweden go from being a quiet, low-crime country to having the second-highest incidence of rape in the world? Gatestone Institute Senior Fellow Ingrid Carlqvist explains. Originally posted on Rebel Media: https://youtu.be/uv75JP2BGbs
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Poland Defies European Union & Refuses Migrants
Newly elected Polish Prime Minister, Beata Szydlo, has announced that Poland will not be taking any migrants at this time, or anytime in the foreseeable future. She states that, in light of the ongoing terrorist attacks in Europe, allowing migrants in to Poland would not be in the best interest of her country.
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Brave Imam Speaks Truth About Root of Islamic Jihad
Imam Tawhidi risks his life to inform his country, Australia, of the truth about the Quran and Hadith. He has been labeled an "apostate" by orthodox muslims who curse and threaten his life for informing non-muslims of the scriptural basis for Islamic terror that has motivated war, conquest, rape, pedophilia, slavery, forced conversions and usurping of other cultures' lands, wealth and innovations for 1400 years.
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Islamization of Italy Part II
Growing numbers of Italians living in poverty while the Italian government does little to help them. At the same time, migrants continue to flood all areas of the North, South and Sicily, creating havoc.
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Poland's New PM Continues to Shake Up the EU (HD)
Poland digs in its heals in defiance of the European Union...Britain poised to vote on becoming the first nation to leave the EU...Bill Clinton gets reamed by his own former campaign manager for making outrageous comments offending Polish leaders, Polish Americans. Originally Posted: https://youtu.be/5RJf3lLk75M
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Islamization of Italy  (Part 1):  The Brink of Economic & Humanitarian Crises
Mainland Italy and Sicily have been coping with the migrant crisis for years--and most Americans are still not aware of the increasingly dire situation. Mass migration has brought chaos, violence, drugs, disease, poverty & Islamization to this once beautiful, hospitable country. As a result, the robust Italian culture is disappearing, and the economy is on the verge of collapse. Italy & Sicily are the points of entry to the European continent for many human traffickers, & this has resulted in a logistical disaster that the European Union has no intention or ability to alleviate. The Italian authorities, rather than policing the chaotic--and often criminal--behaviors of illegal migrants, exhaust their limited resources stifling protests of native Italians whose lives have been thrown into upheaval. As a consequence of a government that refuses to answer to or serve the best interests of its citizenry, organized crime has resurfaced to declare war on the migrants. This has created a double-edged sword for Italians. This man-made crisis may be the end of this resilient people. https://youtu.be/9dkR4whPT7g https://youtu.be/RyPTHoWgcUI https://youtu.be/_0S6UVaHjAQ https://youtu.be/ZDD7LgFoovM https://youtu.be/d8jpC9CuqJQ https://youtu.be/xhWmwDW-Xrg
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Persecution in Pakistan - Life for Christians Under Islamic Law
This CBN broadcast states clearly what Barack Obama, the U.S. Government & mainstream media refuse to acknowledge: the persecution & genocide of Christians in Islamic countries such as Pakistan. Clip retrieved from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIcopaz_OZ8
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Poland's PM Beata Szydlo - 24 May, 2017 (English)
This woman will go down in history as one of the world's great leaders. Her words were clearly intended to admonish the globalist elites and to light a fire under the feet and in the hearts of Europeans to "get up off their knees" and stop pandering to the global elites...
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Saudi Arabs Are Still Selling Castrated Black Slaves TODAY
The title speaks for itself.
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Islamization of Italy (Part 4): The Conquest of Rome
The Mayor of Rome is pushing back against mass migration into her already overwhelmed city, and she has good reason to...
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Muslim Schools the Canadian Senate on the Threat of the Islamic Doctrine & Left PC Madness
Tarek Fatah explains the threat of radical Islam to Canadian security and provides specific examples on how to eliminate that threat.
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Holland's Geert Wilders: Warning to America (Part 2 of 2)
Geert Wilders, member of the Dutch Parliament travels to what is left of the free world, offering a cautionary tale to countries that are still within the window of opportunity to preserve freedom and resist Islamization. For over a decade-in addition to his parliamentary duties, Wilders and his wife have lived under 24/7 armed protection, as his life has been threatened due to his political stance. They have lived in bunkers, safe-houses and even prison cells just to be able to continue spreading his message.
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Holland's Geert Wilders: Warning to America (Part 1 of 2)
Geert Wilders, member of the Dutch Parliament travels to what is left of the free world, offering a cautionary tale to countries that are still within the window of opportunity to preserve freedom and resist Islamization. For over a decade, Wilders and his wife have lived under 24/7 armed protection, as his life has been threatened due to his political stance. They have lived in bunkers, safe-houses and even prison cells just to be able to continue spreading his message. Video originally posted by: J. Mark Campbell's channel.
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Movie about Arab muslim slave trade of Africa (part 2)
This is very accurate in its depiction of Islam and its colonization of of the minds of Africans. This segment contains unpleasant subject matter, including the Islamic practice of raping young boys
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Arab muslim Racism Toward Blacks   Tunisia Part I
Though well-intended, this documentary made a gross error in reporting. This edited version contains the accurate information.
