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FF Dissidia: Sephiroth vs. Cloud (maxed cpu difficulty)
I'm using Sephiroth. It's really hard to defeat Cloud at maxed cpu level -_- good thing I've managed to trigger Sephiroth's exmode when cloud initiated his v5 omnislash attack. So close @[email protected] Sephiroth: level 100 Cloud: maxed difficulty (9/max/9)
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FF Dissidia : Sephiroth Vs. Squall - maxed cpu level/AI
I'm using my character Sephiroth at lvl 91 with noob equipment as you may notice on the amount of damage he's dealing -_- . Perhaps I'll be getting more serious with the character customization when the US version is out. =) cpu enemy level at 100 with maxed AI level(9/101/9).
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DJ Max Fever
Song title: Plastic Method Difficultyl: Level 11 (Hard Mode) 6B I'm not quite good at this -_- (Yes I know my score was kind of low ^^) but I can play from 4B to 8B ^_^. Sorry for the annoying and noisy background ~_~ .. I don't have a nice camera, so the video may seem blurry. Thanks for watching =)
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