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The8App - Get paid to post on social media - We are all Influencers on The 8 App
So are you making money online with social media? Read the full article here http://infobunny.com/get-paid-to-post-sponsor-feed Well, I am assuming that a good number who read this article want to get paid to post on social media? You may already be making some money with the social platforms that you use by using them to drive traffic. The money itself comes from AdSense ads when blogging for money or from promoting a business with social media. It is your work effort and content and your social brand that drives traffic on social media to what you are selling, promoting or writing about. Pretty Cool yes? … Well no not really because you should also be getting paid to post on your social channels. Because you see the social sites that you use to drive traffic, the sites you create your content, well I’m sorry to say you are really just working for them. AND WORKING FOR FREE! NOW EVERYONE CAN GET PAID TO POST ON FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, YOUTUBE, AND THE8APP! READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE http://infobunny.com/get-paid-to-post-sponsor-feed For more information on The8App visit http://www.howto8app.com You can download 8app from the app store or register at The8App http://www.the8app.com follow @dexterroona
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The alternative to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram - The8App
The8App is the alternative to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social media is the biggest unpaid workforce on the planet. This changes with The8App. For more information visit http://howtoapp.com or sign up direct at http://www.the8app.com or you can download the social app from your app store. The8App is social media that rewards content creation. We are the home of social influencers
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The8App - The social App that rewards content creation
Imagine waking up every day to brand offers on your 8app account - This is social media that rewards you. DOWNLOAD 8 from the app store or visit http://www.the8app.com/user/dexterroona For more information on The8App visit http://howto8app.com/the8app/ For our guide to The8App visit http://infobunny.com/the-8-app-introduction-getting-started-guide-28-08-2016
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The8App Sponsor Hub is LIVE - The8App CLOUD
The8App Sponsor FEED has now launched on Android and IOS ... MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW ABOUT THE8APP CLOUD http://cloud8.the8app.com/w8/welcome NETWORK SCALE The 8 system enables brands to engage and manage millions of influencers & customer relationships at scale. DIRECT, DEEP, MEASURABLE ENGAGEMENT WITH CUSTOMERS Flexible offer types provide multiple entry points to new customers, from cash, to product, to coded offers. DIRECT, DEEP engagement. REACH AND POWER OF INFLUENCER NETWORK Engaged influencers and micro-influencers across every genre and vertical. ABILITY TO MAKE SIGNIFICANT SOCIAL IMPACT The 8 system enables brands to engage people and influencers around causes they care about. This charity investment is tax deductible for the brand and can transform the relationship with customers. QUANTITATIVE Fully measurable marketing campaigns - track & measure campaign effectiveness in real time. TARGETED Cast a wide net using Geo, Gender, Age and Interest targets, or drill down to target micro-groups using flexible, customizable data points. For more details on The8App visit http://www.howto8app.com For a full guide to the 8app visit http://infobunny.com/the-8-app-introduction-getting-started-guide-28-08-2016 Sponsor Feed Guide at http://infobunny.com/get-paid-to-post-sponsor-feed
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YouTube Seo - How to master YouTube Video Seo. Your guide to Video SEO
How to master YouTube Video Seo. http://infobunny.com/youtube-seo-youtube-video-seo-guide This is your guide to setting up Video SEO so that your videos are YouTube SEO friendly. Seo Video setup is very important to rank your YouTube Videos. The main keyword is key, along with keyword variations for words and phrases that you would like to rank for. Check out my guide at it will really help you set up your YouTube Video SEO http://infobunny.com/youtube-seo-youtube-video-seo-guide The8App - Social media that rewards content creation. For more details visit http://infobunny.com/the-8-app-introduction-getting-started-guide-28-08-2016 or visit HowTo8App http://www.howto8app.com
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The8App Join The Social Revolution
THE LARGEST UNPAID WORKFORCE IN HUMAN HISTORY IS ALL OF US ON SOCIAL MEDIA - Let's change this with The8App The8App - Download from the app store or visit http://www.the8app.com CHECK OUT Adums PROFILE AT https://the8app.com/user/ADUM%E2%81%B7 HOWTO8APP http://www.howto8app.com Infobunny http://www.infobunny.com
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Getting Started On The8App - An Introduction to The8App
A very basic Getting Started Guide to The8App - 8App CEO Sue Fennessy talks us through this Introduction to The8App and guides you through the options and features that you see just after you download the app and register your 8App account For a more detailed guide to The8App visit http://infobunny.com/the-8-app-introduction-getting-started-guide-28-08-2016 You can also visit my HowTo8App member resource site at http://www.howto8app.com
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