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End Racial Scapegoating of Whites of European Descent w/ Facts
Please check out Feminist Flow's YouTube channel. This is a great source of informative videos on Social Justice Insanity. This video is supported by content on Dr. Bill Warner's channel: Center for the Study of Political Islam. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi4DFGtF_oZcQwUM2Je8jxg
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Muslim Rape Gangs  (Part I)
The grooming and sexual exploitation of young Sikh girls in Britain, and the lack of cultural competency on the part of the British authorities to work with Sikh communities to end the problem.
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Interview with Michael Hansen:  Producer of KILLING EUROPE
Michael Hansen explains what prompted him to return to Europe to investigate the crisis that the political far-left had been minimizing and denying. What he found was worse than he had imagined...
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Islamization of Italy (Part 3): The Exploitation & Abuse of Italian Hospitality
The Italian people are under siege. The hospitality and warmth Italians are known for is being exploited and abused. They are protesting in the streets; seemingly to no avail. International news persists in its silence on this Italian crisis. Once a widespread problem among the muslim minorities, migrant violence now threatens the lives of Italians in towns and villages on a daily basis, all over the nation.
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Movie about the Arab muslim slave trade of Africa (part 3)
More depiction on the horrors of the Arab muslim slave trade - also known as the Trans-Saharan Slave Trade - which claimed the lives of around 180 million Africans, over the course of 1400 years (and continues to this day - with the knowledge of the UN, which is now comprised of a large number of Islamists who have no regard for human dignity).
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Movie about the Arab muslim slave trade in Africa (part I)
This movie accurately depicts the Arab muslim slave trade of Africans - also as the Trans-Saharan and/or Global Slave Trade. This "institution" has been in existence for 1400 years. It started 700 years before the discovery of the "New World," and continues centuries after slavery was abolished everywhere else.
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Yahya Abu Zakariya on the Fraud & Failure of Islam
Swedish-Algerian Journalist Yahya Abu Zakariya speaks on the false piety of Islamists and the inherent corruption within and surrounding the Islamization of Western nations.
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Demonic Possession
Some rather disturbing footage of what appears to be demonic possession among muslim males. Note the wild eyes and involuntary, spasmodic movements.
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WWII: Italians Who Risked Their Lives to Save the Jews (PART I)
This moving documentary tells the story of the quiet, underground resistance movement of Italians to provide refuge and escape from the German Nazi occupiers and their fascist Italian collaborators. Unlike the narcissistic virtue-signalling "social justice warriors" of today, these courageous individuals never sought recognition or compensation for their selfless acts. Unlike the counterfeit anti-fascists of today, who twist the narrative and seek to deny freedom of speech and association, these honorable people resisted coercion and threats to their own and their family's lives.
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Trans person Theryn Meyer challenges the Charlottesville VA narrative by pointing out the ideological flaws in self-identified SJW- communist-radical-Alt-Left-YouTuber, Riley Dennis' haughty grievance video. Original source: https://youtu.be/c09aGR8BqqE
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LGBTQ Trump Supporters (Part 3)
1. International Gay Trump Supporter describes growing existential threat of muslims in Holland. 2. Gay Trump Supporter vs. Lesbian Antifa members at the Battle of Berkeley . 3. Latina Lesbian Trump Supporter issues threat to Islamic Caliphate as 3rd-world muslims invade LGBT communities in Florida.
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Demonic Possession in Islam II
Is this what really goes on within the guarded and secretive mosques that seek to isolate muslims from the rest of society?
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Brexit Vote:  UKIP leader Nigel Farage hails British voters, declares 'UK's independence day'
Victory to the people of Britain for having the courage to take a stand and use the democratic process to reclaim their country from the European Union. Original clip retreived from: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AfuDmbrksqc
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Muslim Rape Gangs (Part II)
This documentary shows the targeting, grooming and sexual exploitation of young Sikh girls, by muslims, in Britain. Muslim males take advantage of both the failure of British authorities to aggressively pursue investigation of these terrible crimes as well as the honor-based culture of Sikhs that make reporting these crimes very difficult for fear of stigma and ostracism within their communities.
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The Islamic Arab Global Slave Trade
The 1400-year hidden history of the Arab muslim global slave trade that claimed over 140,000,000 victims from Africa, alone (this does not include the enslavement of Europeans, East Indians or others under Islam, as well).
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U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program (Part 1)
In this interview with Josh Tulley, Jill Noble discusses the dirty little secrets of the U.S. Refugee Resettlement Program in the U.S., as she provides an in-depth account of clandestine operations, public health risks and coordinated media deception surrounding what can be described as a "Refugee Racket." Subtitles added by De Bean 2018 To view the entire interview, visit: https://youtu.be/3qXL6IB9YKE
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Female Judge Denies Bond to Muslim MD Who Mutilated Little Girls
Strong female Judge denies bond to muslimina MD who mutilated the genitalia of young girls dating back more than a decade. The Judge deemed this sadistic disgrace of a woman and embarrassment to the medical profession a flight risk and a danger to society for performing this barbaric ritual that has no place in the civilized world.
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Nikki Haley Lambastes the UN Over its Treatment of Isreal
Trumped appointed Haley as US Ambassador to the UN, in spite of any negative comments she had previously made about him. This is a sign of a leader who makes objective decisions, rather than emotional ones. His choice appears to be paying off.
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Australian Woman Wins Discrimination Lawsuit Against Islamists
This is how you keep a civilized society from ending up at the mercy of imbeciles.
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Movie about the Arab muslim slave trade (part 7)
The majority of African slaves trafficked by Arab muslims in the Trans-Saharan Slave Trad were females, to be sold into the harems to be used as sex slaves. African boys were also used as sex slaves. Arabs believed Africans to be racially inferior and, therefore, African men were castrated in order to prevent them from breeding in Arab muslim countries (referred to as "eunuchs" in the Quran). Only 1 in 5 survived castration.
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U S  Refugee Resettlement Program (Part 3)
In this 3rd segment of Josh's interview with Jill Noble, the discussion focuses on the mainstream media's false propaganda surrounding the "Refugee Racket." Jill provides specific examples of "malevolent intent" on the part of so-called refugees, discusses how many of them become lost to follow-up for the agencies in charge of resettling them, and provides some insight into what is behind mass migration. Josh and Jill also discuss the implications of this "Refugee Racket" in terms of state sovereignty, American freedom and liberty, as well as what individual citizens can do to empower themselves to preserve the American way of life. Subtitles by De Bean 2018. Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3qXL6IB9YKE
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Arab muslim Racism Toward Blacks   Tunisia  Part II
Part II discusses INSTITUTIONALIZED RACISM in Tunisia, as well as the use of HONOR VIOLENCE and SEGREGATION as a means of maintaining racial disparity between Arabs and Blacks. It was necessary to provide commentary to clarify misleading terms, such as "WHITE" in this documentary. Though the narrators and producers do a commendable job in exposing the racism, itself, they fail to make the distinction between European White and Arab White. This is no small distinction, as groups are rooted in vastly different historical and ideological narratives. By failing to make the distinction between Euro and Arab "WHITENESS," the creators of this documentary fail to identify the source of the racism: Political Islam and it's history of imperialist warfare, conquest and slavery.
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Movie about Arab muslim slave trade in Africa (part 5)
Of the tens of millions of Africans dragged across the Sahara Desert by Arab muslims slave traders, only 20% survived.
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U S  Refugee Resettlement Program (Part 2)
In Part 2 of this riveting interview, Jill and Josh discuss in greater detail the fraud and un-Constitutionality of the "Refugee Racket." Un-vetted, disease-infected refugees, who enter the country without any identification or documentation are provided full rights of citizenship upon arrival; they're given Social Security Numbers and U.S. Passports. They're given free medical care, free housing, welfare benefits, food stamps, rental assistance and even gas money (more than most Americans receive). They're also coached by the contracted agencies on how to obtain disability benefits for ailments such as "lower back problems and headaches." These processes often take place outside the purview of local and state authorities and, in many cases, circumvent or violate the law. Subtitles provide by De Bean 2018 To watch the complete interview: https://youtu.be/3qXL6IB9YKE
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ISIS sex slave survivor  They beat me, raped me, treated me like an animal
What this courageous woman's story tells us is that there is no enduring contiguity between Islam and everyone else. Eventually, Islam will attempt to test the boundaries of non-Islamic populations until it ultimately encroaches upon and attacks them. Islam cannot "co-exist," as its mission is to conquer and destroy anything in its path. This is a gradual process called Islamization. It is important for people to understand that this process has occurred numerous times throughout history, and--if allowed to--will continue to do so. Islam never changes. It is not capable of ascending beyond its barbaric, primitive roots. To do so would require a
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"YOU CAN HAVE FEMALE EQUALITY OR YOU CAN HAVE REFUGEES...BUT YOU CAN'T HAVE BOTH." Karen Sherman gives a moving speech forewarning Montana residents of the refugee nightmare in Amarillo Texas; likening it to the crisis in Europe. For Amarillo, she says, it's "too late." The skyrocketing crime and rape rates in that small Texas town should be viewed as a forewarning of things to come for the U.S., if the tide of immigration is not stemmed. Original Posting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gmtWe-5oYYs
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Young Muslim You-Tuber Expresses Disgust Over Racism Within the On-line Muslim Community
This young muslim You-Tuber expresses her disgust over the ignorance & racism she encounters in the on-line muslim community. She discusses how many of her muslim followers liken her to the "N-word" (racial slur) because she tweeted a picture of herself wearing a white hijab and dress while attending a relative's wedding, which starkly contrasted against the sun tan that she acquired while on holiday. Some of her ignorant followers even accused her of "changing her race." Posted Originally on Habiba Talks' channel.
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Isabella:  The Warrior Queen (Part 2)
Queen Isabella of Spain (as well as Sicily) is one of the most influential rulers in all of history. She is also known as the "Crusader Queen" who put an end to the Islamic invasion of Southern Europe. As Author Kirsten Downey illustrates, Parts 2 & 3, Queen Isabella was responsible for promoting the education of women, and for the bridging of the Eastern and Western Hemispheres...
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